"He turned bot here," Destiny pointed off the road. Ironhide didn't even transform, he just drove off the road.

"Can you really see his glowing tracks?" he asked.

"Yeah, anything Cybertronian glows slightly," she replied.

"That could be handy."

Bumblebee drove into a cave. "Think they'll find us?" he asked.

There was a blast and the cave entrance caved in, "Yeah, we found you." It was Destiny's voice. She reached out and grabbed Cas' arm from the shadows.

"How'd you get here before us?" Bumblebee asked.

"One, I could see your tracks. Two, your gas tank is almost empty. Three, this was the nearest rest place. THere is another entrance at the back of the cave," Destiny answered smugly.

Just then, Jazz pulled up. Optimus jumped out, "No! Wait!"

"Sorry Boss Bot," Bumblebee started.

"You lose," Cas finished with a smirk.

"What!?" He threw his arms in the air.

"However…" she smiled evilly. "I never said anything about the rest of you."

"Oh no," Bumblebee groaned. "You're having too much fun now…"

"My declaration is that for one day, all Autobots will remain human unless under extreme duress," Cas said firmly, staring at each of the giant robots in turn.

"Yes!" Destiny yelled.

"Enjoy your prize," Cas punched her arm.

Rachet drove in, "What's going on guys?"

"Run!" Ironhide ran for the exit, Jazz and Bumblebee not far behind.

Destiny held out her hand, "I don't think so…"

"Aw crap, she's gonna shoot us with her EMP thingy," Bumblebee grumbled, returning to the cave.

The others followed, pouting, or puzzling in Rachet's case.

"Cas's turning us all human because Destiny caught her first," Jazz explained.

"Oh joy."

Optimus was looking smug.

"Okay, single file ladies. Bumblebee, you first," Cas motioned.

"Wait! We need a car to drive us to the mall afterward," Destiny glanced over at Jazz, who quickly agreed.

Cas went over and touched Bumblebee, Ironhide, and Rachet in turn.

Ironhide had black hair, and quite a bit of muscle. He was wearing a black muscle shirt. Rachet had glasses and was wearing a doctor's coat.

"To the mall!" Destiny shouted.

"Um, what's a mall?" Bumblebee asked.

"It's where we shop for 'organic needs'," Cas said, laughing. "Come on Jazz, you lucky bot, let's go."

Jazz opened his doors. Optimus took the driver's seat, Rachet the passenger. Ironhide the seat in between. The other three road in the back.

"Okay, if any girls talk to you, just start talking to yourself. That should keep you safe," Destiny told them.

"Safe? From what?" Ironhide asked.

Destiny and Cas shared a knowing look.

"They need human names," Destiny decided.

"Nah, we'll just address them in whispers and 'hey you' if the need arises," Cas amended.

"Is this the mall?" Jazz asked.

Destiny glanced out the window, "Yep. How about you power down for awhile Jazz. We might be gone a long time."

"Come on you guys," Cas called over her shoulder, already halfway across the parking lot. "Don't be chickens!"

They walked up to the doors and into the busy mall. The Autobots looked around in amazement. Destiny nodded to Cas, "We'll meet back here in three hours."

Cas nodded and walked off with Bumblebee and Rachet in tow. Destiny turned to the nearest clothing store.

"Remind me again why we're here?" OPtimus said.

"Because me and Cassie can't wear the same pair of clothes everyday. Trust me, I hate clothes shopping," she picked up a blue shirt.

Soon Destiny had enough of clothes and sat down on a bench. Ironhide and Optimus walked into a store not too far away. Destiny sighed and turned to a TV that was near her. She was surprised to see her face, along with her sister's. A reporter was talking about how they'd gone missing. Then she got a bigger shock. They thought it was Barricade who took them.

A number flashed on the screen. It was their home phone number. The reporter explained that if you knew anything about the missing girls, to call that number. Destiny quickly looked around, and nearly ran to the nearest pay phone. She dialed the number quickly and held the phone to her ear.

After the third ring, someone answered the phone. It was her mom, "Hello?"

"Mom?" Destiny's voice shook.

"Destiny! We've been so worried! Are you okay? Where are you?" Her mom's voice was full of relief.

"We're fine. Don't worry. We'll be home soon," Tears stung Destiny's eyes.

"Destiny," Optimus Prime laid his hand on her shoulder.

"I have to go. Tell everyone we love them and not to worry. We're perfectly safe," Destiny choked out the last sentence.

"Wait, don't han-" Destiny cut her mom's voice off by putting the phone back on the receiver. She turned to find the entire Autobot gang (excluding Jazz) and her sister, looking at her with worried expressions.

"Was that Mom?" Cassie asked.

Destiny just nodded as the tears flowed freely.

"Let's go back to base," Rachet said quietly.

They walked through the mall, back to the front entrance in silence. For the first time, Destiny felt a longing for home, a place she'd been trying to escape for so long.

As they walked out, they were met with a scene of total destruction. Cars were scattered, trees broken and shattered, and glass was everywhere. Despite the mess, there was hardly a sound. Worst of all, there was no Jazz.

"Cassie, you may want to-" Destiny never finished her sentence. Jazz came crashing down from the roof and landed in front of them in vehicle mode, doors wide open.

"Jump in!" he shouted.

No one needed to be told twice. They all piled in, and Jazz shot off. The world was a blur speeding by, and Jazz was the only one who knew why.

After a while, they began to slow down. Jazz drove them back to base. They all climbed out, and Optimus broke the silence.

"What happened, Jazz?" he asked.

"There was something Cybertronian in one of the stores nearby. I went to check it out, but I wasn't the only one who felt its pull. Bonecrusher was there too. We had a bit of a fight. He got the better of me and pulled me onto the roof. He was about to finish me off when someone contacted him through his comlink. He didn't look happy, but he told me to give you a message. After he told me what to say, he dropped me from the roof," Jazz finished his story.

"Well, what was the message?" Bumblebee asked.

"Optimus Prime is to meet with our supreme leader, Megatron, at midnight. He will be waiting at the shop holding the Cybertronian object. He may bring anyone, but all are to be unarmed," Jazz looked down at the humans.

Everyone looked at Cas. She sighed, and returned them all to their original forms. Now all they had to do was decide if they wanted the Cybertronian object or not.

"If only we knew what it was," Rachet sighed. "Then we could decide if it's worth it or not."

"Maybe it's a chance we need to take," Destiny pointed out.

"We? Oh no, you two are staying here," Optimus turned to the others. "There's no need for us to put you in danger."

"But we can help!" Destiny shouted. "You can't just leave us here. You might not even return."

Optimus shook his head and gave the signal. The Autobots transformed and left the two sisters alone in the cave, headed to the rendezvous point.