ben and gwen and Magister Labrid are at the train station and they are watching the forever knights doing a arms deal wit kevin who is ben and gwens arch enemy and suddenly they hear a gun shot and kevins head explodes and than the skull fragments blood cover the forever knight near kevin and than the forever knights are looking for were the shot came from and suddenly they see ben and gwen and Labrid and they start firing and some charge at them but than more shots are heard and more forever knights go down and than they hear a crash and they see a person land on one of the forever knights that were on the ground but still alive and the person throws something at ben and gwen and labrid ben and gwen brace themselves while labrid jumps away but than labrid gets hit by a rocket and goes flying with it and than ben and gwen lock and see that the person threw a device that is making a shield to protect them and than ben and gwen look around and say where is labrid and tan they hear a loud explosion and the guy on the foreverknight says that is where labrid is and than he walks up to gwen and ben and asks them if they are all right and they ask him who he is and he says my code name is mister death and at the same time is picking up something near kevins body and is collecting a vial of blood and than ben and gwen ask him what is he doing and he says I am collecting all the info kevin knew and he says lets check if your guy is all right but with tat size of explosion I think he is not all right and from the direction that explosion came from I think it hit a building with a sign that had a cup like person on it and than ben screams no and falls to his knees and starts to pound the ground say why why why ! and than mister death says that place their smoothies tasted like dog shit and I would know because of some of my buddies got me drunk one time and switched out my drink with a cup of dog shit and gwen goes ewww I did not need to hear that and ben is glaring at mister death for saying mister smoothies shakes taste like dog shit and than gwen changes the subject and asks mister death what group he is with and he says MSF and that the reason he was at the gun trade deal was some of his groups weapons were stolen by kevin and that he need to either get them back or destroy them because if the forever knights got them there would be trouble and now he has gotten the weapons back and info from kevin except for the one rocket that destroyed mister smoothies