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Chapter 3: Sasuke Uchiha

To think that he would meet Sasuke this early in his journey was quite a shock for Naruto as he made his way towards the direction of the cafeteria that Nurse Joy had pointed out to him. "It's been a long time since we've seen Sasuke and Amaterasu. How much do you think they've changed?"

"Vul~, Vulpix," Kurama replied.

Naruto chuckled in response. "Joy-san said that Sasuke's been battling a lot and that he's already earned three Gym Badges. We've a lot to catch up if we're ever going to reach him as he is now." He felt the Vulpix in his arms squirmed a little. "Yeah, I know we can do it. He may have a head start, but we'll make it in time before the League starts."

Kurama gave his Trainer a simple nod. He had to admit though, he was impressed when he heard that the shy little Charmander he met and kept safe from harm at the Summer Camp had already evolved into a Charmeleon who apparently helped her Trainer win three Gym Badges, and at least he hoped that was true. Sasuke might have probably caught a few other Pokémon as well so it was yet to be confirmed.

His blond, whiskered Trainer, on the other hand, was reminiscing about the first day of the Summer Camp where he had met Sasuke and Sakura. The day that Team Seven was born.


"Do I have to go to this camp?" A young ten year-old Naruto had asked as he gave his parents a pout while adjusting the backpack on his back as they made their way towards the campsite, which was just a few miles away from the back of Pallet Town.

Minato gave the boy a smile. "Of course, Naruto. Professor Oak has planned this camp for a few months now and since he invited you, it would be rude of you to not come. Besides, it will be nice if you could make some new friends at the camp. I heard that a lot of kids from all around Kanto are going to be there."

"That's right, Naruto-kun," Kushina added with a nod. "A few of my friends said that their kids will be attending the camp too, so it will be nice if you could be friends with them too."

"Whatever," Naruto sighed. "How long is this camp anyway?"

"It's just a month long, Naruto," Minato replied.

Another sigh escaped Naruto's mouth as he continued walking alongside his parents with Kurama trailing just behind them along with Electivire and Incineroar. Unlike how Naruto was feeling, Kurama was rather looking forward to the camp. From what Electivire had told him before, the camp will be filled with a lot of Pokémon who could probably give him a challenge. Hopefully, his Trainer would realize this soon as well.

"Look there, Naruto, there's the campsite," Kushina said, pointing in front of them with a grin. "What do you think of it?"

Naruto shrugged, but mentally, he was rather impressed by the camp. It wasn't the stereotypical tents and campfire kind of setup, but the camp looked better.

Ten log cabins were lined up close to each other in two rows which had a huge pathway in between for people to walk on. Of course, there was a campfire, but it was rather big compared to what Naruto used to see. The camp was right next to the ocean too where Naruto spotted a lone Gyarados emerging from the water before diving back in while a flock of Wingull flew overhead in the direction of the Hoenn region.

A Pokémon Center was also in the camp, sandwiched between two bigger sized cabins. The cabin on the right of the Pokémon Center was probably where the camp staff would be staying in since it looked almost like the rest of the log cabins except its bigger size. The second cabin, judging from the cooks walking around with trays of food ingredients, was the cafeteria.

Then, Naruto looked over at the beach, where he spotted a group of kids who looked to be his age playing around with their Pokémon. Unlike the Trainers who Naruto would often see when they come to challenge his father in unofficial battles, the kids who were battling didn't seem too serious and they looked like they were having fun and so did the Pokémon. It was definitely a nice change of pace in Naruto's opinion. "Maybe this wouldn't be such a bad idea after all," the boy thought as he and his parents made their way towards the Pokémon Center.

As they reached the front of the Center, they were greeted by the professor himself. Alongside him, was a man who, Naruto observed, had his hair tied in a ponytail and a scar that ran across the bridge of his nose. The man wore a navy blue, long-sleeved shirt and jeans with a clipboard in his hand and a smile on his face.

"Minato! Kushina! I'm so glad you could make it," Professor Oak said as he greeted them before looking down to see the whiskered boy smiling back at him. "And this must be little Naruto. You've grown quite a lot, little guy."

The scarred man bowed to them. "It's an honor to meet you, Namikaze-san. My name's Iruka Umino, I'm the Camp Counselor of this year's camp."

"Please, just call me Minato," said Naruto's father, waving off Iruka's formal greeting. "Though I am surprised. Since Professor Oak's the one who organized the camp, I had thought that it would be him who's in charge."

Iruka and the professor laughed as Professor Oak explained to him. "Well, that's true. I may have organized this camp, but I'm more of a sponsor than anything else. No matter how many assistants I hire back at the lab, I'll always be needed back there so I have no time to attend to the campers. Iruka, however, does."

The scarred man nodded. "I used to be a teacher back in Hoenn before I moved to Kanto. When I heard that Professor Oak was offering a job here, I applied for it and voila, here I am."

"Eh, a teacher?" Kushina smiled. "Then you must have experience with dealing with children, huh? This job is definitely perfect for you." Then, she turned towards the professor. "So what's going to happen during the camp, Professor Oak? You didn't mention to us what the kids will be doing while they're here."

Professor Oak only smiled back. "Well, that's simple. The kids will be teamed up in groups of three and since this is the first day, nothing much will happen so all they'll be doing today is getting to know one another. The rest of the month, we'll be getting them to do some activities with their team and Pokémon as well as training their Pokémon so that they can prepare for their Pokémon journey. Of course, as tradition, there will be Pokémon battles now and then, and team battles on the last day of camp."

The moment the professor had mentioned battles, Naruto was certain that he was going to enjoy his time here and when he looked down at Kurama, he could see that the Vulpix was just as excited as he was and Naruto couldn't help but grin as Iruka gestured for the blond to follow him.

"Follow me, Naruto," Iruka said. "I'll bring you over to the cabin you'll be staying in. Your other teammates are already here so take the time to get to know them."

"Have fun, Naruto!" Kushina cried, waving to the boy who waved back as he and Kurama followed Iruka to the log cabins.

Minato, too, waved to him but stopped when Naruto was out of sight. "He's going to be fine. Who are he's teammates anyway?"

The professor replied with a smirk. "I'm sure if I tell you, it wouldn't be a surprise, would it? Just to give you a hint, one of them is the son of one of Kushina's friends. The other's a close relative to Nurse Joy."

As Iruka and Naruto made their way down the path between the log cabins, they stopped when they reached the cabin with the number '7' on the cabin's door. "This here will be your cabin for the rest of the month. Now let's head in and introduce you to your teammates."

He twisted the knob on the door and pushed it opened.

Not a second later, a ball of pink leaped in their direction and slammed into Iruka, sending the scarred man flying out of the cabin as the ball of pink dropped onto the floor, revealing itself to be a grinning Happiny who cheered at what she had done.

"Ah! Sorry, Iruka-sensei! Happiny was just trying to show off her strength, it was an accident!" A pink-haired girl cried as she picked up the Happiny.

Iruka let out a groan as he got up, rubbing his stomach as he walked back into the cabin. "It's alright, Sakura. As long as it wasn't intentional, I don't mind."

"That Happiny of yours sure packs quite a punch," Naruto commented with a smile as he approached the girl, known as Sakura, and gently petted Happiny's head, who seemed to enjoy the attention she was getting.

Sakura smiled back. "Thanks! Let me guess, you're my other teammate, right?"

Iruka stepped in, answering for Naruto. "This here is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, the final member of Team seven. Naruto, this girl is Sakura Haruno. She's a relative of the Nurse Joy who's overseeing the camp's Pokémon Center."

"That explains the pink hair," Naruto added. "It's nice to meet you, Haruno-san."

"Just call me Sakura," she replied, waving off his earlier words. "I'm not one for formalities like my family. But I'm not sure about you, though. Your family name's Uzumaki Namikaze, right? Does that mean you're related to Minato Namikaze of the Elite Four?"

Naruto nodded. "I'm his son. But I'm just like you, I hate formalities. Too bad it's necessary for certain events. So just call me Naruto!"

"Anyway…" Iruka cut in. "You guys can talk to each other later. Sakura, where's Sasuke? Isn't he supposed to be here as well?"

"Sasuke-kun's out at the back," Sakura replied, pointing towards the backdoor of the cabin. "He said he wanted to start training his Charmander as soon as possible. I'll introduce him to Naruto."

Iruka nodded to her as he turned to leave. "Well, I guess that's it for me then. Remember kids, dinner's in a few hours so make sure to be at the cafeteria by then."

"Will do!" Sakura cheerfully said as she grabbed Naruto's hand while dropping her Happiny down on a bed behind her. "Come on, Naruto. I'm sure Sasuke-kun will like to meet you too."

Without any objection, Naruto allowed himself to be dragged away. Turning to Kurama, he gave him a nod which the Vulpix understood was a silent gesture to tell him to stay put, so the Vulpix simply laid down on the floor and curled up, wrapping his tails around himself as he watched his Trainer leave the room, leaving him with the Happiny who seemed to eye him curiously. Without any warning, Kurama was tackled by the baby Pokémon, who wrapped her tiny arms around Kurama's neck in a hug as she nuzzled against his cheek, causing him to sweatdrop. This was going to be a long month…

Outside, the two humans were greeted to a sight of a Charmander practicing her Flamethrower attack on a tree, leaving behind a fairly large scorch mark. Behind the Charmander, was her Trainer. His spiky black hair hung over his face like bangs. He donned a black long-sleeved shirt with a high collar with a pair of similar colored shorts. Then, the Trainer turned to face the two newcomers.

"Sasuke-kun, our final member's here," Sakura said as she stepped to the side to reveal Naruto.

The boy, revealed to be Sasuke, smiled at Naruto and waved to him. "It's nice to meet you. Name's Sasuke Uchiha and this is my Charmander, Amaterasu." Naruto greeted back by introducing himself, which caused Sasuke's eyes to widen slightly upon hearing his family name. "Oh, you're the son of Minato Namikaze, aren't you? Then you must have seen my brother, Itachi Uchiha, when he came to battle your father."

The whiskered blond blinked at him before his lips curled into a grin. "Eh? So that guy was your brother, huh? Man, I remember when he came to Pallet Town to challenge my father. Almost won too if dad hadn't beaten his Weavile."

"I know," Sasuke nodded. "Itachi-nii said that it was one of his best battles that he's ever had. To think that you were attending this camp…this has definitely become very interesting. So what's your Pokémon? I know that Sakura-chan has a Happiny, so what did you bring to the camp?"

Naruto opened his mouth to reply, but before he could, the cabin's backdoor flung open. They turned around to look, only to find Kurama running towards Naruto with Happiny chasing after him. The Vulpix leaped into Naruto's arms, shivering in slight fear while Sakura went to pick up her Happiny.

"Oops, my bad," Sakura laughed nervously. "Happiny's a very friendly one. When she sees anyone who interests her, she hugs them, a bit too tight for anyone's comfort. Sorry about that."

Naruto shrugged. "Meh. I'm sure Kurama will get used to it. He's my Vulpix. Raised him up myself too."

"Two Fire types and a Normal, quite a common combination we have for a team," Sasuke said as he looked at his Charmander, who was currently hiding behind his leg, causing him to sigh. "Sorry about Amaterasu. She's just shy around new faces."

"Char~!" Amaterasu whined softly from behind the young Uchiha.

"It's alright," Naruto said. "I'm sure she'll be fine around Kurama. He won't bite."

Kurama, however, sweatdropped at his Trainer. The only thing on his mind was probably how this camp was going to both exciting and troublesome. A shy Charmander and an over-friendly Happiny as his partners in battles, how was he going to work with that?

Naruto couldn't help but chuckle at the memory. He and Kurama knew each other too well to know what they both were thinking and he couldn't help but find his partner's situation amusing.

During the duration of the camp, Kurama was always the one protecting Amaterasu during Pokémon battles since the Charmander would always hesitate to attack, which would allow the opposing Pokémon to attack but since Kurama was there, Amaterasu was protected. Over time, Naruto and Sasuke would also notice the unusual behavior Amaterasu was displaying every time she was near Kurama and would always run back to Sasuke and hide behind him with a slight blush.

Of course, they soon figured out what was going on with the Charmander when they had talked to Sakura. Apparently, she had developed a crush on the Vulpix, much to Kurama's dismay and misfortune while the three Trainers had quite a laugh.

Kurama had wanted to let the Charmander know that he didn't have feelings for her, but every single time he tried to do so, Amaterasu would be hiding behind an amused Sasuke who always had a sly smirk on his face whenever he looked at Kurama.

Naruto was immediately brought back to reality when he and Kurama stepped into the cafeteria.

It wasn't as crowded as he would have expected, but then again, with the absence of the Gym Leader, very few Pokémon Trainers would be traveling to Viridian City since they would be wasting their time here. Currently, the cafeteria only had a handful of people and a few were already making their way out. However, a Trainer sitting by a window had caught his attention.

The Trainer was none other than Sasuke Uchiha himself. In the span of two years since they saw each other, the boy's hairstyle barely changed. However, his clothes were a different case. His black clothing was gone, replaced by a navy blue, short-sleeved shirt with a high collar, white shorts, and white arm warmers. On the back of his shirt was the symbol of a fan where the top was red and the bottom was white, it was the symbol of the Uchiha.

Naruto smirked as he approached him as quietly as he could. Unfortunately for him, it didn't take long for Sasuke to figure out what he was doing as he had turned his head around, giving Naruto a mock surprised look. "Well look who decided to grace me with his presence. Long time no see, blondie."

"Good to see you too, Sasuke," Naruto replied as he took a seat next to him and blinked when he saw the Charmeleon seating just across the black-haired boy. "Nice to see you, Amaterasu-chan. You've grown a lot since the last time I've seen you."

Amaterasu nodded, looking back at him with a proud smile on her face, which instantly crumbled as soon as she saw who had sat down next to her. In the next moment, her bright red scales darkened as soon as she caught sight of the Vulpix and the flame on her tail grew slightly as she started nervously fiddling with her claws.

Kurama sweatdropped at the female Charmeleon's actions and he discreetly gave the two Trainers a glare when he saw them holding back their laughter. It wasn't like he wanted to be next to the girl who had a crush on him, there wasn't any seat left!

Once they had quelled their laughter, Sasuke turned his attention back to his blond friend. "So you finally started, huh? Took you quite a while. Everyone else began earlier this year and they're already traveling around Kanto."

"Not my fault my mother won't let me go," Naruto grumbled. "I was lucky she finally gave in to the idea that I was ready to become a Trainer."

A chuckle escaped Sasuke's mouth. "Ready? Did you already forget about the team battle we had on the final day of the camp? I'd say that you're more than ready. I mean, if you had started earlier, I'd say that you would have the same number of badges as I have, possibly even more!"

Naruto shrugged. "It's a benefit, I guess, to have an Elite Four member as a father who taught me everything he knew about Pokémon battles."

"Lucky you," said Sasuke.

"Enough about me. Tell me about what you've been doing," said Naruto. "Aside from winning those three badges, of course. Caught any new Pokémon?"

The black-haired boy nodded, taking out two Pokéballs and placing them on the table. "Itachi-nii brought me over to the Safari Zone before I left. Caught myself a Nidorino and a Rhyhorn. They've been great to work with and Amaterasu's been getting some experiences while sparring with them. What about you?"

Naruto brought out Kichi's Pokéball. "My godfather paid me a visit when I was registering to become a Trainer. Gamabunta's kid decided to join me. Other than him, I just caught a Pidgey."

"Should have gone with a Spearow, they're tougher," Sasuke remarked with a smirk. "But knowing you, I guess that Pidgey was lucky. After all, you only catch those that interest you."

"You know me all too well, Sasuke," Naruto chuckled as he grabbed Kichi's Pokéball. "So how about it? One match for old times' sake?"

The Uchiha shrugged. "Why not? Nobody's given me a challenge so far and since you're here, might as well see if you're still as good as you were back at the camp."

The two Trainers made their way out to the back of the Center, where an empty battlefield greeted them as Sasuke walked over to the opposite end, turning towards Naruto. "So how do you want this battle to be?"

"One-on-one with a five-minute time limit will do for now," Naruto replied. "I want to train Gamakichi so I decided to kill two Pidgey with one stone by challenging you."

"I see," Sasuke muttered, bringing out his Nidorino's Pokéball. "But let me warn you first, Naruto. My Nidorino's no pushover."

A scoff escaped Naruto's lips. "That's what Kiba said about Akamaru before Kurama kicked his ass." Kurama couldn't help but snicker at the memory of that event. That Growlithe sure didn't know what bit him.

"Your sense of humor's still there," Sasuke rolled his eyes as he tossed the capsule onto the ground, causing it to release the Pokémon within it. A white glow emerged, quickly taking the form of a Nidorino before vanishing, revealing said Pokémon who let out a roar.

Naruto whistled, clearly impressed with how Sasuke had taken care of his Nidorino. "Not bad, Sasuke. You really took Iruka-sensei's lesson to heart. Your Nidorino looks healthier than the ones I've seen before."

"Once you've captured a Pokémon, they become part of your family. That's why you should take good care of them. Wasn't that what you and Iruka-sensei taught me?" The black-haired boy smirked. "Come on, show me your Pokémon. I'm itching for a good fight."

Bringing out Kichi's Pokéball, the whiskered blond tossed it, allowing the Froakie to emerge from his capsule and landing right in front of him. Gamakichi looked around curiously, wondering why he was brought out but his eyes narrowed slightly when he caught sight of the Nidorino in front of him. Turning around, he saw his Trainer and Kurama smiling at him.

"Yo, Kichi," Naruto greeted. "I told you I'd be training you as soon as I can. Guess what? I ran into a friend of mine and decided to have a spar. You up for a battle?" A croak from Kichi was all he got, but Naruto knew what that meant and his smile grew wider. "Alright then." He looked towards Sasuke. "Who's going to start?"

Sasuke shrugged. "It doesn't matter to me. I usually go second in my battles so I guess you could go first, Naruto."

The whiskered blond nodded. "Okay. Kichi, start with Quick Attack."

Kichi complied with the order. In an instant, his body glowed white and soon, he vanished in a flash of white, heading straight towards Nidorino, who stood his ground with his arms shivering in anticipation as his eyes followed the trail Kichi was leaving behind.

A chuckle left Sasuke's mouth. "Still the same old Naruto. Always charging in with speed. Hiroki, brace yourself. Once that Froakie attacks, counterattack with Poison Jab."

Hiroki, the now-named Nidorino, gave his Trainer a nod and crouched, bracing himself as he saw Kichi appear right in front of him, landing a punch on his cheek. In that moment, Hiroki pushed the Froakie back before grabbing Kichi's leg with his jaw while his front claws were raised up. The Nidorino's claws glowed purple and then, it flew down, aiming to strike Kichi.

"Use Pound to free yourself and Bubble to push back!"

With a hand glowing brightly, Kichi slammed his hand down onto Hiroki's snout, causing the Nidorino to growl out in pain as his grip loosened, giving Kichi his chance to escape before the Poison Jab could hit him. As Kichi dropped to the ground, he spewed out bubbles at Hiroki.

Watching his Nidorino being pushed back, Sasuke spoke. "Your Froakie's Bubble might be a bit slow, but it sure packs quite the punch. But that won't be enough. Hiroki, use Double Kick!"

"Too bad for you, I'm always prepared," Naruto retorted. "Kichi, Double Team!"

Hiroki's hind legs began to glow as he crouched slightly. Then, he launched himself towards the Froakie, who smirked as he glowed as well. However, before Hiroki got close enough to execute his Double Kick, Kichi had duplicated himself multiple times.

Sasuke let out a sigh before looking over at Naruto. "I see you're still using Double Team. I should have known. Hiroki, get back and use Thunderbolt!"

Yellow sparks crackled as Hiroki backed away a few steps. At the same time, Kichi realized the danger he was in and without waiting for Naruto's order, he and his duplicates began leaping all over the battlefield. Unfortunately for him, his speed proved to be useless against an experienced and trained Pokémon.

Hiroki roared as bolts of electricity shot all over the battlefield, destroying Kichi's duplicates. One bolt made its way to Kichi and struck the Froakie's arm, causing Kichi to grit his teeth as he collapsed onto the ground and tumbled before stopping in front of Naruto.

The blond knelt down and placed a hand on Kichi, flinching slightly when he felt a shock from the electricity that struck his Pokémon. "You alright, Kichi?" As much as the Froakie wanted to know if his Trainer was being sarcastic or not, he ignored the urge and nodded, getting back up as a momentarily sting shot through his body.

"I'm impressed, Naruto," Sasuke said. "I specifically trained my Nidorino to perfect the use of Thunderbolt so that he could beat any Water Pokémon with it in a single move. To think that your Froakie survived that…it's so just like you."

Naruto chuckled. "What can I say? I'm awesome, dattebayo." His attention went back to his Pokémon. "Kichi, let's up your speed. Quick Attack! And let's add Double Team as a diversion."

The familiar white glow of the attack soon coated Kichi's body as his duplicates returned, following the original as they lunged forward at the Nidorino, disappearing in white flashes. Hiroki, on the other hand, darted his eyes throughout the battlefield, looking left and right, hoping to distinguish the real Kichi from his duplicates.

Without any warning, Hiroki was struck from behind by the Froakie, causing him to fall face-first into the ground as Kichi hopped off his back and grinned as he turned to face Naruto. "Fro!"

"Nice job, Kichi. Now Bubble, before he gets up."

"Not on my watch, Naruto," Sasuke said. "Hiroki, use Dig!"

As bubbles were shot out from Kichi's mouth, Hiroki's body twitched for a moment before digging his paws into the ground and pulled out parts of it, creating a hole for him to dive in as the bubbles flew right passed him.

"Leap into the air, Kichi!" Naruto ordered. "Then use your Bubble in the hole to draw that Nidorino out!"

Doing as he was told, the Froakie was up in the air in no time and with his cheeks puffed out, he spewed more bubbles into the hole that Hiroki had dug. However, Sasuke smirked. As the bubbles approached the hole, Sasuke called out to his Nidorino.

"Hiroki, dig out and use Poison Jab!"

The Nidorino shot out from the ground, a few feet away from the hole he had dug before and leaped into the air, causing Kichi to widen his eyes in shock as Hiroki's paws glowed purple, signaling the attack.

Unfortunately for Sasuke, Naruto remembered a piece of crucial information about Kichi when he had read the Froakie's data. And to the blond's luck, he was now able to put it to good use. "Kichi, expand your Frubbles and absorb the blow. Then hit back hard with your strongest Bubble attack!"

Gamakichi's shock faded away instantly when he had heard his Trainer's voice and he followed his orders, letting the mane of white bubbles around his neck to rapidly expand as Hiroki's attack struck him, sending Kichi flying across the battlefield. With a flip, Kichi skidded on the ground and stopped in front of his blond Trainer before falling to a knee and panted heavily, his Frubbles slowly shrinking back to its original size. At the same time, Kichi spewed his Bubble attack at Hiroki, nailing a direct hit on the Nidorino as he crashed on his back while a dust cloud formed around him.

Once it had settled, Sasuke smiled at the sight of his Nidorino, who was breathing heavily while keeping his balance, trying his best not to collapse. Unfortunately for him, the time limit of the spar had reached its five-minute mark, ending the spar and making it a draw between the two Trainers.

"I've got to say, Naruto, for a Froakie, he sure packs quite a punch. This is the first time a Pokémon, aside from my brother's Pokémon, has pushed Hiroki to his limits. As expected of you and your Pokémon, blondie."

"Thanks, Sasuke," the whiskered blond replied, giving Gamakichi a light pat on the head before returning him to his Pokéball. "I appreciate the compliment and I'm sure Kichi does as well. But you're not giving your Nidorino enough credit too. He's strong, possibly on par with Choji's Pokémon."

"Hey!" The black-haired boy gave a mock glare. "I'll have you know that Hiroki is stronger than Choji's Pokémon!" He approached Hiroki and gave him a quick scratch on his jaw and the Nidorino growled softly before Sasuke returned him to his capsule. Once the Pokéball was secured on his belt, he walked over to Naruto.

A smirk formed on Sasuke's face as he continued. "I found Choji in Pewter City when I was there to earn my badge from the Pewter City Gym. He wasn't alone though. That lazy Nara and bossy Yamanaka were with him. Anyway, after we got our badges, I challenged him to a friendly battle and I won against his Munchlax."

"…You sure?"

Sasuke's eye twitched when he saw Naruto's skeptical look. Though he probably couldn't blame him. After all, Munchlax were stereotypically more of eaters rather than fighters. Too bad that it wasn't true at all. Munchlax were frightening, especially the ones that are owned by the Akimichi clan. In fact, even thinking back to the battle he had with Choji made him shiver slightly.

"Yes, I'm sure, Naruto," the black-haired boy replied. "If you don't believe me, go and find him yourself and ask him."

A shrug from the blond was the response he received as Naruto spoke. "Alright. But I doubt that I'll find him any time soon. He's probably in a city across the region by now since you all started way earlier than me."

When he saw the blond pout from what he had said at the end, Sasuke couldn't help but snicker to himself. "You poor boy. I'm sure you'll find him soon. And since this is you we're talking about, I'm sure you're going to challenge him too. Though I'm not sure who I'll be pitying at the end."

"What do you mean by that?"

Sasuke shrugged. "Because you'll definitely be as unpredictable as always and Choji will have a hard time trying to keep up with you. But then there's the fact that his Munchlax can be scary too, so yeah. Not sure who to pity."

"Oh, this again," Naruto rolled his eyes. "Munchlax are not scary, Sasuke. Choji's Munchlax is awesome! Why can't you see that?"

"You mean you didn't care that Kurama almost got squashed by it during the camp?"

The blond merely waved his hand. "As if Kurama could get squash that easily. Kurama and I are always up for any challenges. Choji's Pokémon was just one of the many we've faced and that's never stopped us, right, Kurama?" Turning to his partner, Naruto received a nod from the Vulpix who trotted over to his side.

"Whatever," Sasuke sighed. "Come on, let's go hand our Pokémon to Joy-san so she can heal our Pokémon. I've got to make a call to Sakura-chan as well so I can tell her that you're finally a Trainer. She'll be glad to hear about it."

At that moment, Naruto and Kurama froze, causing Sasuke to turn to them with a raised brow. "What? Is something the matter?" He watched as his blond friend slowly turn pale while the Vulpix beside him started to shiver in fright. Then, before he could even blink, the two sped passed him with Naruto tossing Kichi's Pokéball at him.

"I forgot to call mom!" Naruto shrieked fearfully as he dashed towards the entrance of the Pokémon Center with Kurama close behind. With a quick glance to Sasuke, he continued. "You go ahead and get our Pokémon to Joy-san! I need to quickly call mom before she kills me for not calling when I got here!"

As the two disappeared into the Pokémon Center, Sasuke let out a sigh. "That Nara was right. Blonds are troublesome…"