It has been almost twenty years since the android princess first opened her eyes. She didn't consider herself to be a child anymore, but she still possessed some childlike qualities. Her innocence was almost eerie to Jane Andrews who was one of the few people who knew the true nature of the Princess.

Princess Langwidere was haughty and a little vain, but mostly she was lonely.

King August had been her only companion, he always kept her sheltered probably out of fear that others would find out what she really was and want to harm her.

Langwidere refused to call what was happening to her father a sickness or a disease, but he had gradually gotten worse with age. He did have good days, when he was almost his old self and she could have a conversation with him. But she was having few of those days now, he used to tuck her into bed, now she was the one tucking him in.

The Princess of Ev has never been so alone.


"Lady Ev."

Langwidere turned her attention to the voice to find Jane bowing before standing back up with an anxious looking face. What the scientist had to say better be important for her to search for the Princess outside of the workshop.

"What is it, Jane?"

"I-we found a young man bleeding out, his body badly broken-"

"Why is this important?" The Princess asked coldly. "We can't stop people from having accidents."

"But Lady Ev, I think I can save him."

The Princess had her elbows on the table her hands folded under her chin keeping her head up. "Continue…"

"I think with the right tools, equipment and a little bit of magic the Land of Ev has to offer, we can bring him back. All I need is your permission and to pay…"

Lady Ev looked up to the ceiling, "So you need me to pay you for whatever it is you need, so you can bring this young man back from the dead?"

"... It is up to you, Princess Langwidere."

Not moving from her spot, the Princess thought of her options for one long minute before giving her order.

"Do it, rebuild him with my metal."


One of the reasons Langwidere gave the okay to Jane's project of fixing up the man was curiosity.

According to the scientist, it was successful. The young man was alive and just starting to move about with his new limbs.

The Princess walked down the staircase to the workshop, Jane had gone off into the city to run some errands. Lady Ev wanted to meet with the young man who Jane seemed to have grown fond of, what better excuse than to look for a different mask to wear down in the workshop.

As usual, she pushed the doors open and she heard something crash down. She figured it was the man, and she thought that she might as well have some fun with him.

She snuck around to where she could hear him moving, probably trying to find the intruder. Langwidere used the workshop's steam to her advantage.

Once she was close enough, she leaned forward. The young man turned her way.

"Boo!" She yelled and couldn't help but to smile as he jumped slightly.

"Jane?" He questioned.

"Nooo…" She said moving to stand a few feet away from him.

He looked very young, though something told her that he was in fact older than he appeared. Most of him seemed to be metal, from what she could currently see only the right part of his torso, his right arm and head was still normal. Langwidere gazed at the ticking heart before suddenly remembering something from her earlier years:

He greatly reminded her of the Knight in Shining Armor from her story books... but those weren't real, they were just fairy tales, right?

"Are you like me?" His question snapped her out of the daydream.

"I'm not like anyone."

The young man shifted on the floor. "You think you can roll that thing over here?" He pointed to a wheelchair that was close by her.

She placed a hand on it, "I could."


"I won't."

She smirked as she walked to a cabinet.

"Seriously!?" he called out to her.

Langwidere ignored him. "Who will I be today?" She asked herself.

She could hear him crawling on the floor, his metal body clanking. "A jackass!?" He shouted at her.

She turned back to him with a animal head mask. "That was Tuesday."

She turned back to her masks. "Perhaps I should be pretty," she said pulling one down. "People like pretty."

"I think people generally prefer nice." He was still crawling.

She turned his way again with a full strange but feminine mask. "Mice?"


"Because from down there you might see plenty. Ha!"

She went back to make one more mask switch before closing the cabinet and turned to the young man with another full mask...he was finally in the wheelchair. "Bravo, one for the freak."

"Excuse me?" He was catching his breath.

"Takes one to know one." She pointed to herself and to him as she walked by.

She heard him trying to turn around, he was trying to get another look at her as she left the workshop.

Princess Langwidere didn't know what she was expecting when she first came down to the workshop to meet the young man, but she left very satisfied. There was something about him, and how he spoke to her that excited her…


Jane had just returned to the palace. As soon as she walked in the Princess greeted her.

"Jane, I'd like to speak with you."

Lady Ev lead Jane to a private room. They were plenty of seats, but both women remained standing.

"I was down in your workshop earlier. I met the young man you brought back to life…"

"You did…?"

"Yes, I did." Langwidere said fixing the wrinkles in her dress. "What is his name?"

"His name is Jack, Your Highness."

"Jack." She said the common name carefully as if it was the first time she had heard it. "I like Jack."

"He does seem very nice." Jane said, not sure what the Princess wanted.

Lady Ev met Jane's eyes with her own. "You used my money and my resources to rebuild him... that makes him my property."

Jane's eyes went wide. "P-Princess…"

"Jane you work for me, you are supposed to follow orders." Langwidere stood close to Jane, and the scientist felt uncomfortable. "I expect you to bring him to me soon."


Lady Ev and a number of her guards walked into the entrance, she stopped in the center at the top of the wide stairs.

Jane was at the bottom with Jack who was now wearing clothing to cover up his new metal body. Jane kneeled before standing and taking a step to the side.

"Jack, this is Lady Ev-Princess Langwidere." Jane introduced Jack properly to the masked woman he met before.

His blue-green eyes looked up to the Princess. "Of course you are…"

"Thank you, Jane. That will be all." The Princess said.

Jane nodded her head and turned to leave till Jack stopped her:

"That will be all what?"

"I must leave, Jack" Jane said.

"I'm not staying here. Am I?"

"I'm afraid you don't have a choice."

"In case you weren't aware you are walking and talking at the expense of our kingdom," The Princess said almost sweetly and tilted her head. Then she suddenly sounded shrill, "the least you can do is offer your gratitude."

"Was that the deal? Build me then sell me?" Jack sounded almost like he was being betrayed. Was he not listening to what the Princess said?

"No." Jane said "I'd rather hoped that you'd want to stay in my care."

"Then why are you leaving?" Jack asked.

"The Princess met you, she liked you" Princess Langwidere looked off to the side smiling at those words. "now she owns you."

"Owns me?"

Jane had to run off, leaving Jack. When she was out of site, he turned to face his new mistress.

Princess Langwidere tilted her head and smiled at him. Perhaps this would be the end of her loneliness...The powerful Princess of Ev has found a friend.