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Chapter 8

Four years had passed. Four long, hard, decision filled years. Harry and Draco had both received full scholarships to many schools that they applied to. After graduating from Hogwarts High School, they ended up going to Texas Tech, only having to pay for room and board. But in their second year there, they both received Resident Advisors duties, leaving them with a larger dorm that they didn't have to pay for and an already paid for meal card for the year.

Their friends had split up, most of them staying in Britain, but going to different schools. Some went to other countries in Europe, but nobody went nearly as far as the two in Texas.

"Draco stop," Harry moaned, trying not to respond to his lovers kisses. "I have class in a few minutes."

Draco sat up, his face disappointed. "It's only English," he protested. "You have a perfect score in that class!"

Harry sat up as well, moving over to his desk. "I have a test today," he countered. "You know, exams? The thing most college students dread and hate with fiery passion?"

Draco shrugged. "I've been taking tests for so long, it doesn't seem like any big deal now."

Harry rolled his eyes and packed up his books. "Yes, well, Mr. Perfect, some of us need to work a little harder then others."

"Like you?" Draco grinned, standing up and cornering Harry.

"Y-yes," Harry gasped, as Draco's hand reached for a very private part.

A zipping sound was heard.

"Next time, zip your own pants." Draco whispered, moving away. "I've got physics in an hour," he told Harry. "So I won't be here when you get back."

Harry nodded. "Don't forget that your father called earlier."

Draco rolled his eyes. "I'll call him back... good luck on your test, love."

Harry smiled. "Thanks Draco."


Professor Quirrell's final exams weren't very hard, Harry knew. The shaky, superstitious man was an extremely easy teacher, and everyone in his classes was achieving a four- point mark easily. So, after answering questions about famous, dead and gone authors of the medieval period, they were dismissed from his classroom with the promise that grades would be posted soon.

"Hey Potter!" A male voice called from behind Harry.

"Yes?" Harry asked, turning around.

A blond haired boy waved his arms and ran to catch up with Harry. "Are you going home for Christmas?" He asked, his Texas accent thick.

"Yeah," Harry smiled, his own accent lilting slightly. "Why?"

"Nothing really," the boy, Cedric Diggory, a fellow basketball player said shrugging. "Its just, my parents were willing to take you and Draco in if you were staying. You know that the school kicks students off campus during breaks, right?"

Harry nodded. "Yeah, we would be staying, but Draco's father bought us round trip plane tickets under the promise that we would go through Maine on our way back and visit him for the New Year."

Cedric laughed. "Lucky, isn't Draco's father always doing things like that?"

Harry nodded. "Yeah, ever since his parents split up, Mr. Malfoy has gotten a whole lot more protective of his son. I think it's because he's so far away that he can't monitor him."

The senior smiled. "Well, I've got to go, it was nice talking to you Harry."

"You too!" Harry said, watching as the older boy hurried away across campus.

The moment Cedric left, another student walked up to Harry, this time a french girl. "Bonjour 'Arry," she said smiling.

"Hi Fleur," Harry smiled, still walking, the girl falling into step next to him. "Going home for the holiday?"

"Non," she said, smiling. "I am going to stay with anuzzer girl and 'er family this year."

Harry nodded. "Sound's fun." He smiled. "How's Grabriell?"

"Much better zan before," Fleur told him, shifting her books. "Muzzer told me that she'll be taken off of ze treatment soon."

Fleur's little sister had lukemia, but the small girl was recovering from the cancer treatment wonderfully.

"Well, it was great talking to you," Harry said, "but I've got another exam to prepare for. Talk to you later?"

The girl nodded and quickly walked to her own dorms. Harry quickly moved up the stairs and unlocked the door to his own rooms. As expected, Draco wasn't there, but the screen saver on his computer was flashing "Back in a few, I love you" which meant Draco wasn't too far away.

Sure enough, a few minutes later, Draco appeared, holding a flat pizza box and a two liter bottle of soda. The two boys pulled out their dishes and did their best not to make a mess while they ate, talked, laughed and watched TV.

"Two more days," Harry smiled, looking over the now empty pizza box at the blond.

Draco stood up and proceeded with his "happy dance."

A few people outside their ground level window stopped walking and stared as the blond twirled, jumped and generally shook his booty in a very fetching way. Harry stood up and pulled the curtains shut, glaring at the people daring to check out *his* boyfriend. Groans were heard, but they quickly faded. Many people knew just *how* protective one boy could be over the other. Though, it was probably because when Draco saw somebody hug Harry after a basketball game he had gone mental and punched the guy in the face. And when Harry had seen Draco tutoring a fellow student he had cornered the poor boy and scared the living daylights out of him.

"Alright," Harry said briskly, picking up their garbage and disposing of it in their large garbage bin inside their large bathroom. "First we study, then we call home... have you called your father yet?"

Draco smiled and plopped down on their bed. "Yes Harry," he chirped in a sweet 'I know you love me' voice.

Harry narrowed his eyes. "And..?"

"And what Harry?"

"Don't you give me that!" Harry mock growled. "What did he want?"

Draco sighed, flopping down on his back. "He wants us to spend a few days with him in Maine."

Harry sat down next to Draco, running his hand lightly up and down the other boys arm. "Well, that's not bad." He said softly. "That's great!"

"Nugh." Draco muttered.


"All passengers boarding for flight 92134: Dallas to London please make your way to the boarding booth now." An annoying voice cackled over the airport loudspeakers.

"That's us." Draco said, standing up and pulling two tickets from his shorts pockets. He picked up his carry-on bag and turned to smile at Harry.

"Good," Harry said gratefully, standing up as well and grabbing his own bag. The two boys hurried towards the flight attendant taking tickets, gave her their's, flashed their ID's and quickly boarded the plane.

"Draco, you're going to freeze." Harry said loudly as they searched for their second class seats. "It might be ninety degrees here, but at home it's going to be below zero."

Draco pouted. "I brought extra clothes." He whined. "DIBS ON THE WINDOW SEAT!"

People around them laughed as the blond threw himself at the window seat. Harry settled down next to him, an aisle seat and pulled out a thick book he had been reading. Draco bounced like a two year old and grinned like an idiot, waiting for the plane to take off.


"Come on Draco!" Harry said urgently, dragging the blond behind him. "We've got fourteen minutes to get to gate C, and it's at the other end of the airport!"

Draco reluctantly picked up his fast jog to a near sprint. "B-but it's s-so c-c-cold." He whined through chattering teeth.

"The sooner we get there, the faster I can warm you up." Harry encouraged.

Draco moved faster, now dragging Harry along behind him.

They reached gate C a few minutes later and plopped down into a chair, completely exhausted. Their relief was short lived, however, because moments after they sat down the announcement for them to board was heard.

"The flight's only forty-five minutes," Harry told Draco, handing him some sweatpants and a thick jacket out of his bag. "So you can't spend it in the bathroom fixing your hair."

Draco pouted and flounced off to change into warmer clothes to accommodate for the horrible weather.

"Four and a half years and still having problems," A familiar voice said from across the aisle. "Hey Harry."

Harry looked up and smiled. "Hey Ron, long time no see."

Ron grinned. "Yeah, it'll be nice being at home again, won't it?"

Harry grinned. "Yes, I can't wait. We made sure nobody told Orly when we were getting in, so Draco and I are going to pick him up from school as a surprise."

Ron laughed. "That's cruel, the poor kid might very well die of shock. But, how's he in school? He's only four, right?"

"Yeah, he's in kindergarten," Harry said, "mum said that they had him take an intelligence test and he's been classed as a genius."

Ron shook his head. "The Potter's can do no wrong," he muttered teasingly.


"HARRY!" A small childlike streak, other wise known as Orlando Potter flung itself at his older brother. "Daddy said you weren't getting home till later." He grinned up at his brother, blue eyes shinning.

Harry chucked and swung the small child into his arms. "We'll, it's later then when he said, isn't it?"

Orlando nodded. "I guess..."

A coughing sound was heard from behind Harry, and he turned around to face what he presumed to be Orlando's teacher.

"Uh, hi," Harry said lamely. "The lady in the office said to just head down here... so we did."

"We?" Orlando asked curiously, then his eyes grew wide. "Draco!" He proceeded to leap from Harry's arms towards the blond that had just appeared in the classroom, shivering in his thick clothing.

"Class is over in ten minutes," the teacher sighed. "You can just take him home..."

Harry grinned. "We wouldn't want to take him away from his studies..." He dimly registered that thirty five-year-olds were staring at them with wide, somewhat frightened eyes. "Er... Draco, why don't we wait for Orly in the car..."

Draco's eyes widened. "Outside?" He asked meekly. "But it's *cold* out there!"

Orlando nodded frantically. "Stay here! Mr. Evan's won't mind!"

"We'll be out front," Harry said firmly, signaling for Draco to release the small child he was stealing warmth from.

Orlando pouted, but after Draco whispered something in his ear he brightened and went back to sit with his classmates. Harry dragged Draco back to the car where he proceeded to keep the blond warm. A few minutes later, a small coughing was heard from the backseat.

"Can we get cookies now?"

Draco coughed. "Um, of course," he said from behind his bright red face and embarrassment that a four-year-old had caught them making out. He smiled back at the little boy. "Seat belt?"



"Harry's home, Harry's home, Harry's home..." Orlando sang, skipping around the house and managing to not bump into anything. He paused, thinking before resuming. "Harry and Draco are home, lalala, Harry and Draco are home, lalala..."

Harry laughed from his position on the couch. "We'll, I'm knackered. Night mum, dad." He paused, thinking, "now... who am I forgetting..."

Orlando pouted.

"Ah yes... I should call Draco..."

"But Harry-"

"Come on Orly, let's get some sleep." Harry smiled when the blue eyes brightened and his little brother came tearing after him. "You need bed things!" Harry laughed. Orlando nodded and turned to race up the stairs to his room and came tearing back holding blue footie pajamas.

"Are you sure you're not hungry?" Lily asked, looking at Harry with a frown. "You only had a little bit of pie..."

"My stomach's asleep already," Harry grinned. "Jet lagged you know."

James nodded in understanding. "Don't be too loud boys," he said, looking at them sternly.

Harry looked hurt. "It's my brother, not Draco!"

James turned red.


"Why do you have to go away again?" Orlando asked timidly a week and a half later. He and Harry were watching a movie on Harry's TV, but Orlando had quickly lost interest in it.

"Because I have to go to school," Harry explained, turning off the movie and pulling his brother onto his lap.

"Do you miss me when you're gone?"

"Of course I do," Harry reassured him. "Tell you what, while I'm gone, you're free to go in my room when ever you want. You can even sleep in my bed if you miss me."

Orlando smiled. "Really?"

Harry nodded. "Really, have I ever lied to you?"

Frantic shaking of messy black hair.

"So, Orly, how well can you keep a secret? If I told you something I'm planning to ask Draco would you promise not to tell?"


Orlando was bursting with excitement. Draco had come over to dinner and the little boy and his brother had been exchanging secret glances throughout the whole meal. Finally, just as the little boy couldn't take it anymore, Harry nodded to him.

"Draco, can I practice my spelling words with you?" He asked sweetly, looking at the unsuspecting boy with wide, innocent eyes.

Draco nodded and the two left the room, quickly followed by Harry - under pretences of avoiding dish duty.

"Would." Draco said, glancing at the list Orlando had handed him. "Would you do something."

"W-o-u-l-d." Orlando spelled out quickly.



Draco frowned. "Er...Marry."


"Right... why do I feel like I'm being set up here?"


Draco looked back down at the 'spelling words'. "What?" His shocked expression was priceless.

"Would you marry Harry." Orlando said firmly.

Harry chuckled. "Thank you Orly, I'll take it from here."

The little boy grinned, scooped up his fake spelling words and quickly ran out of the room. "You better say 'yes'!" He shouted as he disappeared up the stairs.

"Harry?" Draco asked quietly. "What was that all about?"

Harry knelt down in front of the blond. "Answer the question, love."

"You want me to-" Draco was speechless.

Harry reached into his pocket and pulled out the ring he had 'stolen' from Draco before they left from school. "I would be honored if you would marry me, Draco Malfoy." He whispered.

Draco stared at the ring that he usually wore on his right hand. "I- of course I will!" He whispered, "it's just- I never thought I'd have to answer that question... I was going to ask you!"

Harry grinned and slipped the ring onto the forth finger of the blonds left hand. "You can still ask me." He whispered, moving to press their lips together.

Draco grinned. "Harry, would you marry me?"

Harry pretended to think about that. "I don't know..."

"Oh stop it!" Draco laughed, swatting Harry's arm with a couch pillow. They laughed and moved to lock lips again. A cough forced them to look up at where James and Lily were standing, smirking at them.

"Er..." Draco muttered, his face slowly turning red. "Hi."


"Draco," Harry whispered, picking up his bag. "He's over there."

Draco looked and cracked a weak smile. "Do you think he'll be angry with me?"

"I don't think he will be," Harry sighed reassuringly. "But with him, you never know. Maybe we should ease him into the news..."

Draco nodded and watched as Harry hurried off to get their suitcases. A few seconds later, Lucius Malfoy lightly touched his son's shoulder.

"Hello Draco."

"Hello Father," Draco said, trying as hard as possible to make his voice sound friendly. "Thank you for the Christmas presents."

Lucius waved it off. "I know how much you and Harry miss home, it was the least I could do for you." He paused, looking around. "Speaking of which, where is Harry?"

"He went to get our stuff," Draco explained. A sudden gust of cold air hit him and he cringed, shivering. "Damn, it's cold here too."

Lucius laughed. "So, how's Texas?"


The older man laughed again.

"Hello Mr. Malfoy," a voice said from behind them. The two blonds turned to see Harry struggling with a large cart overflowing with luggage. "Thank you for the plane tickets."

Again, the man waved it off. "It was no problem."

Harry smiled and looked over at Draco. 'Did you tell him yet?' his eyes seemed to be asking.

Draco shook his head wildly and Harry sighed.


"Draco," Lucius said that night at dinner. "What's that on your hand?"

Draco looked down at his left hand with a slightly guilty expression on his face. "Um... it's..."

"An engagement ring." Harry broke in.

Lucius blinked, his silverish eyes still staring at the silver band that wrapped around his son's ring finger. "So it is," he said softly. He looked up at his son, and then over at Harry.

An uneasy silence blanketed the table they were sitting at.

"You have good taste." Lucius said finally, his voice soft, almost loving. "I'm proud of you Draco."



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Alright, story clip 1:

This is called The Hanyou: it's in the same universe as Changing of a Slut, but too different to actually be a sequal. Five years after the last chapter I guess.

They had been running for nearly two years. They weren't the only of their kind either, but it was their fault that the species had been found. They had been seen while the war had been raging. It didn't matter to the humans if the tall figure with wings had won the war for them, or that the smaller cat had given up a precious life to save them. All they wanted was to take them in, perform tests on the two of them. One 'scientist' had found a blood trace and proclaimed it non-human. That's when the search posters had come out. Rewards for bringing in what humans dubbed as the "Hanyou". A race that was completely beyond what any could imagine.

A tiny gurgle broke into musings. And the figure couldn't help but smile when he looked down upon the tiny bundle wrapped up in a loose fur blanket that he had made during the war. The bundle was being supported around the cat's neck in a simple sling, something others of the Hanyou used to carry their children and keep their hands empty.

"Harry," the voice of the cat said, this time sternly. "We have to go somewhere safe. We can't stay with mum anymore, the neighbors are starting to get suspicious. And Elwood needs somewhere safe to grow up. He needs to be able to run free."

The figure, Harry Potter, nodded. "You're right, as always Draco. El needs to grow up where he can be free, not be hunted."

The cat, Draco Malfoy, smiled at his mate. "What about where we stayed during the war - with the Tetsa pack?" He suggested, "I'm sure they would accept us."

"No," Harry whispered, turning back to the edge of the building. "We cannot trouble them, it might bring them to danger." He frowned, his wings appearing again. "What about just before the war, in that cave we found. It was in a forest so there would be plenty to eat, we could survive there."

"If you think we can survive," Draco said softly. "I won't complain." He shifted the sleeping child in the sling more comfortably against his chest, just enough to let a few whips of gray fur escape the confines of the warm wrap and show the almost elfin face of the slumbering wolf child.

"We'll leave at moon set." Harry decided. "They'll be sleeping by then. Do you need anything before we leave?"

Draco shook his head. "Just enough to survive by I guess... but Harry, I heard something that might spark your interest a little. Apparently we've been spotted in Asia."

A dark eyebrow quirked up.

"And America."

A second eyebrow met the first.

"And Europe."

"Well, that's strange news. Now, what's it mean?"

"Quite obviously we're not the only of our 'race' that are running." Draco muttered sarcastically. "If it were anything to tell when we found Elwood in that laboratory last year." He hadn't meant to sound so harsh, but Harry winced anyway.

"Of course," the winged man said softly. "That much is obvious, it's just - what do we do about it?"

Draco shrugged. "We'll leave it for now, I guess. We need to rest if we're moving tonight." He smiled up at the other man. "And besides, you look exhausted, you shouldn't even be standing where people can see us."

Harry nodded and moved away from the ledge. His mind was somewhere else, back with the pack that had taken them in all those years ago. The pack had showed the two strays, as they had been called, how to hunt and live off of the land. They had learned how to protect their homes and families without being with them; what herbs were the best to heal with and which were edible. Most importantly, they had learned how to avoid being seen by human eyes. He dimly registered that he was being pulled down to the ground and that a small bundle was being placed in his arms while Draco began shredding pieces of dried animal flesh with his claws for them to eat. He ate the offered meat, still thinking, and eventually the small family fell asleep.

Woohoo! Story clip 2. This is a cross over fic between Gundam Wing and Harry Potter, and it's very odd. It's called Deaming Life Away, but the title might change. It's too weird to try and explain, so just read and tell me what you think.

Harry Potter wasn't ordinary, that much was obvious. He was indeed one of the most extraordinary people living in his world. His world, being the Wizard world, of course. He grew up in a little cupboard, where his uncle and aunt locked him when he 'misbehaved' which was all of the time. For you see, Harry's relatives didn't like magic or the fact that he could use magic.

But, there was something else that they didn't know about. Something that their nephew was, that they had absolutely no control of.

But anyway, it's not like Harry ever told them, or ever would for that matter. It was his secret, well, his and his other self's. For you see, Harry had two lives, two sets of memories, in two very different worlds. He was a wizard in one, the hero of the world. His names was the most spoken and he was one of the most promising and innocent individuals known of. Emotional and always willing to help someone in need. Not to mention that his life was always going to be in danger. His other self, couldn't be more different: an assassin, emotionless and hidden in the crowds of society. Living in the battles and the hero of war. There, he had many, many enemies and only four friends - one of them a lover.


Harry turned away from where he was staring into the Gryffindor common room fire towards his best friend, Ron Weasley. He smiled, pulling his mind away from his thoughts.


"Are you going to study with us? Hermione is waiting in the library." Ron grinned suddenly, "or were you going to stay here and pretend you're *not* thinking about your mystery lover."

Harry's cheeks did a slow burn. "I-"

"Don't even try to deny it Harry," Ron smirked, turning around the walking towards the portrait hole. "We all know it, it's just the matter of figuring out who it is." The red head paused, turning around slightly. "Unless you want to just tell me..."

Harry shook his head. "You're nutters, mate." He laughed, his cheeks already returning to normal. "Don't you think the press would be having a field day if that were true?"

Ron rolled his eyes. "Good point, so, are you going to study with us?"

"Hai." Harry nodded.

Ron blinked. "What?"

"I said, okay, just give me a minute." Harry said, covering up his mistake with ease.

Ron frowned but nodded, leaning against the wall while Harry scrambled to get his books and unfinished assignments. The red head couldn't help but think that something was a little off with his best friend lately. For the past few weeks, he had seemed more happy then usual, leading to the secret lover idea. But no matter what, Harry denied it.

"Ready." Harry announced a few moments later. The two boys left the room for a last minute study session before final exams began the next day.

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