Chapter 13 Finding True Love

Ram, Ranger, Tank and Tony went into to the Rangeman building in Atlanta Georgia.

"Tony I want you to call for a meeting of the core members now!" Ranger snapped at them.

"Yes, boss" Tony went to gather the other members now while Ranger, Tank and Ram went into the conference room. "I have a question, what is Tony's status here?" Ram asked him.

"He is my right-hand man for this building. His job here is the same as Tank's.

The three of them were sitting down, when the rest of the core team came in. The core team came in, and Ranger could see, Tony, Al, and Sam all there. The three of them consisted of the core team.

They were all smiles to see Ranger back.

"Ranger How did you get out of the prison Tony asked?

"That is my twin brother that went to prison not me.

Second whoever is harassing Ram and Stephanie better stop it, they have enough on their plate. "Whoever is the one that painted the big X on their front door better stop it right now. Please leave them alone." Ranger asked Tony, Sam, and Al.

"When I find out who it is that is doing the harassing they or him are going to be in big trouble. I was working undercover, and my brother took my place, but I did not find out what he had done, before I could stop him. I am leaving Tank here because I have to go back under cover again, and at time I want someone to be here that I can trust. You have to leave Ram and Stephanie alone, if you can't do that then you can't be trusted." Ranger, told the core team of Atlanta. The core team looked at Ranger and could tell that he was not happy with the job the three of them we doing here.

After the meeting, Ranger looked and Ram and said, "Ram we will do everything we can to help you get your Vet. Office and make sure that it opens on time. We will also stand behind you and Stephanie through this tough time, and I am so sorry that you had to go through the tough time, with Stephanie please let me help you get your vet office going. There is an empty building next to us, you can use that. Rangeman will pay and take care of security for your Vet office."

"Boss I have money from my parents to open a vet office you don't have to pay to help me set it up." Ram told Ranger. "I have another question

"how will I opening a Vet office will help you?" Ram asked Ranger.

"Because you will not just be working on cats and dogs, you can also work on Exotic animals. My Team will bring you the Exotics to you so you can work on them and bring them to the zoo. So in other words, I bring you the Exotics that I am working with to you and then you take care of them and give them to the zoo for safe keeping" Ranger told Ram.

"Got it boss."

"Thanks again, now I am going to go home and see my wife and talk to her about it. I will let you know." Ram told them. Ram walked out of Rangeman.

He got in his truck and left to go back home. When he got home, he noticed Lula's Red Firebird.

"Oh no not her," Ram shook his head.

When he walked in the door and saw Lula and Grandma making a sandwich.

"I am afraid to ask, but what are you doing here?" Ram asked the both of them, and how did you get in.

"You need better locks Ram, if you are going to keep my granddaughter safe." Grandma Mazur told him. "This is a nice house though" Lula added.

"mom I am telling you Grandma Mazur is not here." Stephanie told her mother over the phone while she was walking into the kitchen area. She then saw both Lula and Grandma eating a sandwich. "Mom forget I said that and come pick up your mother and Lula please thanks" then she hung up.

"Lula, did you check my grandmother out of the hospital?" Stephanie asked her.

"Yes, and then we came to see you, I found out because I called your mom and she told me that you got married and are pregnant is it true?" Lula asked her.

"yes, can't you tell?" Stephanie told her.

"please leave now and bring Grandma home?" Stephanie asked them nicely.

"I still think you would do better if you married Ranger, but if you are happy that that is all that matters to me, and if I go home they will just put me away again." Grandma Mazur told everyone.

"Stephanie your father, and I are coming down to visit Uncle Randy, we will be on the next flight, so we will be able to come and get Grandma Mazur and Lula as well."

"We also came, by to bring you back home to Trenton. That is where you belong not here." Lula told her sternly.

"Lula my home is here now, and I am loving keeping Ram Happy and healthy. I still work part

time for Rangeman but I do it from home." Stephanie told her.

While Stephanie was keeping Lula and Grandma busy, Ram was calling the cops.

After waiting a few minutes, the cops came and arrested Lula, and Grandma Mazur for trespassing."