Message from the Author:

"Hello everyone, I would like to thank those who have been following, favoring, as well as commenting on my fan-fiction, "The House Relics". As you can tell from how I wrote this, I am a huge Slytherclaw shipper and my top HP ships are anyone from the Slytherin or Ravenclaw house, put together. But to be more specific, I ship Luna and Draco [Obviously from this fan-fiction], Rowena and Salazar, and The Grey Lady and The Bloody Baron. I find those ships to be interesting and I would say they are the kind of ships that contain people who are very intellectual and that they have their own little world and that only they themselves can understand one another. Also that they could end in tragedy, which gives it a more deeper relationship.

Thank you to those who are commenting, especially those who have been commenting on every chapter every so often [You know who you are]. I find it very uplifting and I am glad to know you ship them as well.

For future fan-fictions, I think I will be sticking to one-shots for a while,until I can think of a storyline that will end up in chapters. It's because this one is actually my first ever longest story, which contains 11 chapters, as compared to "Why Does This Happen To Us", which was just 4 chapters. I am not mentally tired from this and with school, so I will be focusing on studies rather than writing another fanfiction for a while. But rest assure, I will be writing a one-shot sometime soon.

In the meantime, THANK YOU again for all the support in this one and I hope to write for you all soon.

Love you all and have a good day!