Never Ending

I do not own anything. The words just seemed to keep running through my mind and I decided that it was time to get pen to paper. This is set after the season two finale. I am going a different route with things so there aren't going to be any spoilers to the show. Please enjoy this and let me know what you think and maybe what you think will happen.

Elena eased into the steaming water, letting the heat soak into her muscles. She closed her eyes and tried to wrap her mind around everything that had happened in the last year. She had lost so much and gained some. Now she was questioning Jeremy and what his goals were for the pack. The only thing that she was truly sure of anymore was Clay. There was no questions there.

She felt a darkness creep over her but she could not open her eyes to see what was coming.

"Be still my child, I need to show you something. It's time for me to show you who you truly are in this world," the melody like voice spoke directly in her mind.

She was not afraid. She didn't know why, but she knew that she didn't have to fear this woman. Something was familiar with her voice. Like she was a dear family member.

The vision was clear and showed her as a warrior. Fighting and killing the evil in the world and taking her place to the right of a throne. She was dressed in a ceremonial robe of cream and gold. Her body was painted gold with black symbols covering her body.

"You are the protector. You are here to fulfill your destiny," the same voice spoke.

Elena nodded to the empty throne. She did not raise her eyes. With Jeremy she had always been able to face him and look him straight in the eyes, but with this voice, she knew that she felt like it was a sin to look up and try to see into the voice's face.

The next vision was a warm one. She was smiling at Clay and they were in a home that was not Stone Haven. She knew it was theirs, but she just didn't know where there home was. He smiled at her and kissed her and then knelt down to kiss her swollen abdomen.

Elena sat up in the tub and held her stomach. She could feel what it had been like to have the baby inside her. Moving and kicking. To be connected to the child on that special level that only mother's and children shared.

"Elena," Clay had been trying to wake her after finding her submerged in the water and her eyes glassed over in a white haze, the same haze that he had seen Paige's eyes when she had been communicating with Savannah.

"Clay?" Elena felt like she was having the worst hangover possible.

Clay lifted Elena out of the tub and wrapped her up in a blanket and laid her on their bed. He kissed the top of her head.

"I'll be right back," Clay whispered.

Clay ran at break neck speed and took the stairs two at a time.

"Jeremy! Jeremy! It's Elena! Something's wrong!" Clay stopped suddenly in the study.

"Clay, you remember Paige and Savannah," Jeremy held his hand out towards the two women.

"Yeah," Clay eyed the witches warily.

"Seems, that they know what may be Elena's issue and were informing that Savannah has had another premonition," Jeremy sipped his scotch.

The burn of the amber liquid helped to keep his rage in check due to the witches return. He knew that he had said that they were always welcome in his home, but he didn't know that they would be coming to him with more issues right now. It had only been a month since beating Alister. Didn't they all deserve some magic free time?

"She is coming," Paige spoke softly.

"Who is coming?" Clay crossed his arms, he had had his fill of magic for a life time.

"No, she is here," Savannah dropped to her knees with her head bowed.

Paige did the same. The room filled with a warm glow that brought warmth and peace. Jeremy looked around and stood trying to figure out what was going on and why the girls weren't on guard. Clay turned around trying to figure out where all the light was coming from.

"Hello my children," a soft melodic voice said.