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Tenebris sighed as he heard the cell doors open as he stepped out of his cell and into the bland hall. He stayed quiet in the loud prison cafeteria as he got his tray and sat down to eat. This was his routine life for about a year now, and he was okay with it. After all, he deserved it. As Tenebris was enjoying his meal, three big prisoners walked up behind him, looking down upon the teen sitting at the table. The three all appeared to be in their twenties or young thirties. Tenebris didn't recognize them, they must have been new. Who else would be stupid enough to pick a fight with him?

"Hey," said the biggest one, "you're in my seat." The two in the back chuckled as the bigger one smiled downward, casting a shadow onto Tenebris below them. Tenebris swallowed the food he had a smiled.

"Listen, fellas, I don't want to start anything here. No one owns a table here, especially when you're new here. So you want my advice? Get lost while you can still use those legs of yours to walk away." Tenebris then went back to eating his food in peace. The group of three looked at each other confused, and then laughed. Who was this teenager to tell them what they should do?

"Who do you think you are? You can't even see where I am right now. So what are you going to do about it?" One of the men said motioning to the blindfold wrapped around Tenebris's eyes. Tenebris swallowed the bit of food he had and sat motionless. Then in a blur Tenebris stood abruptly and grabbed the first dude by the throat, choking him as he lifted the big man and threw him into the ground, creating a small indent the shape of his head. Tenebris continued to choke the injured man as his buddies backed away.

"Now listen, since I'm feeling awfully generous today I propose an offer. If you three walk away right now and promise to not cause any more trouble for me while I'm here, I won't kill any of you in the process. One time offer, take it or leave it." The two men still standing nodded furiously while the third was gasping on the ground, clawing at Tenebris's hand in attempts to remove it from his throat.

"Sorry can you repeat that? I couldn't hear you," Tenebris said calmly as he loosened his grip slightly on the man.

"Yes, yes we'll take it!" the man screamed before he was released, gasping for air to fill his deprived lungs.

"Good, I'm glad we could come to an understanding," Tenebris said as he turned and walked back to the table. But as he was walking he turned and punched the guy on the ground directly in the nose with perfect accuracy, causing him to yell in pain as blood flooded his face.

"For the record, my eyesight is fine." With that the group ran off after helping their gasping and bleeding friend off the ground. This is how life was for Tenebris for a year now. Nothing was going to change for probably the rest of his life; he had accepted that fact long ago. As he finished up his meal, a guard came up to him, halting what he was doing.

"Tenebris, come with me please." Tenebris got up and did as he was asked, following the big man in uniform through the halls of the high guarded prison. Finally, they arrived at their destination, which was a rather unexpected destination.

"Sir, what are we doing here?" Tenebris assumed a mistake had been made. Why on Remnant after a year of prison would he have a visitor?

"Please, step inside. And make sure you don't try anything, we have cameras in the room and guards posted outside ready to stop anything you may be up to." The guard then closed the door behind him, leaving him alone in a room with a single microphone on a desk with one metal chair.

"Professor Ozpin," Tenebris said without moving his head from the wall he was facing since he walked in. Ozpin smiled warmly in his chair, his cane resting across his legs. Tenebris took his seat as he waited for Ozpin to speak.

"Hello Tenebris, how is prison treating you?" Ozpin spoke with calmness in his voice that seemed to spread to him, helping him rest easier just by listening. Tenebris finally spoke up to Ozpin after a moment of silence.

"Can't complain too badly, the food is always fresh and I even have my own bed." Ozpin sighed as he leaned back in his chair. "Though, it could be better. Prison isn't exactly the life I thought I would have. But here I am and here I will stay until I finally die and pass on." The space got quiet until Ozpin decided to speak up.

"And what did you think you would have? You thought you would stay a mercenary the rest of your life?" Tenebris thought this over.

"No, eventually I would have to retire. But it would definitely pay well for many years to come." Tenebris thought back to the day the police finally caught him. Tenebris may have been able to escape that rainy day, but the truth was he was young and he was scared to die. So he laid down his weapon and was taken in. Karma finally caught up to him, and here he was paying the price for all of those completed bounties.

"Well Tenebris, what if I told you that you didn't have to stay in here until you die. What if I told you that you could walk out of here a free man, today?" Tenebris did not know how to respond. Was this man toying with him, or could he actually get out. Finally, Tenebris decided to trust the man.

"Then I would say that I'm listening," Tenebris replied as he sat in the chair in front of the microphone.

"I have a lot of friends, Tenebris. I could pull some strings and request some favors and you would walk out of here a free man, on one condition. You will attend my school and train to be a hunter so you can protect this world from harm, rather than be that cause of it." Did Ozpin really want Tenebris to attend Beacon Academy?

"Why would you pick me out of everyone? Why am I so special?" Ozpin smiled as he leant forward.

"Because, Tenebris, you're the best of the best." Tenebris pondered this statement, not being sure how it should make him feel. "Do we have a deal?" Tenebris thought hard for a moment, but only for a moment.

"Yes, we have a deal," Tenebris said plainly, standing from his chair along with Ozpin.

"Well then, you will be out of here before the day is over. I will see you at Beacon, Tenebris." With that said, Ozpin left and Tenebris was escorted back to his cell. As the cell door closed, Tenebris remained in thought. Could he really turn his life around and attend Beacon Academy, commit to protecting the world he once helped to destroy? Tenebris did not know the answer, but he knew one thing, he was certainly going to try.

As promised by Ozpin, Tenebris was out before the sun fell. A guard escorted him to gather his things. Tenebris gathered his weapon and typical attire. He was able to change back into his red shirt and black pants, draping a black cloak with a hood over him. Once he was set a guard escorted Tenebris to an airship that was instructed to take him to Beacon. As the airship took off, Tenebris realized that he just agreed to leave everything in his past behind him. Tenebris realized that he could never go back to the life he once knew. Tenebris smiled slightly as he was okay with this, he was finally getting a second chance at life.

Tenebris landed along with many other airships carrying loads of students. Tenebris carefully disembarked the airship and joined in the crowd of students who were all running around with excitement to be at Beacon Academy. As he scanned the crowd with his semblance, the group began to migrate to one point, so Tenebris followed. Once he entered the building he saw Professor Ozpin on the stage, ready to speak to the students. But as the professor began to speak, a kid next to him decided to get very chatty.

"Hey, what's up with the blindfold?" Tenebris stayed silent as he attempted to listen to the professor. However, Tenebris quickly realized his efforts were futile as the boy next to him continued. "What about that cloak you're wearing? It looks like it's moving on its own. Is it alive or something?" Tenebris took a breath to remain calm while staying silent to not encourage the boy. "Hey, I get it. You don't want to talk about it, that's okay, that's cool." The boy finally stayed silent for a moment, realizing this boy did not wish to talk to him. Tenebris took this moment to focus on the boy. He wore brown cargo pants with a camo-green colored short sleeve shirt. He also wore gloves that appeared to go down his forearms as well, which appeared to contain canisters of dust along with a pair of combat boots. Soon, the professor finished his speech and the crowd disbanded, Tenebris quickly leaving. The boy continued to walk with Tenebris, trying to think up a conversation.

"I'm Mark by the way. I forgot to introduce myself earlier." Tenebris stayed quiet before finally sighing.

"I'm Tenebris." Tenebris realized that if he was going to make a new start at this school he was going to need to make friends, or at least acquaintances. Tenebris decided that this boy was being nice enough. Mark smiled at this boy's response, finally getting something out of him. Mark decided this was all he was going to get for now, and he wasn't about to push his luck. After all, he didn't know anyone else here, so he was going to need to be friends with someone.

The sun began to set as Mark and Tenebris walked to the main building to sleep for the night. Mark and Tenebris hadn't talked much, but it was still nice for both of them to have company. Tenebris had been provided a sleeping bag by the school while Mark had brought his own from home. Tenebris began to sleep as well as Mark, thinking about this second chance he had so graciously been given. Tenebris promised himself that he would not this second chance go to waste. He had never been given a second chance in his life until Ozpin came along. And Tenebris planned on making the best out of this second chance.

Tenebris awoke to sunshine coming in through the windows and students beginning to hustle around, awaiting their first day at Beacon. Tenebris saw that Mark was already up; being gone from the spot he was at the night before. Tenebris arose and stretched out as he began to move towards the smell of food, his stomach already growling to the smell of good food. Tenebris couldn't remember the last time he had good food. Tenebris stopped himself from thinking on it too much and began to hurry to the source of the smell. Tenebris stopped at the entrance when he saw what was causing the smell. Pancakes, and a whole lot of them. Tenebris had never had pancakes before, but if the taste was at all like the smell, he had a feeling they were going to be amazing. Tenebris got a plate so full of pancakes that if it wasn't for his semblance he wouldn't be able to see over the top of them. Tenebris wasted no time as he devoured what was on his plate, and then went back for more.

Once Tenebris's appetite was quenched thanks to his fourth plate of pancakes, he began to gather his weapon from his locker. Tenebris took the handle and activated the weapon, causing two black blades to extend from either side of the handle. Tenebris did some practice swings, smiling at the familiarity of the weapon in his hands. Tenebris retracted the blades and hooked the handle to the top of his pants on his left side. As he began to leave however, Mark appeared behind him to get his weapon from the locker that belonged to him. Tenebris thought for a minute then walked up to Mark to greet him.

"Hey Mark, how are you doing?" Mark turned to Tenebris and smiled as he continued putting on his brown gloves from yesterday.

"Oh, hey Tenebris! Just thinking about teams, speaking of which, I don't really know anyone here yet and rumor has it that today's the day we pick. So I was wondering, maybe we could be a team together?" Mark smiled as he stared as Tenebris's blindfold where his eyes would be. Mark didn't know where to look when he talked to him but he decided this was probably the best solution.

"I'm going to be honest with you Mark, I don't really know anyone here either." Mark smiled as he began to speak, but was quickly cut off. "However, I'm not really looking for a team or anything right now, and I don't know how well we would work together since I've barely known you. So thanks, but I'm just going to roll with whatever happens. But I'll keep the offer in mind." Tenebris patted Mark on the shoulder as he walked away, leaving Mark with a sad look on his face. Tenebris seemed like a cool guy and he really wanted to be on a team with someone that he had already met. Mark closed his locker and began to walk towards the cliff they needed to report at. He was sure it would all work out, he wasn't going to be put down by one rejection, there were plenty of students here, and one of them would have to say yes.

Tenebris couldn't believe what he just heard. You would decide who your partner was for the next four years at this school… by eye contact?! That was the most ridiculous thing he had ever heard, or at least top five. When he told Mark he would roll with whatever happened this was not what he had in mind! Tenebris heard bits and pieces as he focused on the flood of information being poured at them. Relic, partner, kill Grimm, make it back alive. Before Tenebris had time to process all of this information, the platforms down the line clicked then sprung, launching the students into the air. Oh right, and he also needed a landing strategy. He realized he was next in line as he quickly began to come up with one, taking a stance to maintain balance. With that Tenebris was launched into the air as he used his semblance to see all around him, though it was difficult with how fast he was moving through the air. Tenebris then saw a tree straight ahead and used it to kick off of and land on the ground in a solid stance, digging his weapon into the ground as well to help slow him down. Finally once head come to a full stop, he stood and retracted his weapon and fixed the hood on his cloak as he used his semblance to get a full 360 view around him.

As far as he could tell, no one was around him yet. Tenebris had no idea where the objective was thanks to his lack of focus while flying. Tenebris sighed as he began to walk forward. If he didn't find the relic by doing this, hopefully he would at least find someone who knew where it was.

Tenebris had been walking for what felt like hours. He had finally begun to call out in hopes someone would hear and walk towards him.

"Hello? Anyone there now?" Tenebris waited as he sighed, "Of course not," he said to himself out loud. Finally after walking some more Tenebris heard someone else call out as he stopped and listened.

"Hello?" Tenebris went towards the source of the sound as he kept his 360 view, that way he wouldn't miss what sounded like a she. Tenebris then found who was calling out and switched back to his regular view.

"Hey," Tenebris simply said as he walked up to the girl ahead. The girl turned around to meet him as they stood there, scanning each other. While the girl focused on him he did the same to her. She had long brown curly hair that covered her right eye before she brushed it aside, revealing her blue eyes. She wore a black material that covered her hands and moves past her elbows, obscuring almost her entire arms up to her bright blue chest plate. She wore what appeared to be a blue dress that split at the front and back once it reached her legs, making it stick out slightly down the sides of her bright aqua blue pants. She also wore long black boots that almost reached her knees, but that wasn't even the most surprising part. This girl that stood ahead of her had a weapon slung over her shoulder that was over half her height. It looked like someone had taken their most favorite guns then fused them together, creating something Tenebris didn't want to be on the wrong side of. Finally after the two stopped inspecting each other, Tenebris held his hand out to her.

"Tenebris, how about you," Tenebris said with a small smile on his face. The girl thought for a moment before she returned the handshake with a straight face.

"I'm Aliki," she said slowly as they shook hands. "You aren't already taken, are you? Because I've ran into three people who already had partners, and if I meet one more person who already has one-" Tenebris stopped her before she decided to use that weapon of hers for anger management.

"No, not taken! I haven't found anyone except you actually."

"Thank goodness," Aliki said with a smile. Tenebris was the next to speak up after a moment of silence.

"So, do you know where the objective is, the relic?" Aliki smiled slyly as she turned and walked.

"Yes actually, I saw it not far from here. Follow me blind boy." Tenebris frowned as he followed her.

"I'm not blind actually," he grumbled under his breath.

"Come on, just up ahead," Aliki said as she pushed through the branches with Tenebris following close behind. Suddenly the two stopped as they heard a yell echo out in the forest near them. Aliki turned and faced Tenebris and saw the look on his face, even with the blindfold on.

"No, the relics are just up ahead. They'll be fine I'm sure." As Aliki finished her statement a gunshot rang out followed by more yelling.

"I'm sorry, but it doesn't sound like it. We should go and help them." Another gunshot rang out as Aliki sighed.

"Fine, have it your way. But if we die, I'm going to kill you." Tenebris decided not to question her threat as they took off towards the sound of battle.

"On your left!" a voice shouted as another shot rang out, encouraging Aliki and Tenebris to run faster. As Tenebris pushed past the last line of trees he pulled out his weapon and extended the blades, slashing the Beowolf in front of him as he scanned his surroundings. He didn't get a good look of the people fighting, but one seemed to be a melee fighter while the other was ranged with a pistol. There wasn't too many Grimm so the pair must have taken care of most of them. Tenebris got to work slicing Grimm around him, putting Grimm that attacked him as a priority. Suddenly the Grimm began to drop as Aliki unleashed her weapon, a machine gun mechanism that fired grenades with blinding speed, somehow not hitting any of the three people as she used it. When she was done, the weapon stopped as she slung it back over her shoulder with ease. She smiled as the three stared at her with amazement.

"So are we going to introduce each other or keep staring at the pretty lady with the big gun?" Tenebris turned to the boy who said this, who he did not recognize. The boy in front of him wore a gray upper armor with only a left shoulder pad and a golden shirt underneath with golden leather straps along the front and back of the armor to keep it the right size. He also wore golden material that covered his forearms that appeared to be metallic for armor protection. On his lower half he wore a standard set of grey pants with a gold cloth that went around the waist but was slightly too large so that it hung down on his left side and a pair of standard gold silver boots with plashes of gold on the top. Tenebris watched as the pistol he was using transformed into two swords that curved near the top and had holes along the blades, for what Tenebris did not know, and a golden grip for the blades. Once the pistol transformed the boy put the blades in the straps in a cross shape and walked up to his partner.

"Mark?" Tenebris couldn't believe his chances of finding Mark in all of this, yet here he was in front of him adjusting his gloves.

"Oh hey Tenebris, fancy seeing you here," Mark said without looking at him and staying focused on his gloves. Tenebris went to say something but Mark held up a hand to stop him.

"Don't Tenebris, just don't. It appears we both already have partners so you don't have to worry about being on a team with me." Tenebris was going to tell Mark that he had heard teams were made up of four, but decided that wasn't the best course of action. Luckily the awkward silence was stopped when Mark's partner walked up from behind him.

"Hey dude, my name is Ash. What about you blindfold dude?" Tenebris turned to face Ash with what Ash assumed to be a glare.

"I'm Tenebris; no one who is alive calls me blindfold dude." Ash turned towards Mark with wide eyes.

"Geez, your buddy is dark huh?"

"He isn't my buddy," Mark stated as he pushed passed Tenebris towards the forest.

"Hey, what's your problem with my partner," Aliki asked loudly, stopping Mark in his tracks.

"Just stay out of it, alright? Now, unless either of you know where the relic is, Ash and I will be taking our leave."

"Actually," Aliki said with a smirk, "it's relics plural and that is where we are headed." Mark glared at Tenebris and sighed.

"Alright, fine. Since we'll tag along, my name is Mark if you didn't already know."

"I'm Aliki," she said as she stepped in front of Tenebris to face Mark with a glare of her own. Suddenly out of nowhere Ash appeared behind Aliki, causing her to jump in fright.

"Aliki huh? That's a pretty name you have there." Aliki shoved Ash aside as she moved on.

"Excuse me, Ash was it? I just met you and even I know that I'm not interested in you," she said as Tenebris followed her into the woods. Mark walked up to Ash and patted him on the shoulder as Ash sighed.

"Don't let it get you down, there's plenty of fish in the sea." With that Mark walked on with Ash close behind as they went towards the relics.

"Ash Okami, Mark Lanes, Aliki Smith, and Tenebris Ilex." Ozpin's voice rang out as he spoke these names into the microphone. "You four all gathered the black rook pieces. From this day forth you shall be known as Team Amethyst; led by Ash Okami. Congratulations all of you." The team of four stared at each other with smiles on their faces. From this day forth they would all work together and get to become family for the next four years if not more as Team AMAT. And for that, none of them could be prouder.

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