(Author's note: As stated in the description, this is a fanfiction that my older sister and I wrote about ten years ago. I was still in middle school, and she had just started high school. In fact, what brought this story about all started with a dream I had one night, so it's already pretty whack to begin with. I told my sister about it, and she loved the concept, so we wrote this story in a yellow notebook that we lovingly nicknamed The Blellow. I have no idea why we called it that. Anyway, this being the case, feel free to laugh at some of the content that is bizarre and poorly written. My sister and I do. In fact, we joke every time we stumble on the nostalgic yellow notebook that opening its covers would surely destroy the world. So obviously it's a good idea to immortalize it on the internet. I hope you all enjoy this blast to the past.)

Rachet looked up at the screen. Still now sign of any Decepticon activity. He sighed. All the Autobots were getting tired of the same Earth jobs. Catch a robber, douse some flames… They all itched for action, and without it, they were getting irritated.

Suddenly, there was a beeping noise. Rachet pressed a button. The computer started its report, "Cybertron energy located in Western United States. Source unknown."

"Optimus," Rachet called. "You may want to see this."

The Autobot leader, Optimus Prime, walked into the room and stood behind Rachet, "What is it?"

"Our computer has picked up a Cybertron energy signal in the Western U.S.," Rachet replied. "It could be anything from a Decepticon to Ultramagnus himself."

Optimus nodded, "Well, get the boys, we're bored enough to check it out."

Rachet left the room and walked down the hall. The first door he came to had music blaring from within. He pushed it open and yelled, "Pack it up Bumblebee! We're going on a roadtrip."

He continued down the hall to an almost silent room. He heard a page turn as he opened the door. Jazz looked up from his sports car magazine.

"Roadtrip," Rachet explained.

Jazz nodded and Rachet turned to the last door. The sound of metal cutting metal met his ears. When he opened the door, sparks leapt out at him. Ironhide put down his power saw.

"Roadtrip, gather your stuff," Rachet said.

Ironhide's eyes lit up at the possibility of using his prized cannons, "It's about time we get to see some action!"

Rachet shook his head, "Could be action, but we're not sure."

"Well if there's not, we're all going to go crazy," Ironhide growled as they walked into their garage.

"Alright Autobots," Optimus started. "Rachet's computer has detected some Cybertronian energy in the Western United States. We don't know the source, but we're taking a trip to find out. There are some rules. One, no one is to transform on the road. I don't care how bad the traffic is." He gave Bumblebee a meaningful look. "Two, keep all weapons out of sight," he glared at Ironhide. "And three, no road tag."

"Is that all?" Bumblebee asked.

"I'm serious Bumblebee," Optimus warned. "One thing goes wrong, and you'll be helping with construction back at base."

Bumblebee chuckled nervously, "Got it boss bot."

"Alright then, transform and roll out!" Optimus called.

The trip was long, but the bots were glad to be doing something other than construction. Rachet kept the computer and directed everyone on where to go.

One night, someone tried to steal Bumblebee. The poor thief chose the wrong car to mess with. He ended up in jail. It was the first time charges were pressed for grand theft auto by the car. Luckily, the robber admitted the crime and the Autobots resumed their trip.

On the third day, Rachet announced that they were nearing their destination. As they got closer to the city, the signal split. Rachet called all the bots to a stop, "It seems there are two sources of energy. What do you suggest Prime?"

"Jazz and Bumblebee will come with me. You and Ironhide go after the one north of us," Optimus directed.

They all agreed and rolled out. Optimus followed Rachet's directions and they soon found themselves at a school. Prime felt a pull in his body. It was here. He gave the signal and he transformed back. Jazz and Bumblebee followed. They hadn't taken more than two steps before they were surrounded by high schoolers. SOon they were signing every paper handed to them. Optimus realized they weren't going to get much done. They would have to return when the humans were gone.

He contacted Rachet, who was having similar problems. They decided to meet in a vacant parking lot not too far away. They also decided not to transform from their vehicle modes.

They waited there till night. They were devastated to find the energy sources had gone, or been taken.

"Maybe the Decepticons got here first," Bumblebee suggested.

Rachet shook his head, 'Let me check my computer before we jump to conclusions." After some fiddling, he gave up. "There's no signal on this side of the city. We may have to search somewhere else."

"We can split up tomorrow and cover more ground," Jazz put his two cents worth in. "But first, I need to power down."

The other bots agreed and settled in. The night passed peacefully, but the bots woke up late to find teenagers hanging on them.

"What now Prime? We can't move or they'll be all over us," Ironhide growled.

"Actually, I think they know who we are already," Jazz observed.

Optimus sighed and transformed, "Earth children, we are on a mission of great importance. Please stand down and let us work."

The high schoolers just stared at him. Suddenly a bunch of high school girls started screaming.

"Not working," Bumblebee covered his ears.

"Really? We couldn't tell from the high pitched screaming!" Ironhide retorted.

"Hey! The signals are back!" Rachet took off running toward the other school, Ironhide close behind.

"This way!" Optimus motioned to the other two bots. They walked to a part of the building that was only hooked on by a hallway.

"In there," Optimus pointed to a garage.

"I'm going in," Bumblebee announced.

"Careful," Jazz warned as Bumblebee transformed and drove in.