Happy Mother's Day to Moms, Grandmas, and mother figures everywhere, and I'm using Characters from Secrets and Superheroes in the one-shot.

Tracy watches her twin cousins Malachai and Isabella working on their mother's day cards. Her uncle Mace was helping them with writing their names since they were still learning how to spell. This year, Mother's day was a tough holiday for her to celebrate since it was the first one after her mother died. She gets up from the chair and heads to the base's roof to get some air.

Mom, I know the accident wasn't my fault, but I wish you were here, Tracy thinks as she stares out at the desert scenery.

A few tears roll down her cheeks as some dirt flies up. She looks to her left to see Agent Fowler land a helicopter on the hello pad. Agent Fowler hops out and walks over to her. She wipes the tears away and stands up.

"Hi, agent Fowler, is this a social visit, or did the bots accidentally pancake an important building?" Tracy says.

"It's social. Your father asked me to pick up the twins and your uncle to take them to meet with the others at the amusement park," Fowler replies.

"The twins are finishing up their mother's day cards. They should be done in a few minutes." Tracy says.

Agent Fowler nods and heads inside. The twins and their father cleaned up all the art supplies they used to make the cards and put them into their backpacks. They walk over to the elevator just as the doors open.

"Are we going to the amusement park now?" Malachai asks.

"Yes, I can here to get you two and your father," Fowler answers.

"Okay, is sissy coming too?" Malachai asks.

"No, bud, Tracy doesn't like amusement parks," Mace says.

"Okay," Malachai sighs.

Back on the roof, Tracy gets tired of looking at cacti and sand, so she lays down to stare at the sky till boredom sets in or hoes that something else happened to distract her from thinking about her mom. A flock of birds flies over when her phone vibrates. She takes it out of her jacket pocket and smiles, seeing a text from Ivan on the screen.

'SUP, Heart's gleam, hru?'

'TBH, RN, I need a distraction from my thoughts. When did you learn how 2 text?'

'Ashley taught me. IK, today is a hard day for you, WRU,'

' Clark's place,'


'IK, you want to help, but u need to dial it back on the abbreviations, :).'

'SRY, Heart's gleam, I might need another lesson,'

Tracy sends a quick reply, then puts her phone away and heads inside. Tracy goes over to the table and sees a Mother's day card. At first, she thought one of the twins had forgotten to grab their card till she picked it up and recognized Mace's handwriting.

"Tears shed for another person are not a sign of weakness. They are a sign of a pure heart." -Jose N. Harris-

Tracy, I know seeing the twins spending time with their mother and seeing them so happy, especially today, is hard for you. But, you still can celebrate Mother's day even though your mother has a pair of angel wings now. You can talk to Ivan or even one of the bots about some of the happy memories you have of her to keep her alive in your heart. Also, if you are up for it, I know your mom would love for you to visit her and get some of her favorite flowers.

Tracy flips the card over and sees that Malachai and Isabella wrote something.

Happy Mother's day, Aunt Mary. Please come down and visit Sissy; she misses you.

Happy Mother's Day, Aunt Mary. Cici loves you and misses your hugs. Please visit her and give her a big hug.

Tracy sets the card down as tears stream down her face. When Ivan arrives, he walks up the steps to see his girlfriend still crying from what she had just read on the card.

"Heart's gleam. Why are you crying?" Ivan asks.

"Read the card, and you'll find out," Tracy replies

Ivan tries not to get teary-eyed himself after reading what Maiachai and Isabella wrote.

"They're really smart and have great handing writing," Ivan compliments.

"Yeah, it seems like having great handing writing early runs in the family," Tracy says, taking a small big of tissue out of her pocket.

"Do you want to talk about your mom?" Ivan asks.

"Yes, but I'll do it on the way to the cemetery," Tracy replies.

Ivan nods, and they walk down the stairs to Wheeljack. He transforms, and after Tracy gives him the directions, they drive to the cemetery. Since this was the first time she visited her mother's grave. Tracy had to ask someone working there where it was. Tracy's hands shake as she, Ivan, and Wheeljack's holoform get closer. She drops the bouquet.

"Everything will be fine, Heart's gleam. I'm here for you," Ivan says, handing the flowers back to her and giving her hand a gentle squeeze.

"Me too, partner," Wheeljack says, placing his hand on her shoulder.

"Thanks, you two," Tracy says.

Tracy lets out a shaky sigh as she places the flowers in front of her mother's tombstone.

"Hi, mom, I'm sorry I haven't come to see you. I wasn't ready and had difficulty accepting that you aren't here anymore to tell me a great joke or give me some great advice on navigating life as an adult." Tracy says, swallowing the lump forming in her throat, "But I've made some new friends in Amber Beach and met someone I know you'd approve of joining the family or tell me to keep him around as long as possible." Tracy chuckles, wiping away a stray tear that escaped her eye, "Anyway, Happy Mother's Day, Mom. I know you're still watching over me, but I'd appreciate it if you could visit sometime and try to teach dad how to properly tell a dad joke,"

Tracy stands back up and turns to face Ivan and Wheeljack's holoform. Ivan steps forward and hugs Tracy as more tears roll down her face.

"It's okay; Heart's gleam; let it out," Ivan says.

After she regained her composer, Ivan goes over to the tombstone and places his hand on it.

"Lady, Ramiez, I wish I could have met you in person to thank you for bringing Tracy into the world. She is an amazing woman, and I know you are proud of who she has become. I promise you that I'll be by her side as long as she allows me to and continues to protect her. Happy Mother's day," Ivan says.