The Kingdom of Ev was currently non-occupiable. Jane was working at a underground basement just outside the kingdom surrounded by dead bodies.

Jane sighed, all this devastation came from what the people call, the Beast Forever. It apparently takes many forms, this time it came as a flood. The waters were slowly receding allowing some rescuers to go in, save any survivors and bring back some bodies, men women and children…to identify and for the families to properly say their goodbyes.

Pulling up the cloth on a elderly man after finishing a examination and moved onto the next body. Jane pulled back the white cloth and took a step back in shock. She didn't know the young woman lying dead before her personally, but her appearance even though greatly disheveled, told her this girl was very important. She examined her more closely

Most strands of blonde hair had come loose though some still tied up on top of her head. She wore earrings, a necklace and a couple of rings on her slim fingers Jane was surprised the jewellery she bore wasn't looted by survivors. The red dress was probably at one time extremely beautiful and elegant, but now was torn and still drenched. The gold insignia stitched into the dress was a dead giveaway that this girl was one of the missing members of the royal family, this was the Princess of Ev.


King August sat inside his tent, the only shelter he and his people had. August's only company right now was his favorite dog, Randall. The dog had fallen asleep at the king's feet.

His family was missing, his wife, sons and daughter. August prayed they were safe and simply waiting for their turn to be rescued. It had been two weeks since the Beast Forever came, running a hand through his thinning hair he stood up to stretch his legs.

"Your Majesty?"

The voice came from the opening of his tent and he turned to look. "Ah, Jane."

He came across the redheaded woman not long after the disaster, she claims to be not from around here but she seemed kind.

"There is something I have to show you." She said motioning her hand for him to follow.

King August did so, leaving the tent. It was night time, most activity was stopped. They only came across some Guards of Ev who bowed as he walked by.

Jane lead him down to a cellar, the king felt uneasy. "What is this, Jane?" his voice shook

The woman said nothing and stood on one side of a table while the king stood on the other. The white cloth was obviously covering a body, Jane pulled the cloth back and King August's face filled with horror.

"My–m–my Langwidere…"

His dark eyes filled with tears. This was his only daughter his youngest child, and he absolutely adored her.

"" his voice cracked. "Langwidere, wake up. Open your eyes… please." He cradled his daughter's cold face gently in his hands. Sobs wracked through his body as he pressed his forehead against hers.

"I'm so sorry." Jane said softly.

"Save her." the king's voice was almost inaudible.

"Excuse me?"

"Save her!" He repeated louder looking up at her.

"There is nothing I can do sire, she's already gone."

"No!" He almost sounded angry now. "You don't understand you have to do something, I can't bury my youngest child. We are supposed to be celebrating her twentieth birthday in four months…" his voice cracked again. "We are not supposed to be having her funeral…I can't lose my Langwidere."

Jane understood losing a child, only in her case she had to let her daughter go to protect her.

She heard the citizens of Ev speak nothing but kindness of their King, nothing bad to say. He and his wife were married young, an arranged marriage of course. August never disrespected her though, in fact they both grew to love each other deeply. The queen gave him five sons and one daughter.

King August loved all six of his children, but Langwidere was special. It must've been a unique and strong father daughter bond. He doted on her, when she was a baby and a small child he would play with the little princess making her laugh and giggle. When she was hurt she would always run to him, trusting her father to wipe the tears away and to make her feel better.

He witnessed his Princess Langwidere begin to grow into a beautiful young woman, the splitting image of her mother. And now all that seemed to have been cut short by a devastating disaster.

Jane couldn't bear to see the king cry over his daughter's body, begging her to open her eyes and to speak to him.

The redhead put a hand on the king's shoulder. "I'll help."

August looked up at Jane "You will?"

"Yes, I will do what I can." Jane said with a bit of a forced smile.

"Thank you, thank you so much Jane. My palace should be ready tomorrow evening." He said in one breath. "You can work there, I'll make sure you have whatever you need. I'll pay you."

King August looked back to his daughter holding her cheek in one hand, not crying any more but bearing a broken smile "Do whatever it takes."

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