Welcome to Oddworld

Hello.My name is Kola.Not a normal name,I know.But then again...I'm really not a normal person.How?Because...well let me ask you this:What would you do if you had found a portal to another world?What if that other world was oddworld?You've probably heard of it.But thats what happened to me.I was a normal 13 year old girl.But that changed.Lots of things changed.Then I had to make a descision;to go back or stay.Want to know what I chose?You'll have to read to find out.Because this is my story.

I was walking through a forest one day.I had heard their was a cave here.Being the person I am I wanted to check it out.Not many had come back yet.I was an orphan.I have long lavendar hair with a tint of silver,green eyes,and was currently wearing a green tank top,purple jacket over that,and blue jeans.I had a pack of supplies just in case. I finally came across the cave.I slowly walked in.Shimmering crystals gave light throughout the cavern.These neon rocks were everywhere.It was beautiful.Then I finally came to a fork in the path.I could go left or right.But in the middle was note saying to head right.So I went left. As soon as I entered the left tunnel,I heard a scraping noise.The entrance to this tunnel was closing on me!But I couldn't do anything.It was moving too fast.I was locked in.So I did the only other thing I could do,and that was to continue on through the tunnel.I couldn't help thinking if someone..or something wanted me to stay away.Or..to come?

After a while I came to a large room.Before I went in I took some crystals and rocks with me in my pack.Hey,you never know right?So I carefully stepped in. On the floor was a strange circle-like marking.I stepped inside it.

"I wonder if this leads anywhere,"I said.As in answer to the question light shone from it,covering me.After that I have not a clue to what happened.I must of been knocked out.Where I was next changed a great deal of my life.

A while later I woke up.Where was I?There were trees everywhere.I seemed to be in a forest.But where was this forest?Most likely not on earth.Then I heard a small scream.Well you couldn't really call it a scream.More like a muffled cry.But it wasn't from a human.I was sure of that.So I ran off in that direction.They may be able to help me. Soon I came to a clump of trees.I didn't expect to see what I did.

Lying there was a creature,and it was...strange.It had long finger-like tentacles,with long legs and pale yellow in color.Then I knew.It was a paramite.It seemed to be hurt.It had a gash on it's side.I needed to help it.Or at least try to.I knew these creatures could hurt though.It's so good when you can climb trees. I began approaching it.It noticed me and tryed growling the best it could.It had to be young.It was rather small for paramite.

"Please..let me try to help you.I'm not trying to hurt you,anymore than you already are.Just let me try..."I begged it.It calmed down.Wow,it listened.That's new.I went through my pack to find that first aid kit.If it worked on humans,it probably could work on a paramite.I kneeled beside the gash and cleaned it.He winced,but thankfully didn't hurt me.Yet.I then slowly wrapped a large bandage around it's waist were the cut was.I backed away when I was finished.It got up and walked around in circles.Then it turned to me and chirped.

"Um,please don't hurt me.."I began looking around for the nearest tree.The paramite cocked it's head to one side. "Why would I do that?"It said in chirping voice.Honestly it sounded like a parrot.

"Well,because...wait.You..just spoke to me?"This was getting weirder and weirder by the second.

"Sure.You're only thing that ever talk back,other than paramite,"He said.He couldn't speak in sentences.I don't think he knows how.

"So you're not going to hurt me?"I asked it.


I sighed in relief."I protect you like you help me.Come."It turned and gestured toward it's back."Get on."

"Um,are you sure?I don't want to hurt you."

"I may be young,but not very weak."

"Okay then..wait you're male right?"


"Just wondering."I climbed on.He started walking at a fast pace. "So exactly where are we?"


"Oh.Wait you said we're in Oddworld?!"

"Last time I checked." At least I knew where I was now.

"So where are you taking us?"

"Paramonia.It beautifull place.I live there.With others.They help you too."

"Really?Wow.Can I ask you a question then?"I asked him.I felt better knowing I had at least someone on my side.He nodded his head."Since we'll be helping each other now and everything,can I give you name?Only if you like it though."


"Good.Then how about....Paramonos?I belive it means 'steadfast,constant'."

"Good name!Suits me."

"Paramonos..my new freind,"I said happily.Maybe,just maybe,this wouldn't be as bad as I had thought before.


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