Simply Delicious

Disclaimer: I do not own the Mighty Ducks and I don't really want to...well...actually I do but let's ignore that for now. I simply borrowed them for now. Btw this is the sequel to Simple Guy

A/N: Currently I'm working on this little mini-series and I edited this fic and I'm putting them all together, it's still short a sweet though.

Dean Portman's life had changed all in one night, in the span of 10 minutes he had gone from simple guy with a shit life and some good friends to complicated guy with a shit life and some good friends, so nothing had really changed. Other than the fact that he had a boyfriend, or he thought he did. What could he call the dark haired boy sleeping next to him? Dean shook Fulton lightly craving the answer to his question. "Fult, Fult wake up man, I gotta ask you a question."

Fulton groaned rolling over slowly. "What is it? Surely it can wait until I dunno noon." He opened one eye looking over at Portman he couldn't resist the slow smile that spread across his face.

"No it can't. I need to know what you are," Portman sighed, realizing how stupid that statement had sounded right after he said it.

Opening his other eye Fulton glared at Dean. "I'm a human being Portman; I thought you would have figured that one out last night." He responded sarcastically, knowing full well what Portman meant but not wanting to actually give him a straight answer.

"No I mean what are you to me?" Dean reiterated, arching an eyebrow.

Fulton wrapped an arm around Dean pulling him close so that he was able to rest his head on Dean's chest, the other defence player's warmth comforting him. "Your boyfriend now shut up so I can go back to sleep."

Dean grinned widely and kissed Fulton deeply pulling away after a few minutes. "Simply delicious," He remarked.

"Well that's good," Fulton replaced his head on Dean's chest. "Hey dude?"

"Yes Fult?"

"I love you." Gentle grin.

"I love you too man, now let's get back to sleep." Eyes closed and sheets rustled as the two got closer and more comfortable. Sleep overcame them quickly, smiles on their faces growing.