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we're going to pretend Bruce doesn't know about haly's circus and the flying Graysons just beause.

Tim is 12.

Jason at one point had fallen asleep,

he wasnt sure when but he woke up on a small cot in what looked like a makeshift hospital room, the white of the room dulled by lack of lights though he could hear people speaking out side the room.


Where was Dick.

Jason looked around squinting as he looked In the shadows only to spot another cot on the other side of the room.

He scambled onto his feet and almost tripped as his body still wasn't completely awake.

When he reached the cot he couldn't help but sigh in relief, Dick layed there in a peacefull sleep a cool rag layed over his forehead.

He almost squeaked when he heard the door open, barely managing to spin and spot an older looking man with a fancy suit and mustache.

"oh my , it seems you've woken up earlier then we expected young master Jason"

the man walked into the room and flicked the lights on causing Jason to momentarily go blind.

"pardon me, but I must check on young master Dick's fever, do not worry he should be back on his feet in no time"

The man moved closer, Jason decided he trust him, "who are ya and why do you keep calling us young master?"

The man smiled "Well Master Batman will inform you of such things but you may call me Alfred" the man, now known as Alfred, moved the cloth of of Dicks forehead and used a thermometer to take his temperature.

"ah, it seems it's gone down quite a bit, he should be awake by tomarrow"

then he turned to look at Jason, "Now young Master please do come with me, I assure you we can be trusted"

Jason sighed he saw no was out of this, so he really had no choice.

He followed Alfred to a large room that looked like a cave , on one wall was a large computer with Bat man and the boy wonder sitting and talking the younger seemed happy and the elder a little unsure.

"Master Batman, one of you're guests has awoken" as funny as it was to see the great and powerfull bat man tence seemingly not noticing their arrival, it made Jason nervous, the conversation must have been important.

"Oh yes, Jason, I would like to ask you some questions, about your life on the streets"

He froze up a bit "Why do ya need to know that"

The boy wonder smiled lightly though the calculating gaze was a bit unnerving " Well we just want to know why you're on the streets, that way we could help you get off them, you mentioned somthings earlier but could you give us some detail?"

Jason again was unsure but he's gotten this far by trusting them so he might as well.

"My mom is and has been a druggie for as long as I can remember, I ran away a year ago, she hasn't come looking yet. Dicky was orphaned and sent to juvie cause' the social worker was a racist bitch, he's Romani, and he was taken by a fat pig who would sell him for money and beat 'im, he ran away and was being chased so I helped him and we've been hiding ever since. Also Dicky doesn't talk, hes only really talked to me and even that's that's pretty uncommon ".

The two vigilantes seemed to take a moment to absorb the information,

Batman reacted by standing and looking to his partner directly in the eyes "I've made my decision Tim, take Jason to the prepared room, I'm sure they will want to stay togeather".

Jason was suprised when the one now named Tim took off the small mask that hid his eyes "Well then , welcome to the family Jason".

Holy fuck what just happened.

Apparently Batman was Bruce Wayne and he had decided he would officially adopt both Dick and Jason.

Jason of course being Jason wanted to help with the vigilante fighting, but Bat being himself said no.

Jason disobeyed and followed them, he was of course noticed as said earlier he wasn't the sneakiest person.

Batman or Bruce had finaly agreed seeing as if he didnt allow Jason to help he would mostlikely get hurt.

Dick -thank God- didn't want to be involved in the fighting, he took up a roll similar to Agent A's.

He handled any medical problems and hung out with Alfred and made snacks when the others got home from patrole.

So Far things seemed fine.

Next I'm involving YJ and the JL

not to mention Damian and maybe Terry if you know who that is.

I haven't decided what Jason will be known as but Tim's just gonna be Boy wonder untill he changes it to Red wonder.

Dicky will be known as Agent R (Robin)

Damian still unknown.

Ships ?

And and specific friendships or characters I should involve?