By: Quistis & Xu

Disclaimer: We don't own anything but our minds and our own sanities.

Authors' Notes: This is the Sequel to "Diary of the First Lady" by General Quistis.


Chapter 1: The ShinRa Heiress

"Mornings are horrible…" she thought miserably. Little sunlight seeped through the black drapes by the window which added to the gloomy atmosphere of her room.

"Meowrh…" she heard the sound of the panther-like animal sleeping beside her.

She did not smile but she sat up and looked at the black panther-like animal and patted its head. "Hello, Dark Nation." She greeted, quite glumly that it did not really sound like it's a hello.

"Meowrgh…" the animal replied happily with a purr.

The door burst open and this man with red hair entered.

The girl frowned upon seeing this unpleasant-looking man. "Don't you know how to knock, Reno?" she demanded angrily.

"Good morning, Miss ShinRa." He just greeted simply with a hint of fake joy in his voice.

The girl's frown deepened upon hearing that. She snorted and crossed her arms. "Well, bad morning to you, Mister Reno." She snapped.

Reno eyed her cautiously. The stern look from her crimson eyes made him a little annoyed. "Hmf… why did you have to be that harlot's daughter? You're better off with President Rufus's eyes." He thought miserably.

Dark Nation snarled at him, as if she could read his thoughts.

The girl's eyes narrowed at Reno, sensing from Dark Nation that he was thinking of something unpleasant. "Is there something wrong, Reno?" she asked.

Reno parted the drapes and let all the sunlight in. Dark Nation turned her head to the side, trying to avoid the bright sunrays.

The girl did not move. She kept on staring at Reno as if hoping that her eyes could just will him dead. "I asked you a question, I demand an answer," she demanded before she got up.

Reno scanned her from head to toe. At age 17, she was already 5'5" tall; even taller than her mother whom she didn't even know since childhood. Her blonde hair was up to her shoulders because Reno would not let her grow it longer than that, which really annoyed her. "Of all the people in the place, why him?! Why can't Reeve be my so-called nanny instead?" she thought miserably as she pointed to the door. "Well if you don't want to answer, just get out of here. And cancel the meeting with the executives. I'm not in the mood to talk to greedy people." She snapped.

Reno nodded, remembering President Rufus's temper when he was still alive. He smiled. "You are really like your father." He told her.

She rolled her eyes. "Shut up. I don't even know him. All I know is that he's dead and rotting in the ground." She snapped before she headed for the bathroom.

Before she could enter, Reno spoke up again, "Miss ShinRa," he began.

She turned back to him. "That's president." She snapped angrily.

He nodded. "Okay… President Tiffany ShinRa," he began again.

"Yes, you redheaded freak?" she asked with a sarcastic smile on her face.

Reno stiffened when he heard that. "Breakfast is ready. Where do you want to go today after breakfast since you're not going to attend the meeting?" he asked.

"This is Midgar, right?" she asked, wanting to annoy him by asking too many stupid questions.

"Yes, this is Midgar, President Tiffany." He replied.

She smiled simply before she turned away. "Prepare the limo. I'm going to the slums." She answered simply before she entered the bathroom.

Reno froze. He could not understand the young President on why she is very nice to the people outside the ShinRa HQ but very cold and mean to the people inside… especially to him. She even wanted to go the slums whenever she did not have anything else to do. He frowned and shook his head before he headed outside. On his way downstairs, he saw Scarlet with a sneer on her face. "Kya~! Why that sour face?" she asked.

"The President wants to go to the slums again." He said through gritted teeth.

"Well, forget about that… remember the new Turk that I've recruited for this company?" she asked with a sly smile.

Reno stared at her. "Oh, the blonde guy?" he asked.

"Yeah. The one who looks like President Rufus?" she asked.

Reno nodded. "Oh… I see… okay. What about him?" he asked glumly.

"He'll start work today. You might want to introduce him to the President first and orient him with the rules. Kya~!" she explained.

"Yeah, I'll do that. Where is he?" he asked.

"Downstairs in the lounge." She replied.