Here is chapter 2 of my oneshots, I hope you all enjoy it :) I also just want to say a big thank you to Tif S for going over it for me, it means a lot! :) Hopefully I'll have chapter 3 up by Thursday at the latest :)

Emma stroked her daughter's soft blonde curls away from her sleeping face and pulled the blankets up over her. She placed a gentle kiss on her forehead before making her way over to the cabin's door. "Sleep tight Sweetie" she whispered as she closed the door and made her way back up to the top deck of the Jolly Roger. Where her husband stood at the ships wheel, the weather was warm so he'd taken off his leather jacket and was just in his black shirt and her favourite red vest. He hadn't noticed her appear back on deck yet and she stood for a moment watching him doing one of the things he loved most, sailing his ship. She could stand there all day and just watch him but she eventually began to make her way over to him.

"Is our little pirate princess over her dramatic meltdown now?" Killian asked as he finally noticed his wife's appearance as she made her way over to him. Charlotte very rarely had a meltdown but when she did everyone knew about it. This latest one was over the fact that Emma had made her cheese sandwiches for there picnic on board rather than jam. Even though both of them had asked her multiple times the night before what sandwich she had wanted and she had replied cheese every time.

"Yeah, we had a cuddle and I read her a story and she ended up falling asleep." Emma replied as she wrapped her arm around his waist.

"Sleeping?" he asked with a frown as he pulled her close to him. "Are we talking about the same lass? Because our lass doesn't know the meaning of sleeping during the day."

"I know, but Mom texted me this morning to say Neal had been up half the night being sick, so maybe she's coming down with that?"

"Aye, she has spent a fair bit of time in your brother's company recently"

"Yeah, she has." Emma smiled as she thought back to the day before when she'd spent the day with her Mother, they'd spent most of it in her parents garden watching the children playing. The weather had been warm too so Snow had even got the sprinkler out for them both to play in, which they had loved.

"Maybe I was right all along."

"About what?" Emma asked with a confused expression as she looked up at her husband.

"About us living on the Jolly Roger, I mean we wouldn't catch all this nasty sickness if it was just us three on here in the middle of the ocean."

"Don't you think it would get incredibly lonely though?"

"What with you as company?" he smiled with a raised eyebrow. "I can think of lots of things to help cure loneliness with you"

Emma laughed "I don't think any of the things you have in mind are appropriate for a three year old! Anyway, I want her to catch the viruses and the illnesses. As much as it sucks for her and us, she needs to build up her immune system."

"That's true"

"Anyway, how do you propose we fit all our belongings on this ship if we did decide to move?" Emma asked him with a grin.

"We'd have to leave some on land, maybe sell bits on that place that you and your Mother like to look at on the interweb thing."


"Aye, that'd be the one"

"You really think Lottie would part with any of her toys? Or even her clothes? They'd take up a cabin on the ship all by themselves!"

"Aye and we only have your parents to thank for that one."

"I know, I guess they feel like they're making up for me. Buying Lottie all the dresses, shoes and toys helps them with the fact that they never got to buy them for me."

"I know, Love" Killian replied as he placed a kiss on the top of her head. "She looks gorgeous in all her dresses as I'm sure you would have done as a child."

"I've no idea how or where she is meant to wear them all though?"

Hook laughed "Well with the size of your family tree and with all our friends in town I think she'll have a few birthday parties she can wear them too."

"That's true" she smiled.

A comfortable silence settled over the pair and Emma untangled herself from her husband's arms and made her way over to the side of the ship, she looked down into the green murky water which also contained a slight sparkle to it from where the sun hit it, it looked a lot more welcoming today than it did the night they travelled to Neverland. She remembered how she had jumped off to stop her family from arguing on that trip. It had worked, they had stopped to save her but she still couldn't believe she had done it, risked her life and potentially Henry's just too stop an argument. There was no guarantee anyone would have saved her and the weather was so awful that night and the water was freezing, she shivered just thinking about it. She was lucky that she had people who loved her and managed to save her from the sea.

"What are you thinking about, Love?" Killian asked from his wheel.

"Our trip to Neverland" she replied as she turned around and leant against the side of the ship "It seems so long ago now."

"Aye it does. I hate Neverland but it'll always be a special place to me as that's where we shared our first kiss."

"That we did. The kiss that was meant to be a one time only thing!" she laughed with amusement, she should have guessed even back then that it would never had been a one time thing.

"Yeah, that didn't go to plan, did it?" he smirked. "Although my plan worked out."

Emma frowned as she pushed of the side and made her way back over to him "And what was that?"

"I won your heart, like I told you I would. There was no trickery, I won it because you wanted me." He grinned as he wrapped his arm around her again once more.

"It took some time but yes, you definitely won my heart." she smiled as she leaned up to give him a kiss.

He kissed her back and put his hand against her cheek, softly rubbing it with his thumb while she wrapped her arms around his neck "I love you Mrs Jones." he mumbled into her lips between kisses.

She pulled away from him but kept her arms around his neck and rested her forehead on his "And I love you too."

"I know" he smiled "It's hard not too, I mean I am so devilishly handsome."

She laughed as she leant up and kissed his cheek "You'll always be my devilishly handsome pirate who has a big ego."

"Ego?" he frowned "I don't have an ego!"

"Oh believe me, you do but it's okay, I love you and your ego."

"As long as you love me that's all that matters to me, Swan."

"Good" she grinned "I should probably go and check on Lottie, unless you want to?"

"And leave you at the wheel of the Jolly Roger?"

"I think I've had enough lessons to be able to steer her in open waters." she told him proudly as she took his hand and played with the ring on his finger, twisting it round "I learnt from the best captain I know"

"Aye that you did. Okay, I'll go and check on her but call me if you need me." He told her, he slowly removed his hand from hers and kissed her temple.

"Will do" she smiled as she watched him walk across the deck to check on their daughter who was sleeping below. She couldn't believe how lucky she was to have him in her life, he had completely changed since the first time she met him when all he was interested in was revenge and probably any woman he could get his hands on. Now though, he was a gentleman who only had eyes for her, loved his family, even Henry who he look upon as a son and she couldn't thank him enough for that. Henry had never really had a father figure in his life and the time that he did was short but Killian had stepped up and became the father he needed, but he also made sure that Henry's real Father, Neal was never forgotten.

She'd often catch her boys together discussing Neal and she'd hear Killian telling stories to Henry about his father which she knew that Henry loved. He had even found a couple of Neal's belongings on the Jolly Roger which had been left behind after their Neverland trip, which he had wrapped up and given to Henry on his birthday a few years ago.

She loved Killian and the man he had turned out to be. He had managed to go from a villain to a hero, and she knew that he had changed for her, for their future. She honestly couldn't be prouder of him.