The characters in this are from my story Aliens in Jasper. This takes place before the Autobots meet Graham and his little sister Isabella. Requested by Robot dad an author on Quotev.

Normal POV

Today is teacher in-service day so all the students have the day off. Everyone is at the base trying to come up with ideas of how they should spend their day off.

"Sabrina, can we go get some ice cream?" Brandon asks.

"Brandon, you know the rule about sweets," Sabrina says.

"Honestly, we should be more worried about you," Jack says.

"Why do you mean?" Arcee asks.

"Sabrina does have a small problem when she has too much sugar," Jack answers.

"In my defense, I was four and it was the preschool Halloween party." Sabrina says.

"Don't humans only eat that when you light the cake on fire?" Cliffjumper asks.

"Cliff, we eat ice cream as a treat for other celebrations other than on birthdays," Sabrina says.

"Please, Sabrina, I won't tell dad, I promise," Brandon begs using his puppy dog pout.

"Fine, Brandon we'll go but don't order anything you can't finish okay?" Sabrina says.

"Sweet, I'm in too," Miko cheers.

"One more thing everyone has to buy their own. I'm only paying for me and my brother," Sabrina says.

"Aw, man, my host parents didn't give me any cash. I guess we'll have to go dune bashing Bulk," Miko sighs.

Cliffjumper, Arcee and Bumblebee transform, then drive off to the ice cream shop. The group walks inside and waits in line. It was longer just as Sabrina thought since most of kids are making most of their day off from school by getting a sugar rush. Five minutes later, they get to the front of the line.

"Hi, welcome to Jasper Freeze, what can I get for you today?" The worker asks.

"May I have a small chocolate malt crunch." Sabrina answers.

"May I have a scoop of bubble gum in a cup, please?" Brandon says.

"That's all for us. my friends are buying their own," Sabrina says.

The worker nods. She hands them their ice cream then Sabrina and her brother walk over to the resister. After everyone paid they head outside, Sabrina notices that Cliffjumper activated his holoform. He is leaning up against the hood.

"Sabrina, can we sit on the hood while we eat our ice cream?" Brandon asks.

"I'm not sure 'Clark' would be too happy if some of it dripped on it." Sabrina answers.

"I'll be careful," Brandon says.

Sabrina smiles when she sees 'Clark' pick up her little brother and sets him down om the hood near the horns.

"Are you sure about this 'Clark?' Ice cream is sticky," Sabrina says.

"I'm sure partner," Cliffjumper says.

Sabrina sits down next to her brother. Then the group starts to eat their ice cream and think about what they are going to do next.