014 had left to his tent as soon as Wells had parted with the group and had subsequently set up a rain collecting device fashioned out of metal and twine. He laid in his bed, exhausted both mentally and physically from the long day. However, his mind wouldn't calm down enough for him to sleep. With a grunt he hefted himself off the comforts of his bed and put his shoes on, taking his time to arrange his knives on him.

He then opened his tent flap, taking a moment for his eyes to adjust to the brighter night sky before heading into the forest. With a deep breath, 014 inhaled the smell of the wet Earth, his ears relishing in the sounds of the nocturnal. His feet instinctively took him to the river, the other place he had claimed as his own. 014 had planned on training a bit more to clear his mind since action was always the best course for him to numb his brain. At last, he arrived at his safe haven, but a sight made him stop dead in his tracks.

A pantheress and her cub were drinking at the river. Well this is ironic. Accidentally stepping on a branch, the pantheress turned her yellow eyes to 014. A low growl filled the air that had gone quiet. 014 slowly brought out his hands from the pockets in his jacket to show her that he was unarmed. He wasn't stupid, he could see the intelligence in her eyes and he knew she would do anything to protect her baby. He met her stare dead on, gold clashing against gold as she rose to her full height. 014 let out a slow breath as he took in the sight of the majestic beast in front of him. The pantheress stood tall, her head well above 014's own, effects from the radiation, he assumed. Her fur rippled as she shifted in front of her cub. 014 took a deep breath before he decided to do something that would hurt a lot if he survived.

He spoke.

"I do not intend to harm you or your cub." His voice came out raspy and soft, though he had no doubt that she had heard him if the twitching of her ears was anything to go by.

014 had almost ten years of healing, eventually he had learned that he could still talk, though it hurt like hell afterwards. He preferred to keep quiet, it was safer that way.

"You have my word, Pantheress." The radiation affected panther gave him one last measuring look before turning around to go back to drinking water, a hulking scar on her flank revealed to him.

Feeling daring, or stupid, 014 took a step forwards. Seeing that he hadn't been mauled yet, he continued until he reached the river bank, only a mere five feet away from the family. Cautiously, he sat down to splash his face with the cool water. He then flopped backwards, his hair fanning out around him like a halo. The stars are much better down here, he decided. His shut his eyes, no longer worried about the behemoth at the river. Feeling something rub against his legs, 014 bolted up immediately. It took everything in his power to not have a knife in his hand.

Threading between his legs was the cub.

014's body tensed as he glanced at the mother. Seeing that she was laying down while watching him with a lazy grace, 014 hesitantly brought his hand to the cub. Blue eyes peered up at him as the cub slowly approached the appendage and sniffed it. Seemingly deciding that 014 was safe, the cub placed its head under 014's hand causing the man to chuckle. Even beasts of the wild could act like children once in awhile. With gentle hands, 014 began to stroke its head, eliciting a purr from the young panther. A soft smile found itself on 014's face as he found his heart melting for the little ball of fur in front of him. Glancing at the patheress, 014 decided to make yet another stupid decision.

He plucked up the cub and put it in his lap.

Muscles visibly tensed on the mother's body but she quickly relaxed seeing that the human only intended to better pet her kit. 014 smiled down at the cub as he began to more thoroughly pet the youngster. He breathed out a small laugh when the cub began to lick and nip at his fingertips. His actions stopped once he heard foreign noise causing both he and the patheress to turn to the source. 014 could make out the sounds of panting as an orange flame grew closer and closer. Quickly, he set the cub next to its mother and got up.

Facing the pantheress he spoke again, "It would be best that you left, the others aren't as forgiving as me."

The pantheress gave him one last measuring look before picking up her cub's neck with her teeth and darting off to cross the river. Taking another breath, he went to the direction of the light. With his quick pace, he was in front of a group of five kids. Honey eyes surveyed the lids, taking in their beaten and bloody forms.

Their leader stood ahead of them, a burning branch in her hands as her eyes continued to survey him, her blonde hair almost orange under the light of the fire.

Behind her was an Asian kid who looked shaken and didn't seem like he would be able to stand for much longer. His body was visibly shaking.

Behind them both was a brown haired boy holding another girl up. He surveyed the male first, taking in his shallow breathing and his floppy hair.

His eyes finally landed on the quivering girl who was almost naked in a wet tank top and underwear. Immediately, he noticed she looked like Bellamy, Octavia. Concern washed over him as he saw her lips were a shade of purple and her thigh was bleeding profusely. Did these idiots not think to carry her? Or at least provide a jacket?

"Who are you? You don't look like a Grounder…" The blonde girl started, cautious of the shadowed man in front of her. 014's eyebrows furrowed, what's a Grounder? Not wanting to talk more than he needed to, he used his right hand hand to form the figure of "one" and his left formed "zero."

"I think he's trying to tell us he's a part of the 100." The floppy haired one spoke, his voice clearly tired.

The blonde's' blue eyes narrowed in suspicion. "Why don't you talk?" To this, 014 lifted down his sweater's neck causing the leader to flinch with the others.

"How can we trust you?" 014 rolled his eyes and sighed, even he wasn't this cautious.

He stepped forwards to get under the light, making the blonde flinch. He then met Octavia's eyes and mouthed the words "Octavia Blake" to her.

Warm brown eyes widened in realization, "He knows my name!" She glared at the others when they still remained cautious. "Can you take us to the dropship?" 014 nodded to this.

"Then let's get going." She graced him with a small tired smile, causing 014's eyes to wash over with concern.

Seeing that she was freezing, 014 began to immediately unzip his jacket and take it off, stepping towards Octavia.

"What do you think you're doing?" Blonde cried in alarm. 014 let a breath of frustration escape him, she was starting to get on his nerves.

"I intend to keep her warm as it's obvious she's freezing." The Blonde gave him one last wary glance before letting him to continue on his path towards Octavia, causing the boy holding her up to let her go.

014 scowled at the boy for having left her alone so suddenly which caused her to stumble. He quickly steadied her and began to thread her arms into the jacket.

"That's a lot of scars." She said softly, tracing the illuminated tissue on his arms. He mouthed nothing in return as he zipped up his jacket.

He stepped back slightly to look her over once again. He frowned when he saw her body was still shaking, most likely from blood loss and the lack of heat. Sighing to himself he approached her again and quickly scooped her up into his arms, earning a surprised yelp from her.

"What are you doing?" Both the Blonde and Octavia asked, though the Blonde's question had a more dangerous tone.

"This will be faster, my heat will also keep her warm." Seeing that he was no longer being opposed, he took a step forward. "Shall we leave or would you like to keep arguing?"

With a smirk, 014 began to lead the way, holding Octavia tightly to his chest. The journey back to the camp was silent, only interrupted by the panting of the kids behind him. Within several minutes of walking they had arrived at the camp only to see that the 100 was crowded around the bonfire, watching Wells have Murphy in a headlock with a crude knife at his throat. Black eyebrows rose in surprise, I didn't think Wells had it in him. The Blonde walked past 014 and Octavia, heading towards Wells.

"Wells! Let him go!" She exclaimed, clearly shocked that Wells would use violence against someone.

"Whoa! Hey!" Murphy exclaimed once Wells shoved him down to the floor. In retaliation, he sprung back up, his fist ready to punch Wells.

"Enough Murphy." Bellamy said, his eyes going to the gaggle that had just arrived. Brown eyes landed on Octavia curled up into 014's chest.

"Octavia, are you alright?" He asked, the worry evident in his voice. As he sped towards them, he saw that Octavia was wearing 014's jacket and had dried blood on her thigh. In the back of his mind, he noticed the majority of her clothes were missing, he'd have to scold her for that later. Seeing that Bellamy wanted to further inspect his sister, 014 set Octavia down gently, earning a grateful smile from the female Blake.

"Fine." She stated, not wanting to worry her brother more than necessary. Turning to the blonde, she sent a glare the blonde's way. "See, Clark? Told you he wasn't bad." Octavia said in reference to 014 to which the newly dubbed Clark rolled her eyes.

Bellamy ignored her comment and continued to survey Octavia. Once he was satisfied that the cut on Octavia's thigh didn't seem to be bleeding anymore, he turned to the rest of the group, taking in their haggard look and lack of supplies. "Where's the food?" He asked absentmindedly.

"We didn't make it to Mount Weather." The brown haired boy stated plainly.

"Finn." Octavia whispered to 014. 014's ears perked up, he recognized the name Mount Weather, it was the dropship's destination. Clearly, they were not on the said mountain.

"What the hell happened out there?" Bellamy said, clearly annoyed at their cryptic answers. He glanced at 014 who only shrugged in response.

"We were attacked." Clarke said stiffly, not liking Bellamy's tone.

"Attacked? By what?" Wells asked in concern, his eyes scanning over Clarke's body for any wounds. 014's eyebrows rose up in surprise again, Wells has a thing for Princess.

"Not what. Who. It turns out, when the last man from the ground died on the Ark, he wasn't the last Grounder." Finn said, still clearly shaken up to whatever happened to them on their trek.

"It's true." Clarke said once she saw disbelief on the faces surrounding her. "Everything we thought we knew about the ground is wrong. There are people here, survivors. The good news is, that means we can survive. Radiation won't kill us." Clarke finished, her voice strong as she took a step towards the 100.

"Yeah, the bad news is the Grounders will." Finn stated, wanting to let the 100 know that not all was positive. Clarke sent a fierce glare at his way, she wanted to reassure the kids, not frighten them.

Seeing that tensions were rising, Wells decided to step in. ""Where's the kid with the goggles?" Ah, so this was the group of five I saw leaving earlier.

"Jasper was hit. They took him." Clarke replied, her eyes trailing her feet in sadness. She locked back up and noticed that Wells's arm was bare. "Where is your wristband?" The blonde asked in an acidic tone.

"Ask him." Wells replied, his angry eyes going over to the smirking Murphy.

"How many?" Clarke asked, her voice carefully blank.

"Twenty-four and counting." Murphy replied proudly, the smirk elongating on his lips.

"You idiots." Clarke hissed. "Life support on the Ark is failing. That's why they brought us down here. They need to know the ground is survivable again, and we need their help against whoever is out there. If you take off your wristbands, you're not just killing them. You're killing us!" Ah, so the Princess can become a Queen.

Seeing that the kids were getting distressed, the King stepped up. "We're stronger than you think. Don't listen to her. She's one of the privileged. If they come down, she'll have it good. How many of you can say the same? We can take care of ourselves. That wristband on your arm? It makes you a prisoner. We are not prisoners anymore! They say they'll forgive your crimes. I say you're not criminals! You're fighters, survivors! The Grounders should worry about us!" With Bellamy's speech, the 100 began to cheer, causing the man to send a smirk towards Clarke. Clarke scowled at him and turned away.

"What do we do now?" 014 barely heard Finn ask Clarke.

"Now we go after Jasper." Came the faint response.

A faint calling of his name brought 014 to a semi-conscious state. His nightmares had been particularly severe causing him to still be drowsy. He grunted and pulled his covers to his shoulders., the soreness in his throat just making him more tired.

"Oi you lazy cat, wake up." A hand landed on 014's shoulder in hopes of waking up the sleeping man.

014 jolted awake, a dagger in his hand. Acting on instinct, 014 tackled his assailant and pinned him down with the dagger at the stranger's throat.

"Fuck man! Chill!" The voice came out from under him. Feral eyes returned to normal as honey eyes looked down to see who had became his victim.

Confused brown eyes looked back at 014 as he realized that he had pinned Bellamy. Feeling guilt surge within him, 014 quickly got off the man and tucked his dagger back.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to! It was just out of instinct." 014 mouthed rapidly, the guilt feeling overwhelming once he saw a spot of blood on Bellamy's neck.

Bellamy just sighed and looked up to 014, seeing the genuine culpability and worry on the elder's face. "It's fine. In hindsight it probably was stupid to try to wake up the guy whose nickname is Panther." He let out a chuckle as he extended his arm. "Help me up and I'll forget all about it."

Seeing that Bellamy didn't think much of his assault, 014 sent him a smile and pulled the taller man up. "I'm assuming that you didn't come here to get pinned by me, so what do you need?"

"Princess wants me to help her find Jasper." Bellamy said in disdain.

"The one who got impaled. She thinks he is still alive?" A black eyebrow rose up.

"She believes that he is alive." Bellamy stated plainly.

"But why would she ask you to help? You don't exactly see eye-to-eye." No one sees eye-to-eye with Clarke, really.

Bellamy gave him a smirk and lifted his shirt to reveal the gun tucked to the waistband of his pants. "I have a gun."

014 felt mildly successful with himself when he didn't stare at the hard lines of Bellamy's torso. "How'd you get a gun?"

"Equivalent exchange? How'd you get that knife?" Bellamy suggested, remembering 014's previous words.

014 inclined his head. "My… Employer provided me with these."

Discerning that 014 kept his answer vague, Bellamy did the same. "As did mine." Noticing the confusion in 014's eyes, Bellamy quickly changed the subject. "Back on topic, I need you to come with me on our little adventure."

"Me?" 014 asked in surprise. "What do you need me for?"

"You can fight, I'll need that. If we encounter whatever these 'Grounders' are, I'll need all the firepower I can get." Bellamy said, he didn't feel the need to sweeten his words when he was around 014. "Care to join me?"

014 nodded slowly. A tool, yes, I should be able to do that. "Allow me to get my things Shall I meet up with you at the bonfire when I'm ready?"

Bellamy nodded. "Sounds like a plan. Though, I'd advise you to hurry, Princess is specially bitchy right now and we don't want her to keep being bitchy on our trek." 014 nodded again and Bellamy left.

014 took several minutes to lace up his boots tightly and make sure his weapons were secure . He glanced at the convertible staff on a nearby table and thought of where to keep it, he couldn't exactly keep shoving it down his pants each time. He tried tying it to a belt loop but the metal was too slick to hold. Sighing, he decided to put it in the waistband of his pants.

As soon as he was done, he headed out from his tent towards the bonfire. When he arrived, he saw that Finn, Clarke, Wells, and Murphy were all standing there. Curious to where Bellamy was, he swiveled his head to look for said man. After several moments of searching, he found Bellamy with his sister. Clarke glanced over to 014 and jerked her head to Bellamy, 014 nodded and headed his way.

When he arrived at the scene of the Blake siblings, he found that they were arguing with each other. 014 waited a few moments to see if they would stop, but their argument only grew more heated. Seeing that it wouldn't end anytime soon, 014 coughed into his fist in hopes of attracting their attention. When his cough wasn't noticed, 014 coughed again louder, his throat throbbing in pain. Once again being ignored, 014 felt his eyebrow twitch in annoyance. Marching to Bellamy's back, he kicked his foot out to hit the taller's popliteal fossa, causing Bellamy to stumble and nearly fall on his face. A snicker escaped both Octavia's and 014's mouths as they watched the oldest Blake regain his balance.

"What the hell was that for?" Bellamy squawked in indignity.

"The Princess doesn't like to be kept waiting, King. Now leave your sister alone and let's head out." 014 mouthed while rolling his eyes, sending a smirk towards Octavia when he saw her grateful smile.

"And you had to trip me for that?" Bellamy asked warily as he accepted 014's hand.

014 shrugged innocently after he helped Bellamy back up. "It's not my fault that you ignored me. I did cough, twice in fact." Bellamy rolled his eyes and noticed Octavia standing awkwardly to the side.

"014, this is my sister, Octavia. Octavia, this is 014. I figured introductions are in order as you probably didn't exchange names during the fiasco yesterday.

014 gave a smile to Octavia. "A powerful name for a powerful woman." He extended his arm to her. "Well met, Lady Octavia."

Octavia grinned at him brightly for treating her like a person and gripped his forearm firmly as he did the same. "Well met, Sir 014."

Bellamy glanced at the two in disbelief of their opening, scoffing a silent "Nerds." under his breath.

"Wait here, I have something for you." Octavia said as she began to retreat to what 014 assumed was her tent.

"Is she ok?" 014 mouthed to Bellamy as to start up conversation after a moment of silence.

"Yeah, the cut was shallow. She's a little shaken up but she's strong." Bellamy responded. 014 nodded and they fell into awkward silence yet again causing Bellamy to sigh.

"Look," Bellamy said once he turned to 014, "I know you're a friend, but I need to tell you this." 014 looked at him curiously once hearing the serious tone.

"I understand that now that we're on Earth you may feel a little liberated or whatnot, but that doesn't mean you are free to flirt with my sister! She's only sixteen!" Bellamy cried out. 014 blinked once before letting out a wheezing laugh.

"What? What's so funny?" Bellamy asked defensively.

"Bellamy, if I were to be flirting with someone, they'd know. I wasn't flirting with Octavia. Besides-" 014 was interrupted by Octavia cutting in.

"Here," She handed 014 his jacket. "I thought you might like it back, it gets cold out there." 014 sent her a grateful smile, putting the jacket back on.

"Well we better get going." Bellamy said once seeing the exchange between Octavia and 014.

"Be safe." Octavia said simply causing 014 to ruffle her head which elicited a scowl from Bellamy.

"Sure you weren't flirting with her?" Bellamy asked dubiously once they headed towards Clarke.

"Quite. And as I was about to state earlier," 014 turned to look at Bellamy with a smirk. "I… Hm, how to state this in a way you would understand? Aha! You could say I'm a butcher," 014 reveled in the confusion he saw in Bellamy's eyes.

"As I take my meat round the back." Feeling particularly flirtatious, 014 sent a wink Bellamy's way before he started to walk ahead the bewildered man.

Realization flooded Bellamy as the tips of his ears coloured and he stammered. Was he flirting with me?

"Hey, hold up. What's the rush? You don't survive a spear through the heart." Bellamy asked to break the silence that had overtaken their trip. In hopes of getting an answer, he had pulled out his gun and carelessly waved it.

"Put the gun away, Bellamy." Wells said slowly to not provoke the man.

"Well, why don't you do something about it, huh?" Murphy asked, eager to please his King.

"Jasper screamed when they moved him." Clarke cut in quickly. "If the spear had struck his heart, he'd have died instantly; he's still alive. But it doesn't mean we have time to waste." With her tone, it sounded like she had said those words to reassure herself too.

Bellamy reached to clasp his hand around her wrist banded arm. "As soon as you take this wristband off, we can go."

Clarke scowled at him. "The only way the Ark is gonna think I'm dead is if I'm dead. Got it?" She said to him bitingly.

Bellamy smirked, "Brave princess."

Finn scowled and shoved Bellamy off Clarke. "Hey, why don't you find your own nickname?" Taking a deep breath, he calmed down.

"You call this a rescue party?" Finn asked, his eyes going to Murphy who was picking his nose and then to the silent 014 who was mindlessly tearing apart a leaf. "Got to split up, cover more ground. Clarke, come with me." 014 rolled his eyes on how defensive the boy was being.

"Better late than never." Clarke muttered.

"I would like to think so." Came Finn's reply as they both headed off to another direction.

"Guess we got more in common than meets the eye, huh?" Bellamy said as he strolled up to Wells.

"We have nothing in common." Wells said harshly causing Bellamy to smirk.

"No? Both came down here to protect someone we love. Your secret's safe with me. 'course, for you it's worse. With Finn around, Clarke doesn't even see you." Bellamy wasn't daft, he could see the looks of adoration Wells sent the blonde. "It's like you're not even here."

After Clarke and Finn had found trails of Jasper, they had met back up with Bellamy's group. 014's eyes went towards the trails of blood. He took in the colour of the blood, a bright red, almost the colour of poppies, meaning that it was heavy in oxygen and had came from somewhere closer to the heart.

"Hey, how do we know this is the right way?" Murphy asked, dubious of Finn when he brought some dirt up to his nose to smell.

"We don't. Spacewalker thinks he's a tracker." Bellamy said in annoyance.

"It's called cutting sign. Fourth-year Earth skills. He's good." Wells replied mildly. Ah, that's right, the 100 were forced into classes. Now we know why.

"You want to keep it down over there, or should I paint a target on your backs?" Finn said scowling as he motioned for Clarke to move besides him.

"See?" Bellamy whispered to Wells. "You're invisible."

The group continued to follow Finn silently as 014 tensed up. Immediately, his hands went to his daggers as he drew his tongue over his piercing. Something is wrong, the jungle shouldn't be this quiet.

As if on cue, a moan filled the air.

"What the hell was that?" Murphy whispered harshly.

"Now would be a good time to take out that gun." Clarke said softly as they slowly walked towards the origins of the moaning. Bellamy ignored her though the moaning continued.

With a few more careful steps, a large tree was in front of them with Jasper tied onto it with twine. 014's eyes narrowed suspiciously at the sight, this seems like a trap. His eyes then took in the different foliage on the ground a few feet away from the tree Jasper was on. Honey eyes narrowed his eyes in realization. He began to mouth words but the others were already too far from him.

"Jasper. Oh, my God." Clarke said, he voice clearly pained.

"Clarke, be careful." Finn said, his eyes scanning his surroundings.

"Jasper? What the hell is this?" Clarke said, clearly disgusted that someone would do this to a human being.

Seeing that Clarke was slowly walking towards the tree, 014 opened his mouth, prepared to torment his throat even more.

"Wait!" He cried out, drawing the attentions of all but Clarke.

"You can talk?" Murphy asked, mystified. 014 glanced at the boy but quickly looked back towards the tree once a scream pierced the air.

Alarmed, he turned to where the foliage had once been and saw Bellamy holding someone up. Glancing around him, he saw that Clarke was missing so he assumed it was her that fell into the trap.

"Clarke! Get her up! Pull her up! Pull her up! Get her! Pull her up!" Finn yelled at Bellamy once he saw that all the man was doing was holding her up. Soon enough, everyone sprang into action ad headed over to Bellamy to help pull Clarke up.

"You okay?" Finn asked once Clarke was safe.

"Yeah." She said, panting. "Any other words of wisdom?" She asked 014 wryly.

"We need to check near the tree for more traps." 014 said, earning shocked looks again.

"Then why don't you do it?" Bellamy said acidly, feeling miffed that 014 had lied to him about not being able to talk.

"As you wish, King." 014 said, giving the man a mock bow.

014 looked around for a long stick, not wanting to show them his weapon just yet. Finding a suitable stick, he began to poke and prod the ground in front of him until he reached the tree. He then started to poke around Jasper's body, being careful to not hit the boy. Once he saw that there wasn't anymore traps, he told the group it was safe.

"We need to get him down." Clarke stated.

"I'll climb up there and cut the vines." Finn said as he made his way to the tree.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm with you." Wells said as he began to move forward.

"No. Stay with Clarke." Finn said, glaring at the dark skinned boy. "Keep a watch on them." He said referring to Bellamy and 014.

"You." Finn said, looking at Murphy. "Let's go." Murphy's mouth opened to protest but then sighed realizing that it wasn't worth it.

Murphy climbed up the tree and used his knife to cut the boy down. He then lowed the moaning kid to Finn who brought him over to Clarke.

"There's a poultice on his wound." Clarke said mystified once she saw green paste covering Jasper's wound.

"Medicine? Why would they save his life just to string him up as live bait?" Wells asked in confusion.

"Maybe he was bait for something that likes its dinner to be breathing." Bellamy said, his eyes darting between the trees.

"Maybe what they're trying to catch is us." Finn said ominously.

"Hurry up, Murphy." Finn said, leaving the lanky boy to carry Jasper.

"Be careful." Clarke chided once he saw how rough Murphy was being on the boy.

014 sighed. "Just let me carry the boy." Murphy looked to him in relief and headed toward the long haired man.

Murphy was about to give Jasper to 014 but a low growl filled the air. 014 quickly pulled two daggers into his hands.

"What the hell was that?" Murphy whispered.

"Grounders?" Bellamy said, uncertain. He then reached for gun only to find that it was missing.

The snarling continued until a large hulking beast jumped in front of Bellamy. 014's eyes widened as he saw that it was a panther. To be more specific, it was the same pantheress he had met on the riverbanks yesterday, he could recognize those scars. But why is she attacking us? Are we near her den?

"Bellamy! Gun!" Clarke cried out in alarm. Bellamy was about to yell back at her that he didn't have the gun until the pantheress lunged at him.

014 dashed over to Bellamy and pushed him out the way and then quickly rolled in time to miss her slashing at him. He looked the pantheress eyes and saw that her usual intelligence was missing, instead, something wild and feral replaced it.

"Why are you doing this?" 014 asked, trying to reason with the beast.

"We won't harm you, I swear it! Just leave us alone!" For a moment, 014 saw a flicker of intelligence return to her eyes.

Six quick shots fired into the panther's hide and upper chest. Warm sticky blood splattered on 014's face as he saw the pantheress drop to the floor with a roar, her breathing shallow. 014's head then swiveled to the direction of the of the shots, seeing Wells hold the gun with a look of shock.

"Now she sees you." Bellamy muttered, still panting with adrenaline.

"She's still alive." 014 muttered, his voice full of pain as he thought of the cub that would be left alone.

"Then kill it." Finn said, causing 014 to glare at him at the blatant disrespect.

014 got up slowly and approached the fallen panther and crouched in front of her. He slowly brought his hand up and placed it on her large snout. Her hazy eyes look up to him and let out a whine of pain.

"I know it hurts darling, but it'll be over soon." He said softly, yet his words echoed in the quiet of the jungle. "If I find your cub, I'll make sure it remains safe." 014 murmured, causing the pantheress to let out another whine.

014 began to hum softly, he knew this wasn't helping his throat but he had to make her at ease. He knew she wouldn't make it. He began to pet her head as he slowly brought up a knife to her throat. With a sharp breath, he plunged it in and watched as her eyes turned dull.

014 was quiet as he carried Jasper back to camp, completely ignoring the questions he got from the kids and Bellamy. Eventually, they had managed to make it back to camp without a hitch, the body of the pantheress trailing behind them in a they drew closer to the camp, more of the 100 crowded at the outskirts trying to make out the group that was nearing them.

"They're back!"

"Over there."

"Is he..?" One of the kids asked once he say 014 carrying Jasper.

"He's alive." Clarke said to the kid. "I need boiled water and strips of cloth for bandage." She demanded as someone rushed off to comply to her wishes.

Bellamy brought the pantheress to the bonfire and raised a fist. "Who's hungry?" He cried out, causing the kids to cheer.

014 stared numbly at the bonfire from his position against a tree. Honey eyes watched the line that lead to the bonfire. Apparently they're exchanging their wristbands for food. 014's stomach rumbled at the thought of food but he couldn't bare the thought of eating the pantheress. Something about that just seemed so… wrong. He could deal without food, She had punished him that way before. He then saw Finn marching over to the bonfire and take two stakes of meat, not caring about Bellamy's rules. 014 shook his head at seeing the kids start to shout at each other once they saw Finn leaving without getting in trouble. 014 let a sigh out and headed back to his tent, he didn't want to get caught up in power struggles.