Author's Note

Hey, I'm back! First of all, I would like to say that when I first starting writing this story, the first ever review I got was a flame. When I first read it, I was extremely discouraged and disappointed. But, ignoring it, I continued writing and soon enough, I received so many reviews, that I didn't want to stop. Thus, I finished writing 30 chapters, and it was a wonderful experience. I loved every minute of writing this story and a huge thank you to all my reviewers. You guys were the best and you were the reason I was motivated to finish this story. The entire time the only reason I even finished it was to satisfy you. Once again, thank you!

The next thing I would like to say is that for at least three months I won't be writing on I know it's the summer but during the summer, I'll be working on my stories...haha, I've got three ideas already formulating in my head. Anyway, the reason I'm saying this is because I would like to know if the reviewers would like a sequel to "Who Would Have Thought?" I know some people have said that they would like a sequel, featuring Jason and Kellie Weasley, but I do need to know if it will be worth writing. So think about it and once you have read this author's note, feel free to mail me and request a sequel. Also, in August you'll probably find a fic written by me on It'll be a Post-Hogwarts fic featuring Hermione and Ron. So think about it and thank you for the wonderful reviews. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.