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~Location: Asgard~

Torunn was looking around Asgard in fascination given that this was firstly, her first real visit to Asgard, and secondly, seeing it during the time of her grandfather as well.

The guards escorting Torunn to the palace kept shooting curious glances at her considering her armor was very similar to Thor's, there was also the resemblance to him that was so similar. As they finally reached the palace Torunn gasped at seeing the Golden Palace of Asgard.

As they entered the palace, Torunn was looking around in wonder at everything she was seeing; it was so different from what she had been used to. Even the stories she had heard of Asgard could not compare to what she was seeing now, and made her wonder if this would mean her father and mother would be different. Not that she really knew her mother as she'd only see her father that one time.

The guards did their best to keep her mostly unseen, as per their king's instructions. Using certain hallways to reach the throne room with only a few servants seeing them, though the most they could see was a wall of guards marching through the halls which isn't that uncommon most days. Soon the throne room doors were in sight and the guards were able to pass Torunn off to the guards stationed there, as the ones who escorted her had to get back to their duties and were not permitted to hear what would be said in the throne room.

Torunn was ushered into the throne room by one of the guards and brought before Odin and Frigga, the guard staying back so that the king and queen could have a good look at the girl in question.

Torunn gulped at seeing her grandfather. From Uncle Tony, she had heard that Odin had been an old man in armor with attitude, but now, Torunn was intimidated by her grandfather sitting on his throne in front of her.

Odin meanwhile, was appraising the girl with his one good eye and he could spot similarities to both Thor and Sif as well as himself and Frigga. Deciding to get the story from the source, he spoke up. "So, you are Torunn, Daughter of Thor, or so you claim," he began, "What proof can you offer to support your claim?" he asked.

Torunn went to answer before she froze. All she had was her armor and weapon, which was given to her by her father, but did any of that really count as proof? If it did then shouldn't her grandfather already have his answer? Closing her eyes and taking a breath Torunn decided to do what James often does in moments when faced with an impossible question. Tell the truth and hope for the best. "If my armor and weapon are not enough to prove my claim then I fear I have nothing that will. I was raised on Midgard alongside the children of my father's friends, raised by a close friend of my father's, Tony Stark, and until recently had never seen my father. When I finally met him he told me that I must stay on Midgard to serve as it's protector alongside the others."

Odin frowned, but nodded, the armor and weapon were of the highest Asgardian quality, only royalty could afford such fine make. "Your words sing of truth," he said, ignoring his wife's pointed look beside him. "Tell me, who was your mother?" he asked. "And what of your friends, and their parentage?" he asked.

"My mother is Sif, a warrior of Asgard!" Torunn stated proudly. As for my friends they are James Rogers, son of Steve Rogers and Natalia Romanova. Azari T'Challa, son of King T'Challa and Ororo Munroe. Henry Pym Jr., son of Henry Pym and Janet van Dyne. And Francis Barton, son of Clint Barton and Barbara Morse. And we were all raised by Tony Stark," Torunn answered just as proudly.

Most of the names meant nothing to Odin, but he was familiar with Steve Rogers, who had fascinated Heimdall during the Midgardians World Wars 2, or something of that title, with his bravery and selflessness. He assumed that Natalie Romanova was just Torunn's version of Natasha Romanoff. He was also familiar with a Natasha Romanoff courtesy of Heimdall's eye for redheads, the man had always fancied them after all. "Interesting, tell me more about this Azari T'Challa, and his father, the style of their names seems familiar, but also like a distant memory to me," he finished.

"Well, I don't really know much about Azari's father. Just that he's the king of Wakanda and his mother is a very powerful mutant who can control the weather. That's really all I know about them. None of us really know anything about our parents outside of what little Uncle Tony could tell us, and most of that was more about the things our parents did as Avengers," Torunn answered honestly.

Frigga, who had remained silent so far, turned over the information given so far. Firstly there was the mention of the name Steve Rogers. Unlike Odin, Frigga did keep track of things on Midgard, even more so when dealing with matters of family, thus she knew about Harry and all he had done so far with his life. Like finding Steve Rogers alive and hiring the man to work with him. She knew Steve was unmarried which brought up some questions, but she knew that there was a boy on Midgard claiming to be the son of Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff. She also knew the name Ororo Munroe as she was an employee of Harry's and, like Steve, currently unmarried. Clint Barton is a friend to one of Harry's wives but is currently married to Laura Barton with two children. The other names she wasn't familiar with. Deciding it best to speak up she took a small step forward. "Torunn, tell me about James Rogers."

Torunn frowned for a moment as she pondered her grandmother's question. "James Rogers is..." she paused for a moment, "Brave, energetic, headstrong, handsome..." the last one, however, she whispered more to herself.

Frigga smiled slightly, able to tell Torunn has much respect for James at the very least. "I inquired about him mainly because my last visit to Hiemdal revealed that a young man with the name James Rogers has come under the care of one Harry Potter, who I have been told is the son of Loki and a Midgardian woman. Though," Here she turned to Odin with a slightly troubled look. "James Rogers is not the only misplaced soul to find their way to Harry's circle from what I hear."

Odin sighed, he could feel it, the walls separating the universe and other universes had weakened. He hummed a bit as he contemplated his next words carefully. "I sense…" he paused, missing the frown on his wife's face as she knew he never paused like this, "That it is time we paid a visit to our sons on Midgard…" he said carefully, "I sense that there is more to Loki's actions, then we are aware of…" he finished sounding confused.

Oh how Frigga wanted to point out that he was the only one between them to be unaware of Loki's actions. She had always kept track of her youngest son as best she could without drawing attention to either herself, or his actions. She knew Loki's heart was in the right place, but either someone would cause a problem, or his actions would not always be seen for the best. Still, she could not openly state such things, as she wanted Odin to at least be in a reasonable mood when he meets the great grandchild. To say nothing of when Odin learns just who exactly Lily, Loki's wife, had truly been and how their marriage was still, legally, in effect. "I suspect there will be more than just Loki's actions to be looked at. Perhaps some…self reflection, regarding the past might also come to be in order," She said instead, making sure to push the self reflection part.

Her reasoning for pushing it was the number of Children of Loki that Odin had cast aside simply because they either did not look like other children of Asgard, or someone said something bad about them. Yet soon, Odin would be face to face with a son of Loki who has achieved greatness and has united so many people towards a common goal of bettering the world around them, not through force or control, but through offering aid, acceptance, and a chance to reform for those who need it. Harry was a grandchild Frigga was proud to call her own and, after the visit to Midgard, will be singing the praises of to all in Asgard.

Odin winced at the way that Frigga had stressed the 'Self Reflection' bit, after all, by heeding the words of the old norn's prophecy, instead of preventing Ragnarok, he had instead, inevitably led to it being set in motion, to happen eventually. Hela was still mad at him for casting her out for her half dead form. Fenrir was still chomping at the bit to tear Odin a new asshole. And as for Jormungandr, the last report Odin had on him was that the scaly snake was stockpiling venom or something for future use. And he had no idea what this new grandson, Harry Potter, currently thinks of him, but given that it was Odin himself who prevented Loki from ever returning to Midgard to properly look for the boy, it can't be anything good. Odin sighed and nodded to his wife, "Yes, some self reflection is most probably overdue for me," he said sadly in a defeated tone. Then, getting up off his throne, he groaned from his body protesting getting off the stone-like golden throne. "Come, Torunn, we are heading to Midgard," he said as he led the way out of the throne room with Frigga at his side, Torunn following them, sending for Hogun the Grim to escort them with Volstagg.

Torunn was a little confused by, well, just about everything. Odin seemed to have been scolded by Frigga, whom she had only ever heard was a loving wife who always stayed by Odin's side. Then there was mention of Loki having a son named Harry Potter, who as far as Torunn knew didn't exist. And this plan to visit Midgard, while it would get her to James, if what Frigga had said was correct, it was kind of odd for the king of Asgard to suddenly decide to do. Still, it was bringing her to James and so she kept her mouth shut and followed along.

Odin was sweating a bit as he finally made it to Heimdall with his wife, granddaughter, Hogun, and Volstagg. Apparently, he needed to up his training as he seemed to be going soft in terms of his body's muscles. "Heimdall," Odin greeted, "I would like it if you could open the Bifrost as close to Loki and Thor's location as you possibly can," he said.

Heimdall arched an eyebrow at the unusual request, but nodded, if that was what his king wished, then the closest location would be the helipad on the roof of Auror Corp.


~Auror Corp. HQ roof~

Loki felt that the night had gone well. He had taken Hera to one of the best places in the city, at least, that's what Stark had assured him, and Hera had seemed to enjoy herself. Though he wasn't foolish enough to think a single date would be enough to make up for the number of years he was gone. Still, at least she was smiling and laughing as she did in the past, that had to mean things weren't completely ruined between them.

"Thank you, for giving me this chance to start to make amends with you. I know I made a number of mistakes in the past that hurt both you and Harry, and I want to ensure that never happens again," Loki told her seriously.

Hera smirked, "Just keep up your good work, and you might just get lucky on the next date, my lovely shape changer," she replied with a wink, "Also, thanks for the evening, it really has been one of the best in the last century," she chuckled, then, she leaned in to give him a kiss.

Just as their faces drew closer and were about to make contact with each other, a rainbow light exploded into existence by the Helipad as runes were burned into its surface in a circle pattern, making matters worse, alarms started blaring through the building as lockdown began after security detected a surge in power on the roof.

Loki let out a growl. "Of bloody course I can't have a single night go well now that I have my family back! Who has the bollocks to show up now of all times?" Loki demanded before seeing the light fade and spotting Odin and Frigga. "Ah, I believe I am about to be in more trouble than when Siruis tried to set fire to Professor Binns' classroom to try to get a reaction out of him."

"What are you doing here you old fart, and hello to you Frigga," Hera began, first shooting Odin a glare, before smiling kindly at Frigga.

Torunn was so confused as to what was going on as the Bifrost deposited them onto the surface of the helipad.

Also at that moment Cain Marko burst through the bigger then normal door with his security team in toe, decked out in full contact armor and prepared for battle before stopping as they saw what appeared to be an old man, a beautiful mature woman, a young girl, an asian man, and a fat man all gathered on the helipad. Oh, and they were wearing some weird outfits too.

Loki, gathering himself, turned to Cain with a tight smile. "Ah good of you all to join us. Perhaps one of you can inform my son that his grandparents have dropped in, and if Thor is still around, tell him, from me, to get his thrice damned arse up here because this is the last thing I need to be trying to deal with on my own after all that has happened." Loki all but snapped at security. He then turned back to the Asgardian group and frowned. "And what the hells are you two doing here?" Loki asked of Hogunn and Volstagg.

Volstagg shrugged, "The Allfather ordered us to come."

Loki sighed, "Well, at least Sif and Fandral were left behind." He then took a breath and gave Frigga a smile. "Hello mother, apologies for not sending word to you sooner of my health and location."

Hera, meanwhile, was looking at the girl that had accompanied Odin, Frigga, Volstagg and Hogun. "Doesn't that girl remind you of Thor?" she asked Loki.

Loki frowned in confusion as to why she would say that before looking at the girl in question. He studied her appearance for a moment before his eyes widened greatly. "Merlin's unholy Knickers! Thor has finally done it, he's had a child out of wedlock!" Loki shouted with what sounded like joy in his voice.

Torunn took exception to Loki's words, and shouted out, "My father and mother were married before my birth, uncle Loki!" she said with as much indignity as she could muster.

Loki frowned at that for a moment before his eyes widened. "He married without anyone knowing it? How did he keep the secret for all these years?"

"Loki, if you will stop acting like your father for a moment you might learn how this young lady came to be, and why we are here," Frigga commented with an amused smile as Loki's shocked look turned to annoyance at being accused of acting like Odin.

Odin, meanwhile, was holding his face in one hand as he muttered about how he never jumps to conclusions like that, never realising just how wrong he was, or hypocritical he was being. He then spoke up loudly, "This girl, Torunn, claims to know a James Rogers of Midgard!" He then looked around, seeing some looks of recognition at the name of the boy.

"Ah the kid with the crush on Blink huh? Yeah, she looks like she'd be connected to him," Cain commented with a chuckle. "Think he's down in the gym with Cap doing some basic training or something like that."

Volstagg couldn't help but whisper to Hogunn. "Why were we not told Midgard has giants?"

Hogun shook his head, "From what rumors I have heard, Midgard has changed greatly, and this Auror Corp. is one of the best places to see strange and wondrous sights."

"Alright you all, just got word from the boss," Cain announced after listening to the talk in his ear piece. "I'm to take everyone to the penthouse. You two as well, as this is a family matter." Cain finished, addressing Hera and Loki on the last part.

"Oh this is going to be an interesting family meeting," Loki chuckled before offering his arm to Hera. "Shall we darling?" He made sure to make his pet name for Hera as clear as possible, knowing it would get some reactions out of Odin at the very least.

Odin blustered a bit at how clearly close Hera was to Loki, something that, a thousand years ago, would have been unthinkable given the bad blood between the Greeks and the Norse pantheons. Frigga meanwhile, smiled as she took Torunn's hand and led the girl inside with everyone on the roof leaving Hogun, Volstagg, and Odin behind.

Hogunn was silent in thought for a moment before letting a small smile curve the edges of his lips. "So Loki has a son on Midgard, and is courting the queen of Olympus, Thor's daughter who does not yet exist appeared in Asgard, and Loki's son is said to be Midgard's greatest protector. The boy has come far since we last saw him, farther than either Thor or Loki. One can not help but wonder if that is due to being raised on Midgard," For the next part he lowered his voice so only Volstagg would hear him, "Away from the Allfather's parenting…"

Volstagg chuckled while Odin shot Hogun a dirty look for disrespecting Thor a bit. Hogun then led the other two inside, holding doors for his king as they came to them.

Once inside, they found a boy, who looked like he could almost be Loki's twin, sitting with two red heads, a ravenette, and a girl with changing hair colours. At one side of the room, were a group of teens, with another red head holding onto a little girl who was clearly trying to get free most aggressively. On the other side of the room, were a bunch of people in green and black uniforms all looking like they were ready for a fight should one break out. One of the teens at the side gasped when they saw Torunn, and shouted her name. "Torunn!"

Scattered around the room, closer to the doors the Asgardians came through were a mixed group of adults of different ages, and in different clothing. There was a man with short light brown hair in a white coat standing next to a green woman whose height was only matched by the giant who'd led the Asgardians to that room. A beautiful but somewhat wicked looking dark haired woman was lightly twirling a wand between her fingers as she carefully watched the group enter, beside her was a somewhat shaggy looking dark haired man who gave the group a carefree smile that did not match the cold look in his eyes. There was a plump man standing next to a slender blonde woman, both watching with interest though the woman seemed to have her focus elsewhere as her eyes drifted from one Asgardian to the next. There was also what appeared to be a family of three, each with brunette hair, the youngest of which was standing partly with her family and partly near the young Loki look-alike. There was a rough rugged looking man who seemed to be sizing the Asgardians up standing with a blond woman who gave off a very noble air about her, next to the woman was a blonde boy who looked the Asgardians over with a mixed look of awe and disappointment.

All in all, the air in the room was a mix of tension, interest, amusement, and several other things that couldn't be pinned down at that moment.

The young Loki look-alike stood up once the doors to the room had closed. "Welcome to our home, Asgardian family members. You should've sent word you were coming so I could've prepared a proper welcome for you all. I am Lord Harry Potter-Black, the head of this household." Harry held back on saying he is also the son of both Loki and Hera, knowing Loki was dying to be the one to tell Odin, that Hera is his wife, as that was something they both agreed Loki would do, since Loki really was the only one who had the right to reveal who his wife is.

Odin frowned, he felt like he was missing something, but, at the same time, he nodded out of respect to Harry, and his group. "Well met, Lord Potter-Black, I am Odin, king of Asgard, beside me is my wife, Frigga, and with us are two of the Warriors Three, Hogun the Grim, and Volstagg the Vast," he greeted, "We came because this one, Torunn, daughter of Thor, arrived recently in Asgard," he finished.

Thor, who had been sitting down and thus blocked from view by some of the members of Trickster so that he could see what was about to unfold without revealing he was there, all but shot out of his seat at that. "Daughter!?" He shouted in shock as he eyed the girl in question.

Natasha gave a small chuckle at Thor's reaction before pointing out, "Thor, she's from the same place as James is. Meaning, she technically is another Thor's daughter, rather than your's, just as James is another Natasha and Steve's son," She reminded him.

"Oh why did you have to remind him? I was going to have fun telling him off for not doing his job as a father when he slips up," Loki sighed with a smile.

"Oh?" Laura smirked. "And should we also do the same to you regarding Harry? Because if so, that's a long list to get through," She reminded him.

Loki sent a small glare her way before turning to Harry. "Your wives are ganging up on me."

Harry laughed. "Don't drag me into this, after you left me to deal with them after the bottle incident with the triplets."

Frigga giggled at how cute the arguing was between father and son.

James Rogers, meanwhile, had pushed his way towards the group from Asgard and hugged Torunn, much to Odin's shock and frustration at seeing an unknown boy hug his granddaughter.

Torunn returned the hug, glad to see James was unharmed, however she hadn't forgotten what she heard Cain said earlier and thus ended the hug after a moment. "James, do you have any idea how worried we've all been? I was on my way to Asgard to request help in finding you when I somehow got brought to a different version. Also, just who is this Blink I've heard about?" She really did try to not sound like she was jealous or anything, but she wanted answers…as well as to see this girl for herself.

James blinked for a few moments, registering Torunn's question before asking, "Where are the others, were they with you?" he asked desperately before blushing as he registered her other question. "Also, Blink is…um…uh…a-a friend, yeah, she's a friend!" he came up with lamely while trying to smile, even though he felt really awkward at that moment.

"Really?" Torunn asked as she crossed her arms. "Because that giant man mentioned something about you having a crush on this 'friend'," Torunn said and did air quotes around the word friend.

Harry, knowing this was not going to lead to anything good for James, and that the boy wouldn't be able to dig himself out of the hole he had trapped himself into digging, stepped in. "So, will someone explain just what brings the rest of you here, to my home, on such short notice? Forgive my rudeness, it's just my family and I are very busy with raising four children, getting everyone new to the family settled, dealing with company business, negotiating deals, etc. I have a lot of work to do both at home, and around the world. I'm sure as a king, you understand what it's like trying to handle both raising a family, and working for the betterment of others, at the same time." Harry could've gone a different route with what he'd said to Odin, as he'd heard enough from his father to know what kind of 'parenting' Odin seemed to provide, but he wanted to keep things…'civil' for now.

Odin was about to speak when Frigga beat him to it. "Like my husband said," Frigga began, "We came because of Torunn, as a bonus, I get to meet my grandson, and hopefully, my great grandchildren too," she added, smiling at Harry warmly.

Odin meanwhile grumbled unintelligibly under his breath about the unfairness of it all before sighing. "We also came to question why Loki wasn't brought back to Asgard, after the battle in York City," Odin added, butchering the name by not saying 'New'.

"And why would we send him back to Asgard?" Nym questioned, only to get shushed by Laura.

"Nym's question is valid. Loki's actions have harmed Earth, or Midgard, if you prefer. Therefore, it is better that he remains to make amends here while also connecting with the family he thought he lost. A family, I wonder, if Asgard was aware still drew breath on Midgard, and failed to inform Loki of…" Natasha was not trying to start any conflicts between her in-laws and her family, but it was a question that she often wondered about, after learning of Harry's Asgardian heritage.

Odin blustered and bristled, but before he could 'explode', Frigga beat him to the punch. "If my husband was aware, he neglected to tell me," she said, shooting a glowering glare at Odin that had him wilting immediately. "However, I myself can say with complete honesty that I had only learned of Harry relatively recently," she smiled warmly at her grandson. "Specifically when he knocked some sense into my son, his father," she grinned at Loki now. "However, I feel that there is more to the story than simply 'knocking some sense into him'," she smiled sadly with the knowing look of a mother whose son has been hurt.

Harry nodded at his grandmother's words. "Yes, there is a lot that both you and…grandfather…don't yet know. My father has shared a great deal with us pertaining to his fate after his fall from the Bifrost. However," Here Harry smiled brightly towards his father. "I wouldn't say I 'knocked sense into him'. More that I…managed to reach through the twisted darkness that had corrupted his mind, and helped him find the strength to break free of that which held him in its grasp."

Loki shook his head, "You give yourself far less credit than you deserve, Harry. After all, I do still feel the sting of knowing my son's magic is greater than my own, after the battle we had. I know not who all has schooled you in magic, but I do admit they have my interest." Loki then turned to face Odin, "I have been working with my son and his company, helping to train the men and women of Trickster, in order to better control what gifts they have as well as how to fight foes that require more than mere 'brute strength'. Midgard is far under trained for the threats that are taking notice of this world, and I intend to help my son protect his home. Regardless of what the Allfather says," Loki stated, making it clear he would not abandon his son again.

"Oh it doesn't matter what the Allfather says pertaining to if you stay here," Hera spoke up with a smirk. "Unless, that is, the King of Asgard…wishes to start a new war with Olmypus…"

Odin frowned now that his attention had been brought back to Hera. "And what, pray tell, are you doing here, my old adversary?" Odin asked, meanwhile, Frigga was holding her head in her hands at Odin's shortsightedness.

"Why wouldn't she be here?" Loki asked with a growing smile. "You did interrupt us up on the roof after all."

"That they did. Care to finish what you started up there?" Hera asked Loki slyly.

"I would love to," Loki grinned before pulling Hera into a romantic and passionate kiss, the pair ignoring the cameras that had been pulled out and were snapping away around them.

Thor bit back a laugh, pleased to see that Loki and Hera seemed to have made up, even if he still was beside himself that his sister in law was the mythical 'Grudge Queen' of Olympus herself.

Volstagg's jaw was on the ground at the sight of the pair. "He is kissing the queen of Olympus!" He stated loudly in shock.

Hogun couldn't help but chuckle, having noticed the closeness of the pair back on the roof. "Yes my friend, I believe we can all see that."

Loki and Hera pulled away with huge smiles before Hera looked at her son who had a slightly annoyed look on his face. "I think Harry is upset with us, dear," She commented to Loki softly, purring out the last word seductively.

Loki chuckled, "Yes well, we're his parents, so we're entitled to annoy him."

Odin became flustered and began sputtering in shock. "Y-you two…together? What, whe-" he was cut off as Frigga gave a squeal of joy.

Wanting to keep up the illusion that she also didn't know that Loki and Hera were together, Frigga put on her acting skills and appeared happy. "My son and the queen of Olympus! At last we can begin laying to rest old grudges and create a brighter future." She smiled, "You two are perfect for one another!" Frigga then smiled towards Harry. "And with such parents, it's no wonder you have become such a wonderful young man for a son, who has done so much for the realm he calls home. I am so proud of all of you!"

Hogunn had to lower his head to hide his silent chuckles. "Loki and Queen Hera, truly a couple to be respected…and feared," He whispered.

"How did Loki manage to win the heart of Hera? That is a feat that none in Asgard will ever come close to out doing!" Volstagg stated as he placed a hand over his forehead from the shock.

Loki chuckled and held a hand up. "To answer the half spoken question of when…it seems that when I was punished with rebirth and made mortal, Hera herself had decided to change herself into a mortal girl and live among mortals as well. We met in school and…well, I doubt I need to explain how the rest of the story goes…"

"It was only thanks to Harry's company, and my growing interest in this new powerful mortal, that I discovered my son and husband were still, in fact, alive. As well as so close to where I call home these days," Hera added. "Thus were we reunited and," here Hera turned to Odin, and that cold mask of the queen of Olympus appeared over her face. "Any attempts to take either my husband, son, my daughter in laws, and any of their children from this world, without either consent from Harry, his wives, Loki, or myself, will result in war. I trust I have made myself clear?" she said, looking at Odin threateningly.

Odin gulped in fear, powerful he might be, prideful too, but he knew that were he to pick a fight with Olympus, Hephaestus, the god of Forges for Olympus, would just provide advanced weapons that could do some serious damage. Not to mention he would be pissing off the 'Queen of Grudges', Hera herself, and she already had an axe to grind with Odin for his involvement with the death of Zeus, whose powers were now hers to weild. Not that he had too much of a hand in that death, but he still played a major part nonetheless. Regardless, with everyone looking at him, he sighed in defeat. "You have my blessing to be wedded," Odin said defeatedly.

Just about everyone in the room gave Odin a very clear look of 'WTF?' when he said that.

"Somebody doesn't logic good," Nym laughed jokingly.

"Clearly, if he doesn't realize that they have clearly been married, for years. I mean, Hera herself has called Loki her husband," Pixie spoke up.

"Even Crabbe and Goyle weren't that dense," Draco commented with a roll of his eyes and a smile, now wondering just why anyone respected the Norse gods, when clearly they were led by a bumbling idiot.

Harry sighed and shook his head. "Starting to see why my father didn't want to try to contact Asgard about what transpired here. Perhaps someone should see if there's a doctor free to perform a hearing test on my grandfather."

"Well, if it's not his hearing then clearly he has a problem connecting words with their meaning. For if he can hear someone be called someone's husband, and not connect that such a title means they are married, then it might be a matter of dementia…or some other illness that causes problems with making connections and remembering things," Natasha pointed out logically.

Frigga suddenly felt a tug on her dress and looked down to see little Lily Jr. standing there, with, of all things, part of a chewed up Tony Stark action figure in her hand, one that was missing half its head too. "What's the matter little one?"

Lily Jr. pouted a bit at being called 'little one', but then asked in a worried tone. "Great Grampy go crazy?" she asked cutely and loudly.

The room was silent for several beats, before people couldn't contain their laughter.

"Trust the youngest person that can talk, to be the blunt one in the room with this crowd," Pyro laughed heartily.

Harry shook his head but did wonder if Odin didn't need a long vacation away from everything. Maybe Harry would suggest leaving Frigga in charge of Asgard whilst Odin takes a long overdue break.

Danny and Dani were almost on the floor laughing, while Jazz was frowning at the pair for laughing at the expense of their great grandfather in-law. Then she was reminded that her great grandfather in-law is a norse god, and a king, and she sighed. No amount of training will ever get her used to handling all of these surprises, but she'll do her best to work through them for her family's sake.

Jacob was smart enough to cover his mouth with his hand as he chuckled at what had been said, while Queenie pretended to pat his back as if he was just coughing.

Odin, however, bristled at the accusation that he was crazy, but given the age of the child he did his best to contain his anger. "Whose child is this?" He asked.

Harry stood up. "That would be my first born daughter, Lily Jr. Your great granddaughter," Harry answered.

Odin, realizing that he can't do anything to the child due to 1. The girl being so young, 2. Her being the granddaughter of Hera, and 3. He was in a room full of people who had just tensed as if ready for battle at his question, had to grit his teeth and muttered, "Just checking…"

Lily Jr. looked at Odin after tilting her head to the side cutely, before repeating a phrase her mother said sometimes to her father. "Good answer!"

Nym let out a loud laugh at her daughter's response. "That's my girl!" She cheered proudly.

Natasha, normally one to discourage such things, did nothing as she approved of it this time.

Narcissa wondered where exactly Lily Jr. got that personality of her's. Was it truly just from her mother, or did she mesh everything she sees from all of the women around her? Just where was Lily Jr. learning all of these things, because that last response seemed more like something Natasha would say to someone who tried to throw their weight around, only to get humiliated by her and give up.

Frigga bit her lip to hold back her smile, wondering if she could request to babysit Lily Jr. in Asgard for some family time.

Loki laughed. "Well, the girl isn't wrong." He commented under his breath.

Lily Jr. looked around in confusion at everyone laughing for a moment before looking back at her grandfather, then, before anyone could react, she launched herself at Odin, taking a bite out of his armor-covered arm and clamping down so that he couldn't shake her off.

"Lily Jr.!" Harry shouted as he ran over and began trying to pry her off Odin. "Let go of that armor right now young lady! That is not food!"

Bellatrix shook her head at the sight. "When will that boy learn, when a woman decides to bite something it's best to just let her do so."

"Speaking from personal experience there?" Sirius questioned with humor.

"Wouldn't you like to know?" Bella smirked.

"Nym, aren't you going to help?" Laura asked as she turned to Lily Jr.'s mother.

"I thought we were letting Harry handle problems on his own now," She stated innocently.

Natasha, while rolling her eyes and giving Nym a light smack against the back of the head, walked over to where the two males were struggling with Lily Jr. and stated loudly. "Lily Jr. you either stop trying to eat that armor, or I will not let you go near Tony ever again!"

Lily Jr. gave a whine, before finally letting go of Odin's armor-covered arm, which revealed, when she was pulled away, that her mutant power had dissolved the section of armor that had covered his arm that Lily had been biting. "But delicious munchies!" Lily stated in a saddened whine.

Harry frowned down at his daughter. Delicious was not a word she'd used before when talking about her 'munchies'. He wondered if there was some difference in the taste of certain materials that his daughter had noticed, and thus made her like the taste of the armor over everything else she'd eaten, or if maybe it was just a matter of her liking something new…

"I don't care if it's delicious or not. We do not munch on guests' armor…unless it's Tony's." Natasha scolded Lily Jr. "Now say sorry to him." She ordered.

Lily Jr. pouted at Natasha and then crossed her arms, "No, Great Grampy is giant munchy!" Lily said defiantly. As she spoke, her gut grumbled and she ended up burping up a softened piece of Odin's armor.

Odin stared in shock at his great granddaughter. The girl had just eaten some of his armor like it was nothing, and was calling him a 'giant munchy'.

"Lily Jr. if you don't stop, I'll make sure you only get green vegetables to eat from now on. And you know I can make sure that happens…" Harry warned his daughter.

Lily stared at her father through narrowed eyes for a few moments, the two having a staring contest for a moment before Lily relented. "Fine, sorry Great Grampy Munchie!" she apologised with a pout.

Frigga, meanwhile, was astonished at what Lily Jr. had managed to do to Odin's armor, something that even frost giants had failed at.

Harry handed Lily Jr. off to Nym. "Sorry about her. We're trying to teach her what is, and isn't, acceptable to eat but, well, I'm sure you know how hard it is to get kids to eat what you say they can."

Frigga chuckled. "Oh I remember the struggles with Thor and Loki as children. Still, they weren't nearly as bad as some of the children I grew up around."

"Imagine that girl on the battlefield. She would have the enemy surrendering in no time." Volstagg commented. "Or perhaps slipping her into the enemy's armory would be better, less chance of harm befalling her that way."

"The enemy would have to have a chance to harm her before she eats their weapons. You should see what she did to my best daggers the one time I left them out…" Loki commented, remembering the scraps of metal he had left over after she had found them laying on a table. Her idea of revenge for when he'd stabbed Harry.

Lily Jr. meanwhile, was now chewing on her Tony Stark action figure once more, his half head making strange squishing sounds every time she bit down on it.

Torunn, meanwhile, having been forgotten about, was talking in hushed tones with James. "Was that normal for that girl?" she asked concernedly.

James sighed and nodded. "We've all been told not to leave important things laying around where she can get to them. I've seen her eyeing up my shield and caught her trying to take a bite out of it. Even dad had to find new ways to keep his shield away from her when she proved she could jump pretty high for her size," He answered. "Make sure to keep an eye on your armor and sword when she is on the prowl," He warned.

Torunn frowned, but nodded.


~Meanwhile, elsewhere in Auror Corp HQ.~

The members of Trickster had long since been divided into sections and divisions, one division was in charge of gathering news from the Magical world. Usually, it was nonesense or amusingly stupid, but lately, a trend had appeared. Tags of a name, 'Akuji', appearing all over the world in various magical districts, magical creatures disappearing under suspicious circumstances, even a few families, both magical and non magical, disappearing entirely without a trace. Needless to say, the members of Trickster were putting all of this into a file, discounting nothing as it might be connected somewhere down the line.

There was also a collection of evidence stating magical based thefts all over the world too.

Regardless, the Trickster members would collect the data, and then forward it on up to Harry, the family, and the higher up members of Trickster.


~One of the older ports in New York City~

Tony, Pepper, and Rhody smiled as they disembarked from Captain Haddock's 'ship'. It had been several weeks since they left Europe, and with their two new friends along for the ride too.

Wanda and Pietro however, were both in awe of the tall buildings and all the traffic they could hear filtering through the docks.

Suddenly, a horn cuts through the air and sounds of the docks drawing the group of fives attention to a black SUV, with a man who had short hair, in a black suit and tie, standing next to it. Said man was also holding a sign that said 'Peppy Potts and friends'.

Wanda shot a look at Pepper and Tony. "More help from Mister J, I presume," she chuckled.

Pepper imitating a fish at the use of her name being butchered to 'Peppy'.

Coulson, the man who'd been asked to collect the group, couldn't help but be amused when he spotted them. Despite the three clearly being from another dimension there was no mistaking just who the three could be and he was almost giddy with the thought of dropping them on a certain someone's lap. "Oh I hope I'll get some good footage for my part in this," He chuckled to himself before walking over to the group. "Ms. Potts, Phil Coulson. I'm your ride." He greeted and introduced himself with a smile. "Sorry about the misspelling of your name, I was told to try to not make it clear who you are for reasons I can't explain just yet."

Pepper blushed a bit in embarrassment but nodded, "It's ok, my dad works for the FBI, I know about having to use cover identities," she smiled back. "Quick question, is there enough room for our two friends by the way, they joined us in Europe," she added.

Coulson was surprised to hear Pepper say her father works for the FBI, as he didn't remember reading anything about that in the file of this world's Pepper, but he didn't call attention to it. Instead he turned to the two that he had noticed with the trio but hadn't been informed of with a smile. "The car is big enough to comfortably seat everyone." He answered before looking the two over. "You two look like you had a rough trip. Are you in some kind of trouble?" He asked, making sure not to imply anything and to sound like he just wanted to help. He'd dealt with enough people in trouble to know how to talk to them without making them want to run away from him. "I could put you both in contact with someone who could offer you asylum if you need it."

Wanda and Pietro looked at one another and then nodded to Coulson. "If you could, that would be appreciated. After all, we kind of fell in with this lot after our…plane…went down," she said, being cautious of Coulson. While the thoughts he was giving off worried her a little, he also was actively trying to make it clear that he was not a threat to them. As such, she was willing to trust him…for now, but only so far.

"I just need to make a call, let the person who'll be providing you shelter know you are coming. Plus the person who asked me to pick up you three, asked me to contact a certain someone else and arrange a meeting. And I think I know just the place, so that everyone can meet who they need to at the same time." Coulson knew he would get pay back from the one person later, but truthfully, this was just too good a chance to pass up, and as for the other person, well, he knew they would want to be around for this amusing show when the trio met. "Come on, it's a little warm out here and I'm sure we'll all be more comfortable in the car," Coulson smiled as he took out his phone and waved for the group to follow him, trying to decide which number to call first.

The group of five frowned, looking at one another before all climbing inside. Tony meanwhile, was wondering how much longer he had before he would need to charge his suit, which he had been using as a battery for his heart magnet since they had arrived here.

Making his choice, Coulson sent a text to Pepper requisitioning, if possible, for her to bring Rhodey and Tony to Auror Corp. while doing his best not to actually name anyone in the text. Then he made the phone call to Harry. "Harry, hope I haven't caught you at a bad time?" Coulson greeted before hearing a lot of chatter in the background as Harry replied. "Oh? Your grandparents are in town? Does Fury know?" He asked before shaking his head at the 'no' that got him. "Well, I have two people with me who claim to require asylum. I don't yet know much about them, but I think they would do best under your care." Coulson listened as Harry thought about whether he should bring more people into his home just yet, before Harry gave the go ahead. "Alright then, we shouldn't be too long depending on traffic. Oh, and just a heads up, the 'Munchie Man' is coming over. You might want to get security to save the footage that you're about to get." Coulson then ended the call before Harry could question what he was talking about.

The group of five couldn't hear the call due to the special glass separating the front from the back of the SUV, and as such, were unaware that Coulson had finished his call. Even if the glass hadn't been there the five were busy checking out the sights as the SUV drove through the city, and they were in awe of some of the sights they could see through the semi shaded windows of the SUV.


~Auror Corp. HQ~

Harry frowned as he heard Coulson hang up before he could question him on why he would need recording equipment. Sighing he turned to the family, extended family (I.E. Odin and Frigga), and his friends, and he said, "Nat, honey, do we have fresh tapes and DVDs set up to record the security footage?" he asked her pointedly.

Natasha, who'd been focused slightly on the show going on between Hera and Odin, turned to Harry with a confused look. "Oh? I believe we still have a good amount at the ready. I can call security and have them flag certain areas for recording. Why?" She asked, knowing that Coulson was somehow involved, as she'd heard his name be mentioned.

Harry smirked, "I think Coulson has stumbled upon some amusement for everyone, except Tony that is," he said knowingly, "I think it would be best if security were to record footage from the living room once Coulson arrives," he added with a smirk. "I believe that it will prove to be some good material for home movies," he finished with a grin as he had a feeling that, whatever Coulson had stumbled upon, was going to be highly amusing. After all, it wasn't often that Coulson was 'eager' to request recordings of something.

"I'll put in the request and have security bring them to the living room. I just hope we don't require any cleaning services when his 'entertainment' is done, like that last time Tony was over." Natasha then stood and headed for a quieter room to notify security that Coulson and company were coming up, and to let them into the living room as well as ensure that the cameras were recording to DvDs.

Harry nodded as he turned his attention to Odin and Frigga. 'Hopefully you two will be staying a while, there are a few people who would 'love' to speak with you,' he said, thinking of Fury. "We also seem to have some entertainment on delivery, so, hopefully you will be amused as well," he added with a smile. Odin merely sighed, while Frigga smiled.


~Auror Corp. HQ, street level~

As Coulson pulled up, and everyone got out of the SUV, Wanda looked up at the building, with mixed emotions. On the one hand, Harry Potter was doing actual good around the world with his Trickster program, among other programs he was said to have in place. On the other hand, he was still connected to that rich prick, Tony Stark, as such, surely he was kind of prickish himself, right, she thought to herself.

Tony, Pepper, and Rhody on the other hand were looking up at the colourful building, covered in street art and bright colours, and were unsure how to react, they also didn't know what to make of the name 'Auror'.

"Hey there!" A male voice called out to them.

The group turned and were surprised to see what looked like an ice sculpture waving to them before it walked over to them.

"Coulson, good to see you again, Harry's got his hands full so asked me to show you all up to the living room," The living ice sculpture announced.

"Hi Bobby, didn't know you were back in the city," Coulson greeted.

"Got back late last night. That forest fire my team was dispatched to put out was a nightmare, but we managed to put it out before it got to anyone's home," Bobby smiled and waved everyone towards the doors. "Come on in."

Pepper got excited as she looked at 'Bobby'. "Is he a living ice sculptor, maybe they have living ice people in this world, or something like that!" she said excitedly.

"Pepper!" Rhodey snapped frustratedly.

Tony meanwhile, had his mind in overdrive trying to figure out how it was possible for 'Bobby' to exist, and whether he was human, or indeed, a living ice sculptor, or something else.

As they entered the building properly, they met with a giant of a man who was in a black suit and shades. "Hey Coulson, is this the 'entertainment'?" he asked curiously with an amused smirk and tone.

Coulson nodded, "Indeed, what about 'Mr Munchie' and his guests, have they arrived yet?" he asked curiously.

"Not yet, though Jarvis sent word they left Stark Industries a few minutes ago," the giant said.

"Good to hear Cain, anyway, mind if I come up with them, I don't want to miss the fireworks after all," Coulson said.

"Sure thing, besides, Lily would be pissed at me if I prevented her from seeing her 'Uncle Cole'," Cain smirked.

Bobby, having heard the comments about him, chuckled. "Guess you guys don't have mutants where you're from." He said as he shifted out of his ice form and back to normal. "I'm just a guy with powers over ice. But don't worry, you'll get used to seeing people with unique powers and appearances. Auror Corp. doesn't discriminate against people."

"Hey ice cube, you gonna finish your job or what?" Cain asked with a smile.

"Yeah, yeah, big guy don't get your shorts in a knot." Bobby waved off. "Come on, we can use the private elevator to get to the living room." He told the group before heading over to said elevator.

As everyone filed into the extra large elevator with Cain, and rode it up, Tony, Pepper and Rodes were entering through the main entrance of Auror Corp.

"I still don't understand why you won't tell me what's going on Pep?" Tony whined to Pepper.

"I TOLD you Tony, I don't know what's up. All I know is that Coulson requested a meeting with Harry and asked for us to attend," she replied, and when she saw him open his mouth again to speak once more she cut him off, "That's enough Tony, stop acting like a child!"

Rhodey meanwhile, was confused on why he was being brought along, after all, his last meeting with Harry hadn't gone too well…considering he tried to defend General Ross as a former airmen himself, only for Harry to pull out a long list of crimes, both domestic and international, that Ross was guilty of, making Rhodey blanch in disgust of defending Ross. Granted, things had improved since then, but it was still a rocky situation between the two.

"Whatever Harry has called us here for it's most likely important. After all, when has Harry ever asked us over of the blue without a good reason?" People asked with an arched eyebrow.

Before either of the two men could answer her another voice spoke up.

"Now why did all of you run off to Harry's place without me? I'm almost hurt." Gregory said as he joined the group.

"Who let him out of his room?" Tony asked in annoyance.

"You really think that series of locks could keep me stuck in that room? I would be insulted if your attempt hadn't been so pitiful," Gregory sighed.

"You locked him in his room?" Pepper asked in shock, having wondered why she hadn't seen Gregory that day.

"He deserved it for trying to take Dum-E and You apart!" Tony shouted while pointing an accusing finger at his other dimensional brother.

Gregory scoffed. "While you might be content to leave those bots in such poor quality I felt pity for them and sought to give them their much needed upgrades."

"They are fine how they are and don't you dare talk about my mechanical children again!" Tony snapped heatedly.

Pepper sighed and turned to Rhodey. "Let's just go up without them. I'm sure security will hose them down if they get too hot headed."

Rhodey just nodded and they both got into the private elevator which had just returned from the penthouse floor.

~Meanwhile on the Penthouse floor~

Everyone was staring at the child sized Tony, Pepper, and Rhodey that had just arrived with Coulson and Cain, along with a redhead and a guy with blonde and dark brown, almost black, hair.

"Um, Coulson, did Tony get into another batch of shrinking potion again?" Harry asked resignedly, wondering how it was Tony kept getting his hands on magic potions and items.

Coulson smirked at the memory of when Tony had messed with a batch of shrinking potion and had, in essence, made himself, Pepper, and Rhodey appear as child sized. It had taken being given the antidote to return them to their true size, at which point Pepper had banished Tony to the couch for a month or two. In her words it was for, 'Messing with dangerous things he had little to no understanding of.'

"No," Coulson replied, "Just be patient please everyone, we're waiting for our Tony, Pepper, and Rhodey to arrive," Coulson smirked with barely contained and easily visible excitement.

Harry frowned at the words 'our Tony, Pepper, and Rhodey'. Given what those words seemed to mean lately, he was now concerned as to what fresh hell Coulson was unleashing and who, if any, had helped him dish it up.

No sooner had he finished talking when the elevator opened, revealing Pepper pinching Tony's ear as he cried 'aunty' and 'mercy', while Rhodey was facepalming, and Gregory was taking pictures. As such, Pepper was the first to notice the three kid versions of herself and her two friends. "Ok," she sighed, "What's going on?" she asked exasperatedly.

"Congratulations, you have kids!" Coulson said excitedly, trying to be funny and waiting for the horrified reaction from Tony.

Pepper glared at Coulson. "I'm going to ask you to never say that again until I actually give birth, otherwise I'll show you what I can do with that taser you told Tony about," She warned.

"Wait, Agent man is in the Taser club? Alright my brotha!" Darcy grinned excitedly.

"Hold on now! We're not anyone's kids here, least of all that ugly old guy over there," Young Tony said defensively.

"We are in a room with two Tony Starks. Either one is lying about who he is, or there is something going on we don't know about," Pietro whispered to Wanda as they looked at both young and old Tony. "Also, who is the one taking pictures that sort of looks like Tony Stark?"

Harry let out a groan. "Coulson, I already have my grandfather here telling my father and mother that they have his consent to marry. I don't think I need to be dealing with this on top of that…" Harry said dryly.

"Now, now Harry, This might be a blessing in disguise." Natasha smiled before leaning in. "After all, think of the babysitting shenanigans that could happen if we get both 'Munchie man' babysitting the kids at once," She chuckled.

Gregory meanwhile was laughing as he kept taking pictures. "Two alternate versions of my younger twin brother now, things are getting amusing as all hell," he said with far too much excitement for anyone's liking. "Makes me remember that time I messed with space time in my home dimension," he said, then frowned, "Wish I could remember the math from that though," he said mournfully. His comments had Pepper facepalming now.

"I live in a madhouse…" Pepper said resignedly through her hands.

"Also, this wasn't something I arranged," Coulson said in defence of himself now that he had a chance to get a word in. "I was contacted by Jarvis, he filled me in on the surprise, for Tony, Pepper, and Rhodey, and he begged me to keep it secret in exchange for some juicy gossip material about Tony," Coulson finished with a shit eating grin.

"Jarvis is gonna do what now for you?" Tony asked in shock, thinking it was time to do some work on Jarvis to teach him a lesson for this. Then he realized that young Tony had waved to him when he said the 'ugly old man' comment. "You little punk! I am not ugly, nor am I that old!" He protested heatedly.

"Wait Jarvis? Is that who this mysterious Mr. J that's been helping us is?" Young Pepper questioned.

"Will someone explain what is going on?" Both young and 'old' Rhodey asked in unison.

James couldn't help but chuckle a little. "Oh wow, this is not what I would've expected to ever happen while in another world."

Steve sighed and shook his head. "Has anyone checked in with Strange to see if he's gotten anywhere regarding why people from other dimensions keep popping up?"

"Haven't heard from him in a while, think he's off on another plane for the time being." Laura answered.

Suddenly young Pepper began muttering in excitement. "So we really ARE in another world, there really are other versions of us," she then looked at her older self in worry. "Was your father still a high ranking FBI agent like mine was?" she asked concernedly.

'Old' Pepper frowned in confusion at the excitement in the younger Pepper over this matter. "Was I like that at that age?" She asked herself as she tried to recall.

Young Rhodey looked over the guy that could only be his older self and had mixed feelings. On one hand the guy didn't look too impressive, but on the other, he at least didn't look like a bum. Then he looked over at the 'old' Tony, and laughed. "You know, I can actually see you looking like that version of you in the future Tony," He told Young Tony.

"No way will I ever look like that! He looks like my father!" Young Tony complained.

'Old' Tony gritted his teeth at that. "I do not look anything like him!" He argued angrily.

Steve wisely chose not to comment that Tony did look like he could be Howard Stark's younger twin brother. He wasn't in the mood to get into that fight.

Young Tony then looked at Older Tony more seriously. "I heard you built and sold weapons," he said challengingly. "At least my inventions advanced humanity, not destroyed it!" he said proudly.

'Old' Tony crossed his arms over his chest. "Kid, your information is outdated, because my company's been out of the weapons game for just over two years now. I deal in the production of clean energy. That 'advancing humanity' enough for ya?" 'Old' Tony challenged back.

Suddenly Wanda stepped forward angrily, "Do you also make reparations to those your weapons injured? My family was torn apart by one of your missiles!" she hissed.

Tony frowned in thought before snapping his fingers. "Sokovia! You're from Sokovia. That accent totally gives it away," He said before growing serious. "I might've built the missile, but I didn't give it to the people who used it on your family. My former partner, and father figure, was the one selling my weapons to both armies, and terrorists like the ones who bombed your home. The same man, who also tried to have me assassinated so he could take over the company, Obadiah Stane. Pep, can you show them the documents?" He explained before turning to Pepper, knowing she always keeps a Starkpad on hand for work stuff.

Pepper raised an eyebrow but consented, pulling up the relevant files and handed the tablet to Wanda and Pietro. "Everything we could find on Stane's past dealings, he was trying to play both sides, that way there would be more war, and thus more profit," Pepper said.

Young Tony, Pepper, and Rhodey watched as Wanda and Pietro read through the files, going through a range of emotions as they did.

Pietro frowned and shot his sister a glance. "Do we trust this is true?" He asked her under his breath.

"I don't know. It does look real, but information like this can be faked," Wanda told her brother.

"If you don't believe him, then why not read his mind?" The twins looked up and found Queenie had walked over to them. "After all, you can do that."

Wanda's eyes widened in shock. "How could you know?"

Queenie smiled. "Oh sorry, I also have an ability that lets me read minds. I sometimes forget the number of people that don't see that as something normal to have," She explained with a slight blush of embarrassment. "Anyway, as I was saying, I'm sure they would be more than willing to let you read their minds to prove that it wasn't them that hurt your family."

Tony was weary about letting others into his head, but if it would help prove his innocence well, he could make that sacrifice.

Pepper meanwhile raised a hand, "I consent to having my mind read, after all, I have nothing to hide," she said, "Besides, it was me, primarily, who went over all of Stane's files and dealings after Jarvis compiled them," she added.

"Hey don't make it sound like I didn't do much!" Tony grumbled. "After all I had to read through most of that to get the list of who he sold the weapons to, how much he sold to them, where they were transported, where to start looking for them, what places got hit for them, the amount of property damage done by those weapons, and most of all who all suffered among civilians! That's more work than you admitted," Tony pouted.

"And how much of that work did Jarvis do for you?" Rhodey questioned.

"Oh, knowing my brother, most likely everything but get him coffee. That task went to one of the bots," Gregory chuckled.

"I hate you both right now so much. Also I get my own coffee, thank you," Tony grumbled.

"That's only because last time you let someone else get you coffee, Nym slipped in a little something that made you sound like a donkey for a week," Harry called from the couch he was watching all this unfold from.

"I have no friends here!" Tony cried.

"Do you think it's always like this?" Hogunn questioned Volstagg.

"I don't know, but it's very amusing nonetheless," Volstagg chuckled.

Young Tony, Pepper, and Rhodey were at a loss of how to react at the moment. Wanda and Pietro however, were quietly discussing what to do. After about ten minutes of discussion, while adult Tony grumbled and pouted, Wanda stepped forward, getting everyone's attention. "If we can scan Tony's memories, and verify that this Stane fellow was the one responsible, we promise not to maim Tony in some fashion for destroying our family," she said, shooting a look at Pietro.

Tony blinked at that, not sure how to feel or react about it, before shrugging. "Pretty sure you aren't the first woman in my life to be threatening to maim me," He stealthily pointed toward his Pepper, "And I'm sure you won't be the last," openly pointing to just about every woman in the room, "But hey, go right ahead, but fair warning, stick to Stane or else you might see somethings in there you do not want to see."

"Oh, are you referring to the Furries, the M&Ms, the pool and the-" Queenie started before Tony cut her off.

"Nevermind! Moving on!" Tony shouted before flinching as three baby cries rang out and Natasha glared at him hard.

"You woke the triplets!" Natasha snapped angrily before getting up and taking two Trickster girls to help settle the babies.

Wanda nodded before stepping forward and looking at Tony before entering his mind. At first, it was a mess, then she began to hone in on what she was looking for. Occasionally she saw signs of different things as she traveled through Tony's mind. There was a memory of him making out with a woman on a bed, another was him in a bathroom doing male things that Wanda didn't want to think about. Finally, she reached the memories she was looking for and started reviewing.

While Wanda was looking through Tony's memories, young Pepper stepped forward towards the adult one. "So, you're me huh?" she asked curiously.

Pepper nodded to her 'younger' self while looking her over. "Another dimension version of you." Pepper confirmed before turning to Harry, "Think we should give Strange a kick next time to get him motivated into figuring out why so many people from other dimensions have ended up here and most of all how to get them all home."

"Trust me, I'm planning to do just that." Harry, though not against getting to know other dimensional versions of people, certainly didn't want to encounter any other versions of himself. Versions of himself that might still actually believe that Dumbledore has their best interests at heart and never doubt the man. He didn't want to be reminded of the kid he used to be.

At that moment, the elevator chime sounded, announcing another arrival, and as it opened, it revealed the man in question, Doctor Steven Strange, who blinked at seeing two Tony Starks, and a kid who looked like he could be one of their sons. "Uh, did I miss a birthing or something?" he asked cautiously but amusedly.

"Where the bloody hells have you been?" Harry asked. "Apparently, these three arrived ages ago and no one knew about them besides Jarvis. How is it that Tony's AI is better at tracking people from other dimensions than you?" Harry knew that, like Tony, Stephen Strange didn't like having his pride poked.

Strange bristled and blushed in a mixture of wounded pride and embarrassment, "To be fair, Harry, I deal with bigger issues then displaced people," he said. "However, in my propper defence, I have also been investigating the reason behind why the dimensional barriers have been fluctuating the last few months to a year," he answered. "What I have found is most disconcerting, as it seems that when you and the Avengers stopped the Portal that Loki had had mr Selvig build, it sent out a pulse due to two Infinity Stones coming into brief contact for a second," he continued, "Now, as to how the Space and Mind stones could cause such an effect, that is beyond my understanding, but it still happened," he finished.

Everyone was silent in thought, though Wanda and Tony were silent already as she was still looking through his head. Then Darcy spoke up.

"So, you're saying that the fact that these people are clearly falling through holes between dimensions, suggesting that whatever barriers normally keep other dimensions from colliding, is beneath you and you only look into it in order to 'slum it' with the rest of us?" Darcy questioned with a smirk.

Strange glared at Darcy in an unamused manner. "Between people from other dimensions coming through, and trying to make sure evils from other universes don't try to take advantage of the instability of the dimensional walls, I believe that the latter is more important," Strange said flatly. "That does not mean I was not looking into the matter though," he added. "Anyway, due to the instability in the dimensional walls at the moment, what comes through, cannot return, unfortunately, that means that those who have arrived are stuck, and there is nothing that can be done about returning them," he said sadly.

Harry gave a nod, like he was agreeing with Strange before frowning and snapping his fingers like he was trying to remember something. "What were they? Um, I know it, it's on the tip of my tongue," He said, just loud enough to be heard. "Oh yeah! Wong and Clea! Are those, you know," Harry then gave Strange a deadpan look. "People whom you trust and work with and thus able to help with matters like this? And aren't you training more people in your brand of magic?"

"It's almost like Mr. Ego over there thinks he has to do everything himself," Nym chuckled.

"Since when does Tony know magic?" Harry asked with a grin.

"Oh no not Tony. The guy over there that looks like he's trying to copy Tony but be all mystic-y about his look," Nym said as she waved between Tony and Strange.

"Hey! Don't compare him to me!" Tony called out and turned his head, only to have it forced back by Wanda.

"Stop moving unless you want me to accidentally make you forget how to use the toilet!" Wanda warned him.

Everyone cringed at the thought of Tony accidentally maiming himself mentally, thereby forcing himself to wear adult diapers. Strange meanwhile glared at Nym and Harry.

"Wong and Clea were helping me with the task of investigating the barriers," he said, "And none of the other sorcerers we have are skilled enough at the moment to help with such delicate work," he added flatly. "Now, if were done with the blame game, I did come to tell you that there were quite a few signatures that came through during and after the incident, I have tried to investigate them but, some of them covered their tracks or disappeared, and I am continuing to try and find them," he finished frustratedly. "For now, all I can do is continue to hunt for those who came through and hid their tracks," he added.

"It's almost like this guy forgets that there are other people who can help, at least when it comes to searching for those who don't belong on this Earth," Cain commented.

"Not to mention he could always ask for aid from Asgard. I could've at least requested help for him prior to my father arriving, but now he can ask himself," Thor added.

"And there is also Olympus that can offer aid, after all, the Ancient One knew about us and there should be a section in one of the Stactum's libraries about us." Hera spoke up before smiling and shaking her head. "I forget how stubborn mortals are about asking for help."

Strange, wisely, kept his mouth shut rather than argue with someone powerful like Hera, not to mention the others who would just team up with her against him. Instead, he merely handed over the notes he had on the instability to Hera, and Odin, "You should come to the same conclusion I have, that time will heal the instability, but until it evens out, more weirdness is likely to appear," he said with a sigh.

Hera looked over the notes carefully before handing them to Loki. "And it took this long to find this out?" She questioned. "I'm going to make sure to inform Hermes to put you on the mailing list, because clearly you need more eyes helping you do your research and I can put you in touch with Athena and Apollo who should make finding information faster for you."

"Now, now Hera, let's be nice," Loki smiled. "After all, you can't fault this mortal, second rate magician, for not being able to move fast. After all, it can't be easy when he clearly can't be bothered to have others trained up to the level in which they can do research and information gathering for him. It's not like he's the magical protector of this world."

"Dad, mum!" Harry shouted exasperatedly. "Are you done pretending like you aren't insulting him, because you are clearly doing a bad job since everyone here can tell you're insulting him."

"Harry, this world is one you live in, forgive us if we get annoyed that this man isn't doing everything in his power to ensure that, should something happen to him, there are people ready to take his place, or at least keep the world from falling apart while he's in bed sick with the flu…or something," Hera sighed.

"We lost you once because we put our faith in the wrong person, we will not stand by and repeat that mistake, thus we want to ensure that there are plenty of people who can fill the roles of others when it comes to the safety of this world and you," Loki added.

"Bad enough there's someone going around collecting weapons and attacking people whom I haven't been able to get a clear picture of where they came from," Hera sighed in annoyance.

Everyone who knew of Gilgamesh froze, "A-are you referring to Gilgamesh?" Strange asked, and seeing Hera's confused look, he sighed, "Apparently he is from another universe as well, and he goes around collecting weapons from 'mighty warriors' he 'defeats' in combat," Strange sighed. "He's already hit several lesser heroes around the world already before somehow being captured by Hydra," he said.

As everyone was talking, 'young' Tony was looking at everyone, taking everything in, and feeling his world and the concept of everything he knew to be true crumbling. Magic, goddesses, gods, Asgard, other universes, and more. He wasn't sure how to keep going right now given everything that he was learning, it was, honestly, a little overwhelming.

The two Peppers and two Rhodies were both getting along and chatting off to the side, getting to know one another better and learn what differences there were between them.

Harry, meanwhile, cast a glance at his daughter. "Lily, have you been summoning again?"

Lily Jr. shook her head. "Nah-uh!"

"As I recall, Fury came in one day after a meeting with the council and mentioned that he needed to speak with you about your daughter opening portals and not closing them. According to that creature, Carbuncle I think his name is, someone followed him through the one he came through." Coulson announced.

Hera meanwhile looked around in confusion. "So wait, that guy I was talking about isn't that Taskmaster one? He's been giving Ares a hard time and has been eyeing Ares' sword for a while now."

Loki frowned. "You don't know for sure who you were talking about?" He questioned.

"Loki, honey, I've got all of Olympus to look after, the overgrown children that most of them are, I have a company to run, and so many side projects. I don't always have time to keep track of pests that only popup once in a while. Also, there are so many out there that seem to be copying each other it's hard to tell who's who unless you see them," Hera sighed.

Strange harrumphed, "And people were giving me a hard time for the same thing…" he mumbled.

Coulson meanwhile, brought up a picture of Gilgamesh on his Shield pad. "Is this the guy that was reported to you, appearance wise, cause if not, then the other guy, Taskmaster, is a criminal of quite some repute who has been on Shield's radar for a while."

Hera glared at Coulson. "What part of 'he's been giving Ares a hard time' translates to my having seen him?" She demanded. "In fact what part of anything I've said about this person suggests I've seen him? Because I clearly said I haven't been able to get a clear picture of them and you want me to try to identify them from a picture?"

Coulson sighed, "Well, could you call Ares and ask him to come over so he could be shown the picture, surely he has seen the guy at least right?" he asked.

Hera rolled her eyes. "Right, ask Ares, the god of war, after he's been harassed by this guy, to stop being on the warpath so he can come look at your picture and tell you if it's the same guy. Zeus couldn't even get Ares to come back to Olympus to get an update on something when Ares was having a feud with Artemis. You really think I'll have any better luck?" She asked before crossing her arms. "Should have him join Shield for a week so you can see how well he listens when he gets in one of those moods."

"Ah the children of Zeus. It's a wonder they didn't ever rebel against him while he was alive. He almost makes Odin look decent as a father," Loki commented.

Hera snorted. "Now you are just spinning fantasies love," She smirked.

Coulson sighed, "Well, there's little we can do at the moment then in regards to that!" Coulson said exasperatedly. "On a different matter, what are we going to call the mini-Tony, cause, calling them both Tony Stark is going to get annoying, and confusing, fast," Coulson smiled. "Not to mention how many jokes the big one will probably make," he added cheekily.

"Oh I wouldn't be so sure about the jokes he'll be making. After all, look what happened with Gregory," Pepper smiled. "Tony spends more time trying to keep Gregory locked in a room away from him than speaking about him. Also, there's a high chance young Tony is more charming and better behaved than our Tony."

"Anyone is better behaved than our Tony," Rhodey jumped in with a grin.

"Oh come on, I'm not that bad," Tony pouted.

"Tony, need I remind you of the foam that came from your tower because you decided your bubble bath needed, and I quote, 'more bubbles' so you nicked a bubble enhancement potion from Laura's private bathing supplies?" Natasha asked with an arched eyebrow and a smirk.

"You're at fault for not putting directions on the bottle. How was I to know it was one drop for a full bathtub and not one whole bottle? That bottle was as big as my hand!" Tony argued.

"The normal bottles have directions. Laura didn't need them because she knows what she's doing," Harry pointed out flatly with a smirk.

"I take no responsibility for the bubbles!" Tony shouted childishly.

Young Pepper rolled her eyes. "Yeah, our Tony is totally more mature than that guy."

Young Tony sighed, really hoping he didn't end up being that immature. Young Rhodey meanwhile, was both disturbed, and highly amused by the Tony Stark they had met today.

Lily Jr. then walked up to Young Tony and began eyeing him before sniffing him a bit.

"Uh…" Young Tony asked awkwardly and unassuredly, "What's she doing?" he asked as he watched her begin to circle him, sniffing him the entire time.

Lily Jr. then suddenly jumped forward and tried to take a bite out of Young Tony, who in surprise at the sudden action, jumped back in time to avoid the bite, causing Lily Jr. to fall to the ground on her front, letting out an adorable 'oof', as she landed.

Harry hurried over and picked up his daughter, "We've talked, a lot more than should be needed, about biting guests and new people," He scolded her.

Laura helped Yong Tony up. "Sorry about her. She has a special ability to eat inorganic things and seems to have an obsession of eating every new thing she can get in her mouth. We're trying to correct this behavior but it's a slow process," She explained.

Lily Jr. huffed, "I want mini-munchie!" she said childishly, getting adult Tony to facepalm as he realised what just happened, as well as from the humiliating nickname his younger self had just been given.

"Mini?" Logan asked with a shake of his head. "Kid, that boy's at least three times your size. If anyone's the mini it's you," He told Lily Jr.

"Lily, if you don't stop I will not let you have your Ironman figure for the rest of the month." Harry warned, knowing that was her favorite thing to munch on.

Lily's eyes grew comically large before she deflated a little, she then pouted and crossed her arms, looking away from her father. "Fine daddy…" she said, having an adorable frown and pout on her face as she spoke.

Young Tony just looked between the two and wondered just what kind of family dynamic they had here as Lily Jr. seemed to be a tad crazy to him.

Young Pepper meanwhile was torn between wanting to scold Lily Jr. for trying to bite Tony, and for apparently having a past of biting others, and wanting to cuddle with her for being so adorable.

Harry turned to Natasha, "We're going to need rooms prepared for these five." He then turned to the group, "If you want we can find some basic jobs around here for you. I'm sure the younger Tony would love our tech department. As for the rest of you, I'm sure after you tell Natasha your strengths and interests she can find something for each of you to do. You don't have to work if you don't want to, this is just an offer if you want something to fill your time with," Harry offered them.

"Take Gregory as well!" Older Tony called with a slightly pleading tone.

Harry smiled at Tony. "But Tony, how can I deprive you of your other dimensional, older twin brother? No, you can keep him as I know how much he means to you."

"Traitor!" Tony grumbled. "Can you at least take Mini America for me? I'm sure he'll want to stay with his friend."

"Yeah sure, James can stay and so can his friend, if she wants to," Harry agreed.

"Thor and Sif's daughter from another dimension?" Loki asked before sighing. "Well, this is your home, and thus only you and your wives get the final say pertaining to the residence."

Hera patted Loki's shoulder. "Keep playing your cards right Loki, and I might allow you to come stay with me for a bit…" She smirked.

Loki gave her a smile. "And here I thought just getting you back was my prize…" He chuckled.

Jennifer leaned over to Cain. "I hope the families on Loki and Hera's side never want to get together for any reason on Earth. Even I can't win the legal battle that is bound to be brought against both sides."

Cain chuckled. "Would be one hell of a party though."

Jennifer glared at him, "No more hanging out with Thor for you."

Harry looked around the room, partly in awe of his family, partly in dread of what could be next in his life, and partly in remembrance of the days he used to sit alone in that cupboard under the stairs wishing for a family to take him away from his pain. This might not have ever been the family he had asked for, and at times he almost wished he'd not agreed to the Vegas trip at all, but as he looked around he realized that if he had to go back in time to that moment he would have his bags packed before even being asked. His family might be the craziest mash of people that strain his sanity some days, but he's never known a day in which he isn't loved thanks to them. They might not be the family he wanted, but they are his family and that's all that matters to him.


~Omake 1: ~

~Location: Somewhere in Europe~

Gilgamesh smiled as he looked through the number of strange weapons he had acquired of late. They were called 'guns', and he even had a few Rocket Launchers, but none of them really stood out as unique weapons, more as just abundant trophies of the group he had been targeting with the weird looking Ultros symbol, at least he assumed it was Ultros. He had been targeting them for a while now, ransacking their weapon stores and only encountering a few members who were actually worthy of facing a fraction of his power, hell he hadn't even had to pull out his extra arms. Needless to say, he felt…unsatisfied with facing these so-called 'Agents of the Hydra'. Perhaps it was time to fight the 'heroes' of this universe, and see what their mettle was like. He also had collected a few documents, more for curious reading as he had gone through their bases. He hadn't been able to make heads or tails of what was in the documents, but then again, science had never been his strong point.


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