Chapter 2: Rendezvous with History (and Why Trans-Gravity Temporal Drives don't work.) [Author's Note: This chapter takes place months after the end of the first one. "Why" you ask? Do you want to read a whole chapter where nobody does anything but sleeps? No offense but that would be BBBBBOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGGGG. They have to be in stasis or else they wouldn't have enough supplies to go there and get home. Besides, what would you do on a trip lasting almost 5 months? {shut up jeanna}]

23:41, November 13, 2070

USS Hermes

As Jeanna awoke from the dreamlessness that was Hyper-Stasis she immediately slammed the button that drained her tube of Hyper-Gel and allowed her to breathe the ship's air for the first time in months. As her tube front opened and her naked body fell out and hit the deck [A/N: NO I WILL NOT DESCRIBE IT YOU PERVERTS!] it slowly regained its normal equilibrium and her internal gyroscope restarted itself. After she had toweled off the remaining Hyper-Gel and changed into her shipboard clothing, she started for the bridge. When she reached the bridge she saw that the computer was automatically reawakening the rest of the crew. She then activated the bridge's holomap and tried to find where they were. As the holo-projectors came online she noticed that there wasn't a single ship in sensor range anymore. There were two. As the map came online and stabilized itself she asked the computer to identify both ships. The nearest one came up as an Aero-class frigate called the USS Hamilton. The other ship's ID transponder wasn't answering hails as of yet. Jeanna sighed and went to the galley to get a cup of hot cof-jolt. As she turned around and left the other ship's ID transponder finally answered. It was the USS Explorer. Jeanna was drinking her cof-jolt when the man in charge of the fleet, [A/N: Two ships is a fleet! Anything more than a one is a fleet.] Commander Zack Crtson walked into the galley. [stop drooling Jeanna] He walked straight over to Jeanna and smiled at her. Her heart skipped a beat or two or one hundred. [A/N don't worry, this is not going to be a slasher fic. There will be a lot of actual slashing but no "slashing".] "Jeanna," he said, "we've gotten in contact with the USS Explorer. We thought that you'd like to do the honor of initiating first contact." "Ummm.sure commander, I'd love that. I'll be right up in just a minute."

24:02, November 14

USS Hermes

How can my sister enjoy space travel? Tenna wondered to herself. Boredom and stasis followed by pitch-black space. Boring! As Tenna got up to the bridge after being called out of her cabin the rest of the crew were seating themselves around a large holo-projector. Tenna chose the seat right next to her sister because she didn't want to risk being around the rest of the males in the crew. Just as she sat down Jeanna got up and started talking. "Morning, you're all out here because you are the best of the rescue teams that the UNA Space Forces has to offer. This mission is of utmost importance to the UNA. I'll now hand the briefing over to Commander Crtson. Commander?" "Thank you Jeanna. A few months ago UNAAC received a message broadcasted from the USS Explorer. Here's the message." Commander Crtson pressed a button and a sound came out that was akin to garbled gibberish. Everyone looked at each other and then back at the commander. "Command filtered it and got this." He pressed another button and a voice could be heard. "Help.killing the crew.can't be us from yourselves from hell.its coming.oh's here.nooooo." "That's the whole of the message. We also got a video transmission that shows almost nothing but static except for an isolated four second period. What it shows is.nothing." He pressed another button and a wall of static appeared in the holo- display. Following that was four seconds of speed up footage that made no sense. It looked like a hummingbird's view of life. "We haven't been able to determine anything from it. So that is why the USS Hamilton escorts us. If something were to happen to us the Hamilton will proceed to a safe distance and vaporize the Explorer." Everyone nodded his or her heads while Tenna looked horrified. The same exact look was on Jeanna's face. That voice in the message had belonged to someone very close to them. Some one very very close.

[Author's notes: freaky isn't it? You haven't seen anything yet. Just wait till they get on board. Heh heh heh. Jeanna: Bastard CobraJc: Is that sneaky or otherwise? J: Otherwise CJc: Oh. Too bad. J: You're a sadist u know that? CJc: Course I do. J: That was mean what you did to the Explorer. CJc: Shut up! You'll give something away!]