Always kinda wanted to see what kind of story a ben 10 x herl academy crossover could be. So im writing one. throw me a bone on spellingg and grammar. I write alot of this stuff on the bus.

Determination and fear warred within Midoriya Izuku's body as he left his families small apartment that morning.

His heart jackhammered and his chest tightened just remembering the past few days misadventures.

Meeting with All Might

Accidentally releasing the villain that had nearly killed or.. Posessed him he guessed.

Rushing to save Kacchan.

Being offered One for All.

Being offered One for All.

He felt dazed just thinking about it. A rush of adrenaline swept through him whenever tried.

In his bliss filled state Izuku only narrowly avoided the lamp post along the route to the trash strewn beach he was to meet All Might at.

He would do everything he could to be worthy of All Mights power. He would strive to tread the path laid by the worlds greatest hero. This would be the beggining of his story - the story of the worlds greatest hero.

These were the thoughts that buoyed him forward in the crisp morning air to the huge mountain of scrap along the beech front.

Standing before it with a smile known the world over was his personal hero, now mentor, All Might. The inhumany muscular man swung his arms out to either side of him as Izuku approached, gym bag under one arm and with a voice every bit as heroic as he used on television intoned;

"Welcome Young Midoriya, to your training ground! Where we will mold your determination and will into a body capable of handling my quirk!"

Everything the man said came in the form of barely restrained yelling. As though it was the quietest he was capable of talking.

Izuku clenched his teeth and nodded in determination, not trusting himself to speak.

"Now then, we have a lot of work to do before you can take the UA entrance exam Midoriya. Ive gone to the trouble of creating a work out plan for you that will push you to your limits AND support the community!"

Whirling around All Might quickly walked down the stairs onto the beach, revealing the mountain of trash to be nearly ten feet tall, and spread from nearly horizon to horizon.

Izuku gaped at the mess. He'd had no idea something so horrible was so close to his home. He began to wonder at how many years it would take to clean when All Might continued his speech.

"You must clear the beach my boy. For only whenyou have completely cleaned the area will I know that you are ready to receive my quirk."

The idea of such intense labour would have terrified the Izuku Midoriya of last week. But he had left his home telling himself he would do whatever it took.

And so without any hesitation, he began dragging ragged chunks of rubber and iron from the beach - and as All Might turned to leave he spoke, not looking up from his labour

"I wont fail you All Might. I WONT LET YOU DOWN!".

And though All Might was always smiling, his expression loosened in that moment. Because he knew he had chosen well.

Meanwhile, in space above the earth.

"Lord Vilgax, the fighters report that while they damaged the transport pod, they were unable to capture it before it entered earths atmosphere."

The hugesquidlike monster of a man narrowed his eyes at the view screen from his place in the command chair of the battle ship.

"Send down the drones. We dont want to alert anyone to our presence."

"Yes my Lord. The last thing we needis for someone else to find it."

A pair of red menacing eyes traced the entry path of the pod across the screen, as it plummeted through the clouds onto the unassuming island of japan.

The next day Izuku awoke 5 minutes earlier than hed set his alarm clock. It was now 3:55am and nervous energy coursed through him, causing his entire body to ache. He was unaccustomed to the amount of punishment he was putting himself through.

But still he clambered out of bed and prepared his return to the beach. There were only a few more days of class left before summer break, and then he would be free to really push himself. He feared that no amount of work could ever prepare him for what All Might intended of him. Fear was as intrinsic to Izukus way of thinking as breathing or eating. So much scared him.

And thats why he had to work harder. Harder than anyone.

He slapped his cheeks and splashed cold water on his face before leaving the house at a jog. A courageous smile plastered across his face as he said "Its hero time!"

Not long afterwards he arrived at the beach, noticing shards of metal and dislodged junk strewn across the sea and the sidewalk next to it. A dull orange glow like that of heated metal radiated out of the center of the junk pile its source just out of his sight.

"What the.." Izuku sprinted the rest of the way down the walkway to the beach, leaping over damaged refrigerator into the crater of metal and sand now present in his erstwhile gym.

Sitting in the center of the crater was the wreckage of some form of satellite, a dull green glow contrasting the steaming orange glow of the sand and metal around it.

Izuku slid down into the depression, confidant in his ability to climb back out - or at least survive until All Might came to check on him. As he did so the source od the green glown became apparent. A thick band of grey and black material topped by a green circle, and emblazoned by the black outline of an hourglass hovered in the center of the wreckage.

Without warning the object flew through the air at Izuku, who had been trying ti stay out of the dangerously heated area around the object.

He flung his left arm up to defend himself, squeezing his eyes shut in preparation of the impact.

Much gentler than he wouldhave thought, the object latched onto his wrist, and like cool liquod metal formed itself to him, and sealing shut.

Even as it did so two perfectly spherical grey objects rocketed out of the sky towards him, coming to a complete stop on either side of the scared teen.

A light shot out of one of the orbs and flicked across Izuku, stopping on his left wrist. An artificial sounding voice resounded from both orbs, blaring at Izuku through hidden loud speakers;

"Omnitrix detected. Attention native. You have 10 seconds to relinquish the device or be executed."

"What!?" Izuku immediately squawked, immediately tearing at the strap of the device, unable to make it budge or move an inch from his arm.

"10. 9. 8."

"Im trying!Im trying but it WONT COME OFF!"

"7. 6. 5. 4."

Another precious few seconds of scrambling left Izuku no better off than he had been at getting this strange device off him, and in a fit of panic he began slapping plaintively at the green dial atop it.

"3. 2. 1."

Time slowed to a crawl as the dial popped up with a clicking noise, an indecipherable hologram appearing over the device.

Izuku didnt care. He just hoped this was the off button. His right hand slammed down on the raised dial just as an array of weapons slid out of each drones hovering spherical body.

A sudden wave of energy coursed through his body.

And then there was nothing but darkness