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Natsu silently followed his blond haired professor as she led him to the headmaster's office once more, his eyes planted firmly on her ass. 'I've been going to his office a lot haven't I?' The wizard thought to himself absently, amused at just how accurate such a statement was, this was what? The third time he's had to go to see Ozpin since coming to Beacon? That's more than most students visited the headmaster in their whole time at the academy and he did it in his first semester.

"You are making quite the habit of causing trouble don't you Mr. Xiao Long?" Goodwitch asked her most troublesome student.

Natsu shrugged, "It keeps things interesting."

The blonde rolled her eyes at the explanation, it sounded so much like what his uncle or father would say during their time in school that she wasn't even phased. The two did not speak again until they reached the headmaster's office.

"Enter." Ozpin's voice called out. "Ah, Glynda what can I- oh, Mr. Xiao Long, what happened."

"You make it sound like I go around causing problems."

"Do not pretend you do not." Ozpin scolded the teen, "Now what happened?"

Goodwitch was quick to explain, "We came here because team CRDL released a swarm of Rapier Wasps to attack teams RWBY, JNPR, and Mr. Xiao Long, one managed to sting Ms. Rose causing a severe allergic reaction nearly resulting in her death."

Ozpin's eyes widened in shock and horror at the news, "If that is the case, where is team CRDL? They must be held accountable."

"They are currently in the hospital wing while their leader is being looked over." Goodwitch answered Ozpin.

"I thought you said it was Ms. Rose was the one in need of medical attention, why is Mr. Winchester being looked over?" Ozpin questioned.

Goodwitch coughed into her hand, "It would seem that in the time between the release of the wasps and my learning of the event, Mr. Xiao Long was able to use his Semblance to heal his sister and brought it upon himself to track down Mr. Winchester and… express his displeasure at his actions." The blond haired professor explained.

Ozpin turned to star at the pink haired teen that stood before him across his desk, the constant movements of the countless gears that resided in his office tower the only thing keeping them from being engulfed in silence. "Are you going to explain yourself?" He asked, "Attempt to defend your actions?"

Natsu shook his head, "No, Goodwitch told you what happened, and I don't regret what I did."

Ozpin's gaze hardened, "You attacked a classmate, you could have caused permanent damage to his body and mind."

"I taught a wanna be murderer that his actions have consequences and that he isn't nearly as strong or powerful as he likes to believe." Natsu shot back, "Besides, I knew what I was doing. There won't be any long term effects from what I did." The spell he used was designed so that after the target was removed from the spell's effects they would not remember the pain beyond the fact that there was pain. No crippling fear of fire, no nerve damage beyond what a week of rest could cure, no PTSD, nothing but a fear of the caster and being subjected to the spell again.

By now the look Ozpin was giving his fellow wizard would have made a lesser man break out into a cold sweat or have a small nervous breakdown, but Natsu met it with indifference. "There will be repercussions for your actions Mr. Xiao Long." Ozpin told him seriously.

"I'll take them without regret." Nothing could be worse than that after all.

Ozpin gave a deep sigh at his student's nonchalance, "You do not seem to understand the severity of what I'm talking about."

"Oh yeah? What did I miss?"

Ozpin sighed, "The part where one of those attacked has a history of assaulting the offender and no neutral parties being present at the time of the incident." He explained, "Neither we nor the police can take your word at face value Mr. Xiao Long. The Winchesters are a highly respected family and they have numerous connections in every level of government in the kingdom, that in tandem with the history you two share will result in the case being dropped at best and you being charged with assault of the child of a high standing family at worst."

"We had the heiress of the Schnee Dust company, the only son of the Arc family, and a world famous celebrity witness the event headmaster. I'd like to see what connections the Winchester's have that can top all three of their words along with my own." The slayer snarled.

"You also have your twin who has an outstanding criminal record for assault and property damage." Goodwitch told him.

"Those charges were dropped when they found out those injured had connections to smuggling rings." Natsu shot back, "If anything Yang being there just gives more credit to Cardin being guilty."

"Mr. Xiao Long." Ozpin said seriously, "It does not matter what witnesses or evidence you have, anything short of a confession or a video of the event will hold. The Winchesters as a whole are good people, but Cardin and his father both are some of the biggest believers of human supremacy in the kingdom and have both synthesizers that will vouch for them being upstanding citizens that can do no wrong, and enough money to blackmail more to give false testimony that will paint both you and your family in a bad light, which in turn will set up Mr. Winchester to be the victim." He explained.

"My father is a high ranking huntsman and one of the best teachers at Signal, my uncle is recognized as one of the best huntsmen alive second only to you on top of stopping over a dozen Grimm invasions of settlements outside the walls single handedly, and Ruby's only public marking is when she stopped a robbery and engaged a wanted criminal." Natsu pointed out, "How exactly do you paint people like that in a bad light?"

"By pointing out that your father has lost two wives and the damage it most of had on his psyche, that your uncle despite all he has done for Remnant as a whole is also a chronic drinker who has damaged Atlas military property multiple times and openly insults their top general, and by telling the court just how much property damage your sister caused when she engaged those robbers." Ozpin told him tiredly, "I understand that you are upset about this Mr. Xiao Long, but bringing this to the police or even expelling Mr. Winchester will only cause more trouble for everyone. You, your sisters, teams RWBY and JNPR, and Beacon as a whole." The headmaster continued.

"So you won't be doing anything." Natsu ground out, "You want this to just be swept aside and forgotten about."

"What I want and what I need to do are not the same thing." Ozpin almost snapped in response, "As much as it pains me to say it there are times when injustice must be left unpunished so that worse things do not happen." He tried to explain.

"Doing nothing is just as bad as doing something bad!" Natsu yelled back.

"Enough!" Ozpin slammed his fist onto his desk, his Aura briefly spiking, "I know that you are used to taking every problem you face and turning it into a pile of bones and ashes Xiao Long but things are not the same in places like Vale and situations like this. This is a kind of battle that you know nothing about and are to emotional and vindictive to understand so for once in your life listen to your elders and watch and possibly learn instead of smashing your fist into whatever has set you off!" Ozpin nearly yelled at the fire user to the shock of his second in command.

Taking a deep breath to regain his composure Ozpin waved the boy away, "Go to your sister Xiao Long. There is nothing more to discuss. Professor Goodwitch will inform you of your punishment when classes resume after the weekend.

Natsu growled at the dismissal and turned away but stopped halfway to the elevator, "Before I go Professor." He called civilly over his shoulder, "do you know anything about old religious artifacts or witches?"

From the corner of his eye Natsu saw the Headmaster stiffen at the question even as his face remained impassive, "There are many relics from old religions around Remnant." Ozpin brushed the question aside, "As for witches, they don't exist, magic is just a myth as are any supposed users of the power."

Natsu hummed at the response, while nearly anyone else would have been placated by Ozpin's words Natsu knew he was lying. Weak as Ozpin was compared to Natsu, and skilled at hiding his power to boot, Natsu could still feel the magic that Ozpin wielded under his Aura and the damaged magical core of someone far beneath the school. He hadn't noticed it the first time they had met at the police station, but after his talk with Acnologia Natsu had taken to searching much more thoroughly for magical signatures. "If you say so Headmaster." He made sure to express his opinion about Ozpin's words in his tone.

Ozpin's eyes were like steel, "Good day Mr. Xiao Long."

Glyda turned to her old friend and boss as soon as the metal doors closed behind the teen, her expression worried, "How could he know something like that Ozpin?" She asked, "Only the inner circle knows about the Relics and the Maidens!"

"Not only." Ozpin said solemnly.

The blonde's eyes widened in shock, "Ozpin, you can't really suspect that the boy has joined Salem?"

"I do not know Glynda. At the very least he must have had some kind of contact with her or her own inner circle to know about the Maidens and Relics." He sighed. He had suspected there was something insidious about the unreal power the boy wielded, now he had proof- shaky and circumstance as it was- that he was at the very least in contact with the Grimm queen.

"We need to call his father and Qrow." Glynda said firmly, "They need to know, maybe they can help us sort this out."

The ancient wizard nodded. Yes talking to the boy's father and uncle was the right thing to do, they deserved to know what the pink haired teen may have become.

"Stupid assholes," Natsu grumbled under his breath as he made his way to the hospital wing to check on his little sister. "How is she?" He asked the moment he opened the door to the medical wing of the school.

Yang was the one who answered him from her place by their sister's bed, their friends taking up various positions around the young reaper as well, "Not as bad as she could be. The nurse said whatever you did to her got rid of most of the venom but it will take a while for her body to flush the rest of it out, until then she's going to be tired, won't be able to keep much food down and may experience some vertigo but she'll wake up soon." She told her twin.

The Salamander sighed in relief "Good, last time this happened she was stuck in bed for a week."

"Actually the nurse wanted us to ask you something when you got here." Pyrrha spoke up.

"Hm? What?"

"What the hell did you do to Cardin?" She asked bluntly. "He's been knocked out since he came in, the nurse said he's completely out of Aura."

"Oh him? I set him on fire." Natsu waved it off.

Yang gaped at her twin in shock and a bit of horror, "What? But the nurse didn't say anything about him being burned, Brand what did you do?"

"I set him on fire." Natsu repeated himself, "I just didn't use normal fire. I used my Semblance to alter the fire I used so it only affected his nervous system, his Aura depleted itself trying to heal burns that were never there and he passed out from the pain." He explained.

"You can do that?" Jaune asked amazed.

"Semblances can be used in some pretty creative ways if their users put the time into learning some." Natsu nodded, "I mean Ruby has been experimenting with using hers to give herself temporary flight in combat and you already saw that I can do some pretty awesome stuff with mine."

"Moving on." Blake cut in, not wanting to be forced to remember what she saw in the forest of Forever Fall, "What did Ozpin say was going to happen to Cardin?"

Natsu's face darkened, "Nothing." He told them, "He said that because of his family's money and connections there was nothing any of the staff could do." He growled.

"WHAT!?" Yang screeched, "The bastard almost killed Ruby, and they're just going to let him get away with it!?"

"Trust me I said the same thing." Natsu told his blond haired twin, "Ozpin said that because Cardin and I have a history of violence with each other my word won't hold up in court, take that and your own counts of assault and it makes him look like some hapless victim instead of the racist ass he really is."

Here Weiss cut in with a question of her own, "What about my word? Or Pyrrha's or Jaune's or everyone else's?"

"He said that because of the Winchesters' standing in Vale Blake's, Nora's, and Ren's would mean jack. As for you three, it wouldn't matter. Apparently other than Cardin and his father the rest of the Winchesters are upstanding citizens with close ties to people on every level of Vale's government. The Schnee may hold weight in Vale, Vacuo, and Minstrel but they are a primarily Atlas family, and the Arcs and Pyrrha's fame really only reach into huntsmen circles not political ones… Well the Arcs might but not on the justice system, maybe military."

"Politics is both one of mankind's best creations and most irritating." Ren said calmly, "However this can work for us."

"How?" Yang demanded, her hair burning from her rage.

"The Winchesters may have connections that will protect Cardin, but they must also have an image to defend as well if they want to be able to keep those connections. If we can get Cardin to snap in front of a large group of people and pile on all we have against him at once, whoever is in charge of his house may just decide to cut his losses and throw Cardin to the wolves." Ren told them, "And as long as we don't touch him outside of combat classes we can do whatever we want to him until such a time comes."

Weiss slowly turned to face Nora, "I now understand what you see in him." The heiress told her.

"W-we're not like that!"She cried out. She was ignored.

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