TBBT 30 years in the future, sequel to "The California Reunion". After first Sheldon and then Penny die, widower Leonard visits widow Amy in California. Two lonely old friends become roommates and then a couple. Leonard and Amy go on a California Road Trip together. Part of the 2017 Non-Canon Summer Challenges. Everything belongs to Lorre and Prady.


July 2050. After their last day of employment at Caltech, Emeritus Professor Amy Fowler-Cooper and Emeritus Professor Leonard Hofstadter headed north out of the Los Angeles area, they were headed for the Central California string music festival in Carmel. They decided to follow the Pacific Coast Highway, with lots of stops along the way to admire the scenery. They spent the night in San Simeon, next morning they did some touristing at the fantastic Hearst Castle.

So my dear Amy what did you make of that?

Well my dear Leonard my mind is suitably boggled. That is what you can do when money is no object!

Shall we return to the real world?

They carried on up the Pacific Coast Highway and in the early evening they arrived in Carmel. Amy's harp and Leonard's cello were both safely packed away in the back of their rental car. They were going to spend 3 days making music at the festival in Carmel. A chance to meet with like minded amateur string musicians and to get some tips from professionals.

On the first day all the participants were encouraged to play some music as an introduction. Amy and Leonard did their favourite harp and cello duet. For the next 3 days they had a great time playing music. Amy and Leonard befriended a lady harpist from San Diego and they tried some harp duets together. At lunchtime each day the professionals would perform to inspire the amateurs. On the last day the professionals organised everyone into a big impromptu string orchestra so that everyone could perform together.

Amy and Leonard were both sad to leave next morning, they agreed to stay in contact with their San Diego harp friend. They definitely wanted to return next year. They loaded up the harp and cello into the rental car and started the long drive back home to Pasadena.

That was fun, a shame it didn't last longer. Thanks for suggesting it Amy.

Thanks to you Leonard in getting me back into music.

It's good that we have something we can do together, I am glad you got me that cello.

I would never have done anything like that with Sheldon.

I am sure that the same is true about Penny. I suppose we will always miss Sheldon and Penny, but we have to carry on together without them. I am not Sheldon and you are not Penny but we still have each other.

You are right Leonard, let's get home and carry on living happy ever after.