It had been two months or so since Dick had ran into Jason.

The two, after some bumps in the road, became as close as brothers.

They both were good at diffrent things which helped when you lived in an abandoned warehouse in the worst parts of gotham.

Dick was faster and more adgile, Jason had learned quick that his quiet brother had sneaky fingers and could pick pocket the most paranoid of people.

Dick however refused to fight, he was scared to fight and would get flash backs, not that his nightmares were any better.

He was however anept in Medical aid, after he stole a few books from a cart he descovered a few had to do with basic first aid and how to treat common wounds.

Jason was the opposite, he loved a good fight and often was the reason they started, he was louder and not as flexible or adgile but he could still steal from anyone with the propper distraction.

Jason was the reason Dick had gotten

enraptured in the medical field, the older would get into fights and come back worse for wear. Dick trusted Jason and vowed that even if he couldn't fight he would do his best to be there when he needed him.

It had taken Jason an intire five weeks to get Dick to just speak to him, now they would have small conversations.

Usualy when Jason was injured but Hey beggers cant be choosers.

But the real chaos hit when Dick had gotten sick.

Dick was, as normal working on cleaning the inside of the ware house while Jason went out to do a small 'patrole' of the area.

When Jason had returned Dick was laying on the ground panting and sweating.

All he did at first was panic, he never delt with a sick person, he himself rarely got that sick.

So when Dick opened an eye lazily and mumbled somthing Jason practically dashed over leaning down to hear what his brother was trying to say.


Jason began to panic, that ment fever right?

Oh of course he had a fucking fever just look at him.

Jason scooped him up and placed the shorter boy on their large makeshift bed.

Dick had compared it to more of a nest as it was made of disgarded pillows and blankets.

Jason had to think of somthing, he knew one person who might know what to do.

There was a small gang that had threatened him and Dick a few times, he had to try.

The streets were too dangerous especially for a kid, even worse a kid who was sick.

Even the common cold could kill out here.

Jason quickly made sure dick was comfortable before rushing out of the ware house and into the gangs territory.

It didnt take long for them to notice him, as expected of a larger gang.

"The hell are you doin' here ya' lil' brat" he looked around for a moment before looking back at him "and where is that lil' bitch that follows you around".

Jason had to keep himself from punching the guy, no, he needed his help not to be his enemy.

"Look my , my brothers sick... I was wonderin' if we could make a deal, I could do a job or so for you guys if you can get him medicine..." The boss looked at him for a secound before laughing "looky here kid, unless you could steal a wheel off the batmobile its self, you ain't gettin' no Meds"

Jasons fist shook in anger "Fine" the group looked suprized, "what?" the boss looked genuinely shocked, "I'll do it, I'll get a tire from the Batmobile" and with that he stormed off.

He had a Bat to track, but first he had to check on Dick.

Jason sighed and layed down with Dick cuddle close to him.

Jason wad never a touchy person but Dick made him worry, he couldn't help thinking what would happen if his brother was taken from him.

The two began to share a birthday eventualy, Dick had at some point began to repress some of his early memories, including his birthday, so Jason proposed that they sould celebrate on his, they could be like twins!

The two laughed at that, though they looked similar they could never pass for twins.

But it was still a fun thought.

Jason sighed as he pulled himself from his brother, he didnt want to loose him, not after these last two months.

Dick culred up into a small ball whining at the loss of his cuddle buddy , it only made jason laugh but also a little sad.

Dick would have nightmares if Jason didnt sleep close by.

He hoped this plan would work, he wanted things to work out so everything would be the same again.

It was time to find the Batman.

Jason got lucky, there was a robbery two blocks down and the Batmobile was parked right infront of him.

He swiftly began to remove one of the front tires rushing not wanting to be caught by the caped cusader and rumored wonder boy himself.

Just as he got the tire off he heard foot steps aproch him from behind.


Jason spun around to see Batmans sidekick, The rumored Wonder himself, behind him batman stood tall.

Shit shit shit shit.

"what exactly are you planning on doing with that tire kid" the caped boy asked taking a step closer.

Jason almost answered but quickly shut his mouth, he knew better then to talk to suspicious people , well known heros or not. He prepared to run.

Batman stepped forward grabbing him by the arm before he could run making him curse under his breath.

"where are your parents "

Jason tensed, he couldn't go back home, his mother could care less, but he could always run away again..

Dick however would be in the warehouse sick and probably dieing.

Jason wanted to cry, he knew he shouldn't but his internal 9 uear old took over, a few tears escaping.

The caped boy beside bat man looked concerned but calculating,

Batman only sighed "If you tell us your reason we can discuss your punishment".

Jason looked up hopefuly but unsurely, these were heros, they could help! .

But he didnt trust them with his brother, then again it was either that to having his little brother die.

" A nearby gang told me that if I could get a tire of of the Batmobile they would help me get medicine..."

The Hero looked confused "Drugs?"

Jay looked appalled almost imediately, like hell he would take drugs, let alone let his precious brother take them, though there had been afew close calls they both had a clean streak.

"no... My, brother...He's sick"

Batmans glare seemed to soften as he lossened his grip.

"we can help take us to him" said the younger caped hero, giving him a reasuring smile.

"I dont know if I should" They looked confused (again) "why not" was all the older teen could ask.

"Cause' you'll jist send Dicky back to that perverted fucker and ill be sent to my Druggie mom " he growled angerly looking thh Batman directly in the eyes, he knew that was exactly if not close to what would happen , either way they would be seperated.

Batman looked sadly at the 9 year old who didnt seem to care who he was talking to at the moment, the boy seemed to care deeply for his brother and just about anyone could see it, He looked over to his partner at moment.

Tim had a sad look in his eyes obvously already wanting to unlock the childs mind and dive into his depressing back story.

But Batman was also worried for this other child.

" We wont take you to the orphanage or to these aparent threats ".

The boy still seemed unsure but turned to walk down an ally, eventualy they reached a large pile of boxes and watched as the small child expertly moved the boxes reveiling the hidden entrance.

The child then led them through the door and over to a wde open space.

In a corner was a pile of blankets and pillows a small boy currently curled into a ball asleep.

The first child simply walked over and reached out his hand, not actualy touching him yet.

"Dick, Dicky ...hey...wake up buddy I got some people for you to meet"

Batman imediately saw the hard exterior of the 9 year old melt away as he woke the younder child.


So that was the boys name.

Batman simply watched the two, He was determined to to help them now.

From the look Tim was giving them he agreed.

Sooooo tiered.