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Emma sat crossed legged on a bench at what she had many years ago began to call the tree house park, the park that her and Henry had spent plenty of time at discussing many of their secret operations. Now though she sat watching her two children play, although Henry wasn't much of a child any more, he was 17 and on the cusp of adulthood. He would always be her child though, she smiled as she watched him try to catch his sister as she ran around the small park.

She couldn't believe how grown up both her children were becoming, it didn't seem five minutes ago that Charlotte was a tiny baby in arms and now here she was, just turned three and quickly loosing that toddler look. She watched as she ran around the park, her neat plaits which Emma had done in her hair that morning were flailing behind her and were starting to come loose. Emma didn't mind though, that was her Charlotte all over, her little tomboy, as much as she would argue that she loved all things pink and sparkly and how much she wanted to be a princess when she was older, Emma knew that there was no way to deny that she was the daughter of a pirate. She was always covered in something whether it be mud, food or grass stains. Her hair, how ever lovely Emma did it that morning would never stay neat for long and one of Charlotte's all time favourite activities was climbing, the higher she could climb the better but thankfully for both her parents, at three that wasn't very high at all.

Emma had thoroughly enjoyed her pregnancy with Charlotte, it had been completely different from Henry's. For one, this time she was surrounded by people she loved and who loved her and Emma herself was at a much better place in her life than what she was when she was pregnant with Henry. She never regretted having Henry, although she was in a bad place and she had given him up, he would always be that one thing that connected her to her first love, Neal and that was something she'd forever be thankful for.

She noticed that the siblings had now moved on to the swings, Henry was pushing Charlotte who was squealing with delight. Emma loved the bond the two of them shared.

"Mommy look at me!" Charlotte shouted from the swing.

"I see you, lovebug" Emma replied "You're going so high!"

"Don't worry, Mom, I won't let her go to high" Henry told her.

"I know, Kid" she smiled at him warmly.

He was such a kind, respectful young man, which she knew she could take none of the credit for, that was all Regina's doing. She'd some how managed to teach him everything he needed to become a well rounded young man while also being the Evil Queen.

She thought back to how much her relationship with Regina had changed, they'd hated each other when she had first arrived in town but now they referred to each other as family with Charlotte even calling her 'Auntie Regina'. Emma had to laugh though as they'd always technically been family, Regina was her step-grandmother, which was weird to Emma seeing as she was Henry's adoptive Mother.

One thing Emma knew for sure was she'd never understand her family tree, it was a very complicated and entwined tree, she knew Henry knew all the ins and outs of it, he'd spent weeks studying it. She on the other hand just liked to keep things simple, she had a Mom and Dad, a little brother, her husband and her children and that's all she needed to know about her family tree.

She saw that Charlotte and Henry were now sat on the top of the tree house looking through his famous story book, more than likely reading Charlotte's favourite story from it of Prince Charles and Princess Leia.


Turning around she saw her husband making his was over to her "What are you doing here?" she asked with a curious look.

"Well it got rather quiet at the station and your Father decided that there needn't be two of us there, so he sent me home for the afternoon" he told her as he sat down next to her and planted a soft kiss on her lips. "I then remembered you saying you were going to be bringing our little lass down here, so I decided to come down and see if I could find you."

"And here I am." she replied

"Aye, I see Charlotte is enjoying some time with Henry."

"Yeah, they've been having a lovely time together, he's so good with her and she adores him."

"Of course she does, he's a good lad, he will make a fine father one day when he meets the right lady."

"I hope so" Emma smiled as she looked over at her son. She hoped one day that he'd find true love just as she and his grandparents had. She had thought for a time a while back that he had found something with Violet but that seemed to have fizzled out quite quickly which she had put down to their young age at the time.

"He will, just give the lad time."

"Yes, he's still only young, plenty of time yet for him to find someone."

"And whoever she may be, she better be a brave woman."

"Why's that?" Emma asked with a frown.

"Because she has to prove her self to you and Regina. I don't envy anyone who has to prove themselves to both of you!"

"Hey, I'm nice."

"Of course love, I never said you weren't but I also know how fiercely protective you are over both of your children and that's what I meant when I said they had to prove themselves. Prove that they can be trusted with Henry and not hurt him."

Emma nodded as she turned her attention back to her children, who were still looking over Henry's story book. "They love that book" she sighed, changing the subject as she leant into her husband and rested her head on his shoulder.

"It must be lovely to have a book that contains your whole family's history" Killian replied as he rested his head on hers and watched Henry and Charlotte together.

The couple sat at watched the two siblings looking at the story for the next few minutes before Charlotte looked around to find her Mother "Daddy!" she squealed when she noticed him on the bench with her Mom. She climbed off the tree house and ran over to the couple "Daddy, I thought you had to work with Grandpa today?"

"I did, but he knew I was missing my favourite little pirate princess so he let me finish early so I could spend some time with you" he smiled as he picked her up and sat her on his lap.

"Hey Killian" Henry said as he came over to join the little family of three.

"Hello lad, have you been having a good day?"

"Of course, any day spent with this little monkey is a good day" Henry laughed as he ticked the back of Charlotte's neck causing her to squirm.

Charlotte giggled as she managed to move herself out of Henry's reach before turning her attention back to her Father "Oh Daddy, guess what?"

"What my love?"

"Henry gave me a tattoo today!" she told him proudly as she attempted to pull up the sleeve of her jumper.

"A tattoo?!" Killian asked with shock as he looked at Henry and then over to his wife "You allowed him to tattoo our three year old?"

"No" Emma laughed "It's just a transfer one, it's put on with water"

"And it comes off with water too" Henry informed him "a few baths and it'll be gone"

"Look, see" Charlotte who had managed to pull up her sleeve showed her Father the small crocodile tattoo which was on the inside of her forearm.

"Oh, I love it" he told her as he still tried to get his head round the idea of a tattoo for a child. "Did it have to be a crocodile though?" he asked as he looked over at Emma.

"It was the only one, it came in a candy packet that Henry picked up for her" Emma replied.

"Can I go play again now, Mommy?" Charlotte asked as she slid of Killian's lap.

"Sure, ten more minutes though, okay? Then we need to go home so I can get dinner started"

"Okay" Charlotte grinned as she grabbed Henry's hand and pulled him back to the tree house where they left the story book.

"Just promise me one thing?" Killian said once Charlotte and Henry had walked off.

"What's that?" Emma asked.

"That Gold never see's that tattoo. I know we've settled are differences of sorts but I still don't want him to think my daughter is sporting some sort of badge of honour for him"

Emma laughed as she rested her head back on his shoulder "I promise I won't let him see it"

"Good" he smiled as he kissed the top of her head.