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Team AMAT lay on their beds in their dorm sore and exhausted.

"I didn't even know I could hurt where I'm hurting," Ash said. Everyone just made a noise of agreement without moving. Tenebris was the first to move as he stood up and stretched a little.

"I guess I'll take first shower then. Any objections?" No one made any effort to object. "Alright then." One by one the remaining three sat up as they groaned in pain. However, even though they were all in pain, they were all smiling. These past two weeks helped them improve their fighting skills greatly. They also noticed that though their fighting was improving, so was their bonds with each other. Everyone was becoming more comfortable with each other and even beginning to open up a little more. Well, almost everyone that is.

"Hey Aliki, what's up with Tenebris," Mark asked since Tenebris was not in the room.

"What do you mean," Aliki asked.

"I mean we are all at least friends and really becoming close teammates. But Tenebris seems like he doesn't really want us, or anyone else for that fact, to get close to him. I wondered if it was the same with you since you're his partner and all."

"He may be a bit socially awkward at times, but he's warming up to us," Ash said. "I mean, on day one he didn't want us to know anything, at least now he talks to us. He's making progress, just slowly."

"I understand if he doesn't warm up to people well, what I don't understand is why. He may talk to us more but he never talks about anything personal." The room stayed silent for a moment except for the quiet sound of running water in the other room. "You guys don't think he's hiding something, do you?"

"What? No, Tenebris isn't hiding anything. And even if he is that's okay, it isn't our job to pry him for answers," Aliki said, defending her partner.

"But what if it's something important? Maybe if we try to find out we can help him with whatever it is. Don't you guys want to help him?"

"Of course I do if something's wrong, but not like this," Ash said. Mark looked at Aliki for an answer as she stayed quiet and looked at the ground thinking. Just when Aliki went to say something Tenebris walked out of the bathroom in his night attire, which consisted of his pajamas, blindfold, and cloak. Aliki rushed past him into the restroom to take shower and to get out of the conversation as possible. They wanted to try and spy on her partner and pry secrets from him? This isn't how she wanted to do things. Then a thought crossed her mind. If they wanted to investigate each other and pry secrets from them, would she be next in line? She pushed this thought from her mind as she took a shower.

"Everything okay in here," Tenebris asked as he got dressed to sleep.

"Yea of course, why wouldn't it be," Mark said. Tenebris looked at Ash who gave him a small smile but was clearly forced. Tenebris was unconvinced but just shrugged and let it go, he wasn't going to pry. After all, it was none of his business.

The next day when classes were over, Mark headed straight to the computer lab. He had told the team where he would be so they did not worry, but when questioned why he would be there he thought for a second.

"I'm just going to do some research. Get ahead of the game on that paper in Oobleck's class."

"That paper isn't due until next week though, right," Ash asked confused.

"I'm trying to open up more time for me and to do that I'm going to start on projects really early. Anyone else want to come with?" The team decided they had nothing better to do and walked with Mark. Once they entered the lab Tenebris immediately picked a computer in the back corner with no one else near it. Aliki sighed, but decided to follow him. She only hoped that one day he would be better about this sort of thing. Ash and Mark shrugged as they picked two other computers next to each other and got to work. However, as Tenebris, Aliki, and Ash were working slowly on this paper, Mark was doing something completely different. Mark knew his way around a computer and its systems and he began to put those skills to the test.

Eventually he found his way into what he was after, Tenebris; Specifically Tenebris's past. He first decided to look up something simple, his parents and family. Nothing at all came up, almost as if Tenebris never had one. Mark found this puzzling and tried to research deeper into this. He started researching people of the same last name, Ilex. As Mark researched, nothing worthwhile came up. After this Mark sighed as he decided to postpone that and try something else, police history. It was a big jump but Mark decided it didn't hurt to at least try. Mark very carefully began to go into the police files searching for Tenebris Ilex. Mark eventually found his file and pulled it up, revealing a clean sheet. Mark could have stopped there, but had this feeling that he couldn't ignore, so he began to dig deeper. Mark couldn't believe what he found next.

"We need to talk, now," Mark told Ash and Aliki. They sat in their room as Tenebris was in the shower after another workout. Everyone had noticed Mark had been a bit off tonight and they were about to find out why.

"What's going on Mark, you okay," Aliki asked with slight concern.

"Yea, you weren't performing well tonight. Is something bothering you," Ash asked him.

"Yes!" Mark quickly stayed silent to see if Tenebris had heard. After a moment of silence he began to speak again, but this time more quietly. "Tenebris isn't who we thought. I did some research on him and you guys have to see this."

"Mark, are you kidding me? We agreed not to do this," Aliki said angrily.

"No, you said you wouldn't, but I didn't say anything of the sort." Mark quickly pulled papers he had printed out of his desk drawer before the other two could say anything else. "It's all here, everything about him that I could find. And this may not even be it all, who knows what else he is hiding!"

"I can't believe you did this," Ash said. "You need to trust him Mark. You just don't do this to people."

"You want trust? Then why doesn't he trust us enough to tell us his real name. Aliki and Ash were speechless as Mark began to read the name from the paper. "Nicholas Shade. That is his real name, not Tenebris Ilex. He made that up for himself after being homeless at some point. He got kicked out at five, along with his brother." Ash stayed silent, trying not to pay attention to this information but failing.

"Stop," Aliki asked Mark, but he refused.

"He had a younger brother named Gray Shade whose body was found years ago, he died at age nine. This is what I've been looking for," Mark said more to himself then the team. "And his past-"

"Stop!" The room went silent as Ash and Mark stared at Aliki. As the room was in silence the door opened, revealing Tenebris in his night attire. Everyone waited to see what he would say.

"Gray was a great brother. I couldn't protect him all those years ago." The room went silent again.

"I know about you Tenebris, or should I call you Nicholas," Mark asked as he gripped the papers a little tighter, as if Tenebris would try to take them.

"You will call me Tenebris if you value your ability to speak," he said calmly. Everyone in the room got chills down their spines as Tenebris spoke. The calmness in his voiced is what scared them the most.

"Tenebris, you wouldn't do that. Please, let's just all calm down," Ash pleaded. Mark held up the papers to read them again.

"You became a bounty hunter," Mark said as he walked closer to Tenebris. "After someone important was taken from you, you took up a job that did the exact same thing for others. Why did you do it?" Tenebris stayed silent again. "Answer me Nicholas, why did you do it," he asked again, putting emphasis on Nicholas. Again he was met with silence. Mark scoffed as he got up in Tenebris's face. "What would your brother say if he saw you today? What would he think of you?" Just as Mark finished Tenebris shoved Mark back, almost knocking him over. As Mark went to retaliate, Tenebris thrust out his left hand towards Mark. Suddenly the shadows in the room bent to Tenebris's will as they shoved Mark against the wall, restraining him completely. Tenebris reached for his weapon, but before he could grab it Aliki and Ash tackled Tenebris to restrain him, breaking his concentration and releasing Mark.

"You're a freak and a murder," Mark said with venom dripping from his voice.

"Enough, both of you," Ash shouted. Tenebris shoved the two off of him as he grabbed his weapon and stood. Before anyone could react Mark was stuck to the floor by shadows and Tenebris's blade was at his throat. Everyone stood still as they waited, not making any sudden movements. Tenebris yelled as the stuck the weapon right next to Mark's head. Tenebris then grabbed the weapon and stormed out, releasing Mark once he left the room. The remaining three members remained still and unmoving as they tried to process what had just happened. Tenebris bent shadows to his will, and he murdered people? Ash and Aliki just couldn't believe it. Aliki immediately grabbed her weapon and began to leave the room.

"Where are you going," Mark demanded.

"Mark, he's our teammate and my partner, I'm going to look for him and you should too," Aliki said.

"I agree with her," Ash said. "You were far too out of line and we need to find him so you can apologize."

"I have nothing to apologize for," Mark said. "I thought something was up, and I found stuff about him that I revealed. I was just being honest, unlike him. And why are you on his side? That thing tried to kill me."

"He had very good reason to," Aliki shouted at him. "You went way too far and you deserve what you got."

"I deserved what I got? Do you think Nicholas being here is what he deserves?"

"His name is Tenebris," Ash said as he stepped between the two.

"That things name is Nicholas, whether you believe it or not."

"ENOUGH!" The two jumped in shock as they looked at Aliki. Her face was a deep shade of red and she was breathing heavily, clearly upset.

"Aliki, your face is really red. Maybe you should just take a deep breath and try to calm down." Aliki ignored Ash's advice as she continued to speak.

"I don't care what you say Mark, I'm going. And you can't stop me from finding him. I'll bring him back, with or without you." As Aliki stood there Ash walked beside her.

"Oh come on, not you too."

"She's right Mark, you were out of line. And he may be in trouble and we're his friends. So we're going to find him, with or without you." With that Aliki and Ash walked out the door to find Tenebris. Mark yelled out as he punched a wall, cracking it slightly. What were they thinking, going after Nicholas after all of that? Don't they know what he did? Do they not care about all the people he killed? Mark cared, and he was going to get justice. Mark put on his gloves and left the dorm as he tried to find his teammates.

Tenebris had no idea where he was going. And he didn't really care either. He used his semblance to look around him, not recognizing any of his surroundings, but at least he was still alone. He was now in what appeared to be some sort of abandoned warehouse. He went inside and took a deep breath. He flexed his muscles as he began to control the shadows around his that were cast by the moonlight. He used the shadows to fly though the metal of the warehouse out of anger, causing many holes to appear in the metal. Finally Tenebris yelled out as he stopped and collapsed on his knees, returning the shadows to where they belonged. Tears began to slowly fall down his face through his blindfold. Tenebris wiped the tears as he stood back up. What happened just proved why he should never trust anyone, because everyone is always going to take advantage of him eventually, and his past would always haunt him.

Tenebris eventually began to lie down on the cold and hard floor of the warehouse, preparing for sleep, though he expected to get very little if any. As he closed his eyes, he began to hear familiar voices calling his name. Was that Aliki and Ash? Tenebris got up quickly as he used his semblance and found them standing in the entrance of the warehouse, silent. They stood for what felt like hours in silence. Finally, Aliki broke the silence.

"Hey Tenebris, what are you doing in a place like this?" Aliki and Ash already agreed Aliki would talk to him as she was his partner. Tenebris responded with a question of his own.

"How did you find me?" Aliki pulled out her scroll and showed it to him.

"In case of emergency we can track teammates. You didn't turn yours off." Tenebris scolded himself silently for thinking about that.

"What do you want," Tenebris asked as he completely ignored Ash.

"I, we, want our team back. I want my partner back." Aliki took a step forward as Tenebris responded with a step back from her.

"Who is we, does that include Mark? He betrayed me, and I will never forgive that." The way Tenebris spoke sent chills down Ash's and Aliki's spines. "Someone betrayed me once long ago. I never forgive betrayal." Aliki decided not to push on the subject. "If that is all then please go back. You'll be better off without me anyway." Aliki took another step forward, this time Tenebris stayed still.

"Tenebris, your past doesn't define you, your present does. Trust me, the past can hurt, I know. But you can't let define you. Please Tenebris, come back. We can all talk about this, together." Tenebris focused on Aliki's face. He began to ponder. How could she still care about him, after everything she now knew? It didn't make any sense, but he wanted it to. But as Tenebris was thinking it over, the wall to his right began to bend as a loud banging erupted in the warehouse. After the fourth hit the wall flew at him and Aliki, who both dove out of the way, Aliki landing on her stomach and Tenebris rolling out of it into a standing position. Outside of what used to be a wall walked in Mark, his gloves surrounded with flames. Aliki got up and ran to Mark.

"Mark, hey! It's all okay, we talked about-" Just as Aliki was going to hold him back and talk to him, Mark turned and punched her directly in the face, sending her flying and skidding past Ash.

"Aliki," Tenebris and Ash shouted in sync. Ash ran to Aliki's side as Tenebris faced Mark.

"What the hell Mark," Tenebris yelled at Mark, who stood silently as he glared at Tenebris with a look of murderous rage.

"I knew I recognized your name," Mark finally said. "Tenebris, the legendary assassin. Your scum, filth, and someone needs to make you pay for your crimes," he said as he got in a fighting stance. Tenebris was glad to fight Mark as he pulled out his own weapon. Just as Tenebris did, Mar charged at Tenebris with blinding speed, landing the first hit.

From there it was a series of clashes and hits trading with each other. Mark would land his hits, only to be struck by Tenebris soon after. To tilt the scales Mark used the rest of his dust. First he got close enough to Tenebris to grab he arm and use his ice dust, covering his left arm in ice. He then landed a few hits and grabbed that arm again, using his lightning dust. Tenebris screamed out in agony as he felt the lighting course through his body. Just as the pain ended, Mark stepped back and kicked Tenebris in the gut with fire dust, sending him flying as he gasped for air. Tenebris struggled to get up, using his weapon for support as he regained his breath. Mark marched up to Tenebris for another strike, but was surprised when Tenebris suddenly thrust out his hand, wrapping Mark in shadows. Tenebris then stood fully as he began to thrash Mark against the floor and walls of the warehouse. Finally Mark lay on the ground bleeding almost more than Tenebris, unable to move as he was released.

Tenebris released the shadows as he limped over to Mark, holding his gut where he was kicked. Tenebris stood above Mark as he pointed his blade at him. He had killed before and he could, and would, do it again. Except as he prepared to end Mark, a voice rang out.

"No Tenebris stop!" Tenebris faced Aliki as she limped over into the warehouse. Ash walked by her, supporting her. She must have been hit pretty hard. That was all Tenebris needed to hear to hesitate. Normally he would ignore this request and end his target, but something about Aliki made him hesitate and listen.

"Do it," Mark said as he coughed up some blood. "Kill me, just end my life. I want you to do it." Tenebris stood unmoving as he pondered. Why couldn't he do it? He used his semblance and looked at Aliki, then remembered why. He wanted to, but he just couldn't, not with Aliki here. "Kill me Nicholas, just like you killed my mother all those years ago."

The only sound was the thunder and light rain that started, along with Tenebris's weapon hitting the ground. Everyone was silent as this sunk in. Mark then kicked Tenebris away as he stood up, but he didn't go for Tenebris as he got up. Tenebris and Mark stared at each other.

"Mark, I'm sorry about what I did."

"What was her name?"

"What? I don't understand what you mean," Tenebris responded.

"The woman you killed, the mother you took from me. Do you even know her name?" Tenebris looked away as he took in a breath. Of course he knew, he knew this whole time.

"Martha Lanes." Mark couldn't tell if it was the ran from the holes in the roof of the warehouse he felt, or if it was his own tears.

"You took her from me, along with many others. For that you need to die! You ruined my life! My father… he ruined me and many others out of grief and madness thanks to you. You have no idea what the hell I went through."

"Mark, I really am sorry."

"Bullshit! You aren't sorry, you've never been sorry. When was the last time you felt emotion when someone died, huh?!"

"When my brother died," Tenebris replied quietly.

"So you've never felt guilt when you killed someone?" Tenebris didn't even hesitate.

"No." Everyone was silent as the rain echoed louder. Mark yelled as he ran to take one last swing as Tenebris, but Tenebris was prepared. He dodged and countered, slamming Mark into the ground, knocking him out in the process. Tenebris retrieved his weapon and put it away. Ash called in an airship to pick them up and take them to a medical facility. Tenebris helped Aliki walk while Ash got Mark on board. The trip was completely silent the whole way. No one knew what the next day would bring, and they were afraid to know.

The door flew open as a man walked in quickly, clearly on a mission. He walked towards a table where a big and older man sat, smoking a cigar with two guards, one on his left and another on his right. As the door closed the guards lifted their weapons toward the man to protect their boss as he got closer. Once this happened the man stopped. The bigger man at the table chuckled.

"My friend, what a nice surprise." He inhaled some smoke from his cigar and blew it out towards the man, who stood unaffected. "I am so happy to hear that you completed your job, Alphon."

"That's Mr. Alphon to you, scum." The older man glared at Alphon.

"What did you just call me," he asked with anger in his voice. "I don't think you understand, you work for me, Alphon. Boys, teach him a lesson." With this the two guards went to fire their weapons, but before they could Alphon took action. Alphon leaped over the table as he kicked one guard onto the ground and stabbed the other, causing him to die on the spot. As the other guard got up, he stood above him and stabbed him in the neck as he had with the other, also ending his life. Alphon turned toward the now cowering man with anger in his eyes.

"I told you to call me Mr. Alphon. And to be clear, I work for only one." With that he swiped his blade across the man's neck and watched him bleed out on the floor. Once the man was dead, he left the building as quickly as he had arrived.

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