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Alice, Frank, James and Lily drew close to each other, back-to-back, their wands pointing to four directions. Spells and hexes were flying wildly all over the place. They were outnumbered yet again.

It had been getting tougher and tougher lately. His power was growing and so was his army. Nevertheless, they kept on fighting. So did all the other Phoenixes.

"Lily - NO!," James screamed. A spell was shot directly to Lily's unprotected side. The shield James casted missed it - and Lily didn't realize until it was only an inch from taking her down.

"NOOO - oh - are you okay?"

"Fine, James," Lily exclaimed. She tried to look for the source where that unexpected shield had come from, but unsuccessfully. What a mess it was here. Oh but what did you expect? It was a battle - of course it was a mess.

A few months later...

"Did you see that chap again, last night?," James asked while pouring himself another cup of coffee.

Lily slowly stroke her fingers through her hair.

"You mean the one who always hides in a corner and looks pretty pathetic that we have been seeing lately?"

"Yeah that one."

Lily sighed, sinking deep in thoughts.

"You do recognize him too, don't you?"

"They wear masks, James. But yes, I must admit that his form looks... familiar."

She sank even deeper in thoughts.

"It might very well be him," James said, studying his wife.

"Are you referring to S..."

"...nivellus, yes."

"And why do we care, anyway?," Lily asked sulkily.

"Despite all what you show, love, I know he was important to you, and he still is."

Lily raised an eyebrow to her husband, expressing confusal. Where was this going?

"No, I'm not jealous. What does he have that I don't?"

James smiled. Lily's features went relaxed, but she sighed again.

"He has chosen his way."

"Seems to have figured out it's not that much 'his' way, though? I mean, if we are right that that pathetic little Death Eater is indeed Snivellus."

"Since when have you been defending Snape? Against me, of all people?"

James looked at his wife in the eyes. Yes, despite all what she showed, her wet eyes always betrayed her deep feelings, which her husband knew too well.

"Since I realized that you recognized him and have been concerned about him."

He stood up and walked around the table to wrap his arms around his wife.

"On the large scale," he said with a soothing voice, "it will just do good to the world if we manage to minus one minion from his rank, won't it? And on the personal scale, Lil, if you do want to help your childhood best friend get back on the proper track, you have my support."

Lily stayed quiet for a few moments, enjoying comfort from the strong arms wrapping around her.

"We are not even sure if it's him or not. Even if we are sure, then what? Merlin only knows how he would react," she said, her voice burdened with sadness.

"If you ask me, love, we basically don't have anything to lose here. But I would say it's up to you - it's you who Snivelly would listen to, not me."

Wet eyes looked up at James, then came a kiss. A sweet one.

"Do you think...," Lily's voice fell quiet again, "he has been in trouble for being such a coward in battle?"

James paused for a moment. Then he nodded, with a sigh:

"Let's keep an eye on him then. And we should think of a way to approach him soonish."