Hey, this is my first attempt at a Once fic, I used to right stories for CSI:NY but it's been a long time and I'm a little rusty when it comes to writing, but one of them was a whole bunch of family fluff oneshots about my favourite couple on the show and I think this is what this story is going to be too, lots of CaptainSwan, family and fluff! I really hope you all enjoy it and I look forward to writing the next chapter :)

Ideas for chapters are always welcome!

(I've had to re-upload this as I was so excited to post it, I forgot to read back through it and after reading it once it was up I realised I'd made an awful lot of mistakes!)

Killian smiled as he watched his 3 year old daughter Charlotte having a tea party with her dolls on a picnic blanket in the garden. He loved the imagination she had already and he also loved the fact she was dressed in her Uncle Neal's old pirate costume with a princess crown sat proudly on her head. This was his daughter all over, a perfect mix of him and her mother. Their little pirate princess. He watched as she picked up one of her dolls, her favourite which she'd named Molly and carried it over to him.

"Daddy" she said as she placed the doll on his lap "Molly's feeling sad"

"Why is Molly feeling sad?" Killian replied with a look of concern on his face for the poor doll.

"Because she's sad for you Daddy"

"Sad for me?" Killian asked confused as he pulled his daughter on to his lap.

"Because we're all over there having fun at our tea party and you're now all on your own cos Mommy went to work with Grandpa"

"Oh Lottie" Killian smiled as he kissed the top of her head "I'm okay, I'm enjoying watching you having your tea party"

"But you can come and join us if you want too?" Charlotte looked up at him with hopeful eyes.

"Aye, Love that sounds like an even better idea than sat here watching" Killian told her, he hadn't wanted to go over before as he hated to interrupt her imaginative play as it was one of his favourite things to watch, his daughter in her own little world.

Charlotte slid of his lap and grabbed his hand "Come, Daddy, you can sit with Molly if you like"

"I'd love to sit with Molly" he held the doll under his arm as he let his daughter drag him across the garden to where she'd been playing on her picnic blanket. Three other dolls sat around the blanket while the centre of it was filled with little purple plastic plates, cups and bowls and lots of plastic food which she'd recently got for her third birthday.

"Would you like some tea?" Charlotte asked him as they both sat down.

"Why that would be lovely" Killian replied with his posh voice on that he only ever used at pretend tea parties with his daughter. He placed Molly on his lap. "I think Molly would like some too"

"Oh of course" Charlotte replied in the same posh voice as her father "Sugar?"

"Two for me please, but none for Molly"

"Okay" Charlotte put three plastic cups in front of her and pretended to pour the tea from the teapot, she then pretended to put sugar in both her and her father's cup before passing one of to him. "Is it nice?"

He took a sip and grinned at her "Delicious"

She giggled as she grabbed a plastic piece of cake and put it on a plate in front of him "Grandma Snow says you can never have tea without cake"

"Is that so?"

Charlotte nodded "Yep, she said cake and tea were one of the best things ever invented!"

"Aye, I think she might be right there, especially about the cake"

"Chocolate cake is the best, isn't it?"

"I'm quite partial to a slice of rum cake" he replied "but yes, chocolate cake is just as lovely"

"I don't like rum cake!"

"No I know, it's an acquired taste, perhaps as you get older you'll learn to enjoy it more" he replied as he pretended to take a bite from his cake "This cake is good though"

"It's chocolate of course it is" she giggled. She then proceeded to get up and make her way over to the wooden pirate ship that Killian had insisted she had for her recent birthday. Marco had kindly offered to make it for them and Killian couldn't believe how much like his beloved Jolly Roger it looked like when it was complete.

"Arghhh!" Charlotte yelled as she jumped aboard her ship "I'm the Captain!"

"And there I was thinking I was the Captain" Killian laughed as he got up and made his way over to the small ship.

"No Daddy, you're the Captain of your Jolly Roger, I'm the Captain of the little Jolly Roger"

Killian smiled, he loved the fact that Marco had named this ship the 'Little Jolly Roger' it gave him just that one extra thing to bond with his daughter over. "Do I have permission to step aboard?"

"Of course" Charlotte replied as she climbed up the ladder to the Captain's wheel. "We're off to the 'chanted forest!" The enchanted forest was a place she'd never been but a place she had been dying to see since she first heard about it. She loved listening to the stories her parents, Grandparents and the rest of the town had about the magical place and every year she asked to visit for her birthday but her parents had always told her no, it was too dangerous. She wasn't scared of the danger though, even at three thought it would be an amazing adventure to see where her grandparents and the rest of the town had once lived.

"And what shall we do when we arrive?" Killian asked as he sat on the side of the wooden ship.

"Something fun"

"And what would that be?"

She thought for a moment before he face lit up in excitement "We can ride a horse!"

Killian laughed "Lottie, you know we can find a horse here and ride it, don't you?"

Charlotte nodded "Henry told me he'd take me riding one day but it won't be as magical as riding in the 'chanted forest will it?"

"Of course it will be" Killian told her as he went over and picked her up "Riding a horse here is the same as riding a horse anywhere" he stepped out of the ship and carried her over to the chair he was previously sat on. He sat back down and placed her on his lap "I promise you when you're older, much older me and your Mother will take you to the enchanted forest but for now you'll have to make do with Storybrooke"

"Storybrooke's not all bad" she replied as she snuggled into his chest "Least we got magic here"

"That's very true" he grinned "No where else has magic like we do"

"And we still have the Jolly Roger here"

"Aye, maybe we can take her out this weekend with Mommy, how does that sound?"

Charlottes face lit up with joy "That sounds amazing, Daddy!"

"I thought you'd say that" Killian smiled as the kissed the top of her head "Now how about we go indoors and have some lunch before paying your Mother and Grandpa a visit at work?"

Charlotte nodded "Yes, can we have cake?"

"Maybe we can have a slice of cake after are sandwich" Killian told her as he picked her up and carried her indoors.