Part 33: Destiny Together/The Finalle

The prison transport guarding the former Supreme Chancellor Olga moved in light speed in as much of a leasurely path towards the prison planet.

One dozen Republic Special Forces troopers were assigned the task of guarding the highly dangerous prisoner. At at least one time, four guards would be posted inside the confinment area to keep watch over the Sith Lord.

Darth Olga, for her part, did nothing, except for sit there, stareing at the guards assigned to her, and smiling ever-so slightly over something.

TK 117 (Guard One) was looking at those stareing eyes and, despite being fully trained in about half a dozen forms of self-defense and martial arts, those eyes were making the young woman nervous. The prisoner didn't have that tortured, worried look that most prisoners headed for the prison planet normally wore. Instead, the Sith Lord looked as if the entire trip was an outing to the country on a spring day.

Olga's eyes turned towards her and the other guards. Smiling, the villian said, "I will give you one chance now, you can release me and join me, or you can die? What will it be?"

The other guards, all males, laughed at her. They'd heard prisoners bluster, even offer rewards for their release, but nothing as ludicrous as this.

TK 117 however, was not laughing. The prisoner seemed just too sure of herself somehow. She blinked and looked at the readings on her scanner. The Force restraining collar (which had been reinforced to include a tamper-proof device) was still secure, as were the prisoner's binders (even if those were removed, without the Force it would be one woman again four armed guards, as well as another eight outside the door).

The guard relaxed. Maybe it was all just bluster on the prisoner's part?

Looking up, she told the former Chancellor, "Be quiet prisoner."

Olga smiled a little more, though her eyes narrowed. "Your call."

In almost an instant, proximity lights began to blaze overhead and a loud screaching alarm rang out. The guards got to their feet at once.

TK 117 walked over to the comm pannel and contacted the bridge. As she did so she could feel them dropout of light speed and the first shake as something hit them. I lazer blast. She'd been in combat with space pirates and other low-lifes long enough to know it.

"Bridge! Come in! What's going on?" She shouted into the intercom.

"Where under attack!" Came a voice from the intercom. Nothing she didn't already know, but the voice added, "A ship came out of nowhere and started firing! Locking a tractor beam on us! (static) Oh no!" Then the comm went dead.

"Bridge!" TK 117 yelled into the intercom. "Respond!"

Nothing but dead silence.

Olga began to chuckle wasn't a pleasant sound. It was too high strung and insane sounding.

TK 117 turned her eyes towards her, the others all trained their weapons on her, but she made no attempt to get up.

Then, the guards all heard the sound of another ship docking with this one, there was a loud clank on the other side of the door. Then came the unmistakable sound of lazer fire and the screams of her comrades on the other side.

"Ready your weapons!" She shouted to the other guards. "Kill whatever opens that door!"

The raised their weapons backing away from the door a little.

The door, which was normally secure, opened just then, almost as if it were never locked to begin with.

On the other side of the door was a thick fog, alot of it from lazer fire and computer parts on fire, possibly from where the hull had been breached when the intruder entered. It was impossible to check any targer in that thick smoke.

Then all of a sudden, they heard it.

A thick breathing came from the fog. It sounded almost mechanical, but not quite.

Then a black silloette appeared in the thick of the fog. For an instant, it just stood there, as if the fact that four people holding lazers at him were of no concern.

Of course, it already took out eight others of the same like, what was four more?

In the mist of all this, a red lightsaber blade appeared.

The guards fired at it, but the blasts appeared to have been deflected by something.

The last thought TK 118 had before she felt the searing hot blade of the lightsaber cut into her chest, was that whoever was killing her and her fellow guards really needed some cough medicine or something...

Darth Olga closed her eyes as the last four guards were destroyed. Not at all out of squimishness, oh no. The sound alone was beautiful enough for her ears, like a symphony, it needed to be savored.

As she heard the last guard hit the floor, she opened her eyes and nodded.

"You have done well, Lord Brainey."

Darth Brainey was not very tall, but his lack of size was less dramatic than that of his appearance. He wore all black with a face mask and large dark helmet with a mechanical apparatus on his chest to regulate his breathing.

The new Sith Lord only nodded his thanks for his master's praise, then used the Force to unlock the restrains and collar. Both fell to the floor with a clatter.

Darth Olga stood up and frowned, "It would appear that you were correct about the outcome of events, but alas I had to try." Then she smiled darkly. "At least I had a back up plan. The Jedi and my dear baby sister may have slowed down my plans, but they did not destroy them totally."

"What is thy bidding, my master?" Darth Brainey asked, his voice sounding very hollow and mechanical within the confines of the mask he wore and the deep breathing.

"We shall lay low for a while, bide out time," Olga said, then smiled darkly. "But I promise, one day very soon, Arnold Skywalker and the Jedi will pay dearly for interfering with my plans."

The two Sith Lords disappeared into the shadows, leaving behind a remains of a prison transport and the remains of those inside.

It was a different story entirely on the Planet Naboo as our Jedi heroes celebrated their victory over the Sith and the end of the Trade Federation's plan for total conquest of the galaxy.

They were all gathered at Big Bob's home near the costal area of the planet outside the city of Theed. There Big Bab was finally reunited with his wife Miriam who embraced her long lost husband with joy. The news of their cloned daughter Olga turning evil saddened her though, but it was a pain both of them would have to endure together. Together they would seek peace with this.

Sid 3 PO and Li-la Binks and Arnold family were standing and talking with Representatives Sheena and Lorenzo, who were expressing their gratitude to both Master Phoebe and Gerald Windu who were smiling, happy to just be together again.

"On behalf of the Galactic Senate, I would like to present all of you with these medals for courage," Lorenzo said, placing the small golden metals on the robes of the two Jedi and on Master Gertie and Arnold's family (Oscar was looking at his medal and quickly wondering how much he could bet on the podraces with it).

"Oh wait, we have one more for young Skywalker," Sheena said, looking around. "But where is he?"

Master Gertie looked over at the large patio balcony overlooking the vast ocean of Naboo outside the large glass doors. She saw Arnold walking slowly over towards Helga, who was standing there, watching the orange sunset far off in the distance. Arnold looked very nervous and concerned. Neither of them had smoken much on the trip here, Helga had her leg medically repaired and no longer had her limp, Arnold stayed with her, but both of them had been strangely silent.

Gertie understood why. She looked over at Gerald and Phoebe, both of whom were also looking at the two with concerned looks.

"The Republic is grateful for your service, Jedi knights." Lorenzo continued, "If there is anything that we can do for you, please do not hesitate to ask."

Gertie smiled and her eyes meet Phoebe's, who also grinned and looked at Gerald, who likewise caught on quickly.

Gerald Windu smiled and said, "Perhaps there is something you can do for us..."

Arnold Skywalker walked out on the patio and stood there, looking at Helga, who had her back turned to him looking at the distant sunset, her hands on the brick railing. He slowly walked over to stand next to her. Even without the Force, she would have known he was coming.

"Um, it sure it beautiful out here, huh?" Arnold said to her, nervously trying to break the ice. His stomach was doing flip-flops.

Helga sighed sounding very tired, still looking out at the sunset. "I always used to sit there in my office and do work trying to be the best I could. Only occasionally would I come out here and watch the sunset. Before I meet you, Arnold, I never truly appreciated them." Now she did finally turn to look at Arnold, and he could see unshed tears in her eyes. "Now, I don't think I will ever look at another one and be unable to think about you."

Arnold felt his knees going very week. He looked out at the sunset and put his hands on the railing, one of them close to Helga's own. "I feel the same way, Helga."

They both looked out, each of them trying to fight off saying what they knew they had to say to one another.

Helga was the first. She frowned and banged a fist on the railing. "Damnit! It's just not fair!" She turned to look at him and now her a pair of tears ran down her cheeks. "Our stupid duty is going to tear us apart! I love you and I can't forget about you, can't pretend none of this ever happened!"

Her shoulders began to shake as she leaned over and rested her head against his own.

Arnold put his left arm around her shoulder and closed his eyes. "I know, Helga...I know." He whispered. He could smell the sweet smell of her golden hair. "I wish that things could be differnet, I really do." He held her left hand with his right one. Her hand closed over his.

"I promise, I will never...ever forget you, football-head." She muttered softly.

Arnold smiled and said, "And I could never forget you either." Then he said, in an attempt to be funny, "I'll never hear the words 'football-head' without thinking about you."

She giggled a little.

They just held each other a little longer in silence, not knowing when they would be seperated.

In only a few...all too brief...moments, they both heard everyone join them outside.

The looked into each other's eyes sadly and sighed. Then Arnold turned and let go of Helga's hand and said, "I guess its time to go, huh?"

Gerald Windu smiled, "Yes indeed it is...both of you need to get ready."

It took both of them a few moments for the meaning of those words to have their impact. When they did both Arnold and Helga blinked and said, with identical expressions of surprise on their faces, "Huh?"

Helga looked at them, "B-both of us?" She looked at Arnold, who looked back at her equally confused.

Phoebe smiled, "Indeed, both of you."

Arnold shook his head, "I don't understand?"

Gerald smiled at him and said, "Well, I believe that Representative Lorenzo has some explaining to do."

Lorenzo cleared his throat and nodded, "Well, it was decided by an almost unanimous vote, that, in recognition of Senator Helga's service towards exposing Olga's plot that she be named the new Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic that is if she is willing to take the position?"

Helga's mouth dropped open, "Me?! Really?!"

Arnold looked at her and smiled, "Congradulations Helga."

Praise from Arnold made her smile, then she blinked and smiled even wider as a thought occurred to her. "That means I will be transferred to Coresaunt and we can be together!"

Arnold blinked and smiled as he realized that as well. "Thats great!"

"More there is," Master Phoebe smiled seeing the effect the first part of the news was having on the couple.

"More?" Arnold said, looking at the small Jedi master.

Gerald nodded, "Well, it was determined that since you were able to defeat a fully trained Sith Lord in combat, that you be promoted to the level of Jedi Knight. Congradulations Arnold Skywalker, Stinky would have been...(smiled)...he is proud of you."

Arnold felt a lump in his throat. "A Jedi Knight," he muttered, tasting the words in his mouth.

Helga hugged him tightly. "Thats wonderful Arnold! I am proud of you!" She kissed him on the cheek. He blushed in the red light of the sunset, both at her praise and at the feel of her moist lips on his cheek.

"Indeed, you have earned it, grasshopper," Gertie said smiling and nodding to Arnold.

"You did good, shortman!" Grandpa said. The others all nodded or offered their congradulations.

"Thank you everybody, it means alot." Arnold said, smiling as brightly as a star gone supernova.

Big Bob smiled at Arnold and patted him hard on the back, almost knocking him off his feet. "Yep. you did well, young man. I would be proud to consider you my son-in-law."

Now Arnold and Helga both looked up, their faces both red. "What?!"

Gerald nodded, "Well, normally it is against the Jedi code to allow marriage before ones retirement from the order, however, we felt that we could make one exception." He winked at Arnold.

Arnold turned to look at Helga, who was looking at him intently. "Um all of t-this is really sudden, huh?" He rubbed the back of his neck nervously and smiling slightly.

"Er, y-yeah, it is," Helga grinned, rubbing her upper arm also as a display of nervousness on her part.

Then looked into each others eyes somewhat bashfully and then they took a breath and muttered at the same exact moment the same exact words..."Well, would you...maybe?...Huh? You want to?!...Yes! I do!"

Gerald and Phoebe both chuckled at this little display. Phil and Gertie both smiled at one another.

Sid 3 PO looked over at Li-la Binks who began to cry softly. "Boy howdy, are you alright?"

She looked over at the droid and muttered, "Meesa just ever-so loves happy endingsa!" She hugged the droid, letting the overflow of tears fall on his shoulder.

"Woah! See here! You'll make me rust! Quit it!"

People chuckled at the antics.

Both Arnold and Helga didn't notice, both of them were too busy holding hands and looking into the eyes of the one they loved. Somehow, they managed to find themselves shareing the same destiny, and knew they would face what was to come together.

"I love you, Arnold," Helga muttered, looking into the pools of his green eyes and seeing the love in them.

"I know...and I love you too, Helga," Arnold answered smiling and looking into her own blue eyes and seeing the same love reflected back at him.

They leaned forward, closing their eyes and their lips meet. The two starcrossed lovers both kissed for a long time, both of them silhouetted against the red and orange sunset, their futures shining before them just as brightly.

The End...May the Force Be With You!