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Chapter 1-It's Only Just Begun

The ride to Beacon went relatively uneventful. The most interesting thing that happened was a blonde teen puking his guts out, but that barely counted. There was an amusing pair of girls freaking out because of him though. Naruto stared out the window at the quickly approaching City of Vale and Beacon Academy.

This is it. Their second chance. No matter what, they won't waste this opportunity. Sasuke clenched his hands. There's no turning back now.

"I'm glad that's over. That was probably the most uncomfortable trip I've ever had."

Sasuke tried hard not to gag at the smell and the sight of the barfing teen, though he silently agreed with Naruto. It was getting hot and rancid during the flight. Naruto surveyed his surroundings, amazed at the size of the school.

He turned to his friend and partner, "So, what now?"

Sasuke checked the pamphlet. "It says that we should check our luggage before the orientation in the main presentation hall. We should go and check out our luggage so they can take it to the school…Here, give me your ticket." Sasuke held out a hand while the other dug through his pockets.

"Why?" Naruto questioned, but pulled out his ticket anyway.

"So I can check off our stuff."

Sasuke then motioned to the surrounding area and continued, "Why don't you explore or something? Look around. Socialize. Meet new people."

Naruto groaned in despair. "But that's awkward, boring, and annoying as hell."

Sasuke smiled, a slight glint of mischief present, walking off and waving behind his back. "Then you'd better get started. See you later."

It took a while but Sasuke finally found the area where the luggage was gathered.

"It would've helped to have signs…" he muttered to himself. He continued walking around before spotting a couple of bags lying next to each other. He nodded, making sure those were his and Naruto's bags before walking off to the presentation hall. It would also help to try and find Naruto on the way as well, make sure he wasn't in any trouble. Then again, it was quite amusing seeing him struggle out of a situation, though he'd never admit that to the blonde himself. On his way out, he passed by a group of rowdy individuals and a quiet girl in black wearing a bow. It took several steps before both noticed the shivers run down each other's spines.

The girl immediately froze and spun around to see the boy standing a few feet away from her. Sasuke was able to shrug it off and continued on his way, though his guard never dropped until he was sure she wasn't following him.

The girl however, stared at the retreating back of the raven-haired teen. There was something…off about that boy, but she couldn't figure out what exactly. What she did know, was that her instincts told her to stay away…that he's dangerous…and she intends to listen.

The Main Presentation Hall was crowded with people. Sasuke tried to weave through the mob of students before finding a fairly breathable area to settle down and wait for the start of the entrance ceremony. He scanned the room for any sign of the bandana wearing blonde, but found none. Then he noticed three more individuals walk in, one of them being the same bandana wearing blonde he was just thinking of.

'So he did succeed in socializing after all,' the teen smirked. At least now he doesn't have to explain anything.

Sasuke opened his mouth to call the blonde over until the screens over the stage suddenly flickered to life. Ozpin and one of his best teachers, Glynda Goodwitch, walked on to the stage, the male of the duo tapping on the microphone to gain the students' attention.

With the last of the murmurs quieting down and all eyes on him, Ozpin began his speech:

"You all know why you are here. You have worked or proven yourselves ready to take the next steps in your lives. Through adversity. Through pain, And now that you are all here, you must be thinking that your futures have been set in stone. Well I'm here to tell you…You are wrong. Coming to this school does not mean that you have reached the end of your journey. In fact, this is nothing more than a stepping stone for what you must decide. Your choices will be harder. Your days will be long. Some of you may not even be able to cope with what's ahead. All we can do for you is try to prepare you for what may happen. Whatever your future holds, this is for certain…"

"Your halcyon days are over from this point on."

With the end of his speech, Ozpin stepped away from the microphone as Glynda stepped up.

"Tomorrow will be your initiation. Tonight, you will all gather together in the ballroom to sleep. Be prepared for anything."

With that, both teachers exited the stage, leaving the rest of the students to ponder over the headmaster's words and exit the presentation hall. Sasuke was one of them, staring straight ahead at the stage as the words let themselves sink in.

Naruto lay on his sleeping bag, staring up at the ceiling, dressed in his pajamas and nightcap. He sighed, his eyes never leaving the dim lights overhead. Sasuke approached him quietly, just finished changing himself.

"Well, you definitely look like the teeth pulling experience has subsided," Sasuke spoke, getting the blonde's attention as he stood over him. He waved, a slight smile appearing on his face.

"Oh look, it's my partner and best friend in the world, Ditchy the Asshole."

Sasuke slight smile became a full one as he replied, "Oh come on! Don't take it so personally. Look, you found your stuff right? I did what we were asked to do."

Naruto rolled to lay on his stomach, only half-glaring up at his friend. "Yeah. And then you ditched me for the rest of the day, which is why you're are Ditchy. The Asshole."

Sasuke rolled his eyes. "Alright, well I can see you're going to be crabby for a while so I won't even bother." He looked around the room to see all the boys sleeping on one side, and the girls on the other side. He looked back down to Naruto before asking, "Did you even try talking to someone today?"

"As a matter of fact, I did," Naruto propped himself up onto his elbows. "I met two people. They were nice. Cool. Funny," he looked pointedly up at the raven. "Way better people than you."

Sasuke hummed. "I don't believe you."

"Oh piss off you prick."

Just then, another male voice caught their attention. Naruto smiled when he saw another blonde male approach them. He smugly introduced the newcomer. "Sasuke, I'd like to introduce to you Jaune-" Naruto did a double take, "—oh dear god man…What are you wearing?"

Jaune looked down at his full-body pajamas and slippers while Naruto and Sasuke just stared in horror. He looked back up to the horrified looks of the two teens. "What? They're my PJ's." Jaune grew increasingly embarrassed at the disbelieving stares. "D-don't judge! They're just warm and comfy!"

"…Well, he seems nice," Sasuke was the first to speak up, nodding his head as if in approval.

Naruto still looked at his new friend in second-hand embarrassment, exclaiming how Jaune's nightwear looked like something out of a two-year-old's closet. "It's just so ridiculous!"

"Oh, like you're one to talk," Sasuke scoffed. "You walk around all day in an orange vest. You have no business judging other people's clothing choices."

"Oh come one! That's stylish!"

"No," Sasuke deadpanned. "No it's not."

Naruto tried hard to justify his clothing choices. "They sold it to me telling me it was."

"Then you were lied to."

"Gale wouldn't lie to me."

"Gale's been lying to your face."

Naruto hung his head, devastated at the thought. "Oh Gale, why!"

Jaune took this chance to introduce himself as Naruto sulked. "Nice to meet you. I'm Jaune Arc." He held out his hand.

"Sasuke Uchiha. Sorry to hear that you had to spend an entire day taking care of my friend here," the raven-haired teen replied, accepting the handshake.

"Oh, no, it's fine! Naruto's a cool guy," Jaune hurriedly defended his friend before looking off to the side, "until…you know…the part where he cut across his hand with a knife."

Sasuke pinched the bridge of his nose in exasperation. "Oh god…Naruto, I've told you to stop showing people that. It's disgusting."

Naruto shrugged. "It's a conversation starter."

"Yeah, conversations that start off like 'Oh god! What's wrong with you, you freak?!' Something like that," Sasuke raised an eybrow.

"It still start a party."

Sasuke rolled his eyes as he let out a sigh of exasperation. Well, at least Jaune seems nice. And real. He couldn't say about the second friend Naruto supposedly made. He looked over the timid blonde for a moment before he realized something.

"You're the guy kept vomiting on the Bullhead."

Jaune's blood immediately rushed to his cheeks as he fought to defend himself.

"I-I wasn't throwing up for kicks, I swear! I just can't handle transportation!"

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean any offense by it, I just didn't realize that was you until now."

Naruto joined in with a laugh. "You shoulda been there, Sasuke! He didn't stop for like, ten minutes. It was like a machine! A stinky, yet amazing, machine." That was when Naruto noticed another familiar face weaving their way towards them, towing another unfamiliar face along. "Hey, Ruby! You just missed the fun conversation we were having."

"Hey," Ruby greeted back. "Naruto, this is my big sister, Yang. Yang, Naruto."

Naruto nodded, looking over the other blonde. Sasuke also observed the newcomers. The younger girl, Ruby, he recalled, seemed nice enough. A little timid, but seems to be able to rival Naruto in her energy if she becomes comfortable. Then there's the other blonde besides Naruto and Jaune. He could practically feel the older sister's heated passion. Yup. Another hot-headed blonde. He wondered if all blondes are like that…Well, maybe not Jaune. He looked at the two sisters, reminiscing of his time with his own brother. Maybe they could've been together like that if they weren't born into the family they were. A family where they could grow up happy, innocent, free of sins…

"And this is…someone I don't know."

Sasuke snapped out of his musings before realizing he was being addressed. "Sasuke Uchiha," he introduced himself, nodding to the two ladies. "I'm the one in charge of making sure this idiot doesn't cause too much trouble."

Jaune looked hurt. "What did I do?"

"No, not you. That idiot."

"Hah! Like you ever stopped me from making an idiot of myself."

Yang pat her younger sister's back with pride. "Wow, Ruby, you were actually telling the truth about these guys. That's great!" Unfortunately, that pride was short lived. Yang groaned, as she realized another truth from Ruby's story. "Oh god, you really blew someone up."

"I told you!"

Sasuke blinked in confusion. "Wait, someone blew up?"

Jaune looked at Sasuke, surprised. "You didn't know someone blew up?"

"He wasn't there to find out. Because he's Ditchy the Ass—"

"How did someone blow up?" Sasuke interrupted before the idiotic male blonde could say anymore.

Ruby flushed, cheeks puffed in embarrassment. "It was an accident! I have allergies! When stuff like that gets up my nose—"

"You blew her up with allergies?"

"No! With Dust!"

"You sneeze Dust?"

Ruby was getting increasingly frustrated and embarrassed. Was this guy that dense? "No, she was just waving Dust all around and it got up my nose and—"

Another interruption.

"Excuse me!" the group turned around to face a very irritated Weiss Schnee making her way over to the group. "I'm sorry if you haven't realized yet but there are people here trying to sleep so if you could…YOU!"

"Oh no…" Ruby hid her face.

"What's wrong?"

"She's the girl I blew up."

"Oh…" the rest of the group chorused.

Sasuke looked over the newcomer. At first, she seemed like one of those stuck up little rich girls, but he could tell that she may as well have the skill. She wouldn't have been accepted to Beacon otherwise. Wait…Isn't she a Schnee? He could have sworn seeing her around during some of his 'extra' jobs, involving the SDC. Well, it didn't matter to him anymore. This was a place where he could redeem himself. Besides, she'd never know anyway, so no point thinking more on the matter.

He and Naruto payed little attention to the argument going on in front of them, though they did pay attention enough to see Jaune make a fool out of himself by flirting with the heiress. She didn't even think twice before giving her answer. Harsh. But understandable. She didn't seem like the swooning type anyways. As they watched the footsie wearing boy walk away, Weiss turned her attention back to the group in front of her.

"Look, I just want to go to bed and prepare for the initiation tomorrow. So get your little apologies out now and…where did she go?"

Yang looked behind to see only an empty space. She looked around before turning towards the only remaining two males in their conversation. "Where'd she go?"

They pointed to the side where Ruby was making her way over to the wall, sneakily making her way past all the sleeping students and the occasional night owls.

Sasuke watched as Naruto chased after Yang who was chasing after Weiss, who was marching furiously over to the silver-eyed girl. He shook his head in amusement as he watched the argument escalate. Really, though, can't they keep their voices down? He could hear them all the way from where he was. Which was actually pretty far considering the size of the ballroom is enough to fit the entire first-year population, and he is somewhere in the middle if the boy's side while the others were at the far wall on the girl's side. So yeah. Pretty far. Personally, he didn't mind, though he would still rather have some peace and quiet.



Unsurprisingly, there were those that agreed.


Sasuke sighed. Of course the people being yelled at would retaliate. The entire room's volume began escalating from there, some even starting to throw objects at each other. This was going to be a long night.

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