Credit Note: The picture used for this cover is credited to NonLee of Deviantart. Credit of Undertale, the characters within, and the world are credited to Toby Fox.

Undertale: The Machine
Chapter 1
The Hands

"Heart rate… minimal…"
"Less than five beats per minute…"
"Humans. So strong, so devious, yet so brittle, just like the rest of us…"

A young child lies upon a metal table as cold as the dead of night, though the discomfort is the last thing on their mind as it slips from their every attempt to regain it. The human's eyes glazed, looking off in random directions as their lungs struggle to fill with breath, only to be shot full of more chemicals, causing their chest to convulse in pain and fail to cough due to lack of strength. They are dying… and have been for hours, kept only barely alive by a strange man obscured in the artificial light of a medical chamber.

"Your kind have wrought terrible destruction, not just upon us… but upon yourselves, and your own world… hubris… infidelity… zealotry… DETERMINATION…!" The man hisses, grinding his bony fingers into the metal bed. He sighs and lets go, turning back to the monitors.
"Still alive. STILL. ALIVE. What does it take to end you, Frisk?"
"What will it take to cause you to just… give up?"
"Your death will only reverse these actions back to their source… I've seen it time and time again…"
"Your Determination will send you back to before I capture you, again and again… but not this time, Frisk…"
"This time I will have you… you will give me your soul, whether you like it or not." He says flatly, turning back to the child on the medical bed. The man smiles deviously, but his eyes remain burning with a strange hate, his lab coat spilling to the dusty floor below.

"I finally have what it takes to bend you… without breaking you. I thought too small before, you're far more useful to me alive…"
"I know the secret of your Determination. Your SAVE POINTS…"
"And I know that you want a happy ending, more than anything…"
"So I've devised this." The possibly insane man explains, putting his hollow hand on top of a nearby machine.

"This… machine… will delve into the darkest corners of your heart, and alter your Determination. Real memories, memories not your own. A fake world filled with real people… real people wronged by your fake memories… and within it all… the potential for Infinity. INFINITY…" The man repeats, his mouth salivating, and his pupils shuttering, looking at Frisk's heart rate falling from five beats to three. It's almost time.

"One more try… even if I fail, I can just observe the timestream… and try again… Frisk… do not fail me… open your heart to the Infinity!"
Beep… Beep… … … …
Frisk's heart stops and his life signs cease. The machine behind the man begins to blare off warning as magical electricity shoots in all directions. From within Frisk's chest, a blood red heart rises and pulses. The world around them changes.

It's time.

Author's Note: Coming back from a relatively long hiatus from my last serious story involving Undertale (Not related to the Virtue's Paragon) I give you a story that's undergone many transformations before I've finally decided to settle with this one, and start pitching it forward for you kind people to read. For posterity, please note that This story does not have anything to do with Unseen Influence. This is in its own universe, and will not mingle with any other AU's, including my own.

Rotation 1

I don't know how, or why, but I've been returned to the realm of the conscious. I can see, hear, breathe, speak. But people cannot see me, my words go unanswered, my lungs refuse to fill with air, and my tongue flutters in vain. I don't know what benevolent, or perhaps malevolent force has returned me from death, but so long as it doesn't bind my neck in a collar of subservience, then I will take this as my chance to have my revenge. I am not real, yet I am. My hands move, and the wind blows. I cannot pick up a tool, but I can manipulate the world around it.

This is going to be very difficult, but my goal is simple. Return to life. There is a human here, I haven't seen one since Chara. I was so caught up in my work that the entire world blew right past me until my accident. I will not make that mistake again. I will create something, anything, no matter how many hundreds or thousands of years it takes, and I will return myself to life.

Perhaps it was I who returned myself in the first place? A self creation loop... but would it really be me who revived me? No, it would be this human child, Frisk. Something about breaking the barrier freed me. Not my body, but my aether, my infinity. I had always wondered what happened to a being if it died. Now I know. But if humans can return from the dead, then so can I. I will not die here. I am screaming this message out across all possible timelines, I won't die like this.

Someone, something. Satan, God. Answer me.