Gwen walks out of the room and she sees korse and he stops and she says what! and he says you have some white stuff around your mouth and chin and she wipes it off with her hand and she licks it clean and she says thanks and than korse asks her if she has extra clothing for herself and for ben and she said no and korse than says if you want I can have somebody take you to your house to get some clothing and she says yes and korse hands her a small robot and says this will pack everything for you and it can carry everything if you need it to and Gwen says thanks korse and she goes to the elevator and pushes the button to the main garage and sees one of the bouncers standing by a black SUV and he says ah agent Tennyson I will be your driver for today and he opens the door for her and waits for her to get in and as soon as she gets in the door shuts and Gwen asks the bouncer what is his name and he says my name is victor Darius and he says do you need me to come in to help you and she says no but you can come in if I yell for you and they stop at her house and she gets out and she goes to the door of her house and opens and she hears what are you doing young lady and she sees her father and mother and she says I am just getting some clothes and I am going to a friends house and than Gwen parents say no you are not you are probably going to spread your legs to your cousin and whoever pays you like the slut you are and Gwen says how did you find out and her parents said you left some of your pictures laying around and Gwen says I had them locked up and they say they picked the lock and that now she is there they are going to deal with her and Gwen shouts Darius and the door is kicked in and than two gunshots are heard and Gwen parents drop to the ground and Gwen sees victor and she asks are they dead and he says no they are just stun and that it will wear off in 3 hours so you better get your stuff ready and use the robot korse gave you to get everything you need and Gwen says okay and turns on the robot and she tells it to get her stuff and it moves and it goes looking for her stuff and darius makes a call to korse and says you are going to have to come to Gwen house because her parents tried to attack her and I had to use the Gorgon bullets so you are going to have to clean up here and don't tell ben until you get him in a area he won't escape till he cools down and korse says okay how do you want me to make it look and Darius says do whatever you like but don't kill them and than Darius hears his name and he says korse I will have to let you go and he sees Gwen and he asked if she has everything and she says yes I even have my birth certificate and Darius says good and says I had to make a call to korse to get some stuff if you need it and he than says lets go and get out of here before the bullets wear off and she says okay scene changes korse is talking ben he says ben I have get going I need to pick up some stuff and korse walks away and he goes to the elevator and he pushes the down button and the elevator opens and he walks in and than pushes the button for the main garage and the doors shut and the elevator goes down till it opens at the g1 floor and there is a car already set up for him and he gets in and pulls out of the garage and he drives towards Gwen house and he goes to the door and opens it and sees Gwen parents on the floor still and he says you two have really screwed up big time if I was called in to clean up and he starts to work scene changes back to Gwen and Darius darius says Gwen I will take you to bens parents house if you want and Gwen says yes but somebody has to tell ben what happen and Darius says yes but I will make sure the person is wearing a cup just in case and Gwen says okay and Darius says here is your stop and I will be outside if you need me and Gwen says thanks while getting out of the SUV and she goes to the door and starts knocking on it and the door opens and Gwen sees her aunt Sandra and she asking Gwen what happen and she says my parents found out I am dating ben and they kicked me out but before that tried to attack me and Sandra shouts Carl get in here and a voice comes from inside saying what is happening and Sandra shouts your brother and his wife just tried to attack Gwen and the voice goes WHAT! and Carl runs to the door and says Gwen are you okay and Gwen says yes and I had a friend with me that stop them he is right outside and they asked if he could come in and Gwen says yes and she shouts Darius get in here but don't use the stun bullets and he does and says yes Gwen and Gwen says they want to thank you and Bens parents say thank you and Darius says okay and he goes to back outside to wait and than Sandra asks Gwen if she needs somewhere to stay and she says no a friend of mine is letting me crash in his apartment till I find a place and they say if you don't find a place you can stay and than Darius comes back in and says Gwen we have to get back because ben found out what happen and he is pissed he just kneed a newbie in the crotch and so we have to get back and Gwen says oh shit and she heads to the SUV and says to ben parents she will call them later and they say make sure ben does not do anything stupid and also try to not make them grandparents so soon and Gwen blushes at that and shuts the door and the SUV drives back to the club and than it gets to the nebula M78 and they go in and go to the elevator and they push the down button and the elevator opens and they get in and the elevator goes down and they see ben being held in armlock by korse and they hear stop struggling ben I don't want to hurt you even if kneed me in the crotch thank goodness I have a cup built in my armor and the other guy you kneed was a Dick that deserved it and than Gwen shouts Ben what are you doing kicking people in the balls or using your knee and ben says they tried to stop me from visiting your parents after what they tried to do you and than korse says I handled it and because it looks like you need to vent some of your anger so I will let you go on a mission I was suppose to do and Gwen says thanks for letting us take over your mission and korse says you are welcome and take the trans-am it has all the stuff you will need for the mission plus medical supplies if you need them and Gwen says thanks and she says Ben will you stop struggling so korse will let you go and we can start getting ready for the mission and ben says yes and korse lets him go and they go to the p garage to get the trans-am and they see area where they can get prepared for missions and they decide to stock up on some items and they than get in the trans-am and start it and they see a small computer screen and they turn it on and they see different icons and they click on the mission briefing one and they see what korse was suppose to do and see that they have to get a arms dealer that worked with Kevin before kevin was killed and see he could have back up and they drive out of the garage scene changes korse is in his apartment walking towards his com room and says I am glad my computer saved xylene phone number and he goes in and he walks to the main computer and he says computer call xylene and than a dialing tone starts and than xylene says hi Ben and Gwen and than she sees that it's not her grandchildren and she says you are korse and korse says the reason I called is ben and Gwen have a problem at the moment that I had to fix for them and xylene says what happen to my grandchildren and korse says Gwen parents tried to attack her plus they kicked her out and a agent from our group was there just in case if something happened and he used some are statue bullets that makes whoever is hit by them they can't move and he helped her get all of her stuff out of there and than I got called in to fix the problem I made it look like they got drunk and they tried to shoot a person walking by their house and the person was one of our agents and so no civilians were hurt just I did this because of some of the stuff they were thinking about that they were planning on doing to Gwen just made me furious with them so they are in jail at the moment just I was asking how long is it going to take you to get here and she says I will be there in six days that is the fastest I can do at the moment and she than says tell ben and Gwen I send my love to them and he says I will do that xylene and he than turns off the phone to disconnect it and than he says I hope ben and Gwen can handle the mission scene changes ben and Gwen are watching the gun runner and see some DNA aliens and they go in to fight them and ben throws the tornado in a can and causes some of them to smack into the ceiling and the gunrunner attacks Gwen and ben sees that and fights the gun runner and he beats it to bloody pulp and he sees Gwen is injured so he uses the prisoner capture device and it turns him into a action figure and he picks up Gwen and takes her to the trans-am and he grabs the medkit from the back and sees that it has a scanner to check for internal injuries and he uses it and sees that the only injuries are the cut on the shoulder and a cut on her forehead and some bruising on her chest and stomach and he uses the smelling salts to wake Gwen up and she groans and tries to get up and part of shirt slides down and she says damn that was my favorite shirt and ben helps her up and says lets see if korse has some extra shirts and also you will have to put on a new bra because the one you are wearing one of the straps looks like it got cut but first we have to put a bandage and some cream on your cut and he helps her take off the shirt and bra and puts some antibacterial cream on the cut and some spray that suppose to speed up healing than a bandage and than he says now we can look for the shirt even if I like seeing your breasts right now Gwen and Gwen says you are the only one that gets to touch them and they walk to the trunk and ben says Gwen I found a tshirt that will fit you here it is and Gwen gasps and says what the hell ben as she points at the tshirt it shows a big breasted women bathing in a magical pool and ben says that is the only shirt in your size unless you want to wear a Japanese school girl outfit that comes with a backpack that says fook mi and some panties that say fook Yu and Gwen says hell no and ben hands her the tshirt and she puts it on and Gwen says ben do you have Joel and Camille phone number and he says yes and Gwen says good because we need to call them to tell them that grandpa is missing and now we have to get the prisoner back to base and I know you are angry ben about what my parents did also you are going to have to apologize to korse and also the newbie and that we can work off some of the steam once we get to the base if you want to and ben says yes I do and Gwen says good we can call them later