By GQ and Zhak



Seven years later…

The morning sunlight seeped through the curtains of the masters' bedroom. Rufus ShinRa turned to his side to avoid the light, and opened his eyes sleepily. He expected to see his wife, Tifa, still asleep beside him, but to his surprise, she was not there anymore. He sat up and gazed sleepily at the figure who was standing by the window and gazing outside.

He blinked and decided to get out of bed.

Sensing movement from behind her, Tifa slowly turned her head to the side and looked at her husband. She did not smile in her usual cheerful way. Instead, she just twisted her mouth to form a slight grin. He joined her, standing beside her and parting the drapes further so that they could take a good look at the whole of Midgar which could be seen from their bedroom window in the ShinRa Tower.

"Lovely, isn't it?" he asked her.

She just nodded. However, Rufus's mobile phone had to interrupt the moment when it began to ring. He frowned and rushed back to the bedside table and answered the call. "Yes? Cloud. Yes. Today? Alright. Schedule a meeting. Oh yes, Cliff has been promoted to the Turks. Tell him to report to Vincent's office immediately this afternoon at one." And he hung up. "Cobblers. I have another meeting with the executives from the Wutaian Water Company. Would you like to come along?" he asked.

She nodded. "Of course. I'd love to come along. Shall we take our son with us?" she asked.

He thought for a while before shrugging. "Doesn't he have school?" he asked.

"He must learn how to close business deals so I think it's essential that he watches you in a meeting, Rufus." She told him. Rufus just stared curiously at her. She really did change. But he just tried to keep a positive outlook about it. With that, he went to the bathroom to get ready for another hectic day ahead of him.

Tifa just bowed down her head.


She turned to the door when she heard it open and a little blonde boy with crimson eyes barged inside, running towards her. He was dressed up in a black turtleneck, white blazer, white pants and brown shoes… just like his father. The boy was six and a half years old but is already qualified for 8th grade.

She smiled. "Theodore," and took her son in her arms, embracing him tightly and then carrying him up in her arms. "You're not going to school today, dear. We're gonna go with daddy to Wutai." She told him.

"What? But I have a biology test!" he told her.

She just laughed. "Theodore, we can just hire you private tutors in case your school tries to expel you by not going to school… and besides, you're a smart lad, aren't you?" she asked before pinching his nose playfully. He flinched. "Argh! Mom?! Stop doing that!" he said in protest before turning to the look at the view of the whole of Midgar. "Whoa…" he said in awe.

She smiled when she saw his reaction. "Lovely, isn't it?" she asked.

"Yeah… do all of these belong to us?" he asked in awe, staring wide-eyed at Midgar.

She nodded. "Yes. This is like our kingdom, you see." She told him.

"Whoa… Cool! You mean you're like a Queen and daddy is a King?" he asked.

"And what does that make you?" she asked.

"A Prince!" he cheered happily. She chuckled lightly. "Of course you are a prince, Theodore." And she gave him a kiss on the forehead. Theodore embraced his mother as he leaned his head on her shoulder while continuing to look at the city. She narrowed her eyes at the view, not knowing that her husband is watching them from the bathroom door while putting on his white blazer. He saw the sinister look on Tifa's face. It made him smile. "Perfect." He thought silently to himself. She is definitely fit to be a ShinRa. While thinking about this, he was listening to his wife say to their young boy, "And all of these will be yours."

"How?" Theodore asked curiously.

"Oh you know how…" she said with a singsong voice. His face lit up. "Yeah! I know!" he cheered. "Well?" she asked.

He blinked, thinking for a while before saying, "Fear."

Rufus's smile widened. Tifa noticed that he was watching them, so she turned to him and smiled proudly at him. Rufus joined them by the window as Theodore continued, "Because fear is power."



Zhak's notes: We are so despicable. Muahahahah. Finally, the story is through. Did you all enjoy it? I just love sad, morbid endings…