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This story uses the same setting as my other story "Momon, Big Black Changeling". Essentially, Ainz Ooal Gown is the same type of creature as in that story, although this and that story happen in different worlds.

They all piled into the small, dingy room. With a sigh, Ainz Ooal Gown let go of Narberal and Albedo's arms, and surveyed the room.

It had been necessary to strongarm these two, particularly after the scene that had been about to erupt down below. It had all started when Albedo had made a "persuasive" case of convincing him to let her come along to explore the New World. Upon strict conditions to behave herself on pain of permanent assignment to Nazarick, Ainz had agreed to bring the overseer along. The trio would perform under the disguise of two mysterious armored knights escorting a powerful mage, who was Narberal Gamma.

It had all been going well at first; the two had behaved themselves around the "inferior creatures" while exploring E-Rantel. That was until just over a few moments ago, when some goons had tried to extort him downstairs, thinking the group were just rookie adventurers. Albedo had gone ballistic, nearly decapitating the guy's head were it not for his timely intervention. And then Narberal had been drawn in, becoming as furious as Albedo, and would have burned this whole inn to a crisp if not for him.

"Those insects..." Narberal, no, Nabe, seethed. Her beautiful face was scrunched up in anger.

"Indeed," said the armored figure of Albedo, the armor of her figure clattering with fury. "And they dare insult our lord by sending him to this, this hovel? He deserves a room far more fitting for a king, no, a god! Milord, give us the order, and we shall purge this city immediately!"

"No, no," said Ainz, resisting the urge to rub his forehead. "Would you two be presuming to ignore my authority?" he demanded, his voice sharp and biting.

At his cold, reprimanding tone (reminiscent of Satoru Suzuki's many bosses back on Earth), the two NPCs immediately kneeled, Albedo practically crawling on the dusty, grimy floor to scrabble for his boots.

"Our most heartfelt apologies, Lord Ainz," they said in unison.

"Enough!" he snapped, waving Albedo away. "Already we have made too much of a disturbance. I had hoped to be more discreet in our observation of this place, but you two have forced my hand. It has been quite a disappointment."

Albedo trembled; Narberal looked close to crying. "Please, please do not be displeased milord! We shall do anything, anything to-"

He held up a silencing hand, which shut them up. But it was also more to rein in his anger. Since arriving in this New World from the virtual world of Yggdrasil, and then reincarnating into the body of his avatar, the Dread Doppelganger, he had been afflicted with quite a dizzying array of properties. One of these was his broad range of emotions, like he was some sort of mental patient. He could be angry one second, ready to incinerate something, then calm the next. He surmised that it was probably due to his race-which needed to be fluid and keep adapting to survive. Or something.

He took a deep breath, and turned around to face the sooty window. "Do you remember the plan?" he asked quietly.

"Yes, lord Ainz," Albedo said crisply, her head still bowed to the ground."Shall I recite them?"

"No need," said Ainz. "I trust you recall what you are to do."

"Of course."

"And you understand the need for... subtlety?"


He stared down at her for a few moments, weighing the pros and cons, trying to see if he should just send her back to Nazarick. "Do remember the immense trust I place in you and your abilities." Then he pointed at her and said, "Greater Disguise."

The armored form shimmered. In its place, Albedo was transformed into an unassuming woman clad in a simple skirt, with thick, knee-high boots and a wimple around her head. "How is your armor?" he asked.

"It's still on," said Albedo, who was appraising her new appearance. "Shall I take them off?"

"That would be foolish," he said dryly. To go about an unknown place without protection? Who knows what other human players were out there? A few high-level ones could detect his spell, and Albedo would need everything to escape. "Go then, and do your duty. Make your way out of the inn without drawing attention. You can use this window if you like-but when you return, again, do not be spotted doing something unusual."

"I shall not fail, my love," Albedo declared, with a throaty voice. Ainz turned from the lovestruck expression that had crossed the peasant woman's face. Even with such plain features, it was still a bit too stimulating. He cleared his throat.

"Go then." After another bow, Albedo turned around, glanced briefly at Narberal, and left the room. He heard her make her way down the corridor outside, away from the stairs. He looked down at Narberal. He nodded to her. "Do I need to remind you?"

"No, milord. I know my duty," Nabe said hastily. "But I must protest-would this not leave you without an escort?"

His utter silence spoke far more than words. Nabe, her face trembling in fear, bowed again and said, "Certainly, lord Ainz. I shall endeavor to make you proud."

"Go," he said dismissively, even a bit impatiently. He thought of casting another Disguise on her, as a precaution, but recalled that she was a doppelganger, a bit like himself. She would find a way; and besides, her task was lighter than Albedo's. "Do not return without informing me via Message."

And so, Ainz was left alone in that room. He sat down heavily on the dingy-looking bed, which groaned and sank under his weight. He took a deep breath.

His armored form rippled, like a reflection on the water. Gone was the black armor, now he was a man, squat and flabby. Then he was a boyish youth, blond of hair. Then he was Satoru Suzuki, but the idealized version of him. Not the sallow, skinny salaryman of Earth, but a tall, buff, and muscular man, tanned, and with a meat rod several times thicker and larger.

Ainz stood in this form, his thoughts a whirlpool of violent emotions, his muscles tense, his cock hard and aching. Just as he found it more difficult to control his almost bipolar interactions with the denizens of Nazarick, so too was he afflicted by a constant, heady lust every time he looked at them. Especially the female portion of the NPCs. They were the images of perfection for the former guildmates of Ainz Ooal Gown, and when he saw them given the breath of life in this world, he found them too much irresistible. The sight of them, their scent, their actions, the way they talked to him so lovingly, so adoringly, like the loyal servants they proclaimed themselves to be, made it hard to resist the urge to snap, to just go all out and give in to his deepest and most depraved urges.

Two things kept it largely in check. One was his memories of his old guildmates, who had built Ainz Ooal Gown. The NPCs were like their children in Ainz's eyes, and he feared sullying them with his passion. Peroroncino, a friend known for his irascible tastes, would have most likely agreed with him: he had raged against "other people touching my fap material".

The second thing was that he was able to at least calm his urges through masturbation. For any time he was overly stimulated by one of the Pleiades being too close to him, or after saving that pretty village girl in Carne, or after the constant come-ons by Shalltear and Albedo, he would find a way to be alone, truly alone, and vent his stress by cleaning his pipe usually to the images of the aforementioned women. It was nice that he was able to transform his dick to however many shapes he wanted, and there was one particular feature he liked most: his body made it that his dick could bring itself to climax, without needing either of his handy assistants. He'd done that several times when there were only women in the room with him-though never with Albedo, who might've noticed it.

Ainz did that on this very moment, using this furtive alone time to let out a little of his lust before properly investigating the New World through his own eyes. Pinpricks of pleasure shot up from his self-pumping cock into and up his spine, making him groan. He thought of Albedo's beautiful face, her smooth, marble-like skin flushing every time she talked to him, he thought of ripping apart her shameless attire, to utterly ravage that slutty, curvaceous body; most of all he thought of Nabe at this moment, and of the sound her boots made with every step she made, and he fantasized the feel of that leather on his cock, of her massaging him with her feet, of pounding the maid doggy-style while she wore nothing but her boots. All this spurred him to pump even faster, his cockhead now a bright, bulbous red. He was close-he could feel it, his transfigured cock was twitching and ready to spill, just a second more and-

The door opened behind him. "Lord Ainz, I beg to report someth-"

"Aaarghh!" he roared, turning to loom over the intruder, his cock whipping around, like some obscene weapon, the climax so rudely interrupted. Ainz's sudden anger deflated when he saw it was none other than Narberal staring wide-eyed at her master, in particular his erect, hanging member.

"Nabe," he said quietly. He dragged her in, slammed the door close, and hastily transformed into his Momon form. "What are you doing-I told you to Message me, if you needed something?" He wasn't thinking straight-he was still thinking about this very NPC after all. Then he noticed she was still staring at his crotch, after his member had already disappeared into the armor. "Nabe."

Her mouth shut with an audible clack. An odd look passed over her. She looked up at him, and swallowed. "Milord, that was-"

"None of your business," he said curtly, turning away. "Now, I-" He was surprised when she lunged forward, throwing her arms around his waist and feeling around his crotch, as if she could fish out his cock. "Nabe, stop-" He stopped when her hand became like goo and sank into his. He had no idea what she was attempting, but apparently, something had happened. In fact, the impossible had happened, as her gooey hand had emerged, and was now wrapped under a rudimentary organ which he knew, felt, to be his cock. "What are you doing?"

"Relieving you, milord," she said, her gel-like grip stirring his fading erection back to full mast. The next second, the formless extension which she'd grabbed had become a fully-formed cock, which she now rubbed and stroked, her hands warm and impossibly wet. "Of all maids, I alone am more qualified in doppelganger anatomy, except perhaps for you, milord."

"That's not-ahh-that's not the point! What are you-why are you-" Nabe crouched down, now kneeling in front of him, her flushed face staring at his cock like it was some mythical creature. And then, without hesitation, she closed her eyes, opened her mouth wide and took his length inside.

Ainz practically gasped, all his protests overridden by the primal passion that had hitherto been desperately suppressed. The feel of her tight, moist cavity making sucking and stroking motions all over his member banished all thoughts of control for him, as now he fought against the rapidly building climax, which had returned after being ruthlessly aborted. Nabe looked up at him, staring deep into his eyes, her mouth now opening even wider as she took his whole length even deeper, his glans now firmly embedded in her churning throat as it made a slobbery, gurgling sound, the vibration sending tiny thrills of shock over his member. The insides of her mouth was an entirely new experience, each surface of it like a miniature tongue lapping at him from all angles and on every centimeter of his bulge. Then she started bobbing her head back and forth, and Ainz couldn't help but rock his hips along, thrusting into her mouth.

Then he felt her hands once again transform and sink into his member. The sensation was different, but not unpleasant, like an injection. And then his eyes widened further as he felt the stirrings of a weak electric spell strike him from the spot where her hands had sunk, sending a surge of delicious, humming waves from deep within the core of his new, inhuman being. Her cheeks bulged, on one side and then the other, as Nabe twirled her tongue around his cock. His balls clenched, his knees trembling as Nabe redoubled her efforts, slime and saliva falling in rivulets from her mouth as she closed her eyes and blew him with everything she had. Then she made a deep, vacuum-like suckling, and it was as if all of him were to be sent into that tiny point, himself disappearing through the length of his cock. And that was it for Ainz-the climax returned with a vengeance; he grabbed at Nabe's head, pulling at her hair as he pushed his cockhead as deep as it could go and came.

Wordless groans escaped Ainz's throat as his cum went straight into whatever stomach Nabe had. Nabe kept her head perfectly still, only using the inside of her slimy mouth to coax and caress his ejaculating cock. Spurt after spurt went into the beautiful maid's mouth, the first fortunate NPC to receive her master's white-hot seed. When his spasms stopped, and his climax ceased, Nabe slowly pulled her head back, slowly stimulating each departing inch of him before it left the warm embrace of her mouth, until by the time his glans and her lips were kissing, he was hard again. His cock was clean and slick with her saliva. She kissed the tip one last time before looking up dutifully at him.

"Milord," she said, rising to her feet. She shrugged off her traveling cloak, and began unclasping the armor she wore underneath. "There is another way for us doppelgangers to mate. Another, more important hole must be-"

"Hooold on," said Ainz, who'd recovered some of his sanity after climaxing. "That's enough, Nabe. I appreciate your help, and I would further appreciate your silence on this."

Halfway through unraveling the straps holding her trousers up, Nabe looked at him, confused. "Is it not to your liking, milord?"

"No. I mean, yes, it was good, but I mean no-there shall be no more!" he practically shouted. "Don't take off your clothes. It won't go further than this."

Nabe looked at him like he was a difficult puzzle to unravel. "Why?" she asked. "There is nothing wrong in this, milord. We are loyal to the Supreme Beings, who created us. And you are the greatest of them all, you, who stayed behind when all the others left, you who deserve all our respect, and therefore our unflinching, eternal service." She looked down at his crotch. "Whatever service you require."

"I do not require such services," said Ainz, trying not to look at her boots. "Our mission cannot be jeopardized by such frivolous mating-I mean, distractions. Yes, they're just distractions! We've far more important things to do!"

"Yes, and one of those things is ensuring milord is thoroughly satisfied. In our duties outside, and also in private things like this," Nabe said insistently. She grasped his hand in hers and placed it on her chest, causing Ainz to breathe in sharply, his breath literally stolen away by how perfectly shaped her tit was -not that he'd had a point of reference before. "Milord, there is nothing, nothing that we, the guardians of Nazarick will not do for your exalted self. Please, use us as you see fit."

"No, I cannot!" Ainz snapped. "You are my friends' most treasured creations! I cannot betray their expectations by defiling you lot! You are like children to me."

A flush came to Nabe's face. After a beat, she smiled brilliantly. "Milord, I am touched-on behalf of everyone in Nazarick, I thank you. We thank you for being there for us, milord. But I am sure that even lord Nishikienrai would not have become angry at you for using us in this way. Without him, without you all, we would not have existed at all. We owe our lives to them, to you. So claim it, milord; everything we are is yours."

He went over and sat on the bed, his feet suddenly weak. Already his will was being eroded by Narberal sucking his cock; it didn't take her clumsy fawning and arguments to beat him downfurther. His lust was rapidly taking over, the sheer pleasure of taking what he wanted and doing whatever he wanted to do in this New World making him giddy. Why shouldn't he?

"I have seen it myself," said Nabe, stepping closer, fearlessly. "We of the Pleiades have also observed it-you are drawn to us, are you not? You desire us, milord," she said with a throaty whisper. "It goes for lady Shalltear and Albedo as well. You try to hide it, but you desire us. I see no wrong in that, milord. You are the greatest of the Forty-One."

"But Albedo-" he murmured. That's right. It had been one of his many regrets since coming to this place. The way he'd tampered with another guildmate's creations so freely, even if they had already left the game long before. He felt bad about it; it was like he'd mind controlled Albedo. Then again, all the others hadn't been manipulated like her and they were just as aggressive. Like Nabe.

Seeming to have misunderstood, Nabe said, "Naturally, Albedo is our superior in all this. She and Lady Shalltear are the only ones worthy to at least stand by your side. We of the Pleiades cannot presume to become wives like them."

Wait, what? "Who said anything about wives, damnit," he muttered under his breath. When next he looked, Nabe's upper clothes had already gone, which made him gasp. He'd seen the naked female form before, but that was only ever on the computer screen or on a magazine page. In the new world he'd caught glimpses of it from Albedo's brazen attire-and now Nabe stood, half-naked, her milky-white skin glowing under the dim light. She showed no shame, as if displaying her sheer nakedness was only a matter of course. He swallowed; finding his throat had suddenly become parched. He watched, his arousal growing, as Nabe shrugged off her lower trousers. When she was about to unequip her traveling boots, Ainz reached out a hand.


"Keep..." he swallowed, his throat suddenly tight. Nabe had a lithe body, her skin smooth and unblemished, and wore nothing at all but her boots. "Keep them on," he said.

She curtsied without asking any further. "As you wish."

Just like that, the last of his resistance blew away with his last, anguished sigh. He found no use for it anymore. And Nabe was certainly quite seductive, padding forward, the leather creaking on wood as she sat down on the bed next to him. She looked down. "I am ready, milord."

His cock came up, reforming from his depths. He leaned back on the filthy bed, his member springing upward like a bent tower. "Use your feet," he said, gulping, his shame bubbling up from within him. This was one of his deeply-guarded secrets. He was a bit of a feet man, a bit of a footjob fan, and he really liked boots.

Nabe, though confused, said nothing and nodded, swinging her legs up to flank his cock between the soles of her boots. After gingerly testing and shifting her position, she found a good spot, grinding the smooth tip of her feet against his glans and the ankle-side of her other foot against the root of his cock, and began to meticulously rub and tweak it. A pleasured gasp escaped his mouth, his mind squirming from the sheer perverseness of it all. Albedo? Who was that? Propriety? Don't need it. He was their master, and they would obey.

"Is this alright, milord?" she asked.

"Yes... yess... ooohhhh, keep going, keep on... keep going, Nabe, rub it you dirty-ahhhh there, that's-" Nabe easily complied, stroking and tweaking her booted feet on his member with a deftness that surprised him. Then again, she was a doppelganger, a being that could be flexible like him.

After a while, he breathed loudly. He was almost there again. He waved at her to stop. "Argh, stop teasing me you little... come here. You'll be on top." He lay back fully on the bed, not minding its dirt and state. Nabe brought her crotch close to his, her bare slit of pussy literally kissing the side his twitching cock.

"Are you ready?" he asked, by which he meant if she was wet enough. He was still quite inexperienced, but he knew foreplay helped with making a woman ready for sex, at least if one didn't want it to be wholly onesided. Nabe closed her eyes-a second later, a warm wetness seemed to pool around the base of his cock. He looked down and saw that fluids now squirted freely from her folds. He couldn't help but marvel at the sheer inhuman brilliance of this monster-like girl.

"I am fully primed for mating, milord." Without waiting any further, she rose up briefly and sank down on his waiting cock. Both of them closed their eyes as he penetrated her slowly, her folds moving and undulating against his invading member. Ainz groaned-somehow it felt even better than her mouth. The feeling of being licked by a thousand tongues was magnified-and there was a small difference in the way her pussy gripped onto his cock, a tight, wet grip that made him shudder from sheer pleasure. He saw Nabe biting her lip, her expression growing more pressured with every inch. When finally his hip met hers, his cock fully sheathed into her wet insides, the both of them cried out in unison, and Ainz came close to blowing his load for the third time already.

"Is.. is everything to your satisfaction... milord?" she asked, between gasps. She pushed down on his navel, ready to lift herself up. As if in response, Ainz grabbed hold of her booted feet, then brought them forward to place on top of his chest. The change in position made her pussy tighten even more. Feeling emboldened by the sight of her submission, he pumped upward, pounding her up into the air from below, though part of him still remained embedded in her. The first, tentative thrusts upward became loud, wet smacks as their lovemaking began in earnest, Ainz keeping a firm grip on her booted feet as she struggled to keep her balance on his cock. This was a totally new experience from Ainz, and the feeling of finally being able to experience sex in such a way with a face so beautiful as this made his member twitch and shiver with every thrust into Nabe's wet, velvety cunt. Nabe began whimpering herself, and one time even buried her face in her hands to scream as a particularly well-placed series of hip thrusts made her wetter and tighter than ever before. When next he glimpsed her face he saw it losing a bit of its shape, as if the vigorous fucking were making her lose control of her most basic functions. The lewd thought made him increase his pounding, determined to break this wanton slut who'd seduced him quite successfully.

Tiring of the position, he seized her waist and turned her over, his cock never leaving her hole as she turned her to lie facedown on the bed before him, her legs bunched up under her. Slackening his pace for a bit, he rubbed the smooth valleys and contours of her shapely back, from her cute bubble-butt to the smooth arced shape of her back, then up to her slender, pale shoulders, glistening with sweat. Then he gripped a hand on her head, pushing it onto the covers as he used his newfound leverage to restart his dick's assault on her open, hapless pussy, as a thick and moist smacking sound came out rhythmically everytime their hips met in animalistic frenzy. Ainz was determined to screw into the very end of her insides, and he resisted the temptation to make his dick longer, not knowing how this all worked. He contented himself with pulling on Nabe's hair, tearing it from its arrangement and grasping fistfuls of it like the reins on a mount. Her head thrown back, loud, incoherent shouts came from deep within her throat, inflaming him further, his every thrust becoming more desperate, more panicked, more fuelled with the desire to mate, to plant lifegiving seeds into the tight, sopping cunt.

Treating her body as no more than a doll, he collapsed on top of her, his body subsuming hers, their fluid doppelganger forms almost melting into each other as he came and came, spurts of hot seed now implanting deep into her nether core, as she wrung him with every spurt of his orgasming cock. Ainz became literally molded with Nabe as they both nearly melted like two candles. Cum leaking from their joined sexes splattered onto the leather surface of Nabe's boots, staining it with his spent seed.

Ainz rose just in time to hear the noise from the door. He looked and saw a big, ruined hole where the door should have been. Standing there, bits of wood and debris lying all around and littering the floor, was a familiar peasant woman. It took him a couple of seconds to realize who it was, and by the time he did, he couldn't do anything about it. He only stared, shocked, at a similarly shellshocked Albedo, as he spurted come after come into one of the Pleiades, as she panted and whined beneath him while obediently received his implanted seed, sated and oblivious to the newcomer at the door. He let go of Nabe's dishevelled hair and said, with growing trepidation, "Albedo..."

He did not notice her state of relative undress: the skirt, torn at the waist, her hands, one clutching one of her impressive tits, the other desperately sawing in and out of a pink-red labia ringed with thick hair, as fluids coated the inside of her thighs and pooled on the floor below. Her mouth opened and closed, opened and closed, like a fish gaping out of water. "Lord Ainz, Lord Ainz," she was saying repeatedly, her voice nothing more than a breathless whisper. He could see the lust in those eyes, far greater than the looks Narberal had shown him. His cock twitched, still hard inside Nabe's cum-filled tank, as if anticipating another great experience. A second later, Albedo's hand left her soaked pussy with a loud squelch.

Uh-oh, he thought, as the overseer lunged.

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