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Part 4: At the riverside

Elladan let out a half gasp, startled by his father's unexpected appearance. Stumbling, he balanced on the edge, teetering. Celebrian stepped forward, hand reaching out to steady him, while her other rose to cover her mouth in horror. Elrond perceived the danger he had placed his son in through his thoughtlessness, and ran forward, but he was too late.


"And there's Ancalagon, swooping down. Look at the fire he breathes!" Elrohir cooed.

"Don't be stupid 'Ro, that looks nothing like a dragon!" Elladan dismissed his brother's childish comments.

"Does too, and look all those little ones are the birds, and that bigger one is Thorondor." Elrohir said, pointing madly at the sky. "And look, now he's pounced, and Ancalagon is falling!"

"It doesn't look anything like that. It's just a few clouds." Elladan huffed, deliberately provoking his brother.

Elrohir poked his tongue out at his twin, and stubbornly folded his arms over his chest. "You can't see it 'cos you're always being too serious. You're no fun."

Elladan poked his tongue back, secretly smiling to himself that his brother was well enough to play these games. "Well you are always dreaming away. You'd probably walk off a cliff because you were staring up at the clouds. Anyway it can't be Ancalagon because he was black and the clouds are white." Satisfied he'd won the argument, he leaned back, and grinned irritatingly at Elrohir.

Elrohir pursued his lips trying to think of a suitable comeback, and could only resort to muttering under his breath. "At least I've got an imagination."

Sitting by the river, he had his hand dangling in the water, swirling it around and watching the current change direction as he did so. His attention was momentarily grasped by the silver flash of a school of fishes dancing past. Giggling to himself he flicked water their way, and a broad smile widened his face at the sight of them darting away in all directions. He lay there, balancing on one elbow, enjoying the sight and feel of the water, until the reflected light of the sun began to bother him. It had been mostly hidden behind the clouds, but had now ascended to its peak, and the light was giving him a headache. Lying back with a sigh, he raised one hand to shield his eyes from the sun's glare, leaving the other still dangling in the water. His headache was naught more than a dull growl, which he attributed mainly to lack of sleep, but the bright light reflecting off the water was enough to aggravate it to the point where it was making its presence felt. Closing his eyes went a long way towards deterring the pain. Lying there, on his back, he basked in the unexpected warmth, enjoying the feel of the sun warming his skin. While he lay revelling in the feel of the water as it caressed his hand lulling him towards sleep, he felt a shadow cross his face.

Glaring up at the sky, he found his vision impeded by the sight of a very concerned Elladan hovering over him. "Are you all right?" Elladan whispered, noting the creases marring the edges of the grey eyes, so identical to his own, staring up at him. He knelt down on the stone, taking care to keep his body between his brother and the sun, ensuring that his shadow was protecting him. "Are you hurting?" He asked quietly, shadows in his own eyes.

"No!" Elrohir cried, his normally even temper having been worn down by too much fussing. "I already told you! I'm fine."

"You do not look it." Elladan insisted.

"I'm bored Elladan. And my head feels weird, but not bad. The sun is just annoying me." Elrohir winced internally at having drawn attention back to his head; he had no chance now of persuading his brother that he was well.

Elladan felt his heart tremble with fear. "Do you want to go back inside?"

Elrohir nudged his brother away from him. "Don't be stupid! I'm much better now, and it will only worry Ammë and Ada if I go in before they call us."

"Are you sure?" Elladan eyed his brother, still worried.

Elrohir sighed; obviously the only way for him to convince Elladan that he was well would be to show him. An evil little grin twisted in the corners of his eyes, which Elladan, in his worry failed to spot. "'Dan" Elrohir called in a weak voice, knowing that this would have his brother by his side in an instant.

"'Ro? Are you all right? Are you feeling worse? Shall I get Ada?" Elladan gasped out, shifting even closer to his twin, and keeping a close eye on him while glancing back worriedly for any sign of help. When his brother did not answer him, he grew even more alarmed, and bent right over him. He was unprepared for the sudden fistful of water that was flung in his face. For a second he sat there, water dripping down one side of his face, hair soaked against his shoulder, staring down at the giggling little mound that he had thought was his closest friend and ally. Elrohir struggled to control his giggles, and lifted his head to look up at his brother. At the sight of him sitting there, shocked, his laughter began anew, and he threw himself backwards onto the rock, rolling around in fits.

Elladan blinked. He blinked again as the water began to run into his eyes, which narrowed at the sight of his brother's mirth. While his twin was distracted by his own laughter, Elladan quickly clasped his hands together, cupping them beneath the surface of the water, and, eyeing his brother's unwary position, thrust a great wave of water at him. Elrohir's laughter stopped abruptly, as the coldness hit him, and he turned to face Elladan, war in his eyes. Soon the air was filled with the sounds of the pair's laughter, and the splashing of water. Several long minutes later, a pair of dripping Elflings lay basking in the sunshine again, grins on their faces as the water cooled them nicely.

Alas, the comfort did not last long. Elrohir winced as the sun rose even higher, and rolled to face away from the sun. Elladan, perceiving this, sat up and looked around for something to create shade. Spying a leafy tree overhanging the river, he mounted the rock, which speared out from the bank much as a headland does. Biting his lip in determination, he leant out dangerously over the river. Grabbing a frond, he tugged it over, creating a tent over where the two lay, keeping the sun at bay. Elrohir sat up in glee, playing at camping was one of his favourite games. Immediately though, he saw a problem where Elladan did not. Noticing that Elladan would have nothing to tie down the branch with, he searched around him for a large stone, with which to weight it. Grabbing one, he held it out to Elladan, who leaned over to take it. Of course, the branch he was holding immediately whipped back, and he sighed. Standing, he began again. This time, stone in hand, he stepped lightly back over to the rock, and leaned out over the water, reaching for the branch. Silently berating himself for his stupidity, he edged ever closer to the water, keeping one hand behind him for balance. Finally, the frond was at his fingertips, just within his reach, when he was startled by a sudden cry.

"Elladan!" Hearing his father's angry voice, Elladan stumbled, trying desperately to conceal the rock in his robes. He was terrified that if he was caught playing with stones around Elrohir, that they would blame him again. Panicking, he found himself off balance and staring down at the water beneath him. From his vantage the water swirled past, hissing and roaring with pace. He could not see the bottom for the froth churned to the surface, and the roaring kept growing louder and louder. He was ignorant of his mother's gasp, of his parents' headlong rush forwards to catch him, all he could see was the turbulence beneath him, threatening to drag him down to the very bottom. His foot slipped.


Cries of "Elladan!" echoed around the river, as the horrified family stood watching as he teetered on the edge. His arms, wind-milling around in the air to prevent him falling, clutched at air; there was nothing for him to grasp. As his foot slipped, Celebrian hid her face in her husband's robes, unable to watch her eldest child swallowed up by the water. Twisting her arms in Elrond's shirt, she wept silently against him, feeling the tension, equal to her own, invade his body. Elrond stood there; one arm wrapped around his wife, supporting her as she threatened to fall, the other still reaching out in the hopes that it would prevent Elladan falling. Abruptly Elrond exhaled deeply, the tension in his body fading, and Celebrian feared the worst, breaking out in a new fit of tears. "Cel, Cel!" she was woken out of her turmoil by her husband's calm voice, and warm hand gently smoothing her hair. Lifting a tearstained face to his eyes, she perceived relief in them, and swung around to see Elladan wrapped in his twin's arms. "What happened" she asked, still bemused by what she had imagined. "How?"

"Elrohir saved him, meleth nin. He grabbed Elladan and pulled him off the rock before he fell." Celebrian gave out a half gasp, as her breath hitched, horror at what so easily may have occurred still paralysing her. As she watched, she saw Elrohir attempting to comfort his twin, breaking free of the shock, ran forward to grasp the pair safely in her arms.

Heart still pounding from the fear of nearly falling, and of his father's anger, Elladan stood on the ground, taking deep, rapid breaths. Staring horrified at his father, he saw shock overtaking his parents. Elrond stood still, one hand still clasped tightly around Celebrian. His face had rapidly paled, and his lips whitened at what had so nearly happened; he stood, staring back at the eldest twin, wrapped firmly in his brother's trembling embrace. Neither moved. Elladan leaned into his brother, finding the earth still revolving as much as the water had churned beneath his eyes. Clutching tightly to his twin for balance, he squeezed shut his eyes against the sickening motion, only to open them abruptly as he was crushed in a tight embrace by his mother. "Are you hurt? Injured? Oh ion nin, do not do such things." Relaxing her grasp on him as he flinched away, she kept hold of his shoulders, keeping him at arms length from her, while her eyes quickly scanned his body for injuries. "What did you think you were doing?" she scolded, her voice coming out far harsher than she had intended due to the shock. "You know better than to play around by the river without someone watching you. Suppose you had fallen? Elrohir would not be able to pull you from these waters, we should none of us know what had happened to you." She pulled him closer to her again, burying her tears in his wet hair. She released him with one hand, pulling Elrohir closer into the embrace, a gentle hand clasping the back of his head. Half sobbing, half whispering to him, she said, "thank the Valar you are safe, both of you. Thank you Elrohir, thank you." Raising her head she kissed him gently on the forehead, mindful of his bruise, and pulled him onto her shoulder as tears of shock streamed down his face too. Of the four standing there, only Elladan and Elrond were not in tears, those two stared at each other, shock staying any emotions they may have expressed. The tension was broken as the stone slipped from Elladan's fingers. Seeming to hang momentarily in the air, the stone gleamed in the reflected sunlight, before dropping, silently to the ground, where it rolled forward to Elrond's feet. Elladan cringed in expectation of his father's outrage for not only playing near the river, but for endangering his brother again so soon after the first accident. Elladan lowered his head onto his Ammë's other shoulder, and looked away.

Elrond bent down and collected the stone; weighing it thoughtfully in his hand, he eyed his family, clustered closely together in a tight embrace, and stepped forward to wraps his arms around them all. Elladan squirmed out of the embrace, stepping backwards out of reach. He stood there trembling, and edged even closer to his twin who wrapped him in a firm embrace, glaring at his parents for scaring him.

"Elladan." Elrond spoke calmly, soothing the boy as he would an injured and terrified beast. He was glad to see the trembling ease, but his son's head still remained lowered. Sighing, Elrond knelt down so that he could peer into his firstborn's face; he quietly noticed as Celebrian pulling Elrohir away from the two, resting him on her knee as she sat on the rock, carefully watching the two.

"Elladan" He continued. "I am sorry I nearly made you fall, it was wrong and foolish of me to distract you when you were in such a precarious position. Can you forgive me?" He stared up at his eldest's face, watching as the shock faded at his father's words, and a look of confusion flashed across it.

"I…you…you didn't do anything wrong Ada, I shouldn't have been playing up there, it was my fault. I'm…I'm sorry." At that, he turned away again, afraid to see the ashamed look that must surely grace his father's face now.

Elrond, horrified to see a tear falling down the cheek of his eldest, quickly pulled him into a hug preventing him from fleeing. Elladan struggled, frantically; terrified to be trapped, but his Ada would not let him go. Working himself up into a fit, Elladan screamed out, pulling away with all the strength left to him, but was unable to escape. Elrond winced as a rather powerful kick caught him in an unexpected place, and he dropped to his knees, arms still enclosing the boy. "Hush Elladan, it is all right, I will not hurt you." He whispered soothingly, but Elladan's fears did not cease at this, they seemed to grow. Bursting into tears, he sobbed out all his woes, as he began to settle into his father's arms, relinquishing the fight. "I didn't mean to hit him, I didn't, but you don't believe me, and he was bleeding, and I thought he was dead." Elladan gasped for breath, sniffing as the arms around him tightened in comfort. "And then the sun was hurting him, and I only wanted to make a tent, but I forgot to tie it, and had to get a stone." At this his voice tailed off, and he glanced sorrowfully up at his father, who smiled back at him, raising one hand to wipe the tear away from his face. Elladan ducked away, and continued, the pain in his voice cutting a sharp hole through his father's heart. "And I slipped, but I didn't mean to, I didn't!" he raised his voice. "And now you hate me! And I didn't mean to hurt him, I wasn't going to hit him with the rock I swear, Ada, I promise, all I wanted to do was use it to weight down the branch. But you don't believe me, you thought I was gonna throw it!" Elrond picked him up then, and sat him on his knee, pressing his lips into the damp hair that nestled against his shoulder.

"Iston hen nin, iston." Elrond kissed the boy again. I know that you did not mean to hurt him; I spoke in haste and worry. I certainly do not think that you were going to hurt him with this." Elrond patted the stone at his side. "I do not think you will be anything but careful with these for a long time to come."

Elladan nodded his head against his father's tunic; still wary about lifting his eyes to his father's grey ones. He sniffed again, as he listened to his father's words, running one hand along the cuff of Elrond's sleeve. "I'm sorry, Ada." He mumbled again, curling up into the arm that tightened across him.

"Hush tithen min, let us forget what has happened, and rejoice that both you and your twin are well. Accidents happen to little boys with alarming frequency." He hugged him tightly, lightly running his hand over the stone that remained in his grasp. "All injuries will heal, and we still love you; no matter what we say in distress, or how we punish you, your Ammë and Ada will always love you. Do you understand? We will always love you and Elrohir." Elladan looked up then, and Elrond smiled to see the pain easing in his eyes. Standing, Elrond lifted Elladan onto his shoulders, handing the stone up into his trembling hands. Elladan looked at his father, with panic in his eyes, at the sight of something which had caused so much damage to him over the last few days. "Take it. Take it!" Elrond insisted when Elladan made no move to. "Ada, I don't want it." Elladan sobbed, trying to block all the pain of the last day from his mind. The rock signified all that he hated.

"Elladan, I forgive you, will you trust me?" Elrond soothed him.

Elladan nodded. "Good, now take this rock, and do what I ask." Elladan took the rock, clasping it firmly in his hand, though he glanced back worriedly to see where Elrohir was, that he was out of danger. He spied his twin walking back to where his Ada had dropped the basket, and watched as his Ammë dressed him in some dry clothes, and sat him down to eat. His attention was drawn back to his father, as his whispered up to him. "Elladan, do you see that branch in the water?" Elladan nodded his affirmative. "Good, I want you to throw the stone as hard as you can at it. Can you do that?" Elladan looked at the rock and then the branch, and then back at Elrohir, sitting comfortably in his Ammë's lap, as the two smiled encouragingly back at him. "But Ada, what if"

"You will not hurt me. I trust you ion nin." Elladan heaved a huge sigh of relief at that, and after tightly squeezing his eyes shut to get back his nerve, opened them, took aim, and launched the rock into the water. The momentum of his movement flung him forward, and he toppled over his father's head, letting loose a squawk of horror. He was easily caught in his father's arms, and Elrond dangled him upside down, pretending to drop him in the water, to amused giggles from both twins. Finally Elladan was righted again, and after briefly hugging his father's leg, he ran off towards his twin. As soon as he reached the rug, he flung himself into his Ammë's arms, and received an equally tight hug, kiss, and apology in return. Before he could escape, he found himself being stripped, and changed into dry clothes. Grumping to himself, he folded his arms across his chest, sulking, that is until the food appeared. Throwing himself hungrily upon it, he rivalled his brother for appetite. Soon, two very full elflings were lying on their backs, disagreeing over the clouds in the sky.


 Elrond and Celebrian looked down upon their two elflings, lying curled up around each other, contented looks upon their faces. Both had received injuries the previous day one physical, and one emotional. At last though, the wounds were mending, and the family knitting together closer than before. Elrohir's hurt would be the first to heal though, the emotions that had coursed through Elladan were far more damaging. But both were healing.

Sighing with relief, Celebrian closed her eyes, leaning into the warmth of her husband, who rested his head upon hers. Content and full, the family of four slept in the sun.


THE END (except for the probable sequel).


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