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Sasuke sprinted through the forest, maneuvering expertly around the trees while making sure his senses were at the ready for anything and everything. Though, thinking about it now, he probably didn't have to try and be aware of his surroundings.

'This is what happens when I try to be like Naruto for once.'

Well, maybe it wasn't all Naruto. Who wouldn't want the chance to fly in the air? And in a more or less supervised area to boot? Plus, he had the skills to land on his feet. He just happened to jump a little farther than where he was supposed to land. And that landing just happened to be a Grimm nest. The raven-haired teen cursed his luck.

Sasuke looked behind him at the Beowolves, Boarbatusks, and Ursai for good measure before focusing back on running away. He sighed. Naruto would have a field day if he knew the situation he was in. And his brother…

Sasuke almost laughed at the thought. If his brother knew he was being careless, then it would be more than just disappointment that he'd be facing.

And just as Sasuke's thoughts began to drift, an Ursa popped out from behind a tree and tried to slash at him. Sasuke ducked under its massive claw before flipping and placing his feet on the creature's chest. Time seemed to move in slow motion as the Ursa was put under gunpoint.

Sasuke pulled the trigger at point blank and the Grimm's head was blown off. Sasuke then used that recoil to launch him at the stampeding bunch of monsters. He continued to slice a Beowulf in half in a quick draw before skidding across the ground. The Grimm collectively turned around, charging towards the black-haired swordsman. Spinning the blade in his hand, he parried several strikes from another Beowulf which took charge. Sasuke blocked the monster's attack before spinning on his feet, he once again pulled out his sheathe, cocking it in the process, and aimed at the Grimm's head, pulling the trigger.

As the Beowulf fell back, an Ursa came forward, taking its place. It's strike was blocked by the Uchiha's sword, and was pushed back by the blade before being slashed several times. The strikes were met with some resistance due to the Grimm's naturally hard body bone-like armor, but it still made the large creature stagger. Sasuke kicked it square in the chest, sending the creature flying back through a tree.

Two Boarbatusks came charging, while the raven-haired boy jumped over them for safety. They turned around before speeding towards him again. Sasuke gripped his sheathe, holding both it and the sword, the two objects slipping in between the Grimms' tusks. He pushed down and sent the creatures flying through the trees while they wailed in shock.

He ducked under a Beowulf's swipe, sweeping its leg out from under it before kicking it into a bush. He smacked another Beowulf in the face with his sheathe before flipping his sword in his hand and stabbing behind him into a charging Boarbatusk. Looking up, he saw a pouncing Ursa come down at him and rolled out of the way as it crashed into the ground.

Recovering from his roll, Sasuke sat up to see that the entire collection of Grimm were covering him on all sides, letting out low growls as they advanced towards him. The young Uchiha narrowed his eyes before flipping his sword and sliding it back into its sheathe, cocking the top fore end before gripping the handle. He closed his eyes, slowing his breathing, focusing on the Grimm and their movements.



Utilizing the extra power from firing Vollmund Reflexion, the Uchiha was able to slice all the Grimm with several slices, landing in a kneel with his sword hand outstretched. All the Grimm collectively blew apart, the trees falling into cleanly sliced wood.


Sasuke's head turned sharply in surprise to find the Ursa he had previously kicked recovered and was ready to swing. Sasuke furrowed his eyebrows, lowering his stance for a parry and attack.


Several knives flew past him, causing him to blink in surprise. The knives dug deep into the Grimm's body, making it look more like an overgrown porcupine than a bear. The Uchiha looked around, impressed at the accuracy. There was even an outline of him where the knives didn't hit.

With one final growl, the Ursa fell forward, dead. Sasuke continued to stare in disbelief at the multitude of different knives that skewered the Ursa's body.

"Hey, that was pretty cool right?"

The male spun around so fast he almost had a whiplash. He saw a young girl with twin buns atop her head, smiling sweetly and brightly. She flicked her wrist, revealing another hidden knife.

"Sorry I didn't come out sooner, but it looked like you were handling things pretty well on your own. That thing you did with your sword was way cooler, but I wanted to help out in the end. You don't have a partner yet, right?" she grinned, holding out her hand. "I'm Tenten. Looks like we're gonna be working together for a while."

Sasuke nodded, shaking her hand. He stared at her for a moment, before looking to the Ursa, then back again. The girl fidgeted uncomfortably under his intense gaze.

Finally, he opened his mouth, "Where do you keep all those knives?"

Tenten grinned, bringing a finger to her lips. "Trade secret."

"That's the last of the teams sir. All of the students have now been paired off with each other. Although…" Glynda furrowed her brows, turning to look at Ozpin's, "I don't have much faith in some of these pairings. Conflicting personalities, different viewpoints and skills…I'm worried this might not have been the best choice of action to make up the teams."

"Weathering through any situation and being able to look out not only for yourself but those you walk alongside. This is what our test best exemplifies, Glynda. They may seem rough at the moment, but they will come to show themselves when the time is right."

The blonde looked down at her scroll in thought, "Sir…"


"I still have some…reservations about the applicants you accepted this year."

"Why do you say that?"

"Well," Glynda began, scrolling through her touch screen, "you accepted Ms. Rose two years ahead of her determined graduation time. I understand that she showed bravery and unprecedented skill while facing a criminal in the Dust shop, but I still think we should have considered it more before accepting her so quickly. And this Jaune boy as well. His transcripts say he is an excellent student but the evidence we've witnessed so far has proven otherwise. I'm worried not only for his safety but Ms. Nikos as well."

Ozpin hummed. "Anything else?"

The blonde teacher lowered her Scroll and fixed her glasses, walking forward to the before continuing. "I still cannot believe you took those two young men out of police custody!"

"Well, this wouldn't be the first time we've taken people with unfavorable backgrounds."

"Y-yes, but they could still be danger to the students!"

"Glynda," Ozpin walked towards her, placing a hand on her shoulder reassuringly, "I know we may hold some hesitations, but I always make sure that the students I choose to attend Beacon are those I believe are worthy. Those two boys might appear bad on paper but we've witnessed in the test, they are very skilled and work well with others."

He smiles an encouraging smile, "They are genuinely concerned for their comrades and are not showing any signs of using this chance to escape." He let go. "I told you. I gave them the choice myself, and I know they deserve another chance to prove themselves. Believe in me Glynda.

She remained silent.

"I would not have taken this chance if I did not believe it was the right thing to do."

Glynda silently held back her other complaints, looking off to the side.

"You have more reservations about something?"

She sighed, "Professor, I question whether it was a rational decision you made when you decided to allowed a boy with history to his name to attend."

Ozpin eyed her, a mysterious smile playing on his lips, "I don't believe in judging someone just by what their name has garnered over time. I invited Miss Schnee not because of the prestige to her name, but because of her skills. It is character that we must look at in the end, not their title."

"I know sir. But not everyone will see him the same as you."

Ozpin looked back towards the forest, contemplating the possibility as he swirled the coffee in his mug.

"Well, I suppose only time will tell if we can truly move away from the past…and build to a better future.

"I…suppose sir." Glynda reluctantly agreed.

"By the way, sir, what did you use for the relics this year?"

Silence was her only answer.


Ozpin still refused to answer.

"Might it be the reason why the chessboard was clear when I spotted it in your office this morning?"

Ozpin merely sipped his coffee in silence as Glynda sighed and shook her head in exasperation.

I am so sorry for the lateness. I meant to have this out earlier but I forgot. But it's here! I want to keep this short and sweet, so until next time.