Disclaimer: I do not now, nor have I ever owned Digimon! I haven't even thought about Digimon until I was re-introduced to the thing.

Warnings: Shounen ai. Mild swearing (c'mon, guys…we're talking teenage boys in high school…or middle school in Iori's case…)

Pairings: Taichi/Yamato, Koushirou/Daisuke (yes, you did read that right), anyone else I decide to pull in *wink* Yes, I use the Japanese names. Here's some stuff you should know if you're only familiar with the dub and also the ages I'm using for this fic:

Taichi=Tai 18

Yamato=Matt 18

Jyou=Joe 20

Kousirou=Izzy 17

Mimi (same name) 18

Sora (same name) 18

T.K.=Takeru 15

Hikari=Kari 15

Daisuke=Davis 15

Iori=Cody 13

Miyako=Yolei 15

Ken (same name) 15

Other notes: I can't believe this! I'm writing a Digimon fanfic! Nothing against Digimon, it's just…it's right there with Sailor Moon and Pokemon where I live…especially considering what all I've already written *sweatdrops* Um…now that I've gotten all Digimon fans mad at me…I don't mind it! Really! I don't! Anyways, this fic is not beta-read…no one likes to volunteer…*hint hint* and be warned that I get chronic writer's block, meaning that I will write for months and then not write for months. It comes and goes. Now:


School Daze

By Rosethorn

Chapter 1: Wait…the First Day of School is Today?!

            "Tai!!" A sleepy head pokes its way out from under the covers. Glancing at his clock, Tai groans and rolls over to go back to sleep.

            "Kamiya Taichi, get up this minute!! You're going to be late for your first day!" bellows his mother again, before banging on the door. Glancing balefully at the door, then his clock, Tai gets up and stumbles over to his closet to get dressed.

            'Wait…did she say school starts today?!' He hurriedly scrambles to finish getting dressed, and dashes out to the kitchen, picks up his lunch, and heads for the door, noticing that Hikari had already left.

            "Bye, Mom!" he yells over his shoulder as he exits. Quickly, he runs down the stairs and out onto the sidewalk. Ahead of him, he spots a familiar patch of red hair.

            "Koushirou! Oi, Koushirou!" Koushirou stops and turns around, waiting for Tai to catch up.

            "Good morning, Tai." Tai grins.

            "So, you gonna sit with us at lunch, or are you going to be plugging away in the lab on the first day?" Koushirou smiles.

            "I should be able to join you and the others for lunch. If someone requires my assistance, I am sure they will come and find me."

            "Cool!" Tai says as he spots another familiar head of hair 20 feet in front of him.

            "Yamato! Hey, Matt!" Matt stiffens and turns around.

            "Any particular reason why you're yelling my name at the top of your lungs?" he asks as Tai and Koushirou catch up. Tai grins again.

            "Simple! One, I was trying to get you to wait up. Two, that wasn't at the top of my lungs, but I'd be happy to demonstrate full power if you'd like." He opens his mouth to prove his point when Matt hurriedly covers it with his hand.

            "I don't need a demonstration, moron!" Matt then turns to glare at Koushirou, who is chuckling softly.

            "Yeah, laugh. Argh, you guys are a pain sometimes!" Tai raises an eyebrow.

            "Only sometimes? Damn, we're losing out touch, Izzy." Matt throws up his hands in exasperation as Koushirou glares at Tai.

            "I told you not to call me 'Izzy'." Tai laughs and the three proceed their walk to school with light-hearted banter.

            As they reach the front steps, they hear some shouts of:

"Tai-sempai!" followed by another yell of "Ohaiyou gozaimasu, onii-san, Tai-san, Koushirou-san." Matt looks over to his younger brother confused.

"What are you guys doing here?" he asks, raising an eyebrow. Takeru stares at him.

"We go here now…" Miyako replies, looking a little irked. Tai nudges Matt in the ribs.

"Remember when I said that Hikari would be hanging with us more?" Matt nods, comprehension slowly dawning on his face, as well as chagrin for forgetting that his own brother would be going to school with him. Deciding to spare Matt further embarrassment, Kousirou steps in.

"So, Tai, who's the other 'goggled-wonder' over there?" Tai turns to see what has often been referred to as "a carbon copy of himself (meaning Tai)".

"Oh. This is Motomiya Daisuke. Daisuke, I think you've met Matt already, so we'll move on to my other good friend Izumi Koushirou." Daisuke puts out his hand, grinning.

"Just call me 'Daisuke'," he says.

"Koushirou," Koushirou replies, shaking Daisuke's hand. "Izumi-san makes me feel even older." Before further pleasantries could be exchanged however, the warning bell rang, causing all the students to find their ways to their new classes. The friends parted ways, scurrying down the hallways to their homerooms.

On the way to his homeroom, Koushirou notices that Daisuke is still behind him.

"Daisuke, the first-year hall is that way," he says, pointing the in the opposite direction. Daisuke jumps a little, smiling slightly.

"I was jumped up to second year," he says quietly. Kousirou raises an eyebrow before smiling.

"Congratulations. It will be nice to know someone in my own grade. What homeroom do you have?" Daisuke checks his schedule quickly.

"2-B, you?" Daisuke's eyes flicker to Koushirou's surprised face, and he laughs.

"I guess that means I have a partner for all my classes now, ne?" Koushirou asks, finding the situation humorous himself. They both start exchanging jokes on the way to class, while in the third-year hall, Tai and Matt are trying to beat off Matt's fan club.

"Why did you have to become a famous rock star?" Tai complains as they run for their homeroom, which they shared…again.

"I love music, what's wrong with that?!" Matt snaps back. Tai shakes his head.

"Well, I think you can take the title of 'most popular guy in school' with ease now. Maybe even 'most popular kid in school period'," he says as they find their classroom and duck inside. Once inside, Matt shoots Tai a dirty look, then sighs and walks over to his desk and flops down. Tai does the same. Soon the bell rings and class begins.


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