Wow! I haven't checked up on this story in SOOOO LONG! But here is another chapter with a bit of banter between the villains.

Krane's P.O.V.

The monitor zoomed in on Skylar's eyes as they violently shone purple and a smirk appeared on her face and mine as she disguised her eyes and walked up innocently to the rest of the team. Yeah, that's right. It's not over until that stupid team of five cower at our names. Or shall I say four. I've been thinking, if Skylar is gonna be really powerful then what's the point of stripping her powers again. We've already brainwashed her, so she should be one of us.

"Are you sure that she's completely evil? I don't want a repeat of what happened last time!" Reese yelled into my ear as Megahertz and Experion were training, dodging lasers and shots of electricity.

"Reese, we've been over this a thousand times already. STOP QUESTIONING ME! And stop yelling in my ear; you know I have sensitive hearing!" I yelled at her as she held her nose.

"Somebody needs to pop a tic tac!" Reese said as I rolled my eyes. Roman and Riker came running in, almost peeing their pants with excitement.

"What are you guys so excited about?" I asked, irritated by their little girl screams.

"Knowing them, they probably reached level two on The Legend of Zelda video game they got 3 years ago!" Reese said, teasing her brothers.

"Silence!" I said striking Roman, Riker and Reese in their stomachs with my electrokenesis. Roman came running up to me with his fists raised before Reese held him back and calmed him down. Experion and Megahertz stopped training for a moment and walked over to us.

"Hurry up Roman, tell us what the big surprise is!" Megahertz yelled angrily, shooting streams of lightning at us.

"Calm down everyone! We have some very exciting news! We have found out how Bree Davenport got her powers!" Riker squealed.

"How? I have searched the surveillance on the Elite Force a lot longer than you have so how is it possible that you were able to find out and I wasn't?" I bellowed at him. Riker gave him a dirty look before saying "Well some of us have been trained to track and pinpoint any paranormal activity unlike some people who just sit around all day watching the Elite Force as if they were a TV show!" I growled as Reese stood in front of her brothers protectively.

"Well, HOW DID SHE GET HER POWERS?" Experion screamed. Roman beamed proudly he placed a device on the ground and a holographic emblem appeared above it.

"The Arcturion!" Experion, Megahertz and Reese whispered staring in awe.

"What is the Arcturion?" I asked whist they stared at me in shock. The holographic emblem of the Arcturion spun rapidly around until some sort of cave surrounded it. My eyes widened as I saw it open and a hand ready to touch it. It was Bree. But suddenly the other four ran up to her but she was still going to touch it. So Skylar had to electrocute her to knock her away from it. The Arcturion started spinning again and I saw the team's mission command surrounding it. I saw Bree in Skylar's arms before Skylar touched the Arcturion and the power surged through her to Bree. When Bree woke up I was shocked to see a proton ring coming out of her hand.

"So what you're saying is… the Arcturion can give you powers!" I bellowed although you could see the excitement in my eyes.

"Wait a minute! I know how we could get the Arcturion!" Experion yelled trying to get our attention.

"How?" we all asked in unison.

"Well, I was thinking we should set up a fake mission for them and since Skylar is under our control now, she could trap them so she has enough time to steal the Arcturion. Everyone turned to me waiting for my reaction as I stared at the monitor again. I cracked my knuckles as I saw Skylar pretending to be one of them.


Skylar's P.O.V.

By the time we had gotten Oliver to stop hugging me Bree thought it best to wrap up the night with a movie marathon. I'd rather be plotting against them but I guess not. As soon as the movies started Chase and Oliver closed in on me and thankfully Bree pulled me towards her and I sat next to her. I sigh hopelessly as I see Chase and Oliver arguing with Bree as to why she got to sit next to me and they couldn't. Annoyed by them, I head down to mission command and wait for another message from Krane. My eyes suddenly go violet as the menacing voice of Krane rang through my head.

"Skylar, you've got to get the team to the subway station at 128th street. The Arcturion is a vital tool in our plot to take down all heroes. Your mission is to distract the team with a fake mission whilst you go and get the Arcturion!" Krane's voice blared through my head. My eyes returned to their normal colour just as Oliver came down the hyper-lift.

"Hey!" Oliver exclaimed. I had to get him out of here quickly.