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A tingle of agony laced with electrifying pleasure ran up his spine and the tall male immediately stopped in his tracks to swiftly glance behind him in order to find the source.

However, an irritated voice quickly interrupted him before he could.

"What is the holdup, Sebastian?" A deep blue eye glared up at the dark figure, "I demand you to stop dawdling at once!"

"I... apologize, Young Master," Sebastian paused uncharacteristically while his red eyes darted among the crowd to locate the origin, "I believe it to be very wise not to ignore this circumstance." He had to resist the urge to lick his lips in utter sinister delight.

Ciel furrowed his brows, peering at the crowd to try and see just what had caught his butler's attention so abruptly, "Not one of your kind, is it?" He asked with disdain, sneering at the thought.

"No, Young Master," Sebastian answered and he instantly stood to his full height once his eyes finally landed upon a small figure that would normally go unnoticed by the crowds, "It is the very opposite of I."

The young Phantomhive blinked, unsure of what the Devil was talking about, "What exactly does that mean?" He murmured, following his butler's eyes to observe the same figure, "You don't mean an Angel, do you?"

Sebastian chuckled and it instantaneously sent a chill throughout Ciel's entire body, "No, I am not referring to those wretched beings," He stated wickedly, prepared to step forward when he noticed that his prey's head had slightly turned towards them, "Milord, I believe it to be in your best interest to capture this stray."

"Tch," Ciel let out a noise of disbelief, staring at the seemingly frail-looking figure who was messily dressed as a mere paperboy, "You cannot be serious." He huffed.

"Oh, but I am very much so, Young Master," Sebastian could no longer hide his smirk when he noticed the strange, but so alluring pure blue eyes peering at them from underneath the brim of a newsboy cap, "It is not very often one comes across a true Priestess in this day and age."

How wonderfully and absolutely delightful!

And especially for one such as himself.

Ciel was about to retort, but hesitated when he found himself quite disturbed by the near manic look in Sebastian's glowing eyes, "Well then," He cleared his throat, berating himself internally for faltering if even for a second, "I suppose we have enough time to approach this... Priestess if you believe it will be beneficial to me."

"Oh, Young Master," Sebastian felt his fangs positively ache and his blood rush thrillingly through his body at the very thought of capturing this stray little kitten for his own, "You have no idea."

No idea indeed.