Disclaimer: I do now own the any of the characters of the concept of Harry Potter, they all belong to J.K. Rowling

The morning sun shone bright on the castle of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Students from each of the four houses have gathered to the great hall for some breakfast before their first class. Each of the tables sat each of the houses students. If you're looking from the Great Hall's door, on the right are the Gryffindors, proudly eating their breakfast and talking about Quidditch. Next to them, to their left are the Hufflepuffs, kindly greeting one another as some more of them came in. At the far left, are the Slytherins, casually eating their breakfast and conversing with one another, probably talking about Quidditch as well as teasing the Gryffindors. And lastly, to the right of Slytherin are the Ravenclaws, either studying for their next class, or casually reading a book. And that is exactly what Ravenclaw's own, Luna Lovegood, is currently doing. Luna was sitting in between two of her fellow Ravenclaw classmates, Padma and Cho. Padma was looking at her schedule, while Cho was chatting with her seatmate on her right. Luna was, as mentioned before reading a book on "Witchcraft through the Ages".

"What are you reading there, Luna?" After looking through her schedule, Padma finally looked at Luna and asked about her book.

"Oh nothing, just a book on the history of Witchcraft" Luna said dreamily, Padma looked at her confused.

"But haven't you read that book twice now? Surely there is something else in the library that might catch your interest, than reading the same book twice" Padma asked

"Yes, yes, I know… But nothing has really caught my interest yet…." Luna said sadly, closing the book and sighing. She has finally finished the book, for the second time.

"Finished it again?" Cho asked, after talking to her friend.

"Yes… I'm going to head up to the library and find something else… Maybe the Nargles took all the good books and hid them away…" Luna said, pouting, Padma and Cho just giggled at that. Luna finished her breakfast and fixed her stuff, leaving the Great hall for the library.

Luna went up staircases and down halls to soon arrive in the school's library. Ravenclaw Tower had their own library, but she read almost all of them by now, she wanted a challenge. She went up to Madam Pince and returned her book. She then went to the shelves, which she've seen so many times now. She went through every shelf, and found nothing of interest. Giving up, she sat on a chair and rest her elbows on the desk, her chin supporting her head. She looked around sadly and rested her head on the table, slowly falling into sleep. All of a sudden, she heard a thud in front of her. She did not react to it at first, but then she slowly lift her head up and found herself face to face with a old brown book.

"Huh…? Where did you come from?" Luna asked the book quietly. She knows that it won't reply but she looked around to see if anyone will react to her question. No one reacted, because no one was around her. She was alone in that section.

"Who would leave this lying around?" Luna looked back at the book and grazed her hand over it. She removed the dust from the front cover, and read the title.

"The House… Relics…?" Luna then opened the book and read the summary on the the first page. It was written in very old quill ink that looked like a thousand years old.

"A tale and history of the relics of the Founders of Hogwarts" Luna read. She then flipped the page and started reading. She finally found a book of interest to her.

The first chapter was a brief description of the founders. Godric Gryffindor, the somewhat knight of the group of friends, who was ready to tackle evil head on and for the good of everyone. Helga Hufflepuff, the kind lady who was willing to help those in need and certainly very loyal to her friends. Rowena Ravenclaw, the brains of the group. Has a ready and creative mind that can solve any problems that she and her friends face. Lastly was Salazar Slytherin, the ambitious one of the group, always finding ways to get what he wants, no matter what it took. The following chapters then talked about the House relics, starting with of course, the Gryffindor Sword.

"Forged by the goblins, the sword of Gryffindor was only to be wielded by worthy warriors that had a brave heart. The goblins crafted the sword especially for Lord Gryffindor as a present for saving their kind one time… Interesting token of appreciation but I would expect that from a goblin" Luna continued to read the chapter of the sword. From what it was made out of, to how many it has slain.

"Hm… Additional notes, after the creation of Hogwarts, Professor Gryffindor enchanted the sword. Saying, whoever requires the aid of the sword, especially from his house, the sword will appear before him… I wonder if that really works" Luna asked herself. She then turned the page and it brought her to the chapter of the Cup of Hufflepuff.

"A cup that shines as bright as its owner, the cup of Hufflepuff has been the symbol and relic of the Hufflepuff family and house. As simple as the object may be, the Professor Hufflepuff gave the object true value, saying that "As simple as this may be, I am willing to accept it, just like my students"..." Luna read. She continued to read on, from how the cup was found, to what has been the contents of it.

"... Hm… It seems the whereabouts of the cup are unknown to this day…." Luna then turned the page and perked up with interest.

"The Diadem of Ravenclaw…" Luna smiled at the words. Finally, she will learn more about the diadem of her house's founder. But when she turned to the next page.

"What…? Where is it?" Luna asked calmly. When she turned the page, at least 3 pages worth of information were missing. The only thing left of the chapter were a couple of lines that read, "The location of the diadem has been lost to this day, that is why the diadem has been now known as The Lost Diadem of Rowena Ravenclaw".

"That's awfully strange and disappointing…. Hm…" Luna then shook her head and continued to try and finish the book, not letting a couple of lost pages get to her. But as she turned to the chapter of the locket of Slytherin, someone tapped on her shoulder from behind.

"Huh?" Luna turned around but saw no one their. Shrugging it off, she turned back to the book but realized the book was gone from her hands.

"Hello Lovegood…" Luna then sighed but looked up with a dreamy smile on her face at the people who took her book.

"Hello Draco…I do believe I was reading that book… I would like to have it back" Luna sat their waiting patiently for him to lay the book on the table. Draco was across the table from her, behind him were his bodyguards, Crabbe and Goyle. The two men snickered but Draco just kept a hard serious gaze at her.

"And what is so interesting about this book?" Draco asked. Luna just looked at him and replied politely.

"If you must know, that book talks about the relics of the founders of Hogwarts… Now I know you have no interest in reading a book, so I would suggest returning that to me" Luna continued to look at him with a dreamy expression but the tone of her voice when delivering that line was serious.

"Oh? And just cause I'm not a Ravenclaw, means I don't like reading books? I'll have you know that Salazar was also a very educated man" Draco commented. Luna smiled and stood up. Noticing how tall he was compared to her.

"But of course, I do not doubt that he was educated, he was a professor after all… But let me remind you that Lady Rowena is the wisest of the four founders and would gladly outsmart him" Luna said smugly but her face still holds that dreamy face. Draco glared at her comment on his house's founder. He then turned his back at her and walked towards the library entrance. With the book still in his hand.

"Draco, my book" Luna called out to him, which she then received a shush from Madam Pince. Draco turned his head back at her with a smirk. Holding up the book.

"You can get this later after I'm done with it" He then exited out the door with Crabbe and Goyle, heading back to their common room. Luna just stood there, feeling angry and disappointed. Angry that Draco took something she was reading, and disappointed that she was not able to finish it.

"Well that was rather rude of him…" She then looked around the library. Sighing, knowing that she just lost the book that took up her interest, she then decided to head to her common room as well.