This is a warning for everyone who are about to read this story.

A Royal Duty is a story about an arranged marriage between a Prince and a Princess, taking place in an imaginary country sometime during the 16th century.
It's not based on real history from any country, and I would like to call it an angsty fairytale.

Romance is not a central part of the story. (But an HEA will happen)

I have taken inspiration from the book The Other Boleyn Girl, the show The Tudors, the plot started as an idea I got from the song "This is my idea" from The Swan Princess.

Now for the WARNING!
I made the decision to make the Princess a VERY young bride, which in turn means that there are several times in the story where sex between an 18-year-old and 13-year-old is implied.

I need you to understand that I do NOT agree with child marriage or sex with a child in this day and age, but the fact remains that this sort of thing happened back then, and this story is not a Disney fairytale where pretty much every Princess is 16 when they get married.
I wanted the story to have a few realistic parts, and there is a reason as for why the Princess is so young when she marries.

If this sort of thing makes you uncomfortable, I don't believe this story is for you, but if you still want to read it, I promise you that I will put a warning above every chapter where the wedding night is implied.

Also, of course, I have not written a lemon for the wedding night. Everyone has a limit and writing a lemon between a child bride and her teenage husband is way past it!