Boromir woke up suddenly in a cold sweat and looked around the room. His heart felt heavy and his head was throbbing. Suddenly he remembered his dream. It was about his mother. She was sailing away on a ship across the sea and left him behind. The strange thing was, he had never seen her more happy in his life. He tried to stop her but could not. And that's when he woke up.

"Mamma" he whispered and sprang out of his bed, ran out of the room and down the hallway to his mother's room.

He opened the door slowly and walked in. He could see his mother laying on her bed, her nurse was fast asleep in the chair beside her bed.

Boromir climbed the bed and examined his mother's face. She looked so pale that he was scared to touch her. He held his breath and with a trembling hand, reached out to touch her face. His heart sank as his hand moved over her cold, lifeless skin. Tears ran down his face.

"Mamma, mamma!" he whispered shaking her shoulder, "mamma!". The nurse woke up at the sound of his crying and ran over to the bed.

She put her ear to Finduilas's chest to listen for her heartbeat but there was nothing. She let out a loud cry of utter disbelief, and ran out of the room to get the doctor.

Boromir suddenly realised that it was his mother in his dream, finally happy. Finally at peace and he smiled knowing she was where she wanted to be.

"The promise she made me take" he thought, "she knew it was her time"

He slowly leaned over and kissed her brow then went to Faramir's room.

He walked in the room and closed the door behind him. Faramir was still asleep. Outside, Boromir could hear the doctor walking swiftly through the hallway instructing the guards to call Denethor and telling the nurses to get his equipment.

Boromir slowly woke his brother up, shaking his shoulder.

"Is that you Boromir?" Faramir said rubbing his eyes.

"Yes it is I. Wake up. I want to tell you something"

"What is it?" Faramir said sitting up.

"I want to tell you that, that no matter what happens after today I will always be there for you and you for me"

Faramir looked at him confused and said "alright, if you want. Boromir, why are you crying?"

Boromir did not answer him. Instead he took his brother into his arms and hugged him tight trying to be strong for him. He knew that he would be his carer and protector for life.