This is a reverse batfamily and this is rated M

Dick: 8

Jason: 9

others will be revealed later

For 2 years he has lived here and for 2

years he has endured the tourment inflicted apon him.

When he was 6 his family was killed, he rather say murdered...

At 6 he was put into the Gotham Juvenile Detention Center, and after a few months he was adopted by a man.

The man was scary..

He hurt him and starved him among many other terrible and unspeakable things.

His 'guardian' made money off of him, he was given to another person and then after an amount of time the person would leave and give the scary man money.

Within that time bad things would happen, but he wasn't allowed to talk about it.

If he did he would get in alot of trouble, so he didn't.

It was all becoming to much...

He wanted to escape, he needed to leave.

Every few weeks the man got drunk, he called it his true payment.

On those days he forgets to lock the doors, after a few days of planning he finaly was ready to make a run for it.

He ran through allys not actualy knowing where he was going, he could hear the drunk man running suprizingly fast behind him.

Dick felt the ground before he could relize he was falling, his knees crashing onto the pavement scrapeing his hands.

He instinctively yelped out in pain.

he was going to be caught, they would hurt him again.

He was scared.

He tried to get back onto his feet when he heard a growl like sound behind him.

It was made by a boy, one taller and stronger then him.

He had dark hair and sea green eyes, his cloths were ruffled and frayed but they were better then his own.

The older boy glared down at him in adgitation, he only looked up when he heard a crash from not to far away.

The scary man was shouting and knocking over anything in his way.


the man continued to shout as he made his way closer to where the two were standing.

Dick looked up to the stange boy with fear, he would leave and let him get caught.

The boy had no reason to help him.

The boy looked back at Dick stareing him directly in the eyes, He sighed angerly and grabbed Dick by the arm and running farther into the darkness.

He eventualy stopped and moved a few boxes to reveal a door leading into an abandoned building.

He then ushered the younger boy into the door moving the boxes back inplace so it would stay hidden.

The strange boy just looked at him for awhile, a calculating gaze.

"who exactly are ya' " he said glaring at Dick.

He didnt say anything, he didnt want to.

He didnt know if he could trust this boy yet.

so instead he wrote his name into the dirt.

The boy watched him carefully before sighing " well you can call me Jason, this is my hide out can you tell me why the hell that guy was after you"?

Dick only gripped the baggy sleaves of his oversized t-shirt, he wasn't allowed to talk about it...

Jason sighed again "alright, alright I get it, from the looks of ya' i've gotta' idea of whats goin' on" after saying that he walked over to an area with more light and motioned him to follow.

Dick did as told following Jason over to a box, Jason patted his hand on the box meaning he wanted Dick to sit, so he did.

Jason looked him over a bit of suprized crossed his face everyonce in a while.

Jason wasn't sure what to think, the boy was covered in bruises.

Around his neck were long bruises shaped like hands, on his thighs were simmilar shapes same with his wrists and arms.

Dick wore only a long sleaved shirt and shorts that went about half way down his thighs.

He also looked starved, not enough to be skin and bones, but enough to be extremely under weight.

Jason usualy didn't care for others but this kid had it pretty bad, not even talking.

Jason sighed again as he grabbed a few bandaids and some gauz wraps to wrap up his knees and hands.

Was that okay? I promise this will get less akward as this was a little crappy but i promise chapters will get better.~Ray