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Chapter Eleven

"So we are supposed to meet Verde in the Tranquillo Rifugio Cafe today right?" asked Harry as he looked towards Blaise.

"Yes." Blaise nodded in agreement to Harry's words before a frown appeared on his face. "There's just one problem. The time was never stated."

Harry immediately stopped walking, his face completely blank. "Does that mean that we could be waiting in the cafe for hours with nothing to do?" Harry glared at the cafe in annoyance as though it had personally offended him. Striding forward, Harry opened the door to the cafe before peering inside. To his delight, he spotted green hair in the corner of the room.

Walking towards the owner of the hair, Harry was relieved to see that it was Verde. "Signore Verde."

Verde looked up at Harry before gesturing for him to sit down. Then pulling out a sheaf of papers from the briefcase besides him, Verde began to list out his terms. "I will run tests on you and your famiglia members for 3 times a week. In return, I will work with your famiglia for a year."

"Me and my famiglia members as long as they aren't averse to being tested." Stated Harry firmly. Verde could do whatever he wanted to him but as long as Harry lived, he would not allow those under his protection to suffer-not that he had anyone under his protection.

"Very well then. However I expect a top quality lab for me to work on my experiments." Verde could tell that Harry was not going to budge any further. With that in mind, he conceded and began to talk on the other terms.

"What is your famiglia called?" Harry was startled, he had never really put in any thought about the name of his famiglia. Grimacing slightly, he turned to look at Blaise, pleading inwardly for help. Blaise furrowed his brows, deep in thought. Realising that Blaise too had no idea, Harry stared out of the window waiting for inspiration to strike him. Meanwhile Verde was starting to look impatient.

"Ummm. Alba Famiglia!" Harry quickly came up with a name. This was a new start for him after all. Away from Britain, he was finally free. With that in mind, shouldn't his Famiglia's name reflect the beginning of his new life? Indeed, let the sun rise on his new famiglia, on new beginnings.

"I see. I expect to be head of your research department." Verde stated after a short pause.

Harry just laughed. "Of course, you can be whatever you want!" Blaise shook his head slightly at Harry's word. "Alba Famiglia? I like it."

"Where is your base located?"

"Umm-" Harry stammered again, he couldn't possibly offer the Zabini mansion! Fortunately for him, he was rescued by Blaise who came up with an appropriate response. "We will let you know later. The walls have ears."

"Very well then. I expect to hear from you soon." was Verde's reply as he jumped off his chair and left the cafe.

Harry nodded as he left the cafe with Blaise.

"Well shit, where am I supposed to get a base?" Running his fingers through his hair, Harry turned to Blaise panic clouding his mind.

Blaise just sighed, shaking his head. "Seriously, next time plan these things out first. Anyway, property and land would be one of the many things you inherited from your family. All you need to do is find one which isn't under claimed territory and you should be fine."

"You're a lifesaver." Flashing Blaise a thankful smile, Harry felt his worries drain away from him.

Blaise just hummed softly, his lips curving upwards in an amused smirk. "That's what you say now."

A bead of sweat trickled down Harry's face as he turned to face Blaise, chills running down his spine at the ominous words. "Blaise...?"

Unfortunately for Harry, his frantic plea was met with nothing but silence.

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