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~Last Time on How Could One Will Cause So Much Chaos?~

Nym, looking at her map said, "Hmm, the only really big place in magical Vegas we haven't hit, is somewhere called, the Velour Bastille Casino," she stated, "Wait, why does that sound familiar?" she said, looking in confusion for a moment, before looking back down and shrugging her shoulders in an uncaring way, she then looked to the others, "Want to go?" she asked drunkenly, she was coming down from her drunkeness slowly, but, it was still clear she wouldn't remember much come morning.

"Lead the way Nym!" Harry cheered. "I want to play more games and drink more."

Laura cheered in agreement to what Harry said.

Natasha wrapped her arms around Harry. "I agree, let's go have some more fun. And maybe have more of those amazing drinks."

And so the drunken party of four headed to the most high end area of magical Vegas, where they found a grand casino in the style of a French manor, complete with property, grounds, and fountains.

As they entered, they couldn't help but marvel at how good looking everyone was, though, granted, there were other races besides humans though, some of whom were surprisingly sophisticated, given their race. As they approached the Poker table, the group was met by a woman of other worldly beauty who said, "Mind if I join you?" she spoke english, but had a French accent.

Nym grinned at the woman. "Well if you wanted a shot at marrying this guy you are a little late. We just got through with the weddings already," She told the woman proudly.

Natasha shook her head, "I think she wants to join us in playing Poker," She corrected Nym. "And that's up to Harry," Natasha pointed out as she turned to Harry.

Harry looked at the woman before smiling, "Sure, you can join us. We're going to play a lot," He told her without a care in the world.

The woman smiled, "Allow me to introduce myself, my name is, Circe," she said before ordering a round of something called, 'Lover's Matrimony', for everyone at the table, apparently the drink was the house special.


~Also last time on How Could One Will Cause So Much Chaos~

Natasha, Laura, and Nym all share a look before Natasha beat the others to the punch, "Harry dear," she said sweetly, "This is matter now..." she then paused, "And while it is true that he is a criminal, I just so happen to be an agent of the law..." she said, not really revealing anything, at least in her mind, since Coulson was clearly an agent to those who meet him, so it wasn't that much of a stretch that she was an agent herself since she answered to him. "As such, I will be doing the interrogation..." she said before helping Laura up and dragging the now unable to move Beetle inside the station to an interrogation room.

Harry stared after Natasha for a moment before shaking his head and calling out to her. "Fine! But at the very least no torture! I know he's a criminal but if it comes down to it let someone else do that." Natasha's reply was to wave a hand to show that she heard him. He really didn't like the thought of one of his wives partaking in torture, mainly because he'd more or less undergone it his whole life. Turning to Laura and Nym he sighed. "I guess we should wait for her back at the hotel."

Nym nodded, interrogations, especially ones without tortures, can take a while. "She'll catch up," she replied.


~Present, with Harry, Nym, Laura, Hela and Remus, location, The Velour Bastille Casino~

~Song start: Final Fantasy Tatics Advanced OST - Snow Dancing In The Schoolyard~

As the group of five, not including Natasha returned to Harry and his wives room at the Velour Bastille Casino, Harry was going through the things that they had won, Harry was trying his best not to aggravate the Nundu kitten, he tried to keep what looked to be a dragon egg away from heat sources till he could verify what breed it was, there were dozens of casino bags of cash, both shrunken and unshrunk, holding all his earnings, what really had him stumped, was a briefcase covered in a silver finish that looked like it belonged to a businessman of high standing.

Just as he was reaching for the briefcase to open it and find out what was inside, Remus turned to him and asked, "When did you get your ears peirced Harry?" he asked.

Harry frowned at Remus in confusion before he reached up and felt something dangling from his ears. Carefully removing one of the objects, Harry pulled it into view and his eyes widen in shock. It was a dragon fang earring, the kind that dangled from the ears of Bill Weasley. Checking the other ear confirmed that there was one in it as well. Harry sighed and put the one in his hand back in place. "I have no idea, but I really shouldn't be surprised anymore by what I find on or around me." At this point Harry wouldn't be surprised to find out he owned a modern mansion with a company to pay for it all.

Harry sighed again and opened the briefcase, only to be confused, all the papers dealt with some company called Oscorp. He handed the papers to Remus, "Can you figure out what these mean?" he asked hopefully, the papers really did go over his head with their legal jargon.

Remus, still trying to rid himself of the headache he'd woken with took the papers and looked them over. "I'm not too clear on muggle companies, but this seems to state that you own part of a company."

Hela took the papers from Remus and read through them. She had learned a thing or two about companies from those that had died and gone to her realm because they had some faith in her and the other Asgardians. She quickly added up the shares in her head. "You own seventy five percent of this 'Oscorp Industries' company," She told Harry, "By all rights that would mean you own the company."

Harry's head dropped, he had just been thinking how he wouldn't be surprised if he owned a company, and he was wrong, oh so very wrong. He didn't even know what Oscorp does, having never heard of it before.

Just as Harry was dealing with the fact he owned a company, there was a knock at the door, a very hard one, that was low on the door, indicating a very short person.

"Oh please let that be death come to take me away out of pity..." Harry mumbled.

Laura walked over to Harry and tried to think about what she could do to improve things for Harry. She really wasn't all that good at this kind of stuff though.

Hela, seeing no one was about to move to answer the door, passed the papers detailing Harry's ownership of Oscorp to Remus and walked over to the door, opening it.

On the other side of the door was Griphook, who at first, looked unhappy about having to be there but then, when he saw who had answered his look had changed to one of surprise. "Lady Hela? This is a surprise," He'd commented before bowing. "Is Prince Loki with you?" He questioned.

"No, my father has matters in Asgard to attend to," Hela answered, "I take it you are here to speak to Harry?"

Griphook nodded, "That I am. Is Lord Potter here?"

Hela moved out of the way and gave him an amused smile. "He's the body over there under the dark cloud of his own making," She chuckled.

Griphook sighed and entered, slamming a heavy book he had pulled out and enlarged onto the table in front of Harry. "Lord Potter, I do believe I gave you and your chaperones some dossiers on what casinos to avoid, did I not?" he began.

Harry nodded, "Yes you did," He then sighed, "I haven't had a chance to reread them but I'm guess we ended up going to them anyway." There was just no end to the 'good' news that seemed to be hitting Harry like a tsunami this day.

Griphook snorted, "A few of them is an understatement," he began, ignoring Harry's sigh, "You visited at least two of the red marked ones, and currently reside in the latter of the two," he began, "You cleaned out Agnar of all his earnings this year, and 'broke the bank' at his Casino, we received word from some of our contacts undercover in his casino that he has sent two groups of underlings to Britain, as well as some of the places that the former Spetnaz soldiers of the former USSR hang out, I am sure you can guess why," he said, shooting Harry a look of 'really?' he then continued, "Considering your winnings, I am also here to do a full accounting of your winnings and what you earned as well," he finished.

Harry waved at the bags of earnings before and around him. "These are it. Plus those shares in Oscorp Remus is holding, this dragon egg, and that Nundu kitten," Harry told him, pointing to each item as he said them.

Remus walked over and set the shares down where Griphook could reach them. "I fear there is a lot to go through," He told the Goblin, feeling sorry for all the trouble they were now causing Griphook after leaving him with the mess that is Harry's accounts back in Britain.

"USSR? What's that and what does it have to do with Harry?" Laura asked in confusion.

Nym was looking around the room for something before holding up a small bag. "Ah ha! Let's not forget this winning!" She said as she walked over, enlarging the bag as she did so. "I think Natasha talked you into winning this Harry, you betted your shares for it."

Remus, who had been the most sober of the lot at that time nodded. "Yes, I believe it has something to do with something called Hydra and something called 'the Supreme Headquarters, International Espionage, Law-Enforcement Division', whatever that is."

Nym set the bag alongside the shares so that Griphook could look at them.

Griphook sighed at their ignorance of the USSR, however, when he saw the 'dragon egg' he began to look worried, and then began to panic when he began going through the papers regarding the thing called 'Hydra', and the mention of the Supreme Headquarters, International Espionage, Law-Enforcement Division.

Harry had expected the reaction to the dragon egg, as it is illegal to have them without the permission of the Ministry. However the reaction the 'Hydra' information seemed to well and truly freak Griphook out. "What's wrong?" There truly was no end to his troubles.

Remus, after hearing Harry ask 'what's wrong' began to worry. It was bad enough they'd been attacked by someone like Beetle earlier that day, they did not need anymore trouble.

Nym was wracking her brain trying to come up with just what this 'Hydra' could be and why it would cause a Gringotts Goblin to freak out over.

Laura, who was still new to all of this, was looking at everyone in pure confusion. She was in over her head. So she did the only thing she could think to do. She took out her phone and started texting the same person she had texted that morning, trying to see if they could get to her faster and maybe help with whatever was happening.

Hela, who knew all about Hydra sighed and sent a message off to her father. Harry really knew how to get into trouble. He was worse in some ways then Thor and his friends.

Griphook, shaking himself from shock, sighed and rubbed his face, "Lord Potter, when it rains it pours. With you however, when it pours, it FLOODS!" he replied with exasperation. He then pinched his nose as he started listing what was 'wrong', "First off, that is not a dragon egg," he began, only to be cut off by Harry's exclamation of shock, shooting the boy a glare, he continued, "To be precise, it's a Hydra egg, and no, it's not the same type of Hydra these files," he indicated the papers that Harry had won, "Relate to," he then continued, "Looking at the amount of bags, both shrunken and unshrunk, you have probably won enough to buy a large navy ship, lock, stock, and barrel, guns included," he then sighed, "Now, as for Hydra and Shield, Hydra is an organisation that was created by Hitler in World War Two, and was originally over seen by Grindelwald himself, at least until it was taken over by the Red Skull," he continued, then he turned to Harry and his two wives and Hela and Remus, "As for Shield, they were formed after the war, their main purpose, originally, was to combat Hydra. Captain America was a member of the team that would later on, in his honor, go on to form Shield," Griphook explained, "As for the USSR, they were the Soviet Union, USSR stands for Union of Soviet Socialist Republics."

Harry's head was spinning from all of this information. Just what had he gotten himself mixed up in? And Natasha had wanted to get the information? What did she have to do with any of that stuff? She'd told him that she was part of law enforcement, but what did that really mean?

"Well, you truly know just how to find trouble," Hela said in amusement to Harry. "Though I dare say father will not be happy with this," Then after a moment of thought, she spoke again, "Or he might find this hilarious..." she finished.

Remus took a seat and sighed heavily, "I never should have let Nym talk me into letting you drink Harry..."

"Oi! Why blame me for this?!" Nym shouted angrily.

"Because it's your fault we were drunk that all this happened!" Remus reminded her.

"Oh, right..." Nym said as she recalled what happened with a small smile and a blush of embarrassment.

At that moment Natasha returned with Coulson, and as she opened and walked through the door, she paused as she saw Griphook, "Hello..." she said awkwardly.

"Greetings Madam Gryffindor," he said, having spotted the Lady Gryffindor ring on her finger.

"Harry, dear, what's going on?" Natasha asked cautiously, after all, she didn't know what she was looking at.

Harry, still reeling from all the new trouble in his life waved a hand between Griphook and Natasha. "Natasha this is my Accountant Griphook. Griphook, you clearly know about my new wives," Harry said simply.

"You are with the Gringotts bank over in Britain if I'm not mistaken, a pleasure," Coulson spoke up before turning to Natasha. "As I was telling you on the way over here the witches and wizards have a different banking system then non magicals. Griphook is a Goblin and they are entrusted with the wizarding world's banking," He explained to her.

Natasha nodded, "Harry, dear, I vaguely recall you winning some papers for me...I think, have you seen them?" she asked hopefully.

Nym crossed her arms over her chest. "You mean the ones about Hydra and Shield?" She questioned. "I think it's time you told us just who you two are Natty," Nym said, pointing at both Natasha and Coulson.

Natasha looked to Coulson who nodded before saying, "Technically, they are family, and your spouse's Natasha," he said, "They deserve to know," he continued, "Especially since you will be given time off now for your...ahem, honey moon," as he finished he coughed, though it sounded more like a muffled laugh.

Natasha sighed, "Alright, first off, I work for Shield, I was sent undercover to gather information on someone who had not officially existed before that would be visiting Vegas, considering Hydra likes to use false identities, we couldn't afford to not investigate," she explained, "Secondly, Hydra was formed by the Nazi's as their advanced sciences division, they also dabbled in magic and artifacts of power they could get their hands on," she said.

"Yeah Griphook already covered Hydra and a part of Shield," Nym waved off. "So then, you came out here to spy on Harry."

Harry turned to Natasha in surprise at that. "What? That's the real reason you joined us?" He questioned. Once more it seemed Harry had trusted someone who wasn't really interested in him for any good reason.

"Then why did you stay with us for so long if you just wanted to see if Harry was with Hydra then?" Laura questioned.

Both Hela and Remus were giving Natasha disapproving looks for doing that to Harry. Well okay, maybe Hela's look was a little more murderous then Remus's.

Natasha sighed, "Because, Harry was sweet, and, to be honest, he has quite a bit of charm, though, to be fair, I also got drunker then I have ever been before," she then sighed, "Look, my job is a spy," she then turned to Harry, "Look, Harry, you're nice, nicer than almost any other man I have ever had to investigate. I wish we could have met under different circumstances," she continued to explain, "Look Harry, I talked with Coulson, it seems that the marriages we went through are unbreakable, so, like it or not, we're inseparable," she explained, "I know we didn't exactly meet under the best circumstances, or at least the most honest of ones, but, if you're willing, I am willing to try starting over, what about you?" she asked hopefully, from what Coulson had told her, the marriages of Magical Vegas, tended to be permanent, meaning, for better or worse, Harry was stuck with her, and vice versa. Granted, she didn't really remember too much of what happened, but from what she did remember, he had been very sweet and charming.

Nym, while she could understand having a boss that asks you to do some horrible things could not find it in herself to truly let this slide. If Natasha was going to be part of this family, she would have to learn that Family comes first ALWAYS.

Laura, while she knew the least about spy agencies and what not knew that what Natasha did was wrong in so many ways. Natasha's actions however did bring about a stronger feeling of protection in Laura for Harry. After all learning one of your wives didn't really want you for more than a mission had to be one of the worse things in the world.

Remus sighed and gave Harry a pitying look. The poor boy had enough people in his life that used him and lied to him. He didn't need a wife that did it too. Remus couldn't begin to imagine what Harry must be feeling at this point.

Hela was tempted to drag Natasha off for a 'little chat' but stayed where she was. While she was in her rights to deal with the woman herself this was more Harry's problem and thus he should get to decide what to do about Natasha first. Besides, once Loki learned of this Hela was certain he would make sure that Natasha NEVER did something like this again.

Harry didn't move for the longest time, he just sat there looking at Natasha in a mixture of shock, betrayal, and sorrow. Then slowly he got up out of his seat, crossed the room to the bathroom, and shut the door once he was inside. The sound of the lock turning slowly seemed so loud to everyone in the room.

"Alright that's it! I'm gonna hex her into the middle of next year!" Nym growled as she took out her wand.

Natasha sighed, "Look, I am sorry for what I did, and even though it wasn't my intention to get in as far as I did, but, we're stuck together Nym," she said, "And, since were stuck together, I figured that we could try and get to know one another properly, not to mention we were pretty drunk when we met, so, it's only fair we ALL give one another a second chance now that were sober, don't you think?" she argued logically.

Nym glared at Natasha, knowing she was right. But that didn't stop her from storming over to Natasha and saying, "No more lies to Harry. No putting your work before him! And most of all NEVER EVER HURT HIM AGAIN!" Nym growled, slowly getting louder as she went.

"I agree, Harry's clearly really hurt by this." Laura pointed out before turning to Remus and Nym ."Has Harry locked himself in the bathroom like this before?"

Nym shook her head, "Not to my knowledge."

"I don't recall him doing this before either," Remus sighed, "I hope he is able to recover from this enough to face it soon. The sooner this is put to rest the better he will be."

"Let the boy be. How often does one learn something like this?" Hela told them, however she really didn't have much room to talk as she still hadn't fully told her new husband just who she really is. Best to keep the focus on Harry so that they can deal with all the problems he has quickly.

Natasha sighed, and walked up to the door to the bathroom, knocking on the door, Natasha sighed and said loudly, "Harry, dear, it's me, Natasha, look, I know that the way we met wasn't the most honest, but, Harry, your sweet, you were charming, from what I can remember, and, I promise, I won't use you again, but, you must understand, I am a spy, I protect the world, sometimes, I have to do bad things to perform good deeds, but, look, can we talk face to face, I would feel better if I could look you in the face, so, please come out?" she said hopefully.

"Go away," Harry sighed from somewhere down near the floor. "Leave me alone."

Natasha sighed, "Look, Harry," she began, "I'm sorry that I was dishonest with you, truth be told, you showed me stuff that even I didn't know about, as high up as I am in Shield, there are things even I don't know about, sometimes, things are hidden from us for a reason," she then looked down sadly, "Look, I'm not trying to justify what I did, all I can say is I'm sorry, truth be told, I never thought I would get married cause of my inability to bear children," she admitted sadly, "Look, I am not the best at cheering people up, so I have no real idea what to say," she finished.

Harry could be heard getting up. "You want me to just forget the fact that you only joined us to spy on me? If I wanted that I could've stayed where I was! I could've let myself be used by Dumbledore and whoever else was treating me like a puppet!" Harry shouted at her through the door. "Now I'm married to someone who just admitted to being as bad as them, and worse of all I can't get away from you like I did them!" He continued, before sighing heavily. "Just when I thought I might have something good, something that wouldn't turn around and hurt me." There was a soft thud as Harry leaned against the door. "I'm so tired of not being able to trust people. To having those I hold dear turn around and stab me in the back." He then sighed again. "How can I be sure that you won't betray me again?" Harry sounded so tired, and really after all that he'd been through who could blame him?

Nym frowned in thought. "Natasha, are you saying you work for Shield mainly for the reason you can't have children?" If Natasha answered yes then maybe they had part of a solution to the question of how to keep Natasha from hurting the family again.

"Partially," Natasha sighed sadly, "I originally was trained and raised by the Red Room, a Soviet training facility and program, while there, they trained me since childhood to be a spy, an assassin, and a weapon," she explained, "They took away my ability to ever have children, and one day, I escaped. I went freelance to get by, selling my services to the highest bidder, eventually, Shield tracked me down and made me an offer I couldn't really refuse," she admitted, "This is me being honest, I am trapped by Shield, don't deny it Coulson," she said when she saw him begin to argue, "Shield values me for the skills the Red Room trained into me, but, well, it's all I know to get by, I might as well use them for good rather than the evil the Soviets had planned for me, right?" she finished sadly.

"This is very true," Coulson nodded sadly. "While Shield values her skills she is also labelled too dangerous to let run wild. Were she to try to leave she would be 'retired' permanently." Coulson explained.

Nym walked over to Natasha, "Well I think I know a way to keep you from hurting this family ever again, but before that," Nym smiled at Natasha. "How would you like to one day be a mother?"

Natasha raised an eyebrow, "How can I ever have children, they, in essence, did to me what people do when they spay their cat," she countered heatedly, "I have looked into possible ways to undo what they did, but none have turned up," she finished sadly.

"Oh I'm sure that the non magicals don't have a way to fix that," Nym smiled, cutting off Coulson who appeared about to speak. "But you only had the non-magical side of the world to look for it. Now that you are married to a wizard you have whole new possibilities opened up for ya," Nym explained.

Coulson spoke up then, "What she means is that there are ways for magic to help with this matter. We just need to get you to a medi witch and they can undo that part of what the Red Room did to you," He cleared up.

"And would I prove to Harry I will never betray him, or my new family?" she asked, "And Coulson, how can I be sure Shield would leave us alone, or at least negotiate a way to assure we won't be bothered?" she asked seriously.

Coulson smiled at her, having already thought about this. "While the Director does already have some people in the Wizarding world keeping him informed on matters, he doesn't have nearly the reach or power he does as he does with the non-magical side of things. Having one of his best people married to a Wizard would be a plus for him, so long as things like news and important events that happen in the Wizarding world are passed on to him when they happen. At the moment most of what he gets is outdated by the time it reaches him. So I suspect the Director would allow this so long as you and your new family are willing to give him information quicker then what he already is getting it at." Coulson knew Fury would want all the information he could get from an actual Wizard that's connected to Shield like Harry is, however he would have to settle for whatever terms the family came up with. But that would all be decided once the family meets with Fury later.

"As for if Harry would trust you if you could have kids, no," Nym said plainly, "But that's what my other idea is for. Are you willing, Natasha, to make an Unbreakable Vow to this family?" Nym questioned seriously.

"Whats an Unbreakable Vow exactly?" Natasha asked cautiously.

"It's a very serious thing Natasha," Coulson began. "It is a vow that is bound in magic, if either of the ones who make it break it, they both die. She's asking you if you are willing to put your life on the line to keep this promise to your new family. If you are willing to put Harry's life on the line for that promise," He explained.

Natasha nibbled on her lip in thought, on the one hand, Harry and one of her new 'sisters' was offering her something she had always secretly wanted, on the other, she would have to turn her back on Shield. If she sided with Harry, she could still work for Shield, but it would be in diminished capacity, on the flipside, she would be able to live in some peace as not only would she be protecting her new family, they would be protecting her too. Looking up at Nym after some serious thought, she nodded, "First, I want to tell Harry, I am sorry, and, if he is willing, I will trust him with my secrets to repair his trust, if we're to be stuck with one another for the rest of our lives, it should be with honesty, respect, and love, should it not?" she finished.

Nym sighed a little, "Harry's faith that you will speak true has been crushed. Right now he has no reason to believe you will be honest with your apology or even with your story. And let's not forget since our marriages to him are all binding with no way out of them other than death there is no way you can leave this family. If you make the Unbreakable Vow then you won't be able to lie to him about this stuff. He'll be able to trust your words more if he knows you," Nym stopped and thought for a moment. "I wonder if I packed any…" She then ran over to her bags and started searching.

Natasha sighed, "I will accept to take the vow, but, I would like for Harry to give me a chance afterwards, as I will promise not to lie to him in the future," she said.

"What are you looking fo-" Laura was cut off when Nym seemed to almost fly from her bags back to Natasha.

"Here it is!" She cheered. "Now this will help with making sure you speak only the truth to Harry when you tell him what you want to tell him!" She told Natasha as she held out a small black bottle. "This is veritaserum, or to put it plainly it's a powerful truth serum. If you agree to take some of this then Harry will know you aren't lying with anything you say to him before the vow. So," Nym shook the bottle a little in front of Natasha's face. "Ya wanna take it?"

Natasha sighed, "Very well, but, my secrets are for only him to hear initially, ok?" she replied, "I want him to know I trust him by telling him my secrets, so, give me that truth potion!" she said, taking the potion from Nym and knocking on the door.

"Whoa! You can't just take the whole bottle! Are you off your rocker?" Nym took the bottle back from her. "Only a few drops are to be used on one person." Nym then sighed, not believing Natasha tried to take the whole bottle with her. "Let someone who knows the potion administer in to you!" She then took out her wand. "And since you want to talk to him alone once the potion kicks in I'll put a silencing charm around the bathroom. Then you two can speak without us hearing." Nym then turned to the door. "Harry, I've got Veritaserum and she's agreed to take it. Will you speak with her?"

For a moment there was nothing but silence from the bathroom. Then slowly they heard the bathroom door unlock before opening and Harry stuck his head out. His eyes were a little puffy and he was clearly stressed by everything that had happened in the last hour. "Alright, if she's willing to take it then I'll speak with her," He sighed heavily.

Nym then turned to Natasha, "Open your mouth and tilt your head back a little." She ordered before administering the couple of drops needed to take effect, making sure Natasha swallowed the drops. "In ya go!" Nym pushed Natasha into the bathroom once the potion kicked in. And when the door closed Nym cast the silencing charm as she agreed to do. Nym then turned to Coulson, "So, what can you tell us about Oscorp?" She asked him with a smile. Nym figured they might as well learn about the company Harry now owned while they wait for Harry and Natasha to finish talking.

Coulson was tempted to question just why Nym wanted information on Oscorp but decided he would find out in time. "Oscorp, as you know is a Muggle company. It's based mainly in America, in New York City, though it does have branches in other countries. The president of the company is Norman Osborn. He has been the owner of the company for many years now, and under his control the company has spread to many different fields. Technology, science, military, genetics," Coulson told them, doing his best to remember what he'd heard Shield had info on regarding what they do. "Though from what I hear Norman Osborn isn't the person he appears to be in public. To the public he seems like this open friendly sort of business man, but once he's alone with his employees I've heard he can be very harsh, cruel even, and demanding. Not the sort of man you want to cross and then be alone with."

~Song end~


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~Oscorp; Present time~

Norman Osborn, was a very harsh businessman, he treated everyone harshly, even his own son, though only when no one was watching. And right now, he was livid, he had just been informed that he had lost majority shares in his own business! Sure, he had given out seventy five percent of the shares in his company to multiple people, but with how much they were worth only a man richer then him could afford them, maybe Tony Stark, even then, he wouldn't have been able to buy them all. No, what truly ticked off Norman was that they had been won by a single man in a game of poker...either the board members of Oscorp were idiots, or they were so drunk they hadn't realised what they were doing, if it was neither of those options, he would have Beetle take care of them just like he had hired the man to do the same to this Harrison Radcliffe, who had apparently won the shares. From what he could find, the identity was a recent one, having not existed a week ago, granted everything appeared to be legal, but it still hadn't existed a week ago. Regardless, while Norman had had controlling interest with his twenty five percent of shares, now he was 'out gunned', hence why he had hired Beetle to recover the shares along with everything else that Harrison owned so that it looked like a burglary and murder.

He could only hope that Beetle was successful, and given the man had been hired for corporate espionage before with success every time, he was not expecting failure this time either, just in case, he had hired the Black Cat as a failsafe only to try and get the shares should Beetle fail.

Just as he was looking over security footage from some of the casinos that he had hired hackers to retrieve for him, one Donald Menken entered the room with a clipboard, then paused, and gulped, "Uh...Sir?" he started worriedly.

"WHAT?" Norman demanded, he had been trying to get a bead of this Radcliffe, only for him to appear and disappear seemingly at random casinos, and even then, he only had coverage of half the night, with his last big victory that Norman had coverage of, was the win against the board members of Oscorp and winning their shares. Norman had put those shares out there to invest money, but also gave such small potions away that unless they banded together they couldn't touch his twenty five percent of the company or make major decisions without his approval, after all, he could just bribe enough board members to give him another twenty six percent of the shares voting rights and say they backed his ideas out of being smart, while at the same time they made some extra money. But now, all that was ruined all cause of Radcliffe.

Donald gulped, "Um, sir, Beetle was captured and arrested by Shield, I heard they even sent his armor along to Stark Industries for analysis," he said fearfully.

Norman glared at Donald for several moments before grabbing the heaviest things on his desk and throwing it at Donald, who just barely managed to dodge it. "Get me Black Cat now! And find out EVERYTHING on Radcliffe! If he thinks he's going to take my company, then I will enjoy ripping him apart!"

~Song End~


~Back with Nym, Coulson, and Laura~

"And that's almost everything we know on Oscorp, you have to understand, we can't tell you everything, for security reasons of course," Coulson said.

Nym looked at Laura, Remus, and Hela for a moment before holding up the bottle she was still holding, "You hold him down and I'll dose him?" She offered.

"Nym, let it go," Remus scolded, "It sounds like this company could do with someone else being in charge of it."

"Agreed, Norman Osborn seems like the sort of person that could one day do great harm. Perhaps he should be, 'removed from power'," Hela suggested, though the way she said 'removed' clearly suggested that she wasn't talking about merely firing the guy.

"So what do you think Harry will do now? I mean he has all of this stuff and there might be more that he doesn't know he has. I know I'm not really clear on just what is going on, but I want to help my husband if I can. So," Laura cracked her knuckles. "If there is anyone that needs to be removed from Harry's way just point me at them!" She grinned.

Coulson coughed, "Your methods, so long as they do not break mundane or magical law are your own, however, there is another matter that needs to be discussed, as Natasha is not the only one keeping secrets," he said as he looked up now.

Hela looked down, knowing that she has quite a lot to tell everyone about herself.

Laura looked away and lowered her hands. She didn't really want to get into her past but she knew she had to tell them.

"Yes, yes, we all got some stuff to talk about. But before we can those two love birds need to either come out of the bathroom or invite the rest of us wives in for some fun!" Nym joked.

"Nym!" Remus shouted, embarrassed by her bluntness.

Hela got a chuckle from that.

Coulson coughed again, this time to get everyone's attention once more, "Actually, it's in regards to Hela here, we have no record of there having been a Hela born in the world, and we have access to almost every medical database in the world back at HQ," he said, looking pointedly at Hela, "Now, I am sure your name is, in fact, Hela, but, I am also sure, you are not human either," he finished pointedly.

Remus turned to his wife in confusion. "What is he talking about?"

Hela gave Remus a look of disbelief, "I know you were drunk, but how many women like myself do you meet every day? As well as how many Elves do you see as guards for anyone?" She then sighed heavily. "We are going to have a very long talk later regarding this!" She then turned to Coulson. "You would be right regarding my not being human. However as she said," Here Hela waved to Nym. "We should wait for Harry and Natasha to come out so that they may hear this as well."

Laura nodded, "I agree. Everything that needs to be cleared up regarding any of us should be shared with Harry and Natasha. After all we are all going to be spending pretty much every day together from this day forward."

Remus nodded, agreeing with Laura. "Agreed, it would be better for Harry to hear all of this. There should be no secrets from him and all information shared with him. He's had enough of being used and in the dark."

At that moment, a happier looking Natasha and Harry came out of the bathroom; both looked to have cried a bit.

Hela was tempted to demand what was spoken of in the bathroom, however she held back. The private talk was for Harry's sake after all and it was up to them if they shared it or not. At the very least the two appeared to have gotten into better spirits through that talk.

Nym was glad to see Harry looking cheerier then he had when he went into the bathroom. Clearly she'd made the right call offering veritaserum at the time to Natasha, as Harry was able to get the truth out of her and clearly some of it was what he'd been hoping to hear.

Laura was relieved to see that things between Harry and Natasha had improved. She'd heard and seen enough couples fighting in her life, couples that had the option to leave one another. However they didn't have the option. So had they not gotten past this things would be very difficult for the family in the future.

Remus sighed in relief, glad to see Harry in a better mood. In the last few days since Sirius's 'death' the poor boy had gone through more than most adults have to. Remus wondered for a moment if Harry was going to end up grey and bald before his time over all the stress he's been through.

"I take it everything went well in there?" Coulson questioned.

Natasha and Harry smiled before Natasha patted Harry on the back, "Much, Harry now knows me better than anyone, even Clint or Fury," she said with a smile.

Harry nodded, "And Natasha now knows me better than even Hermione does," he said with a smile, "So, what's up, what's got everyone so tense?" he asked looking at everyone before he saw Hela stand up and walk over to him.

Stopping before Harry Hela smiled. "I am glad to hear that. Though I fear there is much still left of you that has yet to be made known, little brother," She told him.

Harry blinked in surprize, "Um, what?" he said in shock, meanwhile, Nym's expression was a solid and defined 'Huh?' of confusion. Natasha was eyeing Hela critically; Laura was looking at Hela suspiciously. As for Remus, well, he was little better then Harry, "Uh, dear, why did you just call Harry your little brother?" he asked, hoping that this was a joke. Coulson, on the other hand, was eyeing Harry and Hela critically.

Hela looked at him over her shoulder. "Because he is my little brother," She then turned back to Harry. "I still have to tell father but I'm sure he will send for you the moment I inform him I found you," She said with a smile. "He was most upset when he thought he'd lost you."

Harry was unable to compute, so to speak, "Wait, what, huh?" was all he could get out as intelligently as he could before he fainted.

Hela gave him a look of amusement. "Well now, I'm more use to people doing that when they first meet me, not after I tell them I'm their older sister," She chuckled. "Well since we can't really continue without him I think I will take this time to send a message to my father." Hela then turned and headed for the door. "I leave my brother and husband with all of you. Do take good care of them," She called back before shutting the door.

Remus stared at the door in shock. "I married Harry's older sister?" He asked in shock.

Nym wasn't sure how to react, on the one hand, Harry had biological family, on the other, apparently they had been looking for him, but, in addition, Hela had spoken like Harry's father was alive, but, that couldn't be right, since James was dead. "How is she going to get in contact with Harry's father, James is dead!" she spoke in shock.

"Quite the conundrum," Coulson agreed. Natasha, meanwhile, was trying to wake up Harry with smelling salts she had in one of her bags. Laura, on the other hand, was frantically texting someone once more.


~In the hallway, outside the room, with Hela~

Hela sighed, her father had been looking for Harry the last fourteen years, ever since he had returned to Asgard from Midgard, though, he was limited in his time to search. As such, he had been increasingly frustrated, and losing hope of ever finding little Harry. All the more reason for why Hela was going to enjoy, as the British say, 'Take the Mickey' out of Loki. With that decided she summoned a ball of shadows and 'prodded' it until an annoyed Loki appeared in the ball.

"Hela, what do you want?" Loki demanded before sighing and composing himself. "I've just returned from riding with Thor, all he could do was talk about what he will do once he is king. He seems to think there is nothing to being the ruler of Asgard but self-indulgence. And that belief is not helped at all by his friends," He told her, highly annoyed by Sif in particular.

"Well, father," Hela said, immediately catching her father's attention with the patronising way she had called him father, "I have found something you could not!" she said proudly and with a smug look on her face.

"Hela please, whatever you think you found I'm very certain I found it and didn't tell you. Now enough of these games. You know people will talk and spread lies if they find me speaking to you like this," Loki scolded.

Hela pouted, "Well, if you're going to be like that, then I guess I have no reason to say I found my lost little brother, oh, and he and I got married, though, not to each other," she said, adding the marriage part as an afterthought.

It took Loki a moment for her words to sink in. "What? What do you mean you found your brother? And what is this about you both being married?!" He demanded. "Were it not for my needing to be here for Thor's special day I would head for Midgard right now. You better tell me everything that's happened right now."

Hela smirked, "Well, there I was, enjoying one of Midgard's magical bars in Vegas when in walked little Harry along with three beautiful women, one of whom turned out to be 'Little Nymphy', I think that is the nickname you gave her wasn't it?" she asked curiously, "Anyway, with them was your old friend, from when you were human, Remus, who, ironically, is now your new son in-law," she said, knowing he would get a kick out of that last part, even if he didn't necessarily approve of the marriage, either way, meh, it was her decision to marry the old wolf.

"MOONY?! YOU MARRIED MOONY!?" Loki shouted before moving himself and the shadow ball to an empty room. "I'm half surprised that old wolf is still around other people. And what would he even be doing in a place like Vegas?" Loki questioned himself. "So Harry knows Nymphy does he? Well she did show potential when I met her back then. Tell me though, is she who Harry married?" Loki wondered if they were a good match for each other. After all, Nym had been a child when he'd met her. Who knows just what kind of person she could've become. But in regards to Remus and Hela's marriage, well he would just have to have a few words with Remus before deciding if his old friend truly was a good match for his daughter.

"Well, about that..." Hela said teasingly.

"Hela, do not play this game with me. Tell me who your brother married now or I will go before father and order you to be dragged back here for withholding information!" Loki growled.

"Fine, fine," Hela said, "Spoil my fun, Harry married all three of the women I saw him with," she replied, highly amused, knowing how her father would react, "Also, again, Lily's soul is not on Midgard either father, I have yet to detect her presence resonating with that lily flower preserved by her magic you showed me so I could find her," she added.

Loki stared at her in disbelief. "He married all three women? He has three wives?" Loki questioned. "Oh good Norns he has no idea what he is getting himself into!" Loki sighed to himself. Pushing Harry and his future marital problems to one side Loki focused on the other matter Hela had brought up. "I do not understand. Where could her soul be if not still on Midgard?" Lily's soul was another thing Loki had been searching for since his 'death' as James. Lily's soul wasn't in Valhalla, not in Hela's realm, and now not in Midgard. There was no other place for them to look. "Once things are finished here I shall come to Midgard to meet with the new members of our family and to check for myself that Lily isn't there. For now stay with your brother for as long as you can. I will pass along word of your marriage to father and perhaps he will be willing to allow you to stay with your husband there."

"Yay, more freedom," Hela said drolly, then, thinking of Remus, she smiled, "Well, as long as I have to look out for my brother, at least things won't be boring..." she said with a smirk that Loki, as James, knew well from Sirius and many of his 'misadventures',

"Don't make me regret helping you to stay on Midgard," Loki warned, "Just stay out of trouble for now."

"Yeah, yeah," Hela said smiling at Loki mysteriously.


~Back in the room~

Harry had just come too saying, "Ugh, I had the weirdest dream that Hela said she was my sister..." he said shakily.

"Um Harry, that did happen," Laura told him, "And then she went outside to tell her father. Well, your father I guess."

Harry was about to reply when Hela walked back into the room, "Good news little brother, and my new sisters, I am here to stay for a bit longer!" she said cheerily, maybe even a tad TOO cheerily.

"Hela, what did you mean when you left that you had to go tell your father, Harry's father, that you found him, James is dead," Remus questioned, wondering if he might need to have Nym give Hela some of the veritaserum. After all James had died at least fourteen years ago, there was no way Hela could've been speaking to him just now in the hallway.

Hela smirked, "So little you mortals know," she chuckled, "Mine and Harry's father is very much alive, for he is Prince Loki of Asgard," she said proudly.

Remus stood, "Hela, I know who Harry's father is, for he was my best friend when he was alive. James was not Prince Loki. He may have been blessed by Prince Loki in some fashion, but he most certainly wasn't Prince Loki!" He told her.

Hela laughed at Remus now, "Please, really, your saying you know souls?" she said with a smile, "I was going to tell you in private, but best to get it out now I guess, my name is Hela, ruler of Helheim, ruler of the dead and the closest you're going to get to meeting a personification of Death itself," she finished with a bow, "And you, Remus," she said pointing at him, "Are my husband, and thus bound to me as my lover, and me as yours. Suffice it is to say, I know souls, the one you call 'James', existed, in a sense, think of him as the mortal shell of mine and Harry's father, our father was here on punishment to learn humility and humanity, to learn what it is like to have been a human so that he would respect life more, and while it kind of worked, it also failed in a way," she admitted.

"Failed how?" Laura questioned. She had no idea what half of what Hela just said means so she was focusing on what parts she could understand.

"Well, Loki, as James, fell in love, had a kid, and died a heroic death, and yes he learned humility," Hela began, "However, on the other side of the punishment, his life as James was cut short, and in that aspect the punishment failed as it made him even crueler to those who threaten his family, possibly even vindictive to an extent, suffice to say, I pity Voldemort, and I am a ruler of one of the godly underworlds!" She pointed out.

Harry sighed and walked over to the bed, "Let me wake up." He mumbled before getting in bed and hiding under the covers.

"Harry you can't hide from this," Laura sighed. "We need to address whatever it is that's happening now."

Hela shrugged, "Father is currently unable to come, he has been searching for you on and off over the last decade and a half, give or take Harry, but neither he, nor I can find you or your mothers soul though, which is extremely strange..." she said, sounding deeply frustrated with that last part. Before anymore could be said, Coulson decided to speak up.

"So you are saying Asgard and the Norse gods are real, and that you are one of them?" He questioned. Something like that could have a huge impact on the world once it became public knowledge. Coulson would have to inform Fury asap. Of course the fact that Natasha managed to bag herself a possible demigod was not lost on Coulson. Natasha had married into a family of gods through a demigod wizard who, from what Coulson had gotten from his few Wizarding contacts in Brittan is a pretty big deal.

Hela smirked, "Don't worry, were not a threat, neither is Loki, despite his godly domains," Hela said nonchalantly, not caring for the surprize of those who knew Loki's domains.

"Domains?" Laura asked, starting to think Hela was playing the biggest joke on them.

"Yes dear sister, domains, each god has something they govern and are supposed to represent," she began, "For example, I am the Asgardian ruler of the dead, I oversee the underworld and its operations personally, I am, in essence, an extension of death, even though I am my own person in essence too," she continued, "Our father, however, is the god of lies, evil, thieves and assassins, he is also a god of fire, despite the suspicions me and my other siblings have to our father's origins," she finished, "However, just because he is the god of evil does not, as you humans would say, make one evil themselves," she explained. She was about to go on when Coulson interrupted her.

"From what I know, he is also supposed to bring about 'Ragnarok', the 'End of Days', in Norse mythology, is he not?" Coulson said.

Hela laughed, "One does not control fate, nor does fate control them. What you speak of was a prophecy told by a bunch of old biddies who me and my siblings hate with a vengeance, because of them and their 'prophecy', our grandfather, Odin, threw us out of Asgard without even a chance to prove ourselves useful to Asgard, basing his decision solely on the prophecy, and our monstrous appearances," she scowled, "When one is treated like a villain, does it not make sense that they would grow cold and cruel to those they once called family?" she shot at Coulson pointedly, "Regardless, our father has no intention of destroying Asgard, messing with Thor and his friends yes, but destroying them, bah, they are but annoying nuisances, and who are little more than bullies for picking on our father for using magic over a weapon, though if they were to learn that father now knows how to handle a blade better than some of the best swordsmen in Asgard, they would be angry like the petty children they are, and would merely pick on him worse for it," she ranted, "Look, our father may not be the 'nicest' 'man' out there, but he's also better than the company Thor keeps too," she finished with a huff as she crossed her arms angrily, glaring at Coulson for his judgemental attitude.

Remus was torn. On one hand he should go comfort his wife and assure her he'll stand by her no matter what. On the other hand HE JUST FOUND OUT HE MARRIED NOT ONLY A GODDESS BUT INTO GODLY ROYALTY! Add to that the fact that he married into Prince Loki's family, which also included the very boy he's thought of as family for years and overwhelmed doesn't even begin to cut it with how he feels. So, trying not to let his voice shake too much Remus asked Hela what he felt would be a very important question, mostly for his own safety. "So, is your father on his way here?"

Hela scowled and kept her arms crossed, "Sadly no," she said angrily, "Thor's coronation is happening soon, even though the buffoon doesn't have the right mindset to be king yet, meaning he is going to do something stupid again, and soon," she continued, "The last time Thor got a 'bright idea', he nearly started a war between the Valkeries and the standard Asgardian warriors," she finished with a smile. Thinking for a moment, she smiled, "The best way to show a comparison between father and Thor, is that Thor is, as you humans say, 'loud and stupid' and 'fight first and then forget to ask questions later' types," she explained, "While father, on the other hand, prefers to think first, calculate his approach, strategize, plot out the best course of action, and then carefully enact said plan," she paused, "Between the two, Loki would honestly make a better ruler for Asgard, but, no one would accept him simply on the fact he prefers magic to a blade, and to use his brain instead of his muscles, not to mention that Thor is the 'first born', and father is always referred to as 'brother of Thor'," she finished.

Remus was glad to hear that her father wouldn't be appearing any time soon, however the treatment that it seems Prince Loki receives from his home does worry him.

"Sounds like this Thor is a real piece of work," Coulson commented

Laura gave a small shrug, "Sounds almost like someone my father figure puts up with at that school he spends most of his time at." In a sense Thor almost made her think of Scott Summers.

Griphook smiled, "It would seem your life has only gotten more interesting Lord Potter," Griphook said suddenly, reminding everyone he was present, "Anyway, after looking through the papers, it appears you have controlling interest in Oscorp Industries, for all intents and purposes, you are its owner now, and I would recommend kicking out the current CEO, through you say, affiliates, we have heard that Norman Osborn is not someone you want running a company that, to be frank, you now own," he then looked at Harry, "So, what do you want to do? The company would be a great way for you to stay secured here under the protection of MACUSA, and it would also allow you to hide in plain sight in the mundane world too!" he pointed out.

For a while there was no movement or sounds from the bed where Harry was still hiding. Then slowly Harry stuck his head out from under the covers. "Well, if the company would help me more than hurt me then I guess it would be best for me to keep it. I won't sack the current CEO until I know more about him though," He answered.

"Good thinking, now that you own Oscorp you can learn far more about the company and its employees then someone with no connection to it," Natasha nodded. "We can go to New York so you can investigate the company as soon as possible," She offered, hoping that she could get Harry to let her go with him as she would know the signs of trouble in that setting better than he would.

"Before that happens let's not forget about you needing to swear the Unbreakable Vow to Harry for the sake of this family," Hela reminded.

"Right," Natasha smiled, "Coulson, I am going to put my new family first from now on, but, I will still work for Shield, just, not as I use to, I will train new agents if you want though, and if Fury will still have me I will lend myself to the Initiative should it ever become active," she offered, before turning to Harry and said, "I am ready to vow myself to this family Harry," she said with a smile, sure it may not have been a planned marriage, or one that is by any means conventional, but, it also opened up opportunities she didn't have before now, and really, though her husband is only fifteen years old he is also one of the most sweetest and caring people that she's ever met, so she could do worse for a husband, and her new sister wives are interesting people that she can't help but like.

Hela raised an eyebrow, "What's the Initiative?" she asked imperiously, though she was wearing a smirk at the same time, and it was not a happy one.

Natasha smiled, "That would fall under secrets I told Harry," she replied, ignoring the frown from Coulson.

"She explained everything regarding this Initiative and, if it ever does happen then they will need her. I promised her I wouldn't say anything about it unless it happened but it's something that would take something close to the end of the world to happen," Harry told everyone before turning to Natasha. "And just so you know I will be helping when it happens!" he added, staring her in the eyes to make it clear this was nonnegotiable. When Harry saw her about to argue on that he held up a hand. "I'll have Remus and Nym telling you about my time in Hogwarts later, but for now just know that when something goes wrong around me that isn't my fault, I tend to do everything in my power to fix it."

Remus gave a chuckle at that, "There is no means to stop Harry once he's decided to help. No matter how dangerous or impossible it seems," He told Natasha, "He once went back in time and saved himself after all." Remus was referring to the moment when the Dementors had Harry and Sirius trapped and were about to give both the Dementor's Kiss.

Coulson sighed, then paused as he touched his ear for a moment, obviously listening to something before looking at Natasha, "Natasha, Fury wants to meet your new family, including your new sister in law and her husband," he said, "It has to do with your encounter with Beetle earlier," he finished quickly, seeing Nym getting ready for an argument.

Harry sighed and turned to Griphook. "Do you need me here for anything that can't wait?" He questioned, planning to hang around if Griphook needed him to deal with what can't wait.

"No, nothing right now, but, after you meet Director Fury, you're going to have to return to Britain, there is still the public will reading for your 'dogfather' to deal with," he said with a smirk, "Along with those you need to confront," he added in finality, "However, you will be happy to know that Arthur Weasley has divorced Molly from the family, she is, for all intents and purposes, a Prewett once more, as is Ronald and Ginevra Prewett, both of whom have been disowned by Arthur," he added with a grin.

"He divorced her?" Harry asked in surprise. "I know the marriage contract was bad, but I didn't think it would be enough for him to divorce his wife!" Harry was glad that, as far as he could see that Arthur and the other Weasleys weren't part of the marriage contract. But was that really grounds for divorce? Arthur really seemed to love his wife dearly after all. And also, just what had Ron done other than side with his mother and what about Ginny? Why were they out of the family too. "Did something else get discovered involving them that I don't know about?" Harry asked Griphook.

Griphook smirked, and it was positively nerve shivering in how evil it looked, "Arthur divorced Molly because he caught her brewing Amorentia, which is a highly controlled, and highly illegal potion, needless to say, considering it's the most powerful love potion there is, and that she seemed to have no difficulty brewing it, it lead him to some rather dark questions..." he said with a dark look, "As for Ginevra Prewett and Ronald Prewett," he paused, "Thanks to the efforts of your house elf, we managed to recover everything that the two had taken, you will be disturbed to know that Ginerva had somehow managed to claim what was called 'Harry's Lucky Undies'," he explained, giving Harry and amused look, "Along with several of your Quidditch robe jerseys from your house Quidditch team," he paused, "As for Ron, we recovered a broom that he never would have had the money to pay for, I believe a Nimbus two thousand went missing in your third year?" he asked cautiously.

Harry balled his fists, "Ron told me that mine flew into the Whomping Willow after I fell off it during a game," He growled in anger, "He even handed me the pieces!" Harry couldn't believe Ron had stolen his broom back then. Sure Harry knew Ron had taken some of his school things like parchment and ink, but those were things that Harry would've gladly given his 'friend' back then. But to steal his broom! Ron deserved more then to simply be kicked out of his family. "Griphook, is there any way I can get back at Ron for this?" Harry asked, trying to reign in his anger. If Griphook had no suggestions then Harry would just have to find Ron and beat the git's face in.

Griphook looked down sadly, "Sadly, the word of a house elf does not amount to much in Magical Britain's legal department," Griphook said, "Though, you can go after Percy Weasley as he was a witness to the contract signing, that would also allow you to go after Ronald and Ginevra," he admitted, "It is, of course, your call, but, all of the property stolen from you has been recovered thanks to your house elf," he said proudly.

"Dobby isn't my house elf," Harry grumbled before sighing. If there was nothing at the time to go after Ron with then Harry would have to think of another way to get back at him.

Natasha walked over to Harry with a thoughtful look on her face. "I take it that this Percy and Ron are connected to one and other?"

"Percy is Ron's older brother and he, along with Ron signed as witnesses to a marriage contract between me and their little sister Ginny. A contract that I had no idea about until recently," Harry told her with a heavy sigh.

"So then, since this Percy is the older sibling he must have an idea what his younger siblings were up to. Perhaps they even went to him for help with some of their thefts?" Natasha suggested.

Harry looked at her as he turned over her words. Ron was horrible when it came to transfiguration, so he wouldn't have been able to make another broom look like Harry's on his own. "You may be on to something there. Ron couldn't make another broom look like mine. He could barely even turn a rat into a goblet in our first year without messing up horribly. And there are some places that Ginny would never have been able to go, like the locker room on the pitch, Percy must have helped them." Harry then turned to Griphook as he got out of the bed. "Go after Percy. Put as much pressure on him as possible! Tell him if he gives up Ron and Ginny I'll forget his part in all this." Harry would let Percy go, since Percy was nothing more than a minion for other people to use. But Ron and Ginny would pay dearly for what they had done.

"What about Molly?" Nym questioned.

Harry sighed, "I'll face her myself with my new family by my side. I'll find out just what she hoped to gain from doing this."

"And then?" Hela questioned.

"And then I'll never see her again. Let her live with the shame once all of the crimes against me go public." And oh how it would go public. Harry would make sure all of Britain knows what had been done to him before he leaves the country forever. He would shatter the belief that Dumbledore is a kind old man who is trying to make the Wizarding world equal for all, show them the scheming old fake that he is. Hell with luck maybe Harry could see Dumbledore be sent to Azkaban permanently for his crimes. "Molly's crimes are almost as small as Percy's. But I still want her to know that she will never be forgiven for them, nor will they remain hidden from the world."

"Then I will see you in Britain at some point Lord Potter," Griphook said with a smirk.

"So, shall we go see your boss after we take care of the vow?" Nym asked Nat with a smirk.


~Time skip, 30 minutes later back in Muggle Vegas~

Laura stopped walking and took on a slightly scared look. The family, plus Coulson were on their way to the pickup point so that they could be taken to meet with Fury. However Laura had spotted something that seemed to make her want to run back to the hotel.

"Laura? What's wrong?" Harry questioned before turning to see what she was looking at.

Storming towards them was a burly looking, almost mountain man kind of guy who had a look of murder about him. At first Harry wondered if this was another hired thug of one of the casinos that was coming to take back what Harry had won.

"Um, well, I guess you could almost call him my father?" Laura told Harry questioningly.

"Your father!?" Harry questioned in shock.

"Harry I think you should go back to hotel while I take care of this..." Laura told Harry when she saw her 'father's' claws come out.

Harry just nodded and he and the others left Laura to deal with the man.


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