"Kagome! You baka! You couldn't even shoot the weak worm youkai that just attacked us!" Inuyasha shouted rinsing off his bloodied claws in the lake.
"Gomen Inuyasha, but you know I'm not quite used to-"
"No excuses wench! Kikyou would have never missed. But YOU did, now you're hurt because of it! Mow we can't look for the shards for a while!"
Kagome grew teary-eyed as she listened to him on his rampage. She listened closely to the anger when he spoke towards her, but when he spoke Kikyou's name, it was said, somehow different.
"Go to the village." he commanded, turning away from the teary-eyed miko-in-training.
"Fine." she said stomping off.
About an hour later

Kagome reached Kaede's hut, still mad at Inuyasha.
She entered the room, flopping onto a futon.

"I sense there is a problem between ye and Inuyasha?"
"Hai." Kagome said, getting up and examining what Kaede was doing, but what she was actually doing, Kagome didn't know.
"May I ask what you are mixing?"
"They are potions that can heal ye, make ye stronger, or just plain morph ye."
Kagome's eyes grew wide. Morph? Who would do such a thi- wait.......
A smirk grew on her face.
If those potions could morph or change things, surely it could..........hehehe
"How do they work?" Kagome asked curiously.
Ye mix brown leaves with the speared ones, along with some herbs such as mint. Ye say the thing's name ye desire, and the next morn, ye are changed. Would ye like to help?"
"Hai." she smiled, crushing some leaves and herbs, aiding the old miko.

To be continued.
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