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This story started with the author playing Kingdom Hearts for the second time through and realizing that Riku is not, in fact, the biggest jerk in existence, but a very cool and sympathetic character that she loved!  Some sixteen chapters, 40,000 words, and 126 pages later, I give you fatalis in its entirety.

fatalis first evolved from the "secret" trailer at the end of the game ("Another Side, Another Story") and the City of Darkness featured there, along with a bunch of Latin terms that I have to credit for to the Latin Dictionary and Grammar Aid at the Notre Dame University site.  (You can find the link in my profile.)

Avarielle was actually not part of my original ideas at all.  But as soon as I put her in, the story just took off in my brain quicker than I could type.  I don't care if she's a little bit of a Mary Sue—I love her!  (You really wouldn't believe how much I love Riku and Ava considering what I did in the next to last chapter, huh?)  She did have a Key, she did use magic, Riku (eventually) did love her, but I really tried to build her character into someone that people could understand, respect, and—just maybe—even like.  The ending (with Ava carrying Riku's baby) I had been thinking about for the past few weeks.  It's what I really wanted to happen, so I'm sorry for all of you anti-OC people.  I am a Sora x Kairi person, and I wanted Riku to be happy at the end…^.^

The last chapter of fatalis was based on the {deep dive} ending found in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix—which I did not know existed until downloading it halfway through writing this story.  That thing is as confusing, if more so, than the bonus we got in America.  Yeah, I'm gonna die soon if I can't play KH2. ;_;

Ohh, and I know it might have been confusing with all the stuff about Light and Darkness and Keys and blah blah blah, but I tried to be creative with that.  I hope I communicated my thoughts effectively, but that would be a rare thing indeed.  And…yeah.  Oh!  And I kinda suck at anything but angst, so that's why I didn't have as much action as I originally intended.  I really tortured my characters, didn't I?  -_-;

I think I'll wrap it up here, starting with a big thank you for Square and Disney for the game, Utada Hikaru and Yoko Shimomura for the music—as well as the composers and performers of all other music I listened to while writing or thinking about the story.  And, of course, a huge thanks for my readers/reviewers.  I maintain that I would write if I had a hundred readers or zero (which I did, for a long time; I wrote for myself only), but y'all are such a nice lil' bonus.  Writing is a huge part of me, and it really warms my heart to know that, somewhere in the world, someone else is enjoying my stories too.

If you're wondering, I have no other KH stories in the works right now.  I am going to return to my epic Zelda story, Lost Dreams, after at least a year and a half O.o  Two of my best friends read it and are now rabid fans, and I promised them I'd take it up again.  I've also gotta finish Vunajan du Sa, my FFX story, before the sequel comes out and laughs at my plot.  I do hope to write KH again someday, though.

Well… I guess that's it.  I feel a little sad, wrapping up this story.  *sniff*  Thank you again for reading.  I love you all!  ^_^