I own nothing but my car...

Hermione cracked an eye open and look with bleary vision around the room. She had fallen asleep the night before, or early morning rather, in the library. Sirius was on the sofa opposite her in an awkward position that guaranteed he would be sore and cranky when he woke.

She sat up slowly and the pounding of her head had her instantly regretting staying up so late and drinking quite so much. Kreature came bustling into the room with a tray of coffee and toast. Hermione quirked an eyebrow at the pair of potion vials that were on the tray as well.

"Kreature saw the empty bottles, Miss. Thought you would be wanting Master Sirius' potions. You's will be having a busy day, no doubt," Kreature croaked out as he poured them both a cup of coffee.

"That was very thoughtful, Kreature. Thank you. I'll wake Sirius, we both know how cranky he can be in the morning," Hermione said as she pulled the stopper from the hangover potion.

"As you wish," Kreature said with a low bow before leaving to attend whatever morning chores need to be done.

"Time to get up," Hermione said as the effects of the potion began to clear her head and ease her stomach. Sirius did little more than grunt at her as he rolled away from her voice. A long stream of expletives filled the room as Sirius, prepared for the width of his bed instead of the sofa, promptly rolled into the floor.

"Merlin woman, why exactly are you torturing me so damn early in the morning?" Sirius barked out at her.

"I told you to get up, that's hardly torture, you're the one flopping in the floor like a fish. And it isn't very early, its quarter to nine already. My parents are expecting us at ten. I don't know about you but I could use a shower before then, it wouldn't do to show up in rumpled clothes and smelling of a pub."

Hermione and Sirius walked through the floo right on time, with very little complaining on Sirius' part. Hermione was so happy to still have her parents be a part of her life, she had been away from them for far too long. Even before she had altered in the past timeline, it had always been half-truths and secrets. She made a vow to herself to do better with them, be a better daughter.

The Grangers were ecstatic to see Hermione when they flooed in and spent every second they could with her. They had been going a bit stir crazy in the old castle Sirius had called a vacation home. They were free to come and go to the small village nearby, but they still felt a bit trapped. So it was with mixed feelings they took the news that they would be able to leave soon.

Hermione had decided to explain what she and the others had planned for that night, not going into too much detail about what exactly Horcruxes were. She explained that things could get very dangerous quickly, though she had high hopes for a good outcome.

"Absolutely not, someone else can do it," Mr. Granger said firmly.

"No Dad, I'm afraid I have to be there. This isn't just about me. I know you don't understand, but if we don't stop Him, it would be so much worse. I'm a muggle-born, recognized as Harry Potter's sister in the wizarding world, and dating a member of the biggest blood traitor family there is. Neither I nor you and mum are safe until You-Know-Who is defeated. I know it's difficult, but this is very much my fight."

"I know, but you're still my little girl," Mr. Granger said in a defeated voice.

Hermione walked to where her parents were sitting and knelt down in front of her dad taking his hands into her own.

"And I always will be," she told him.

The rest of the morning was spent easily enough with everyone trying to act as though everything was fine. Hermione and her mum sat on the patio discussing everything from the next summer's plans to Fred and how serious their relationship was. The Granger's had met Fred a few times when he would visit with Hermione, and liked him very much. Mrs. Granger urged Hermione to be smart and not give her any grandchildren too soon.

It was one of the most difficult things Hermione had to do when she told her parent goodbye. Many tears were shed as they held each other hoping it wouldn't be the last time. Sirius, who had spent most of the time in another part of the castle to give the family some privacy during the visit, promised to do whatever it took to keep Hermione safe. They then left and returned to Grimmauld to get ready for Bill's wedding.

Severus sat at his desk mentally preparing himself for what was to come that night. He rolled his eyes as a portrait behind him began to speak.

"Not again, Albus. We've been through this time and time again. I can't change the past, and I wouldn't if I could," Severus said shortly.

"No, apparently only Hermione Granger is allowed to run about changing the past," Albus spat out, still bitter about being lied to while he was alive.

"And she has managed beautifully."

"I'm not certain she has, do you honestly think Harry will be willing to walk to his own death without the hardships he endured to find the horcruxes on his own?"

"Wasn't it you yourself who said not to underestimate the boy?"

"Yes well, I still don't like so much power being left in the hands of that silly little girl."

"No, of course not," Severus said angrily, finally turning to look at the old headmaster's portrait. "You were the only one who was ever good enough for power. Hermione has saved lives you so carelessly threw away. For the greater good, as always. What took them over a year to accomplish in the past will be finished tonight. All because that 'silly little girl' is clever and brave enough to do the right thing. Now, go back to pretending to sleep and leave me to my thoughts."

Fred couldn't help but be in a great mood. He had his whole family around him and was about to watch his big brother marry a great witch. He was standing at the front of the large tent helping to seat the arriving guests with Harry and Percy, who were both polyjuiced to look like Weasley cousins no one could quite remember.

Pulling at his ridiculous collar for the hundredth time that day he told them that when he got married he'd be damned if he would put up with such nonsense, people could wear whatever they wanted to and he'd put his mum in a full body bind if need be.

"Is that so?" A laughing voice came from behind him. Fred slowly turned around, a very innocent look on his face that fooled no one.

"If that's alright with you love," Fred smiled cheekily at Hermione, pulling her into a tight hug.

"Wear what you want, ridiculous man, I don't need a big to-do. I will point out that seeing as how you haven't even asked me, the point is rather moot."

Fred led Hermione to her seat as the ceremony began. One look at the tears running down her face as Bill and Fleur said their vows and Fred knew he would definitely be wearing dress robes when they got married. Fred squeezed her hand gently before moving to wrap his arm around her as he thought with a smile at the ring he had hidden back at the flat. He had actually had the ring for a few weeks now, but he decided to wait until after they destroyed Voldemort. No point in making too many plans if he really was destined to die in this war. There was no way he could do that to Hermione.

Sirius watched Hermione get passed from one Weasley brother to the next with a happy smile on his face. He was trying his best to stay positive, though he was failing miserably.

"Zat ezz your daughter, no?" Someone asked sitting in the chair next to him. "I watched zee two of you during zee father and daughter dance. I am Alvia, Apolline's good friend."

"Sirius," he said and took her hand placing a kiss on her knuckles. "Hermione, she's not my daughter by blood, but in every other sense of the word."

"She ezz a beautiful girl, and quite popular wizz the groom's family," Alvia said, watching as Charlie picked Hermione up and swung her around before twirling her into George's waiting arms.

"That girl could make friends with a tree, I believe. She's truly one if a kind," Sirius said with a proud smile.

The two made small talk and Sirius was impressed with the beautiful French witch. She was quick and friendly and had a certain confidence that left Sirius wanting to learn more about her. They had just started arguing who the best famous duelist was when the atmosphere shifted dramatically in the tent.

Kingsley's patronus arrived only moments before death eaters began to swarm the reception. To his utter surprise, Sirius watched as Alvia fought the death eaters with a reckless abandon. She was excellent with her wand, throwing a wide variety of hexes and curses while producing shields where she could.

"I have to go check on my godson," Sirius shouted between spells, smiling at her in a roguish sort of way, "but I would rather like to talk to you again."

"I will await your owl zen!" Alvia shouted back, winking at him then ran off into the crowd screaming something in French.

Sirius found Harry quickly enough, he was carrying Ginny round the waist as she was throwing hex after hex at anyone in a mask. Sirius couldn't help but chuckle at the thought of Harry and himself having the same taste in witches. Harry handed Ginny over to Percy who looked rather hesitant to be in charge of his very angry little sister.

Sirius looked around the room quickly and found Hermione and Fred back to back fighting their own death eaters. When he caught her eye momentarily she nodded once, telling him it was time to start their plan. Sirius grabbed hold of Harry's arm and spun on the spot.

They landed in the library if Grimmauld Place and set to work immediately. Harry was already turning back into himself as they both changed out of their dress robes into something more appropriate for a fight. It was no more than fifteen minutes later when Hermione, Fred, and Ron came apparating into the library as well.

"The death eaters are already starting to scatter," Hermione said, out of breath and bleeding a bit from a scratch on her arm. She was passing clothes to Fred and Ron while Fred set her forcefully onto the couch and began tending to her arm.

"Is Severus ready?" Sirius asked taking down the box that held the horcruxes.

"I've just sent him the message," Fred said holding up the fake gold galleon. Hermione pushed Fred away gently as he fretted over her arm.

"Severus? As in Snape? What's going on?" Ron asked, looking from face to face with the clothes Hermione handed him still rolled up in his hands.

"A lot has been happening mate, let me fill you in while this lot gets everything ready," Harry said pulling Ron into another room. He stopped briefly turning back towards where Hermione was pulling her jeans up under her dress. "Mione, Ginny was…"

"She's safe, Charlie was taking her, Luna and Tonks to Muriel's house when we left," Hermione reassured him. Once he and Ron left the room Hermione turned to Sirius with a smirk. "I have a galleon says Remus shows up with a black eye."

Sirius, who was setting out the basilisk fangs out on the table, looked at her quizzically.

"Tonks was not quite willing to be hidden away at Muriel's," Fred chimed in with a chuckle. "Took Mione reminding her that she was knocked up to get her to even consider leaving in the middle of a fight."

"Knocked up? Remus is going to be a dad? That's bloody fantastic!" Sirius said loudly, a huge grin on his face. "Oh and kitten, you'll be happy to know I've met someone. Pretty sure I'm already in love with her."

"Pad! That's wonderful, who is she? Will I like her?" Hermione gushed, forgetting momentarily that they were all preparing for battle.

"Sirius I'm very happy for you, but maybe this isn't the time?" Harry said as he led a very quiet Ron back into the room. They had all decided together that Ron didn't need to know that Hermione had come back to the past, only that they had found all the horcruxes, save the snake. Ron looked slightly put out but smiled a bit when Harry offered him the first horcrux to kill.

Fred jumped slightly and pulled his fake gold galleon from his pocket. He frowned slightly as he read then looked up, "Malfoy Manor."

"Right," Hermione said in as strong a voice as she could muster, though she rubbed her forearm unconsciously. "Sirius, call the order. It's time."